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Harry Potter and the Harem of Honeys

Chapter Sixteen

Harpier cries, "'Tis time, 'tis time."

Wednesday the twenty-fifth of November found Dumbledore back at his post and more than a little jumpy. Augusta had kept up a steady stream of letters and demands. Albus pinched the bridge of his nose. Not a single plan would stay on track!


At the Ministry, Cornelius Fudge looked over the reports of the Creevey boy's Petrifaction. He then turned to the old files his records clerks had dug up for him. Any fool could see what was happening: this Hagrid fellow was at it again. Dumbledore was a fool! Now, how to play this? Damn Lucius, getting himself killed by the Black—idiot! He should have just let his whore go; he had the baby. He should have been smarter than that. Hmm, the was an opportunity, perhaps. Especially with Longbottom in Black's camp and having some type of tiff with Dumbledore.


Tom Riddle lay in the hole his host had crawled into and thought. Things were bad; not as bad as they could be, though. Who would have thought he could find a large snake in Britain in November? Sure, it was only a constrictor, probably turned loose when it got too big for someone's pet, but it was a snake.


Harry sat his broom and watched as Hermione and the others worked the starters over hard. He smiled. Hermione was improving all the time.


Harry rolled his eyes. At Quidditch, Hermione.

Oh. Thanks, Harry!

Harry smiled. School was totally a routine now. The Coven was fun, not very predictable.

Daphne smirked. As it should be, Harry.

Hah! Leyland was great, Cissy was too. Apparently a handful for Sirius during the week, but maybe that was as it should be. After all, for her to stay—in power? powerful? whatever—she needed to be seen out. Besides, who better to housebreak the Black and his Lady?

Susan nodded. And Morgana, doesn't he need housebreaking. I don't understand how Sirius and Magda got to their age still being children. He's nearly useless at politics without Cissy at his elbow. Your giving her the Potter Proxy was a master stroke, Harry. She votes it and the Malfoy seat sitting in the Black box and everyone thinks it's Sirius. So Aunt Amelia says, anyway. Dumbledore is vastly confused now, although from what I've heard he thinks it's reasonable for Narcissa, the Potter Matriarch's aunt, to vote the Potter Proxy; he just can't tell who it really is. He thinks you're in Nym's control because of her, erm, abilities, Harry.

Nym smiled. They all felt it. See, Harry? Albus says you should shag more different women. How about Princess Di? I can do her real good.

Nym! Harry shook his head but he was smiling. Nym was bringing home all the Auror techniques and magics and now Alastor Moody's training too, as he had adopted her or something. Dawlish still needed killing, but apparently Amelia wasn't done with him because no trial had been scheduled.

Because they're afraid of you, or me—maybe both, Harry.

I don't know why, Nym.

Maybe because you said as soon as he's free you're going to kill him?

Heat of the moment, Nym. Assure Madam Bones that I'll wait until he's outside the Ministry.

Phhht! Only because you don't have enough space for a clean shot with that giant slingshot in the Atrium, Harry.

Harry chuckled. Nym knew him too well. The diary thing was going slowly but apparently well. Please, God, never let Ginny find out.

Padma nodded vigorously from her position in the stands. Really, Harry! Who knew Tracey was a complete pervert?

We should have, Padma. I mean, we've been in her head, for Merlin's sake.

Developing thing, Harry. She'll get it out of her system.

I hope so.

So all in all life was looking up. CRAP! Harry put on a sprint and just managed to out-dive Neville for the Snitch.


Later, in Myrtle's bathroom, Neville fended off Myrtle and her very aggressive advances while Ron checked the potion and fumed. "Neville, what the hell? Aren't you interested in Ginny? You shouldn't be chatting up ghosts!"

"Weasley, you're crazed. One minute it's 'Hey, you can't look at her' and the next 'Hey, don't look at any other girls'. Make up your mind, prat!"

"Don't listen to him, Nev. He'll never get a witch anyway. Now, where were we?"

"Leaving, Myrtle, sorry!"

Myrtle pouted while Ron looked at Neville and Myrtle, pop-eyed. Neville sighed and dragged Ron out of the bathroom by his collar. "Come on, prat!"

"Hey, I was checking your potion!"

Neville stopped and turned on Ron. "My potion? This was your idea, Ron. I can just ask Harry what happens in the Slytherin common room. He goes in there whenever the witches call him."

"Yeah, you're right. Maybe Potter is the Heir!"

Neville put his head in his hands and Ron heard a muffled "How the hell do you win at chess? You must be some kind of savant."

"Hey! I'm nobody's servant!"

For a moment, Neville just wanted to cry.


Ginny sat on Hermione's bed blatantly ogling Lavender. Her breasts were huge and perfect and matched her hips—and were still growing! Lavender shook her head. "You wouldn't want them so much if you had to carry them around. Besides, they confuse wizards—they always talk to them and not me. Well, except for Harry. He only talks to them when he's kissing them."

Parvati peeked around her friend. Lavender's breasts were round, pert, large, and the envy of the school—well, of the witches. "Still look good, though. How are those support charms Kristen gave you working out?"

Lavender grinned. "Better than bras, more comfortable. It's like having Harry cupping me all day when he does them. Susan loves them, too. Poor thing, she actually needs them already. Hers are so big they hurt her. Cheaper than bras, too; you can wear the charm and a camisole. You know, we could do something with this, Parv. Kristen could get a royalty on the charms. I wonder, can we do one for bellies and butts?"

Parvati blinked. "Why? Your belly is amazing and that ass causes traffic jams in the halls. You and Susan are walking wet dreams."

Lavender smiled, leant down, and kissed Parvati hard. "Thank you. Not for me, though. Older witches. That's where the money is. I mean, we can hardly afford regular bras. A bra and panty set of the finest lace with these charms? We could sell it for, well, lots of Galleons, I bet."

Ginny sighed and flopped back just in time to have Hermione come from the shower and sit down, then lie back next to her. "Jeez, Ginny, relax. Even without them you have Neville completely flummoxed. He wouldn't know what to do with breasts."

Ginny grinned. "It will be fun teaching him, though."

"Ginevra Molly Weasley! You slapper, you!"

Ginny sat up and examined Hermione closely. "Phht! Hey, when I get more hair down there, do they like a full—uh—patch, or a landing strip like yours, Hermione?"

Hermione blushed and Lavender supplied, "Lucky bint doesn't know, Ginny. Her hair just grew in all sexy like that. She doesn't even have hair anywhere else. No depilatory charms for our Ne. And the sexiest bottom in the school, all pouty like that." Lavender shook her head. "And whatever's with the hair on her head, that's the best pubic hair I've ever seen, heard of, or read about. The perfect color, just enough of it, fairly straight and soft as the finest silk. We should transplant it to her head."

Hermione's blush grew to epic proportions.

The girls giggled madly.


On Monday the thirtieth Harry was wowing the crowd at breakfast when an unfamiliar owl swept in and dropped to the table at Harry's plate. Harry eyed the owl and handed it a piece of raw tuna. The elves had discovered sushi after Harry's insistence that he wouldn't eat eggs and bacon when the Harpies' trainers had reviewed their diets. Harry took the owl's letter, got a happy nod and a hopeful look, which he ignored, and the owl leapt into the air and flew away. Harry opened the letter. It was a protection order forbidding him from coming within one hundred yards of the Dursleys. "Uh-oh."

Hermione took the letter. "Lisa, you were right. It's a protection order. Harry, why are we doing the trunk-at-their-house thing, anyway?"

Harry shrugged. "It keeps Dumbledore from asking questions, somehow."

Hermione and Padma's eyes lit up. The other girls groaned; they could feel a research project coming on. Daphne frowned. "Just lay your signature on the house, then, Harry."

Harry nodded and shrugged. "How?"

Hermione's eyes were fairly glowing now. Daphne sighed. "Come on, class in ten minutes." She towed Hermione away.


"Augusta, please!"

"Do what I ask when I ask and I'll stop raking you over the coals, Dumbledore. I know Fudge is gaining more power and challenging you."

"You don't know what's at stake, Augusta."

"Don't presume to think you know more than me, Dumbledore. I've come to see what you're up to. You want to play politics? Good, go do it full time. Leave the school to those of us capable of running it correctly and honestly. I'm going to break you if you don't, Albus. Malfoy won't be there to save you again.

"You can acquiesce to these class changes or resign, I don't care which. And don't even think of Obliviating me. I have several Pensieve memories in appropriate hands."

"Augusta, that's blackmail."

"And? Oh, you're the only one that can use that, too?"

Albus spun on his heel and strode away. Minerva stepped from the shadows. "A dangerous game, Augusta."

