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In The Eyes of Fame

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Caity thought she had everything: a rockstar husband, an amazing job, a family. but not everything is how it seems.

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Chapter 1
Marriage. The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc. Well that’s what the dictionary defines it as. For some it’s not that at all; they marry because it has been arranged by the families of the two people: for others, it doesn’t work out and they end up separating. And then there’s me. Some might see me and say that I have the perfect life: rock star husband with the most amazing looks, three beautiful children, a managing job for one of the biggest rock bands in history. What more could a girl want? Well there’s a side to my life that no one’s ever seen or heard. Until now. This is my story.
--------------------------------------------------34 years earlier--------------------------------------------------------
April 1978: the British Telegraph.
“‘Legendary rock band The Rolling Stones has just returned home from their world tour. “We are happy to be home after six months away” the band’s lead guitarist, Keith Richards said, “we will be taking a short break but will be back in the recording studio before too long and will continue to grace the fans of the world with our presence with another tour… Guys this could be you!” I exclaimed after reading the article. “You could be the ones giving interviews after sold out tours. You could be selling millions of records! Isn’t that what you want?”
“Of course it’s what we want,” Replied Joe Elliot. “But if you haven’t realised Caity, besides the people here in Sheffield, no one’s ever heard of us. You are incredible getting us all these gigs but we haven’t even made a record. We need a studio, a producer, and money... lots and lots of money, and that’s just to record. We just haven’t got that.”
I sat looking at the band. “So…” I started, “if you had all of that, you would give it a go? I mean you have the songs. You have a band. You have looks. Are you guys willing to give it a go?” I asked hopefully.

“Well yeah. It would be amazing. But where are we gonna get that sort of stuff. None of us are even 18 yet. How can we make it big?” asked Rick Savage.
“With determination. Commitment. Friendship. You deserve to be heard. ” I looked around the room, my eyes searching each face of the four boys in turn. “What do you say?” The band looked at each other with smiles on their faces. “I take that as a yes!” I squealed in excitement.
“Only if you become our manager full time Caity.” Said Sav.
“To the band!” Cried Joe, raising his glass.
“To the band.” We cried in union.
“We need a name.” said Pete Willis.
“I have one that I’ve been working on. It isn’t that good…” muttered Joe, self-consciously.
“What is it?” asked Rick Allen, the youngest of the band, only 15. Joe pulled out a piece of paper out of his jacket. On it was the words Def Leopard written in pencil
“I like it, but it needs a change” said Pete. Grabbing a pencil, he changed Leopard to Leppard. “There. Something unique.” He said with a smile. The band applauded. In that moment we were a band. We were Def Leppard.

----------------------------------------------6 months later---------------------------------------------------------

The days following that fateful night when we became an official band were hectic: the boys wrote songs and worked on riffs while I made call after call to known producers who were looking for new talent. Weeks went by and I couldn’t get us a studio or producer. We did, however, come up with the money. The band started playing more and more gigs around Sheffield. The more they played, the more comfortable they got on stage and the more people wanted them to play at events. The days they weren’t playing gigs, the boys were practising in each other’s garages. One night I was about to go to Rick’s place to meet with the band when I received a phone call.

Robert Lange, or as he was later known to us as Mutt, was a famous producer, working with people like Shania Twain and AC/DC. Mutt wanted to meet the band who had taken over Sheffield. I arranged a meeting for the following Wednesday: I knew that the band had no gigs and were free the whole week. When I told the band, they were ecstatic: they couldn’t hide their excitement for the four days that followed. When the day came, the meeting was a success: I could tell that Robert was impressed by the band as soon as he met them, even giving them a chance to play a couple of the songs they had written. By the end of the meeting, Mutt had agreed to sign Def Leppard to the record company. We now had a producer, the studio and the money to pay for the sessions. We were ready.
The months that followed were crazy: the band was juggling being in the studio for 15 hours a day, three to five days a week and doing gigs every second and third night. It was intense. The band found it hard to stay in the same room for more than the needed time; arguments would start over someone forgetting a chord or because a song wasn’t working out. It nearly drove the band apart. However, they were strong and determined. Their passion and friendship kept them from going insane or walking out. Pete complained that it was hard doing so many solos by himself. With that, the band decided to hold auditions for a second guitarist.

