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The Force Will Be With You, Always

by Buttsex_R_Us 1 review

It's down to Obi Wan to restore peace to the Galaxy by taking down the Empire. But can he bring himself to defeat who was once his own apprentice?

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Oby one wolked threw the death stare looking for darth vadar, he nedded two find him as sun as possibel becus he neded to battlel him. suddenly, he herd from behind him ''ob won, we met agen'.obi one tuned a round and repped 'lonmg tiem no sí, youve changed alot sinse i lust saw yuo' 'shat up obywon' derth vader repped and tok out his light saver. 'mi light saver is bettr then yuors' ob win sed sexily.'o yeah, show me than' derth vadder repped. obby won than tok out his dock. ‘’see is beta tan yors becoz is big and power fall’ ‘o yea?’’ dart fader repelled and took out his dock to ‘mein iz biger dan yours an haz moor force’ ‘their iz only won way too fined outt’ dobby wan reppled and thay started halfing a dock fite sexily.en The ened obby ones dock had ran out off forse and whent down. ‘yuor powers ar week old mane’ dark invader repeld and ten span arond and hit dobby own in the fase with hiss dock. ‘ow’ oblong wand reped and fel ova becoz hee wos ded. ‘yuo underesteam8ed mi powa’ sad derpth vador and wolked of sexily tu be evul an du evul thongs.
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