Augusta nodded. "I haven't had so much fun in years!"

Minerva glared at her and got laughed at. "Loosen up, girl. In fact, you need a date. Still a fine figure of a witch. We'll have to get you some sun."


"What? You're, what, sixty-five? Prime of life. We'll find you a nice young wizard. They like their witches tanned. He'll be able to keep up." She leaned in. "The older ones just don't have the stamina. A younger one can fill that belly and give you a baby or two, something to keep you busy. Hmmm, we should talk to the dukes. One of them could fill you right up."


Minerva was left standing there amidst the echoes of cackling laughter.


On Saturday the fifth of December Cho Chang rode along as Moaning Myrtle used her body to get, well, fucked by Harry. This was beyond shagging. Why had she agreed to this? Harry had her bent over and was driving into her as hard as he could while Myrtle pulled herself back on him as hard as she could. Her head was yanked back by her bolt of blue-black hair and she was mewling like a slut, again. Morgana, she looked good getting fucked. She needed pictures of this. What? Oh gods, here she went going schizophrenic again. Cho lost her train of thought as the orgasm racked through her and she sprayed Harry. She flushed in embarrassment. Harry apparently didn't care, at least from that satisfied grin and him pounding her right through it no matter how she or Myrtle thrashed the body.

Cho sighed. It just couldn't get any more degrading than this. Letting a second year turn her into a fuck-toy for his friend the ghost and himself to use. Circe, it was fabulous! Oh, again!

Harry flipped the thrashing Cho and looked in her eyes. No unfocused look; yep, Cho. Myrtle was gone.

"Right here, Harry. And you're a naughty boy, using my mind to find what turns me on the most like that. How can I complain and whine for another go when you used every bit of me? I didn't even know I liked being held down and buggered until today. You made me leave. I couldn't stand another orgasm for a minute or two."

Harry chuckled and stiffened and Myrtle slid back into Cho to feel Harry splashing against the walls of her vagina. Harry smirked and dove into both their minds. Cho and Myrtle came again and screamed into Harry's mouth.

Hermione looked over at the table in the corner of the main Library and thought about dropping the aversion charms and letting Cho's witches see their leader begging for more. Myrtle certainly had a lot of pent-up need. Cho would be lucky to stay out of the Hospital Wing. Susan eyed Hermione and then giggled. This set off the rest of the Coven and drew Madam Pince's ire. "SHHHHH!"

Hermione put her head back down in her book, still giggling.


After practice on Sunday the sixth, Hermione found herself in the master bedroom of Potter Castle with Harry. "Not complaining, love, but what's going on with you?"

Harry raised his head from his minute inspection of a crinkly nipple. He gave her a lick, got a shudder in return, and smiled. "I just want to spend some time with the love of my life."

Hermione purred. "Proceed."

Harry went back to his inspection. He was fascinated by her changing body. Her breasts had grown and her hips become more defined since his last close inspection, and he fully intended to explore every inch of her nicely padded, very muscular body. Like this apparently very sensitive patch of skin on the bottom of her breast that made her growl when you licked and then blew on it gently. Or the top of this set of now barely visible washboard abs.


"A dueling club?"

Sirius looked at Minerva and shrugged. James piped up, "I was on the tie, Minerva. I heard him say it."

Augusta frowned. "What can the old coot be thinking? Where could this possibly lead?"

Remus frowned. "Does it always have to be some plot? I remember a dueling club from school."

Lily spoke from her frame where she was sitting in a loveseat with James. "That Dumbledore canceled when we were in third year. Up until then Hogwarts had always had one. If the records are to be believed, they produced several runs of European champions from that club."

Louisa Parkinson nodded. "Filius would be the logical one to restart the club, though, and duelists need to be familiar at least with the grey and black arts. No offense, Sirius."

"None taken. I agree, Louisa."

Narcissa nodded. "So we must then assume as Augusta has that Dumbledore is in fact up to something if he hasn't restarted at least familiarization with the Dark arts and teaching the grey arts."

Remus nodded. "Harry will have to be kept well out of this. He would slaughter any opponent, and the Dark families would instantly make the connection."

Narcissa nodded vigorously. "Yes, I don't want any sisters-in-law other than the Coven."

Eliza sat up suddenly. "Dumbledore suspects a student and so is trying to find someone whose skills exceed a student's. Did that make sense? What I mean is that the Chamber was last opened fifty years ago. So anyone impersonating a student would have to have at least fifty years of knowledge to hide. The Heir, however, sounds very assured in his graffiti, minus the bad spelling."

Padma nodded and Su spoke. "Riddle was the Heir. He opened the Chamber. He bragged about it to Tracey's Ginny. We haven't found where it is or what the animal is, but it can't be an Acromantula."

The room sat stunned for a moment and then exploded. Su waited a moment; then when they all settled she continued. "The diary seems to be attempting to use Ginny to open the Chamber and continue where it left off. Riddle hates Dumbledore with a passion that we have never experienced." She blushed lightly. "Well, the opposite we have, but not hatred."

Lily beamed at her. The room sat contemplating this development for a few moments.

Aidan Greengrass looked puzzled. "So if Tracey's Ginny is a mental construct, who's killing chickens, writing graffiti with their blood, and releasing this creature?"

Narcissa shook her head. "It can only be Draco. He must have used the diary and it got enough of him or got enough in him to use him to do this."

This set off another round of conversation, of which the upshot was that the Slytherin Coven members would have to go to work watching Draco.

Sirius sighed finally. "So we go ahead with the dueling club and try to keep Harry out of the duels."

Kristen nodded. "Or he only duels one of us. Oh, oh! He can duel the cover wizards."

Remus nodded. "That would work once we get him through the second year bracket. He'll just have to stick to known spells no higher than third year or so until then."

Neville looked up. "This is going to go stupidly, I can tell. Somehow everything Dumbledore plans, I get caught in."

Lavender reached over and hugged him. "Sorry, Nev, we'll protect you."

Neville blushed and the roomful of people chuckled.


Back in the master bedroom Nym was fighting a losing battle. Her Demi Moore in the pieces of navy uniform, hat, and shoes from A Few Good Men got her absolutely nothing. Harry wouldn't do anything with her until she was in her natural form and was driving her crazy by doing everything she wanted done to her, to Hermione. Finally Nym had had enough. Her hair lengthened and darkened to a deep black, her face narrowed slightly, her eyes turned violet, and her bust grew a cup size. Her hips rounded a little farther into perfect proportion with her slightly wide-for-her-frame shoulders. Her legs, already very fine, became longer and more tapered, the kind of legs that get insured for millions. Harry was hypnotized. Hermione giggled and pushed him to Nym. Nym sighed and then just went with it. So he didn't want her talent. There could be no question he wanted her, all of her and the natural her.

Merlin, that took a while.

Hush, Harry. Love me.

Always, Nym.

Hermione watched and shook her head. So she looked like Bellatrix, an exact copy even to the light pink aureoles and slightly large nipples on the upturned breasts that reddened as they hardened and crinkled, if Cissy and Andy were to be believed. What was the big deal?

He'll want her, Hermione.

Silly cow, he doesn't care what you look like. He wants that part he's running through right now. No—your mind, Nym. Get your head out of your pants!

Nuugh uhh, can't! You try going a week!

Hermione laughed. Don't try to talk, Nym.



Daphne sat in her dorm room very, very upset. She was failing Harry! They had tried everything to get and stay close to Draco, but the little nutless wonder just disappeared constantly!

"Aiiie! Harry! Godsdamnit! Please don't sneak up on me like that."

"You needed me. I'm here."

"I failed, Harry. I'm so sorry! Harry?" Daphne was puzzled. Her clothes had been Vanished and they were suddenly under her covers but Harry simply folded her in his arms and appeared to be going to sleep with her pulled into his chest; quite comfortably, but still. He didn't feel like he wanted sex, either. Was she such—

"Shhh. No, you're not. Sleep now; sex later, if you still want it." Harry kissed the part that went down the back of her head.

Daphne snuggled in and had the best sleep of her life. The only thing that made waking up at the ungodly hour of four a.m. bearable was the transition from sleep to wakefulness via a crashing orgasm. They really needed their own rooms. This was an experience worth repeating four or five hundred thousand times. Harry chuckled. "That's over a thousand years, Daphne."

"Su will make us a Stone, or Padma will."

Harry slid down her belly, chuckling, and Daphne braced herself. Harry was an expert at oral sex by now.


Hermione led PT, smiling. Daphne was getting the full Harry morning spa treatment manny, fingered to orgasm, pedi—Harry always started oral at the toes—and after a cleansing shag it felt like a facial was coming up. Susan and Padma looked at her and giggled madly. Nym supplied, Hermione Jane Potter! I'll never be able to keep a straight face in the salon again.

