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My Darling, I Love You

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A kiss goodbye, a silent tear. A cry for help, a pained gasp. And at the center of it all: Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist. Parental!RoyEd

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My Darling, I Love You

Edward sighed, arms hugging his chest as he stared out the window of the moving train. The scenery flashed by, a flurry of color, blending into each other - blue bleeding into green bleeding into red. The rocking of the train calmed him down, and before he knew it, he was being shaken awake by his brother, Alphonse.

The hulking suit of metal armor finally got him to wake up, and they stepped off the train. They were finally in Central.

There to meet them was Maes Hughes, green eyes twinkling with infinite humor as his hand reached into his pocket - most likely to whip out pictures of Elysia drawing or Elysia playing or just Elysia in general.

"Edward, Alphonse!"

And... from behind him came the Colonel. Edward sighed - all good things must come to an end, and this was the one good thing he didn't want to end. He walked briskly towards the two men, his short stature seeming to grow taller with each step he took. Alphonse walked behind him, his ominous presence diminished by the kitten held in his palm.

"Colonel Bastard. Why are you here? I thought you were stuck at the border between Fresha(1) and here!"

The Colonel sniggered softly. "You know I exist solely to annoy you. That's why I'm here. Oh, and to tell you that as soon as you get to HQ, submit your report and stand by for some more orders."

Edward growled, and would have taken a flying leap at the man had Alphonse not been there to put a damper on his temper. "Brother... remember! Winry's coming tomorrow, we wouldn't want to screw your automail up even more! She'd become a mini-Izumi!" At this Edward visibly paled - two Izumi's? Two Teachers? That was worse than anything the Colonel could come up with.

Shouting brought him out of his reverie, and he noticed two tall, dark-skinned, burly men - though not as tall and burly has Major Armstrong - pushing people out of their way. They wore dark sunglasses and pressed suits, and had black wires sticking out of their ears. When they reached the Amestrians they pulled out badges stuck inside dark, thin wallets. "Fresha DLJ.(2) Colonel Roy Mustang, Major Edward Elric and Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes?"

They nodded their assent. The two men glanced at each other. "You're under arrest for attempting to assassinate President James H. Walker."


A/N: 1 - Fresha: Think of Fresha as America. Amestris is Germany, Xerxes is Greece, Xing is China, Creta is Russia, Ishval is Israel.
2 - Fresha DLJ: DLJ stands for Department of Legal Justice. Fresha still hasn't figured out that the key to an ominous Justice center is the ring to it. FBI, BAU, CSI, NCIS, etc., etc.
[*And with that, we're done with the first chapter of my first fic on this website. :3
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