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Dancing Queen

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Mosh watches Noiz dance again.

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Dancing Queen:

She's at it again. Mosh sat back and watched Noiz dance around with her music. Okay, it's not really dancing; more like bouncing around to a beat. Either way, Mosh enjoyed the show. The outfit she wore today added onto the charm. The mouse boy leaned in with a smile.

"Hey Noiz-tan," he said. The kitty minx stopped and turned around.

"Hm?" she asked.

"What are you playing now?" Mosh asked, sitting up on the bed. Noiz pulled out her iPod from her pocket and lit up the screen to show him. The mouse boy leaned in for a closer look.

"Vogue, huh?" he asked, "You sure like Madonna, don't you?" Noiz nodded and went back to bopping around. Mosh sat back and enjoyed the show.

There's just something cute about the dancing, he thought. They both knew she couldn't really dance, but who's really watching now? Noiz really didn't care and neither he. The mouse boy only cared about getting a good show out of this.


His mind disappeared into fantasies about his dancing queen. She always had the body to tease him when she went into this mode. It's so tempting to try and reach out and grab her. Mosh closed his eyes and took in the moment.

Yes, dance for me! Yes! Yes!

Mosh paused with such shock. Did I think that or say that out loud? The mouse boy glanced over at his girlfriend. She still danced around and didn't look out. Mosh breathed out slowly.

Good, she didn't hear me. Mosh sat silent and watched Noiz dance on to Madonna's "Vogue."
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