Shh, it was funny and we have that stupid dueling club tonight, Nym, and thanks for that Potter.

Crap, it's Thursday the seventeenth? Got to go to Stealth and Tracking. Wish me luck.

The bonded sent Nym their support. Harry and Daphne did, too.


Classes, while not a dawdle, were a lot of fun for the Coven as usual. Nym wasn't doing so well in Stealth and Tracking, so while Harry and Susan helped her as much as they could, the others concentrated on class. They didn't notice the looks Draco was sending their way. Neville and Ron did, at the very back of the Coven seats. "What's his problem?" Ron asked.

Neville looked and then shrugged at the condescending smirk on Draco's face. "How am I to know, Ron? I still have my balls. I couldn't begin to imagine what it's thinking."

Ron turned to look at Neville. "Wrong side of the bed?"

"I caught that thing trying to corner Ginny. He thinks what whoever did to him was bad? Just you wait. I'll skin him alive."

Ron blinked, smiled, then frowned. Lavender turned, smiled at Neville, and patted him on the thigh. Ron's face was a study. Lavender was a witch but she was a damned good-looking witch, and no question she was a witch. Very different from wizards. Ron blushed as what he was thinking dawned on him. He turned back to the lecture, praying to Merlin it didn't end before he got rid of this woody. No, don't look at her! Oh, Merlin, Davis was just as hot, and Greengrass was a house on fire! Granger, too, there was just something about her…stop thinking about it! Let's see: the Cannons play Puddlemere and then the Harpies—oh, the Harpies, they're smoking hotties. Arrrrgh!


Neville looked at Ron, who was noticeably off his feed at lunch. He followed his eyes and found Lavender Brown at the end of that stare. Neville smirked. "Damned hot witch, that, eh?"

Ron nodded, then froze. "Don't know what you mean, mate. Ready for this dueling club tonight?"

Neville chuckled. "Let's see you get up, then."

Ron blushed crimson.


Later the Great Hall buzzed with excitement. Dinner was finished but not a student moved. Sirius looked at Remus and groaned. "It's going to be a long night."

James nodded on the tie. Remus looked at the sign-up list. "They didn't all sign up. Spectators, I guess."

Minerva, and Lily on the brooch, nodded. Minerva spoke "You'd better start, Professors."

Sirius and Remus moved down and created a dueling stage, moving the tables to the walls where they formed into bleachers. They installed the dueling shield and then they demonstrated a duel that had the older female student's hands to their chests and their eyelashes fluttering. They selected and then started the first pair of the same sex and year, drawn at random. The two first year girls stepped up and Ginny and Luna took their places at the opposite ends of the stage. They bowed and then jumped around with huge grins as they ran through the entire first year syllabus. Luna won by Transfiguring Ginny's wand into a big needle. She got raucous applause and suddenly the sign-up sheets were mobbed.

Sirius looked at the mob. "Oh, brave now, eh? You'll have to wait until the next club meeting to duel, though."

A chorus of groans went up, but they kept signing.

Harry watched the first years duel with everyone else. It was great fun—no one as inventive as Luna or Ginny, so mostly Stupefy versus Protego, but a few slipped in a creative cast here and there.

The second years started and somehow Neville ended up facing Draco first thing. Their duel began with a lot of sneering and name-calling and rapidly accelerated toward the most harmful magics they knew. It was a great show, Draco obviously on his back foot since the "Squib" Longbottom had come out swinging hard with well-placed and -paced spells. Draco leant back into his memory and cast his father's favorite spell.


A black mamba left Draco's wand and slithered toward a backpedaling Neville. Unfortunately, Ron, right at the edge of the platform, recoiled from the snake and it oriented on the movement. Neville opened his mouth and hissed, "Stop! Attack the other one. He pulled you from your home." Neville blinked at the hissing that apparently was coming from him and snapped his mouth closed.

Somehow the crowd saw Neville's open mouth moving and assumed it was him. They screamed and recoiled as the snake turned and oriented on Draco. Sirius finally banished the snake only inches from Malfoy, and Neville blasted Malfoy with an emotion-fueled Stunner, lifting him off the stage and slamming him into the barrier.

Neville turned to the crowd and they all recoiled, Ron perhaps the farthest of all. Only Ginny, Harry, and the Coven looked him right in the eye. He hung his head. Harry moved to the stage and figuratively picked him up, bringing him back to where the Coven was sitting. "Sorry, Neville. That was me. I'm a Parselmouth. No idea why it seemed to come from you."

Neville looked at Harry. "Maybe better this way. I can't believe they were all fooled, or how much of a prat Ron is. People only see what they want to see."

Harry nodded sadly. "I'll be glad to tell them it was me."

Neville actually grinned. "Like they'd believe you."

"Erm, I can prove it, Nev."

"They would think I possessed you or something, Harry. Just leave it."

Harry sat with Neville. When his own duel came with Ron, Harry laughed low in his throat. He mounted the platform and took his place. He bowed, smiling gently, and Ron snarled at him. Harry blinked and on the referee's signal fell over laughing. Ron had fired some kind of curse but his dodgy wand turned it back on him and he was turned into a bright yellow turtle which scampered—well, as fast as a turtle could scamper—around the stage, leaving a trail of urine. Sirius looked at Harry. "Potter wins. Change him back, Harry."

Harry looked at Sirius. "It wasn't me."

Sirius rubbed his hand through his hair and tried a half-hearted Finite on the now terrified turtle. Ron sprang up. "That's human to reptile Transfiguration, very advanced. You're the Dark wizard Longbottom's henchman braaaack cluck cluck braack!"

Everyone was rolling on the floor now as George blew on the end of his wand and made like he was putting it in a hip holster. "Let's duel for your henchman spot, Potter."

Needless to say, after that the first outing of the dueling club was mostly a joke contest. Madam Pomfrey was incensed as a few nodding daisies and two wallflowers made overnight trips to the Hospital Wing after difficult reversals. Why flowers became a theme no one was sure.


"Really, I did, Aunt Alice!"

"Harry did offer, Mum. It's not his fault wizards are idiots. Everyone in the room actually heard him do it. They just assumed it was me. We think it was some kind of group hypnosis or something. If they thought about it for just a second or two they'd realize it like Ginny and Fred and George here did."

Ginny's head swiveled like she was watching a tennis match. The evening had been a blur. She had been taken into a trunk, Harry had done something to her, and now she had her own trunk hooked into this, or rather Harry's little world. Little? Who was she kidding? It hooked to this gigantic castle and was filled with all these girls—hot girls. Neville knew them all. Hey, wait a minute!

Harry held out a hand and caught the magic Ginny fired at Neville. "Not that way, Ginny. Talk first, then shoot him."

Neville appealed to Harry with his eyes. Harry held up his hands. Hermione trailed after Ginny as she dragged Neville away.

Fred looked at Harry. "So, a Parselmouth."

George broke in. "Any ideas about this Heir stuff?"

Padma laid out what they knew. Fred and George nodded. Fred started. "The secret passageways."

"It's how Draco gets away from Daphne," George finished.

Harry raised a brow. "Secret passageways? Wait a minute." He unfocused. "Oh, okay, got it. How do you know about these?"

Fred and George looked at each other and smiled; then they produced a piece of parchment. Sirius snatched it up. "Mooney, the Map!"

Remus smiled. "Yes, I see, Sirius. I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Fred and George goggled. Fred finally managed, "Mooney?" while pointing at Remus.

Remus pointed at Sirius: "Padfoot," and then James in his portrait: "Prongs. Wormtail was a traitor, as it turns out."

Fred and George looked at each other and went down on their knees. "We're not worthy, we're not worthy."

Harry laughed while Lily, Magda, and Evangeline looked at their grinning men, hands on hips and right feet tapping.


Ginny went about the next day in a kind of fog. She'd tried to talk to Ron about last night and found her tongue paralyzed or something. She was able to talk to Neville, and that was comforting. Luna was just Luna at breakfast except for a smile and a really creepy, very hungry look at Harry while she chewed her food. Sure, Harry was good-looking and one of the Boys Who Lived, but he wasn't the Boy Who Lived, the one who had been written about all of her life. The one Mum talked about. Anyway she would just have to sort this on her own. Hey, wait—the twins were there! Okay, so talk to the split brain, then.


Neville was in the same kind of daze but for totally different reasons. Ginny had declared her intentions in no uncertain terms last night. Neville was scared nearly witless. Harry's sardonic "It gets better, mate; less scary, anyway" wasn't a big help.

