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Promises Aren't Always Made

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Rory hides from Lorelai that she is different...and Lorelai finds out the hard way. I own NOTHING of the show. I DON'T OWN anything.

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Chapter 1

"Why would I be lying Luke? I printed out the text messages and I have them right in front of me".

Lorelai, looking through the messages from Rory and Sookie then flipping through a magazine angrily. "How can she not tell me? I'm her mother! Why would she tell Sookie and not me?".

Luke is cleaning the tables at his diner and checking on his customers. "Lorelai, hun, listen to me okay?".

"Say it again".

"Say what again?".


He sighs and looks around for any peanut gallery. "Hun. But seriously now, I think you're overacting a bit don't you think? I mean if she know...Bi sexual and asexual I myself don't see a problem with it".

Luke goes to the cash register and rings up a customer. "That'll be $5.80 please".

"I told her ever since she was 5 to always tell me anything; Good, bad, or indifferent. Why is she hiding this from me?".

"I don't know babe. But look I have to go, rush hour is starting to get heavy at the diner. Text you later. you".

"Okay, good luck. I love you too".

She hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath. Rory! Rory get down here!". Shouting from downstairs.

Rory wakes up from a nap sleepy and groggy. She sits on the stairs and asks"What's up?".

"I have a bone to pick with you my child".

"Oh, brother. What is it?".

Lorelai walks over to the kitchen counter and grabs the printed out text messages. "Rory I know. I know all about it so don't even think about lying to me".

she scratches her head and grins and asks"What are talking about?".

"You really don't know what I'm talking about?".

"No. Wait is this cause?...Oh god, your not gonna make a big deal out of this are you?".

"Why didn't you tell me?!".

"I don't see what the big deal is, like seriously!".

"You don't see what he big deal is? I had to find out from Luke and Sookie and who the hell is Ashley?!".

"Mom, why are you yelling at me?".


"FINE! Rory Screams. I'm bisexual and asexual okay?". Are you happy?!". Rory continues to scream at Lorelai.

The Harvard student starts to cry, tears forming around her baby blue eyes. Her mom never screamed at her like that before. Ever. Lorelai's own mom used to do that and she swore to never be that vile but promises aren't always made are they? she sits next to her daughter feeling sad and ashamed as she cuddles Rory. "Sweetie don't be scared to be honest with me, okay? I'm happy for you. I really am. And I'll try to keep my promise that I'll never yell at you again. I love you and I'm sorry for acting like a whack job and I'm sorry for not listening to you. I love you no matter what".

Rory smiles and hugs her mom. "Thanks mom. I love you too. And I forgive you".

"So this Ashley girl...describe her to me. What's she like? But first let's go get some chinese food. My treat".

"Sounds great. I'm starving".
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