I walked into Joe’s lounge room after a 14 hour day in the recording studio. It was hard to believe we had gotten to this stage. The band had been talking about a likely candidate for the guitarist position.
“He’s quiet but he knows how to play.” Rick stated.
“Yeah. I’ve never heard anything like that before. It was incredible.” Sav said in awe.
“I liked it. He will add a different vibe to the songs. Imagine that compared to other rock bands.” Pete pointed out.
“What’s going on guys?” I asked, sitting next to Sav.
“We found a guitarist. He’s really shy but he’s a killer guitar player. His playing is a bit sloppy but it makes it unique and it sounds amazing. I think this is the guy we’ve been looking for.” Joe explained, looking determined.
“He sounds interesting. What’s his name?” I asked. I was impressed already but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
“His name’s Steve Clark.” Piped up Sav.
We sat there for a few minutes, the band looking at me hopeful, me thinking over how to approach this without seeming too eager. “Well,” I finally spoke, “Do you think he’ll be interested in coming into the studio tomorrow? I’d like to meet him, maybe get a taste of his skill.”
“Of course. I’ll call him now.” Joe said, walking out of the room. I spent the rest of the night pondering how the next day would turn out: if this Steve guy was as different and amazing as they had said, then he would join.

We all sat in the studio the next day, waiting for our willing applicant. Tension was thick in the air: the boys were hopeful and eager, yet didn’t want to blow anything. Me, well I was a mixture between anticipation and anxiety. That’s when I saw him. Deep, ocean blue eyes. Auburn shoulder length hair. Tall. And I could tell that he was shy. He was beautiful.
“Caity,” Sav said smiling, although I wasn’t sure if it was out of excitement or my reaction to the newcomer, “this is Steve.”
“Hi.” I said, rather shyly. I could feel myself redden. “I’m Caitlin Uley, but everyone calls me Caity.”
“Hi,” Steve said, blushing, “I’m Stephen Clark.” We shook hands and his skin felt warm. I couldn’t stop looking at him so I tried distracting myself by observing his guitar.
“So the boys tell me you’re talented. Different and unique. I like that combination. Would you mind playing something for me?” I asked. I couldn’t stop looking at him so I needed a reason to look at him without drawing attention to myself.
“Um... sure.” Steve whispered shyly. Grabbing his guitar, he sat down on the couch and started playing Freebird. It was incredible. I couldn’t help but be impressed. Yes his playing was a sloppy in a way but it was his way. He made it work.
“Well I must admit, I thought the boys were exaggerating when they spoke of your unique style but that was… amazing. There are no other words to describe that.” I smiled. Steve blushed and looked away with a muttered ‘thanks.’ “If you’d excuse us for a moment Steve, I’d like to talk to the boys.” I stood up and lead the boys to the other side of the room.

The boys were all excited, I could tell. “What did you think Caity?” asked Sav.
“Pretty impressive huh?” spoke Joe.
“What did we tell you?” piped up Pete.
“He was incredible. I know you said he was sloppy, but you were right, he is killer. I’ve never heard anything like it. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.” I said, still shocked by what I had just witnessed.
“So is he in?” asked Joe. The boys looked at me with hopeful and eager eyes. I beamed at them…“He’s in!” I exclaimed receiving hugs from the band.
“Thanks Caity.” “Thank you!” “You’re the best.” Is all I heard from the band? We walked back over to the nervous looking guy awaiting our news.
“Steve, we talked about it and have decided. I would like to welcome you to the band, if you’re interested.” I said seriously, but I could tell that the excitement was as evident as my smile. Steve looked at me in shock before looking around at the rest of the band.
“Are you serious?” he asked.
“We are mate. Congratulations.” Sav smiled.
“Welcome to the band Steve. You impressed us all.” Chimed in Pete.
“Trust me mate,” Joe started. “Caity is an amazing manager but she knows talent. We might think someone’s pretty cool but she can see if they will work out.”
“I feel honoured. Thank you so much.” Steve said in astonishment.
“You deserve it Steve, you are definitely unique.” I smiled at him. Steve smiled back and I couldn’t help but gape at him. His smile is fantastic I thought.
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