Neville followed along with Harry, who was occasionally steering him by the elbow, the whispers in the corners getting laughing derision and single-syllabic explanations from the top witches and wizards in the school.

Ron was unshakeable, however, calling Neville the Dark wizard Longbottom and Harry his henchman, and had ended up a chicken with Bat Bogeys three times so far. He was the laughingstock of the school.


After dinner Neville got away with Ginny for a moment. He was walking her to study group slightly before the others left the Great Hall when they came upon the Petrified bodies of Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick. Ginny screamed just as Harry and crew skidded to a halt behind them, Harry's eyes glowing green, and Dumbledore came round the corner from the other direction. Harry and Neville hugged Ginny and Hermione and they rubbed their hands through their hair in an odd mirror image. Dumbledore cleared his throat. "And again, Mr Longbottom?"

Hermione would have snapped if Harry hadn't muzzled her in the bond. Let Neville do it, Ne. He needs to stand up to Dumbledore at some point.

Harry, Dumbledore just focused all these idiots' suspicions on Neville.

Yes, hon, I know.

The "hon" slowed her down. Harry waited for Neville to say something and sighed when he didn't. More work, then.

"What do you know about this, Mr Longbottom?"

Nevilles eyes turned hard. "It scared Ginny, Professor."

Ho ho, roar, my little Lion!


Shhh, Ne.

Dumbledore blinked. Neville sighed. "The scream you undoubtedly heard five seconds before you arrived was Ginny when we first saw them."

Ginny nodded. "Are they dead, Professor?"

Dumbledore looked at the bodies, or body and spirit.

That was a fine distraction technique.

Hah! You can comment on yours but I can't on mine, Ne?

Harry, Hermione, shhh. Padma rolled her eyes.

Dumbledore ran a couple of charms. "Petrified. I didn't know ghosts could be."

Ginny looked at Dumbledore with big, scared saucer eyes. "Shouldn't we get them to the Hospital Wing, Professor?"

Oh, that's a little thick there, Ne, she looks like a PowerPuff Girl. You'll need to work on that.

How did you mange a telly and Sky One in Camelot, Harry? Never mind, you have to stop watching the Cartoon Network. Glad she's loyalty charmed. Did you see that twinkle?

Beg pardon? Yes I did. Now, about the telly….

A chorus of SHHHHH! came in response to this and the two refocused on the conversation. "An excellent idea, Miss Weasley." Dumbledore looked around. Someone had gotten to this witch, too. He couldn't get into her mind at all. "Everyone go about your business."

Harry led the girls away as the crowd broke up. Neville followed with Ginny on his arm. The crowd's eyes followed them.

Tracy met them at the reading room. She pulled Harry, Daphne, and Hermione aside. "I found these in Draco's room."

Harry frowned. "Tracey, that was dangerous, going in his room!"

Tracey looked at Harry. "No, actually he was at dinner, watching you. I think he wants you, Harry."

Hermione rolled her eyes as Harry made retching noises. "So what are these?"

Tracey unrolled the clothes. "Pants and a shirt smeared with the blood of a rooster."

Harry rubbed his head while the others looked thoughtful. "So this confirms Malfoy is doing the graffiti. Good work, Tracey. Now, does that mean he's Petrifying these people, too, or is he opening the Chamber?"


The evening of the nineteenth found Harry talking to Neville in the sitting room of Potter Castle. "What? Ron the prat? You're going to keep working with him on this mad Polyjuice scheme of his?"

"I told you so, Neville. I'm not the only one who thinks it's mad." Ginny folded her arms across her chest in triumph. Harry winced.

Neville smiled at him. "It's all right Harry. I'm really having fun making the Polyjuice. Besides, I'm nominally staying at Hogwarts over the hols. It's something to do and I can keep an eye on Malfoy."

Daphne chimed in, "Which I have yet to thank you for, Nev. I hate that little shrew."

Ginny hugged Neville's arm possessively. Hermione eyed her. "Ginny, we talked about this. You don't own Neville, you're with him."

Lavender looked at Parvati. "Yeah, well, that's a work in progress."

Parvati snorted. "So Hermione has a hobby for the next twenty or thirty years."

Ginny looked over. "I'm right here. Lavender, shouldn't you be off flaunting at Bilius?"

Lavender shook her head. "Not for a few more years. He has potential, but why should I train him when I'm with Harry? If he grows to his potential and I turn all nesty and have to have my own, we'll see. Don't think so, not as long as Parv and I are together. Harry can give us babies any time, and if we need him he appears, but we'll see. Besides, Ron is going to have to have someone to grow him up and I just don't have the energy between the Coven, school, and—well, I just don't have the time, either." She was holding Parvati's hand.

Padma shook her head. "Harry, you'll have to marry them. Or we'll have to get them a cover wizard—a pair actually. Father will insist. It's fine for them to be together, but they have to produce children."

The listeners blinked and turned and looked at Lavender. "What? We know that. Oh, I can't plan?"

Susan patted her on the cheek. "No one said that, dear. You just surprised us. Who knew you'd be all toppy?"

Harry shook his head. "Okay, Neville, so you'll be spending your days running around with Bilius and your evenings or nights at home or in Ginny's trunk?"

Neville nodded. Padma handed him a piece of parchment, a small piece of parchment. "Use a sticking charm and put it on your wrist. Tap it with your wand and say, 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good.' When you're done with it tap it again and say, 'Mischief managed'."

Neville took the parchment and stuck it to his left forearm. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

The room watched as a light formed over the map. "In honor of Messrs Mooney, Padfoot, Prongs, and Mademoiselle Lily Flower, the SSWA present the New Marauders' Map."

Padma smiled. "That went well. It only shows you that the first time, Neville and now it's tied to your signature."

The image faded and another formed. It was Hogwarts, all of it, secret passages and hidden rooms included. Padma explained as tiny people started to appear in the castle with their names floating above them. "Harry is tied to the wards, so this shows everything inside them. You can't get into all of these areas without the passwords, though."

Remus and Sirius came over and looked. Remus was awed. "This is so much better than our map, Padfoot!"

Sirius nodded. "We didn't even think of that 3-D thing."

Lily smiled. "Good thing too. We would never have gotten the charms right. It took Perenelle, Padma, Hermione, and me hours."

Alice had been thinking about something. As Neville closed the map she looked at Ginny and him. "You two come with me."

Neville blanched while Ginny looked serenely confident. An hour later a red-faced Ginny led a nearly catatonic Neville back into the sitting room ahead of a smirking Alice. Frank looked at his wife, and Alice chuckled an earthy little chuckle. Frank closed his eyes. "Do I want to know?"

"Probably not. You boys are so squeamish. Let's just say there probably won't be any untoward adventures in those trunks. Well, none that will provide us with surprises later."

Frank blanched and then laughed. "You know I gave him the talk last year, Alice."

Alice smirked. "And now he knows the girl version, which I just gave Miss Ginevra."

Frank shook his head. "Surely her mother gave her that."

Alice nodded. "Maybe, but she didn't give it to Neville."

Neville and Ginny couldn't look at each other. Neville now knew more about the female anatomy, erogenous zones, and reproductive system than was legal, he was sure. Ginny was horrified that she had been the demonstration model. Where had Alice learned those transparency and tickling charms?


On Monday the twenty-first of December the Express boarded and the Potter compartment, again hugely expanded and warded, became the witches' party place for any witch the Coven approved of. Pansy didn't even get a chance to be naughty; she was stripped and passed around like a toy. She loved it.

Ginny sat in the corner pouting as Luna practiced the art of fellatio, warming Harry up for Pansy. Hermione looked at Ginny. "Dead sexy, isn't it? Look at that innocent face full of cock. Never thought you'd see that, did you? Amazing how she can get all of him in her throat like that, isn't it? She can hold her breath for more than two minutes, did you know?"

Ginny glared at Hermione. "So did you want to just come stick a finger in me to see how wet I am, Hermione?"

Hermione smiled. "I'd be glad to, Ginny."

Ginny's surprised face was her reward and she laughed. "If you didn't get wet watching I would doubt you more, Ginny. But you're neither staring nor looking away. I'm thinking that means you aren't attached to the issue except as a matter of interest."

Ginny gathered her wits and decided to play. "Oh, I don't know. Learning more than interest." She left her seat, crossed to Harry and Luna, and lay her head on his thigh with a full view of half of Luna's face.

Ginny resisted the urge to close her eyes and Luna drew back with her mouth fully open, and what seemed to be a foot of hard cock slithered from her throat. Luna's sparkling, startlingly blue eye and then eyes looked into Ginny's and seemed to freeze her in place as a smile formed around the tip of the large helmet-shaped head and a tongue snaked around the ridge at the bottom of the helmet. The eyes then became an eye again as the smiling face descended again and then froze as Harry stiffened and jerked. Ginny nearly passed out when a wave of something washed over her and ripped an orgasm from her. She leant back and sat flat on her ass in the middle of the floor, a flaming red.

