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Dear Tom

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A poem about Ginny writing in Tom Riddle's diary. Mentions of one-sided Harry/Ginny, slight Ginny/Tom.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Ginny,Tom Riddle - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2013-10-20 - 260 words - Complete

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Dear Tom,

I'm nervous.

I have to

come to school

with second hand

robes and books.

Do you think

everyone will

laugh at me?

Dear Tom,

I really like

a boy named

Harry Potter.

He's cute and kind

and famous,

but I'm just his

best friend's

little sister.

He'll never

notice me.

Dear Tom,

my brothers

always tease me.

They always

make fun

of the way

I feel

about Harry.

Dear Tom,

you're my

best friend.

I love you.

Dear Tom,

there are

rooster feathers

all over my robes.

How did they

get there?

I haven't got

a clue.

Dear Tom,

what did I do

on Halloween night?

A cat was

attacked and

my robes are

covered in

something blood red.

Dear Tom,

I'm glad that

I have a friend

like you.

Dear Tom,

why doesn't Harry

notice me?

Dear Tom,

there was

another attack

last night.

I can't remember

where I was.

Dear Tom,

I'm scared.

What if it's me?

Dear Tom,

Percy tells me

I'm pale and

acting funny.

He suspects me,

I just know it.

Dear Tom,

I don't think Harry

will ever like me.

Dear Tom,

there was another

attack today.

I don't know

where I was.

Dear Tom,

I think I'm

going mad.

Dear Tom,

I think I'm

attacking everyone.

Dear Tom,

I'm so frightened

because I don't

remember where

I was during

any of the attacks.

Dear Tom,

the blackouts

always happen

when I'm writing

to you.

Dear Tom,

I don't think

I can trust

you anymore.
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