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Because I've done nothing but watch movies all day and now I'm bored:)

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Name: Hozzie 'Hollie' Nicole Bareham :) - Call me Hozzie, Hollie, HozDog, Hoz, whatever. Just please don't call me Hol? I do not like it:)

Nicknames: Shit, I just accidentally named them :L Uh Hozzie, Hollie, HozDog, Hoz, Hollieflower... Becca often calls me 'pally' and Jess calls me 'broski' :)

Usernames: Uh Hozzie, Cookie_Monster and MCR_Vampire_321. So MCR_Vampire_321 - I hate that one so much. OMG, it's so awful. It's my username on too... I hate it holy shit :L Cookie_Monster - Not sure what made me choose that? I mean, I like cookies but not THAT much. And I'm not the Cookie Monsters biggest fan? Hozzie - Probably the best username I've had haha :')

Gender: Female or whatever.

Age: Seventeen! Yeah, I'm old enough to learn how to drive ;) It's a shame that I'm lazy...

Birthday: 30th September :) No, not the 31st September, that does not exist ;)

Religion: ... I dunno. I mean, I don't really believe in the bible or Christianity and stuff but I do believe in God. And I was Christened. I don't know. Just believe what you wanna believe.

Country: England! I shall never be ashamed of that :3

City: I come from the crap old town of Telford but I'm moving to London the first chance I get :)

Relationship Status: Single. I used to care but now I couldn't give less of a shit :L I had a boyfriend when I was like 13 and everytime he hugged me I just felt awkward and horrible. Same with kissing. I don't know, it's just kind of weird.

Picture of Yourself: I can't find anywhere to upload one too but if you go on my Facebook account Hozzie Bareham, my profile picture is me with my friends. I'm the one who looks terrified because they just screamed really loudly in my ear at the last second...

Favourite bands/musicians: I'll make a list :3

We Are The In Crowd
Sleeping With Sirens
Pierce The Veil
All Time Low
The Used
My Chemical Romance
K-On (If that counts?)
Kyary Pamyu
Of Mice & Men
The Pretty Reckless
Black Veil Brides
Mindless Self Indulgence
You Me At Six

Favourite Books:

I'm in the middle of 'The Perks of Being A Wallflower' and it's good so far so NO SPOILERS PLEASE :3
The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins
Undone by Cat Clarke
Torn by Cat Clarke
Entangled by Cat Clarke
Ultraviolet by R J Anderson
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Divergent by Veronica Roth
House at the End of the Street by I don't know :L

Favourite Movies:

My Bloody Valentine
House at the End of the Street
Spirited Away
The Cat Returns
K-On the movie
The Hunger Games
Grown Ups
Iron Man 3
Avengers Assemble
The Easy A
She's The Man

Favourite TV shows:

The Big Bang Theory
Lost (only just started season 2, so again, no spoilers ;D)
Modern Family
American Horror Story
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
The IT Crowd
Black Books
Doctor Who

Pairings You Ship:

Jess H x Becca (two of my best friends:L)
Sherlock x John (so, ya know, Johnlock)
Book Katniss x Book Gale
Movie Katniss x Movie Peeta
Tay Jardine x Alex Gaskarth

Fandoms You Write For: My Chemical Romance. I'd like to try other things though:) Go to my personal one-shot trade and sign up ;) I wrote an ATL fic once and I know I got their personalities all wrong :L

Favourite Authors on Ficwad:

Mia (forgot your username, something to do with meese :L)

Favourite Stories on Ficwad:

All the personal one-shots FightingForever wrote for me 'cos they are all fantastic:)
Ditto the ones Mia wrote me
Ditto AJ
Mister Sister by tmbfucks
Playing With Power by XxlovefrankieroxX
Finding Confidence by xxFamousLastWordsxx
I'm On My Way To Believing by XxxFallenAngelXxxx
Sex, Spice and Burlesque by The-Corpse
Stockholm Syndrome by whoah-that
Doll House by ipanicdaily
Photograph by Disenchantedxo
If Only He Knew by Sassy
Another Chance by icyblue858

What do you think is the best story you have ever written? While doing this I actually re-read my re-write of 'I Love You' and I actually quite liked it... I might re-write it again one day 'cos there were a couple of things wrong with it and some things that didn't make sense even to me :L

Sample of your writing: It's crap but it was the first thing I found? :L A little snippet (haha, snippet) from '17th Birthday Party'

Frank got up to go and find out how long it would take and we heard Vikki and Penina yelling things like “It’ll be done when it’s fucking done, motherfucker!” and “Get the fuck out of our kitchen!”

“Um, guys...” Penina said, walking back into the living room “I sincerely hope you like burnt pizza.”

All of us went into the kitchen to see what the pizza looked like and Penina and Vikki put the next one into the oven and then suddenly freaked out “Ever heard the expression too many chefs spoil the fucking pizza?” Penina roared “The food’s on the table, go and get a plateful.”

I went in and started helping myself to chicken nuggets when Penina started yelling at me to not pick up the food with my hands. I carried on doing it anyway and so did Jennifer but then Penina stole the plate and wouldn’t give it back until I started using a fork. We ate in the dining room because my Mom had forbidden us to eat in the living room. Once we’d finished, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and pop the champagne bottle.

I gave the champagne bottle to Vikki who couldn’t figure out how to pop it. She sat there for a few minutes trying to figure it out until she yelled “I know!” and then pulled the bottom off. The streamers fell out the bottom and went lifelessly to the floor causing us all to laugh hysterically. Vikki put her head in her hands so I picked up the streamers and threw them in the air and yelled “Hooray!”

Plans for the future on this website: I don't know. I've been lacking motivation lately and college is stressful and I'm tired ALL the time. I like personal one-shot trades because I like getting something to read in exchange :L I don't think I'll stop coming on here anytime soon though :)

Anyway, that was me and my profile!:)

Love Hozzie
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