Luna pulled off of Harry and Pansy straddled and sheathed him almost before Luna was clear, directly in Ginny's line of vision. Watching that cock slip into Pansy both lengthened and deepened her aftershocks; she was now completely and embarrassingly soaked. Luna sat on her heels in front of Ginny and very obviously swallowed. She leaned forward with her mouth slightly open and her warm breath smelling of something that went straight to Ginny's dripping sex; just millimeters away from kissing Ginny she was gently pulled back by her hair. Hermione looked down at Ginny. "Enough training for today?"

Ginny could only nod. Hermione smiled, kissed Luna passionately, gave her a soft but definite lash with her favorite cat, and passed her to Susan. Hermione raised Ginny and sat her in her lap on the bench opposite Harry. Ginny sneaked glances at Pansy being thoroughly shagged, or shagging herself, and occasionally catching a light lash from the lounging whip Hermione had conjured when she slowed, screaming into Harry's mouth where her lips had locked. When she was completely spent and Harry had achieved his release Hermione stopped driving her on, and Pansy just rested on Harry as she recovered before she went face-down in his lap. She spent the remainder of the journey attached to him.

Hermione smiled. Her passive Legilimency combined with Ginny being opened by skin-to-skin contact with Harry when he came in Luna, and now their skin-to-skin contact, let her into Ginny's mind. Hermione took her time and fully evaluated Ginny. The poor girl was horrified by what her body had done. She was thinking of it as a betrayal of Neville; that was interesting. They would have to talk about that before tonight. It wasn't a betrayal, it was just Harry and Luna looping through her skin. Oh, she hadn't used the diary! Well, only once, and it had barely talked to her.

Hermione rooted around while Ginny snuggled in her lap. Nothing bad in here; well, that I can find. Tracey has the most experience, and Harry knows the most about it. Hmmm, how to get Harry in contact with Ginny so he can review this, without it seeming sexual? Pansy isn't letting go of that cock, that was for sure. Hmmm, does that mean someone else has used the diary? Bilius is a perfect candidate.

Oh, poor Ginny! She was very nearly programmed by her mother to be Neville's. She really never had a chance. Maybe they should let her and Harry have a go? Perhaps that would break up the programming. Hermione snickered. There was very little that seven or eight velvety hard inches of Harry wouldn't break up, and that was if you didn't feel like ten or however many inches. Sometimes it was like having a horse in you—well, what that should feel like, anyway.

Softy, and no, Mistress Pervert. She needs to work it out with Neville. Harry would just confuse her worse, Ne.


Of course, Ne. Piggybacking as much as I can. You didn't think I'd miss a train ride, did you? Don't second-guess yourself. Luna would have every female on the planet full of Harry. It's her nature—she's lonely. Ginny needs to be with Neville and he needs her. It will work out, especially with you helping her. When Harry is resting between bouts with Pansy he can use your connection to check Ginny. Now, pay attention. I'll see you at home tonight.

Hermione was left with the impression that she and Nym had just spoken privately. Ginny snored lightly, bringing her back to the present.

Hermione waited until Harry relaxed and Pansy curled further down into his lap before she called him mentally and they reviewed Ginny together. Ginny shuddered through several more orgasms in her sleep as they held her in her dreams. Dream-Neville was a hell of a lover, with Harry in the driver's seat, as it were.


At Hogwarts Albus watched as the students staying for Christmas returned to the castle. He frowned at Neville, walking with Ron. Dammit! That had died a natural death—well, he thought it had. Ronald's prejudices had put Neville straight off after that delightful incident with the hysterical students claiming that little Neville spoke Parseltongue. Really, students today! Whatever that had been—and after a few passes of the students present at the dueling club with his Legilimency, he wasn't sure—it obviously hadn't come from Neville. Sure, his mouth had been open, but that was all.

Ah, that reminds me. I must speak to young Draco. So angry. That has to be redirected to our, erm, the wizarding world's benefit.


The train pulled into the platform and Emma stood at the front of the crowd of Coven witches' parents watching the sea of wizards and witches part and Harry lead the Coven at a sedate pace through the crowd. She shook her head. Well, at least this year they could all go straight to the house. God, "the house"? A castle, and she still hadn't seen all the rooms of it! And exactly when had she started thinking of it as "the house", like it was hers?

Emma started out of her thoughts when Hermione wrapped her arms around her and squeezed. "Hermione, if you're going to be Mistress Hermione Bitch Queen all the way home on the train you need to Scourgify yourself before you leave the compartment, dear," Emma whispered into a shell-like ear and wrinkled her nose.

Hermione flushed and waved her hand, Scourgifying her robes again, and whispered back, "I actually didn't, and I did. It's not me, it's Ginny."

Emma arched a brow. "Ewww, and that will need some explaining, dear."

Hermione laughed. "At home, Mum."

Emma shook her head. "You do it, too! You do know the Castle isn't our home."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Yes, it is, Mum, at least mine, and you'll always be welcome in Harry's and my home."

Emma's mouth opened and closed silently for a moment.

Chapter Seventeen

Round about the cauldron go

On the morning of the twenty-second of December Neville rose and looked out the window. Snow still blanketed the grounds from the earlier blizzard, and the forest and lake sparkled and gleamed in the rising sun. Neville watched for a moment and then shivered; too cold for PT out there. Hmmm. Oh, the map—he could find a classroom. Wait, he could go to Camelot and use the workout room. Harry wouldn't mind.

Neville closed and warded his bed curtains, opened his trunk, and climbed down inside. Ron's snoring was soon echoing round the now empty room.

Neville arrived in the hall of doors and went through to Camelot. Whistling a jaunty air, he opened the door to the workout room and his whistle went shrill and then died on his frozen lips. A veritable garden of derrières, well shaped and covered in skin-tight red spandex bike pants, waved at him. Christine Mulligan, one of the Squib girls, waved and smiled at Neville from her position on a raised dais at the front of the room. "And clench, one, two, three, release and clench one..."

Neville put his hand over his heart as the butts did as instructed to a booming bass beat. He never even felt the hand in his collar drag him from the room. Harry grinned like a monkey. "That's why I do PT in this room, Nev: too distracting, that. Heartstopping, isn't it?"

"Harry! Harry, did you see them?"

Harry studied Neville for a moment, hand still over his heart, eyes round, pupils dilated. He smirked evilly. "Yes, I did. Ginny was looking especially fine. Nice choice there, mate."

"Ginny! Ginny was in there? Hey, wait a minute, how do you know?"

Harry grinned. "So—want to duel a little?"


In the ladies' gym the girls broke up in giggles as soon as Neville was hauled away. Ginny pouted. "Oh, yes, so funny torturing my Neville!" She couldn't hold it, though, and broke up laughing. He had looked so cute, even upside down between her legs like that. Hmm, possibilities for later. Ginny caught herself and blushed and the others laughed. Ginny was glad her mother wasn't there. Hey! Wait a minute—why wasn't her mother there?

The wards had tripped, warning Harry that Neville was in the hall of doors, and Susan had come up with this in seconds. They were, after all, in their Camelot workout clothes, bike pants and sports bras, and getting ready for aerobics.

They watched through the one-way transparency-charmed wall as Harry talked to Neville for a moment, then the two boys began their stretches. It wasn't that the girls would have minded Neville, but he would have been distracted. There were acres of toned, taut, tanned female flesh on display. Including the mothers. They liked the freedom of this girl-only time for exercise.

Susan looked at her aunt, her prematurely grey aunt now that Amelia's platinum blond hair had lost the last of its color with the smoking hot prime-of-life-haven't-had-children-yet body gained and maintained through years of hard training. Susan smiled; it was great to be a witch. Aunt Amelia looked like she was maybe thirty, really late twenties with a hair color charm and without that monocle. "You can if you want to. Do Harry, I mean. He would love to, for some reason we can't discover. You should be proud; you're a serious temptation for him."

Amelia sighed. "He isn't alone. Please, Susan, don't tempt me like that. Give it a few years, then I'll see if our lord is still interested in me. The scandal if it got out would take me right out of the DMLE, and I can serve him best there for now."

Susan giggled. "And later he'll be very happy to reward you for years of service."

Amelia slipped. "Morgana, I hope so, otherwise all this grunting and thrusting for all these years has been for naught. He's the only wizard who's ever made me w—uh, never mind."

The giggles turned to laughter as Amelia Bones blushed for the first time in memory.

