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Guess who's going back to London? :3

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So if you're a fan you probably saw that All Time Low announced a show in London :) I live like three hours away but I recently became a member of the Hustler club and I was like "Well I have a chance to get a meet & greet this year or an early entry so I can't miss this opportunity." So I asked my Mom and surprisingly she was quite cool with it :L She said she'll try and get us an apartment while we're there which should be great :D

The trouble was me and Jess wanted to buy a ticket this morning and they came on sale at 9 and we were both in lessons at 9... And I had Susie who is nice but also quite scary. So I was like "Okay, I'll buy them on my phone." Then spent all night worrying about the college's wifi and whether Susie would yell at me. Anyway, I was shaking so much but I managed to book the tickets in lesson and enter all the correct details and stuff :D

Irritatingly, I got home and the tickets are still on sale... So there was no point in me stressing out in English really :L

But yeah, I'm so excited!! :D

Love Hozzie
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