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· Stomach Ulcers
· Heart attacks
· Strokes
· Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpora (TTP)
· Death

To review a potential Plavix Lawsuit case on behalf of yourself, a friend or loved one, call us today at 803-252-4800.

Plavix Lawsuit: Medication Connected to Heart Problems

Despite statements by the makers of Plavix that it is better than Aspirin in stopping heart attacks and strokes, studies have discovered that the medicine carries no substantial benefit and Plavix hazards actually enhance the risk of injury for some people.

For people with high cholestrerol levels or high blood pressure, Plavix doubles the risk of a heart attack, stroke or serious hemorrhage. For users with a background of gastrointestinal problems, the blood thinner carries 12 times the threat of recurrent stomach problems or gastrointestinal bleeds when compared with aspirin and a heartburn tablet.

Since Plavix was launched, the safety measures have not completely informed patients or the medical community of the risks linked with the blood thinner.

Plavix Lawsuits Connected to Serious Heart Issues and Bleeding

The suppliers, Sanofi-Aventis and Bristol-Myer Squibb, owe an obligation to their consumers and to the community to completely disclose all potential Plavix unwanted effects. Millions of Americans have been prescribed Plavix based on evidence that it is risk-free and carries positive aspects over aspirin.

Customers count on the skill, information and judgment of drug manufacturers to notify people of potential risks and negative effects associated with medicines.

Contrary to promotional claims, Plavix is not risk-free for all the reasons pointed out by the makers. Because of the failure to reveal the Plavix dangers, consumers were deprived of information and facts necessary to weigh the benefits of the medicine against the disadvantages.

If You Were Prescribed Plavix, You Could Be Entitled to a Plavix Lawsuit

The Plavix lawyers at Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. in Columbia, South Carolina have devoted their professional lives to serving the individuals and families of our state. Our firm’s purpose is simple - to help individuals. We remain true to this purpose regardless of whether our consumer has suffered a serious personal injury because of another’s negligence, or they are arrested and charged with a serious crime.

We are devoted to vigorously advocating for client privileges and interests in each situation. This focus : along with our legal experience, our research resources, the strong network of professional relationships we have built, the respect and trust we have earned among our peers, and just as significantly, our excitement - enables us to give the superb advice that enables you to make educated legal decisions regarding your Plavix Lawsuitsituation.

Created in 1996 by former U.S. Attorney and immediate past president of the South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association, Pete Strom, our practice has expanded from its original focus on representing individuals and businesses in SC to a firm that now represents customers in complex civil and criminal cases throughout the Southeastern U.S. and across the country.

The information and facts you obtain at this webpage is not, nor is it intended to serve as, legal services. You must consult a lawyer for guidance regarding your individual case. This article is not designed to and will not create an attorney-client relationship.

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