Narcissa smirked in the back row. Amelia would find out just how "worth it" it really was someday. Guaranteed, she would be back for more. It was in fact the best sex ever. That he cared for you was even over and above that, or maybe that was what made it so good. She desperately wanted her bonding to improve; she was just getting a mental taste of him now, but Melba said she would probably get all of him soon and then she could find out what really made him happy and do it to or for him as he did them. Narcissa's eyes glowed an odd icy blue.

Emma, wearing a Lily brooch, sidled up to Melba Jones. Melba eyed her and chuckled. "Yes, your daughter is a little dominatrix. A fairly good one, too, if her dominating Narcissa M—erm, Black—is any indicator. Yes, it is partially driven by her need to be the dominant female, and the Potter magic helps her. It had to come from her, though, at least most of it. They seem happy; don't worry about it."

Emma blinked. "Uh, that wasn't the question. The apple didn't fall that far from the tree, after all. Dan has enjoyed several of my adventures with some of my girlfriends. I understand that completely. What I don't understand is this thing with Ginevra."

Lily nodded. "Me, either." Alice Longbottom joined in, nodding from a row behind them.

Melba looked thoughtful. "Neville is a vassal, both familial and personally. The Weasleys have an ancient vassal bond, but the parents are personally sworn to Dumbledore. Harry won't take Ginny. I doubt he would even play with her with her consent. Hermione, however, is busily turning Ginny to Neville, or was. What we didn't realize was that Ginny has been trained to be the—or a—wife of the Boy Who Lived, Neville in this case, as Harry was hidden. I think it will all work out. I wonder if the girl has discussed her interest in Neville with her mother? If he contracts her, Harry and Hermione will have to bring the parents in or exclude Neville and Ginny. Or maybe the parents if Ginny and Neville are sworn to him and he decides to give her to Neville."

Alice frowned. "I'll try to find out. So what was that on the train yesterday?"

Melba shrugged. "Two dominant females fighting it out, and one of them made a mistake. Ginny got caught in the wash from Harry and Luna, just as Hermione said. I would trust Hermione's judgment in this. She can, after all, read the girl through skin contact now."

The discussion continued quietly amongst the mums.

Ginny looked over at the group of them and blushed. Hermione looked at her and chuckled. "You're fine. We talked about this; you made a tactical error."

Su snorted. "Tactile, you mean." She got a look from Hermione and grinned impudently. It had been a while since she'd been on the cross; she was feeling slightly neglected. A small whipping later followed by a belly full of Harry would be good.

Hermione shook her head. "Later, needy thing. Ginny, so you got a monster orgasm for free, or several orgasms. It's like a fantasy: just keep it and remember it. You know Harry won't touch you physically and Neville will know you know when you're in each other's heads if it ever happens for you. He'll also know you're committed to him. So relax and let it go. I'll handle the mothers. Have you spoken to your mother about Neville?"

The girls looked puzzled for a moment as they ran that whole thing through their heads, but Ginny got it and smiled. "Thanks, Ne." She leaned over and forced Hermione to the mat and kissed her thoroughly. "Mum always told me Neville was the one for me; she'll be very happy if I'm with him."

Hermione fought her off. "Off, crazy cow!"

Christine looked over from her dais. "Well, if you all have all this energy." She reached down and the music changed track and picked up tempo. The girls and women groaned and then grinned. It was actually fun when it was tough.


The fathers and brothers filtered into Harry's room and everyone got back to their exercises.

Afterward, during cool-down, Harry looked at Neville. "So how's the Polyjuice potion coming?"

Neville shrugged. "It's a little off. Weasley was watching it alone after he turned on me. I think it will be fine, though."

"Don't use it if you aren't sure, Neville. Oh, and I'll take the Cloak and watch over you two when you do use it, so let me know. I wish you'd reconsider. I don't know why you're working with Ron anyway."

Neville looked at Harry. "Future brother-in-law. Percy is a lost cause, but I can save Ron."

George looked at Fred, then said, "Future brother-in-law, eh?"

Fred took over. "Here's your warning, then."

George continued, "Since Dad isn't here."

Neville nodded and cut them off. "Yes, yes, hurt her and die." The dads laughed at the twins' pouting. Neville continued, "I'd rather hurt myself. You Weasleys can rest easy."

Harry laughed. "Hey, Nev, we're going through to some of the other properties. The girls want to work on their tans. We'll leave a note on the door of the one we're using so you can find Ginny." He looked at the twins speculatively. "Never mind. I'll charm the door; you'll know which one."

Neville grinned, the twins pouted some more, and the dads laughed.


Neville made it back to the school after a few minutes with Ginny and was just stepping out of the shower when Ron stumbled into the bathroom. Neville grinned and went to get dressed. Ron managed a quick morning routine as he recovered from the wet dreams over every one of the claimed witches in his year. What the hell was wrong with him? They were claimed, what was wrong with the others? Hey wait, what was wrong with the others? He could do them all in his dreams! Thank Merlin the wand had actually managed that Scourgify. Now, this could be good. He left the bathroom and they left the room to stop Ron's growling stomach. "You've a badger in there, mate."

Ron blushed. "Sorry."

After breakfast—full English for Ron, fruit and fish for Neville—the two went exploring about the castle as they talked, laughed, and joked.

Dumbledore watched, still slightly disgruntled. Longbottom was entirely too forgiving. He would have to talk to young Neville, get him turned toward Draco, who was coming along nicely.


That evening Neville begged off from Ron and went to bed early. Of course, he didn't really go to bed; he climbed into his trunk and found the door Harry had charmed. It wasn't obvious, but Neville knew it was the one. He entered and climbed out of the trunk into a large open space facing a green lawn that segued to a white sand beach leading to a turquoise sea. Neville smiled and walked to the beach. Just as he stepped off the grass he realized all the women there were topless and he tripped, apparently over the sand, and went face-down in it. Ginny raced over and helped him up and Neville had no idea what to do with his eyes. He settled for staring determinedly into the eyes of Ginny or whichever female spoke to him. He did wonder at Ginny's slightly disappointed look, but only for an instant. He was handed trunks by his topless mother and shooed off to a cabana to change and then returned.

Ginny rubbed him down with some kind of potion, nearly causing an embarrassing incident. Harry finally rescued him and they went swimming.

Ginny folded up Indian-style near Hermione. "He hardly looked, Hermione!"

Hermione sighed. "And he didn't look at the rest of us at all if he could avoid it, Ginny. Give him a day or two. Then he won't even think it's odd any more and will look all he wants." Ginny nodded uncertainly. Hermione sighed.

Gwenog and the unattached Harpies, who came through the Jones trunk, got a game of beach volleyball going and soon everyone had relaxed again. Well, except for Harry. The Harpies were working their plan hard now that Leyland had appeared. Harry was weakening. Hermione and the Coven were watching, very amused. Not least the inner circle, who got to listen to Harry's inner pirate prattle on about the Harpies. They were rather spectacular; Gwenog was toned, tanned, hard-muscled, long-limbed, and big-chested. Those bouncing breasts could hypnotize you if you watched them too long. How did she get them to bounce in those short strokes like that? They must be tight as a haggis.

Gwenog didn't know what she was wishing for; she was going to be a sacrifice to a volcano of lust soon and her teammates were going to be right behind her. Meanwhile the Coven reaped huge rewards from the Harpies' hard work. Having Harry drag you under the waves, install some weird Bubble-Head, and shag you in the near weightlessness of the undersea world was a new and very different, fun experience.

Ginny was very pleased to catch Neville looking quite a lot in the days to come. At the other women, too, but his eyes always came back to rest on her. That was immensely gratifying. So were the snogging sessions in the edge of the surf. Lavender was right: dry-humping was fabulous, better than your own fingers could ever do.

After a few hours in the sun everyone packed up and headed back home. This would become a routine around the social engagements. The island was actually a warded Potter property in the Caribbean. The Potter elves had placed the trunk, and Harry and Hermione had found it last summer. The native witches and girls going topless had tipped the Coven to the habit, and Emma following right along had made it a semi-challenge. It was hugely liberating unless you were a son, father, or mate and didn't know quite what to do with your eyes. Fortunately they all got over it fairly quickly, even the twins. Angelina and Alicia noticed and nodded. Those two were coming along quite nicely.


On the twenty-third of December at lunch Dumbledore sat at the head table looking out at all the students who had remained for Christmas and were sharing a table. It was time to talk to Neville. He rose and made his way to the students. "Mr Longbottom, could I speak with you?"

Neville, still energized from PT and a few stolen moments with Ginny, bounced to his feet. "Certainly, Professor."


An hour later a stunned Neville left the Headmaster's office. Ron was waiting for him. "So, mate?"

