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Mischief Masters

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Neville is being tutored by the weasley twins, after he turned Snape's hair blond (by accident). An accident happens, and suddenly all three are in the past, where they join Snape, who was merciles...

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Disclaimer : It's called fanfiction! Hellooooooo! It's not authorfiction. I'm a fan, not the author so it isn't mine but it is my imagination. AN: "blabla" = speaking 'blabla' = thinking
Mischief Masters Chapter1: Paying of the debt

"You incapable idiot!" shouted professor Snape, glaring at Neville Lonbottom.

Neville was shacking on his feet. He failed his potionstest this afternoon and now he had to be tutored but Snape didn't find anyone who was good enough in potions and would not mind giving Neville tutoring, except Hermoine Granger, but he would not let her tutoring Longbottom. Besides she was to busy tutoring Ron Weasley in Transfiguration and History of Magic.

And now he had caused another accident, leaving the rooms in shambles, and everywhere his potion had fallen was turned a golden yellow, including Snape's hair and part of his robes, making Snape look like Gilderoy Lockhart minus the smile.
"10 points from Gryffindor. Now, leave!" Snape didn't need to tell Neville twice, by the look that Snape was giving; he could have scared Voldemort himself, even with the blond locks.
Professor Snape sat down and sighed.

'There is no hope for that boy. He is a potiondisaster. I've never had a student this bad and I've seen a lot of incapable brats. But none the less I have to tutor him from Albus.' grumble

"I got it!" Snape shouted and took a piece of parchment. He started to write and send it of with his owl Kurai, completely forgetting to check the damage done by the potion.

At Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Fred heard a tapping noise and looked at the window. A black owl was tapping on the window and he let it in. The owl landed gracefully onto the table and stuck out his leg were a note was fastened to it. Fred took it and gave the owl a canary cream to nibble on while he read the letter. The owl instantly changed into a canary.

Mr F. en Mr G. Weasley

I wrote to you to ask for a favour. Though I hate to admit it, both of you were very good in potions and I ask from you to tutor one of the 7th year Gryffindorstudents: Neville Longbottom.

I can't find a tutor here at Hogwarts who can handle Longbottom. I know that you don't want to do this but may I remind you of the twelfth of July. I ask from the two of you to come at Hogwarts every Tuesday and Thursday evening to tutor Longbottom in Potions.
Come on Monday and I inform you what you exactly will have to do.

Do not make me remind you again! Send your answer with Kurai.
Professor S. Snape
"George!" called Fred. (an: George! George! George of the jungle, strong as he can be, watch out for that BANG auw... tree)

George came from the other room and asked what the matter was. Fred didn't say anything but instead gave the letter to George who read it immediately.
"Does he really believe we would mind tutoring Neville?" asked George

"Well he is a disaster"
"Yeah, but so bad that Snape, from all people, would ask a favour, that's like Draco Malfoy saying that he loves Ginny."
"So? I'll write back and tell him we'll do it. Good old Sevvie won't recognise Neville when we're done with him" laughs wickedly

Fred took a little piece of parchment and wrote down:
We will be there
Forever yours
Fred & George

So as they had promised, they went to Hogwarts on Monday, but they dropped in early so they could see their siblings.
"Fred, George, what are you doing here?" asked Ron surprised when he saw his brothers sitting calmly at the Gryffindor table.
"Where here on a secret mission." said George with a serious look on his face.

"Did something happen?"
"Well, you can say that, but we can't tell you, it's business." said Fred, also a serious look on his face.

Having lived with Fred and George for so many years, Ron had almost never seen a serious look on their faces, in fact the only time that they had a serious look on their face was when they had to tell Mrs Weasley that they needed money because they threw Percy's prefect badge through the window of the neighbour, and that they had to pay for the repairing of the window.
Seeing their faces so serious, Ron suspected something big was happening, after all, asking mom for money after pulling such a stunt was almost as worse as asking Voldemort if he wanted to buy cookies from the girl scouts.

"Business, you mean, Order of the Phoenix kind off business?"
"No, we mean serious business, Ron." Fred said, and now his serious look looked even more seriously than before.
Ron looked worried about the twins, and that look made them burst into laughter.

"Ron, you're so easy to fool." Fred laughed. Ron's expression turned sour.

"I can't believe you pulled another trick on me, I thought now that you finally where gone from school that I would be save from your tricks, but noooooo, you just had to come back and annoy me." Ron said heatedly.

Fred and George still had big grins on their faces.
"Well, actually, ickle Ronnykinns, it's Snape business." George said.

Ron wanted to ask what kind of 'Snape business', but on that moment Harry and Hermoine entered, both looking a bit flushed, having obviously just come from a snogsession.

"Had a nice time?" asked Ron innocently. Hermoine and Harry both blushed, and wanted to answer, but, than without warning, the doors of the great hall opened, someone entered, and than the doors closed again.

Every head in the hall was on the person that entered, and whispers sounded everywhere.

