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A Quiet Night

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A young Franziska and Miles share some sibling bonding time before bed. Bite-sized one-shot.

Category: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Published: 2013-10-17 - 324 words - Complete

Franziska stared at her foolish younger brother, watching as he turned the page of his book with a small yawn. The tile read, Civil Procedure; Seventh Edition.
"Miles Edgeworth!" Franziska exclaimed. Miles dropped the book in his hands and looked up, startled.
Franziska smirked, pleased with her sibling's overreaction. "Did you not notice me, little brother? A disciple of von Karma should be ever alert!"
Miles nodded, bending over to retrieve his book. "You're right," he said, dog-earing his page in the book and laying it aside. "What are you doing still awake, Franziska? It's late."
Franziska crossed her arms, lamenting the fact that she had forgotten her riding crop in her bedroom. It would've been helpful in reminding Miles to not foolishly tell her things she already knew.
"I couldn't sleep, and it's all your fault!" Franziska replied, pointing defiantly.
Miles merely raised an eyebrow. "How's that?"
"Y-you were turning the pages of your book too loudly! A true disciple of von Karma should turn a page quietly, like a gentleman!"
Miles just looked at her. "... I was turning the pages so loudly that you could hear all the way from your room down the hall?" He asked, disbelief seeping into his voice.
"Yes," Franziska confirmed, nodding.
Miles sighed, patting the space next to him on the bed. "Sit."
Franziska frowned, but did as her little brother requested.
"Did you have a bad dream?" He asked.
"No," Franziska replied. "A disciple of von Karma--"
Miles placed a hand on his forehead, seemingly annoyed. "Alright, alright," he murmured, cutting her off. "So, you just can't sleep, hm?"
Franziska nodded.
"Fine. Why don't you keep me company while I finish my book?" Miles suggested. "You can stay until you feel tired."
Franziska smiled. At last, an idea that wasn't completely foolish. She curled up with a pillow on the other end of the bed and watched her little brother pick up his book once more.
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