Neville very nearly sneered. "He trusts I'm not the Heir. He trusts! You know, sometimes..."

Ron nodded. "Not very with-it for the most powerful wizard in the world. I mean, really, I knew you weren't the Heir."

Neville just looked at Ron, who had the decency to flush slightly. Ron continued, "So what else?"

Neville shrugged. "He told me about the first time the Chamber was opened. Essentially the same story Binns told. Oh, and Fawkes, his Phoenix, burned. That was weird. Whoosh, big flame, pile of ash, and then this really ugly little bird comes up out of the ash. Cool, but weird."

Ron was looking at him wide-eyed. Neville grinned. "Let's check the potion."

Ron snapped back to reality. "Uh, you go ahead, mate. That Myrtle creeps me out, and I've got a chess tournament lined up with the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs."

Neville nodded and thought, For which I will no doubt owe the Coven a large debt. "Okay, see you at dinner, then?"

Ron looked a little flustered. "They said something about playing until it's finished and the elves delivering food. I'll see you tomorrow."

Neville smiled. "No worries, mate."

Ron turned and left and Neville maintained his walking pace until Ron was out of sight. Then he ran to Myrtle's bathroom and threw the trunk on the floor after glancing at the potion. He flipped the lid open and dove down the ladder. Myrtle followed along. Neville found the door to the island and went through, with Myrtle ghosting along silently behind him as he ran for the beach.


Myrtle followed some sounds deeper into the house and found Harry with Hermione tied to a bed, lashing her semi-gently as he shagged her doggy style. Harry blinked and the lash froze in midstroke. "Myrtle?"

"Harry? Oh, very nice, Harry. Do you mind?"

"Uh, well, uh—" Harry appeared to think a moment, then smirked. "Hermione, let Myrtle have your body until I say otherwise."

Hermione nodded. She was biting her lip to keep from screaming as Harry swelled in her. Hermione found herself pushed aside in her own body and Myrtle took over. Myrtle was just settling in when the lash fell and Harry thrust hard. Myrtle squealed and came. She then got completely dominated in every way and Harry used her hard. Harry ordered Myrtle out and the ghost flowed out of Hermione, who then had some serious "wild magic" healing applied and was gently held down while she was made love to. Myrtle couldn't speak and Hermione could barely form coherent thoughts. "Suggestions" my bottom! was one of them. The other was how thrilling it had been to be held captive in her body while Harry used it to please another woman. Gods, she was a pervert! Who cared, though? Cho wasn't having that fun again. Myrtle was hers!

The inner circle had had to retreat to the house and a bedroom. Nym was ever so grateful she wasn't at work for this. She would have had to leave. Myrtle loving to be dominated, and Hermione discovering she liked to be confined and forced while Harry was in a mood, and all three of them coming in the bond so hard and so often was just too much for public consumption. Especially when she started to come uncontrollably. It was just as well they liked each other and could feed some orgasms back to the others; really, if you didn't like your sister bonded, licking them to orgasm would be difficult. Of course, being able to move would be nice, but whatever; them having collapsed in this daisy chain was sufficient.

Emma, wearing Lily's brooch, found Harry and Hermione an hour or so later, Harry still in Hermione and Myrtle poking out of the couple in odd places where she had crawled onto them and drifted down into them. Myrtles face was visible in Hermione's ribcage.

Lily laughed and the room was destroyed. Emma shook her head. "Well, that's me beat—a threesome with a ghost. I don't know whether to be proud or terrified."

Lily chuckled. "Let's let them sleep this one off."

Emma nodded. "I wonder what happened? They were using the Chang girl for Myrtle."

Lily laughed now. "I wonder how Myrtle got here. She shouldn't be able to travel so far from where she haunts."

"We'll ask about it later, Lily."

Narcissa smiled, left Leyland with Constance Lipardi, one of the Squibs, and brought a few of the witches to clean up and ensure the master and his witches were comfortable. She had felt him shagging the mistress completely to pieces.


On the beach, or rather out past the breakers, Ginny was grinning like a maniac with her legs wrapped around Neville's trunk and her vulva firmly pressed to his hard cock. Lavender was so right! Oh, if she wriggled just right these bottoms would move over and she would be home, dry and stuffed full of cock. Uhhngh. "Aiiiee! Mrs Longbottom!"

Alice smiled at her. "Sign this, dear."

Ginny went cold and her lip trembled. "I don't want to be in his service, ma'am. I want to be his and he mine."

Alice looked at her. "You've known Harry and the witches a full semester now, dear. If that's going to happen, it will happen. This protects you as much as Neville."

Neville stood like a tree trunk, resisting the surge of the waves. "I'm not going anywhere, Ginny. I think you should sign. Like Harry and his women, I won't do anything you don't want me to."

Ginny pulled herself up and kissed Neville. She took the document, read it quickly, put it on his chest above the water, and signed with the ugly black quill. Neville very sweetly kissed the back of her hand where her name appeared and the pain faded immediately. Alice smiled. "Remember to tell your mother, Ginevra." She turned and Apparated, and a huge splash went up as the water rushed into where she had been standing. Ginny hugged Neville and rested her head on his chest. Neville hugged her back and put his chin on top of her head. The waves gently rubbed them together and they got lost in it.

That night in Potter Castle after the latest social event where Neville had had sixteen glamours thrown on him when Dumbledore showed up, the extended Coven, adults included, worked on how it was that Myrtle could be here with them. Myrtle shrugged. "I don't know, Padma. It feels like Hogwarts to me."

Lisa rolled her eyes. "It's the trunks, I'm telling you. Those doors are really portals, so they connect the spaces. That's why Dumbledore doesn't worry about us and has never caught us out of the school. The portals are fooling the charms or wards into thinking we're just on the other side of them and they're physically located in our dorms. Halloween and a few other days each year are the only days ghost can venture far afield from their haunts. Remember Sir Nicholas's deathday party and the Headless Huntsmen?"

Harry snorted. "I try not to, actually, although the afters were fun. As for charms or wards, that's if he even has them in place."

Hermione turned and looked at Harry. "So I wasn't the only one who got their brains shagged out, then?"

The Coven snickered. Harry looked puzzled. "What?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Sometimes, Harry! Really, why are you acting a boy all of a sudden? You have access to the wards and the castle itself. Go check."

Harry looked surprised for a moment. "Uh, right. Sorry." He smirked. "Thinking of something else, I guess." He was, too. He was remembering that last orgasm of his and hers. Hermione had passed out for a moment. Hermione blushed very prettily and Harry lost focus for a moment.

He snapped back shortly. "It's not a ward. It's Hogwarts. She knows who's there and who isn't. The portals in the trunks did fool her for a while, but now she works around it. She doesn't or didn't tell Dumbledore the work-around, though, so he thinks we're there like she used to."

Lisa frowned. "So do we or do we not have to go through with putting your trunk at the Dursleys'?"

Frank Longbottom snapped his fingers. "Tracking spell on your trunk, Harry. That's why he didn't notice. Have you ever seen all those doodads in his office? Those are tied to tracking spells, I would bet."

Harry shrugged. "Never been to his office—well, only the once, and he kept me busy by threatening Nym."

Frank nodded. "I'll teach you all the detection spells."


The twenty-fourth dawned bright and clear. Neville used the detection charms his father had taught them the previous night and Harry's trunk showed three bright dots. Neville's showed the same. Neville sighed. Now the girls would have to check theirs and Dad was going to hit the ceiling. Christmas Eve, too. Bog-headed Dumbledore. Wait—three dots? Hmmm, how did Harry say to do that scan thing? Okay, there it is, and just in time. "Finite! Morning, Ron."


Neville shook his head and watched as Ron stumbled to the bathroom. On a whim he hit Ron's trunk with the detection and scanning spell: just one dot. Then he hit random objects round the room. All of them but the trunks came back clean.

Ron came from the bathroom, managed to dress, and then waved at Neville to come on. Neville followed in awe as Ron's stomach led them to the Great Hall while Ron slept. Neville shook his head again when Ron began shoveling whatever was in front of him into his mouth. Neville let him eat until he was finished and then sat back and got ready. "So how was the chess, then?"

Neville ducked as Ron sprayed, "Great!" at him.

Neville stood and backed away. "Really, Ron, some table manners, please."

Ron closed his mouth and swallowed what had to be a small pig. His neck looked like one of those anacondas with a javelina on the Discovery Channel Neville liked to watch in Camelot or Potter Castle. Neville winced. "Sorry, Nev. Chess was great. I won, of course, but some great games."

Neville smiled. "So what do you want to do today?"