"Who is that." "Wow, he looks good." "Nice ass." Where the most frequent, the last two mostly from girls, but a few guys also said them.

"Who is that?" asked Ron, to Harry.
"Must be the new DADA teacher, we would have a new one this year, but he didn't arrive yet."

"Aye," Hermoine said. "Bad choice, he is going to sit on Snape's place, and why are all the teachers trying to hold back their laughter?"

"Wait a minute." Fred said, looking better at the man. He had blond hair and black eyes, his skin was pale, almost white, and he wore black robes.
"He seems familiar."

"So who is he then?" Ron asked
"I can't put a name on him but I'm sure I've met him before"
When breakfast was done they saw the new guy standing up and leaving the Great Hall. When he passed the Gryffindor table Harry was trying to see his face better, maybe he knew who the guy was.

"What's wrong Potter? Concentration problems?" the guy sneered All the Weasley's, Harry and Hermoine immediately realised who the blond guy standing in front of them was
"SNAPE!?!!?!" they all shouted

The hall went silent, then whispers erupted from all tables
"That's Snape?" "I can't believe I said he was cute" "Never mind what I said about his ass earlier"

Snape was surprised, since when didn't they recognise and fear him. Well he was surprised until he heard : "Why is he blond!?!"
He quickly grabbed a handmirror from Parvati and checked his hair. It was BLOND and not just normally blond, nooooo, it was GOLDEN BLOND like Lockhart he saw with disgust.

"Mr Weasley and Mr Weasley, I am not amused, tell me with what you did it, so I can get this out of my hair."
"Sir, I feel honoured that you think that we did it." Fred started.

"But I am sad to inform you that we didn't do it;" George continued.

"But if you find the person who did this, would you please inform us who did it." Fred.
"So that we can shake his hand." George ended.

"But if you didn't do it, who..." Snape said, then he paled, then he turned briskly around and marched to the beginning of the table, where Neville sat, pale and shivering.

"Mr Longbottom, please tell me that you still remember what you did wrong in the potion." Snape said, angry.

At this moment the whole hall was watching Snape and most of the staff where watching with interest, and where ready to intervene if Severus thought that it was necessary to blast Neville across the great hall.

"No professor, I forgot." Neville squealed. When he saw the twitch of Snape's eyebrow he took all the Gryffindor courage that was left in him and asked:
"Why professor?"

"Because, Longbottom." Snape gritted out. "If I don't know what ingredients you used to get my hair like this, I may not get it out, and if I dye it, I can damage it."

"Yeah, it can turn pink." Someone shouted enthusiastically.

Then suddenly a booming laughter sounded trough the hall ................................................................................................... coming from the staff table.

Every head turned in that direction, and they all saw Hagrid laughing, tears falling from his red face that he got from holding his laughter. Everybody looked from Snape to Hagrid, and like one man, they all started to laugh.

Snape's eyebrow twitched again, and an angry red blush was on his cheeks. Than Fred and George stepped forward and took Neville's hand, and started shaking it.

"Brilliant job Neville, couldn't have done it better ourselves." Fred and George said.

"THAT'S ENOUGH." Snape screamed. "You three, to my office now, and fifty points of Gryffindor for that excuse of a prank Neville."

And under the laughter of the whole hall this strange quartet left; 1 shaking with rage, one shaking with fright and two shaking with laughter.

When they reached the potions class, Fred and George had stopped with laughing, but professor Snape was still furious, and Neville looked like he could faint any moment now.

"Neville, from now on, I will not tutor you." Snape said. Neville looked a bit surprised, and a bit relived, and than the fear started again, what would his grandmother say when she knew that he didn't get potions anymore.

"Instead Fred, and George will torture, I mean tutor you." He said, 'accidentally' mistaking tutor for torture.
Neville swallowed, on second thought, his grandmother knowing that he didn't have potions anymore sounded well. What could she do, send him a few howlers, taking away a few privileges, stuff like that.

Fred and George on the contrary, they would probably use him to test potions, or worse, try to convince him to prank Snape (again).

When Neville returned to the common room, pale and shaking, everyone looked at him. The ones who weren't present in the great hall, had heard the story from their friends, about Snape, who was so furious that even Voldemort himself would run away with his tail between his legs, and a brave Neville who had dared to prank Snape, and humiliated him in the great hall, for the whole school to see.

Even the Slytherins thought that he was brave.
In the common room, he had to tell the whole story, what had happened to Snape's hair, and what the hell Fred and George had to do.

"And so, tomorrow, I got lessons with Fred and George." Neville ended his story, almost crying.

Ron, Harry and Hermoine, didn't know what he was crying about, they would rather have lessons with Fred and George than with Snape, but when Neville explained his fears, they understood.
And so, the gryffs went to bed, and a worried Neville, who fell asleep quickly, had a whole bunch of nightmares, from Snape in a bird suit (canary creams related.) to a black haired Gilderoy Lockhart teaching potions in Snape's place. On first view that wouldn't be that horrible but for god sake's, dungeons DON'T have PINK walls and LILA cauldrons.

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