Ron looked a little sheepish and leaned close. "Check the potion and nap, if you don't mind. Then tonight, if it's ready, we can get some hairs. I've thought of a way."

Neville nodded. "Okay, Ron," he said, thinking, Yes, a nap is just what you need and I'll be seeing to your sister—well, not seeing to but seeing. Maybe seeing to, hehehe.


Ginny, meanwhile, had leapt up, run to Camelot for PT, and now had Hermione trapped on Harry's bed. "So how do I do this again?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. Lavender sighed and reached into her bag. She came out with a stick-on and stuck it right over her clitoris. "Come here, Ginny." Lavender stood and motioned Ginny over.

Harry watched with one eye. "Lie down or sit down, Lav. If she does this to Neville with him standing up his legs will collapse and he'll crack his skull. If you teach her to do it like you all do, that is."

Lavender beamed at Harry, nodded, and backed into a wingback by the fireplace. Ginny pursued the bobbing stick-on with a determined look. Daphne gave commentary in the bond. Determined little thing. Think she realizes that's a model of you, Harry?

No, and don't tell her. If she can get that down she can do Neville easy.


Yes, Hermione?

Harry got distracted as Luna being in the bond suddenly occupied a lot of their time. Turned out she was touching Susan and could access the bond that way, but otherwise only got some thoughts that were driven by high emotions. Still, that was very fast. When he next looked Ginny was three quarters of the way down Lav's stick-on and bobbing in short strokes. Harry flexed his PC muscles and a very svelte brunette Mandy Brocklehurst smiled down at him. "Like that, Harry? The redhead or those short strokes?" She rose until he was just barely in her and then short-stroked about four inches of him in and out of her. Mandy was as muscular as the others and Harry loved watching the long belly muscles flex under her skin. Lighter busted than Susan, Lavender, and Hermione, she was still very well developed for a second year, well past the the norm. Hell, well past the top of the scale in physical and mental development, not to mention magical ability. Harry smiled. He loved that his magic or their combined magics made the girls all they could possibly be.

Padma laughed. Yes, well, we like that, too. Now, pay attention to Mandy.

Lav almost outlasted Harry but soon grabbed Ginny's head and held her in place while the stick-on filled her mouth and throat with Harry's come, or the magical equivalent of it, as Lav grunted out an orgasm from the stick-on transferring the stimulation to her clitoris. Harry groaned, yanked Mandy down, and filled her as she collapsed, clenching on him as her legs wrapped round his trunk and she pulled him to her and bit down not too gently on his shoulder to muffle her scream. Ginny swallowed desperately and got it all. She opened her mouth and that same warm, musky smell from Luna on the train filled her nostrils and she came. When she stopped she looked at the stick-on and realized who it was modeled on. She smiled brightly.

Hermione groaned. You could just see Ginny thinking she could have both Boys Who Lived this way.

Susan sighed. Greedy little witch. Let her have her little fantasy, Hermione. We can break her of it later if she doesn't snap out of it. Or you can beat her and Harry can full-on take her. That will put paid to her little romantic dreams of Harry.

Padma nodded. I expect more from her in study group. She made that cognitive leap very quickly and with very little data.

Hermione nodded. And this was her last training session, too. Now she gets to practice discovery learning with her master like we did.

Harry closed his eyes and groaned; this would only be trouble later. Nothing was going to make him too unhappy, though. Mandy was clamped on him like a warm, wet velvet vise.

Neville entered Camelot and found most everyone in the sitting room a little later. His face fell. "No beach?"

Harry laughed. "Sure, Nev, but we were kind of waiting on your results. You do know most of the women there are claimed, right?"

"Oh, yeah, sure, Harry. Well, except for Ginny. Well, she's claimed too—uh, well, you know." Neville held out his wand as he blushed and the scans transferred themselves to a signature-reading device that the pixie-like Squib Joan Sterns stuck on the end of it. Neville wasn't really paying attention, as Ginny seemed to be concentrating on the tonsil exam she was giving him.

Joan read the device. "Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and Charles Hayden? Who is Charles Hayden?"

Ella Caldwell supplied, "The owner of the shop where the trunks were built. It's probably a charm to make him able to find the trunks. They did say they recovered lost high-end trunks if asked."

Eliza nodded. "But why Dumbledore and his pet?"

Daphne frowned. "Snape apparently wasn't as domesticated as Dumbledore thought. I bet we find those Snape tracking charms on all the first-borns' trunks, too. You know, there haven't been as many first-borns as Padma thinks there should have been in accordance with Mendleson."

Hermione frowned. "Mendel."

Harry grimaced. "We'll have to check when we get back to school. So the Castle and then the beach?" He looked around, but Neville was gone. "Hey, where'd Neville go?"

Hermione smiled and led Harry out. "Never mind, Harry."

"Oh. OH!"


Neville arrived on the beach later with a goofy grin and a smirking girlfriend. Harry laughed.

Ginny dropped Neville off with him and went to find Hermione, whose How did I get to be her confidant and chief trainer? rang round the bond to a chorus of snickers. Harry took Leyland from Cissy and he, Leyland, and Neville walked into the ocean. The three boys spent the next twenty or so minutes with Harry Bubble-Heads installed, exploring the shallows near the beach. Leyland loved it. When they surfaced Neville looked at Harry. "Uh, how do you get your sigils, Harry?"

Harry smiled. "Ginny, then?"

Neville blushed and nodded. Harry chuckled. "I know her brothers told you, but I like her, Nev. No idea why, and apparently Hermione is going to be all long-suffering about it, but there it is. Don't do anything to make me not like you, okay?

"Now, sigils—I make mine. I take a piece of silver wire, concentrate on a mark for them, and it appears when I release the magic on the wire. I found the wire." Harry summoned the wire and showed it to Neville.

Neville looked at the coil and rubbed his head. "Well, that's right out for me, then. That's not silver, Harry, it's too white. I bet it's mithril. I think the mundane call it plotimum and as such it's impervious to magic. Well, normal magic. Apparently you and high elves are beyond that restriction."

Harry frowned. "Platinum. I'm sure it's silver, Nev."

Neville smiled. "Has Remus shaken hands or handed the girls from their seats with the girls wearing those sigils?"

"Yes, Nev, of course he has...oh, I see."

Neville nodded. "Not silver, then."

Harry rubbed his had through his hair and caught the escaping Leyland under water with a foot and steered him back in toward the beach. "Gold, then?"

Neville shrugged. "I'll try it. Hard to get it to take a charm, though. It can be done by us mere mortals, at least."

Harry raised a brow. Neville laughed. "Wait, wait, don't tell me you've been conjuring or finding gold and doing things with it?"

Harry flushed and herded Leyland, now playing Escape From Daddy, some more. "Just concentrate on what you want, Neville, and release the magic like the wandless magic."

Neville smiled and nodded his head. "Harry, I have to go back soon and after the noon feast tomorrow Ron wants to do the Polyjuice thing."

Harry nodded. "All right, Nev. I'll be there."

Neville walked up on the beach, leaving Harry to disappear under the waves, and Frank met him. "You might want this, son." He passed Neville a plain gold ring.

Neville smiled at his father. "Yes, thanks, Dad!"

Frank nodded gravely. "Big step, son. Be mindful that our liege cares for her, and the Matriarch is apparently her confidant."

Neville nodded. "He already left one of those open-ended Harry statements to that effect with me, Dad. Ginny is apparently adopting Hermione and the Coven as big sisters or something. It's a little odd, but I get your meaning. "


Ginny was positively glowing. "Hermione, it's so much better than the stick-on! He's a little smaller and I can take him all like Luna does Harry. And he pulses! I can feel his heartbeat in my mouth! Oh gods, he tastes so good, too! Harry makes me come if I just smell him, but Neville keeps me coming the whole time! Well, the whole time I have his come in my mouth. It's so warm in my belly, too, like porridge. I can't wait to get him in me." Ginny paused, looked at Hermione, and blushed. "Not that he's better than Harry."

Hermione rolled her eyes, then laughed ruefully. "A little too much information there, Ginny—but he'd better be, at least for you. So, contracted?"

Ginny frowned and nodded. "Alice made me."

Hermione smiled and hugged the other girl. "Don't worry. If it's meant to happen, it will. Be glad you have witches looking out for you. Imagine—if Harry had turned out to be more Bilius-like, I'd be stuck with him. You have time; go slow."

Ginny nodded. "I have to get you to show me how to shag, too."

Hermione flopped onto her back. "Ginny, you've watched Harry shag Pansy and Mandy."

"I was a little distracted, Hermione."

"You just want to watch Harry."

Ginny smirked. "Well, he is good looking and he does have that huge magical cock."


"Yes, mistress. Oh, that's something else you have to teach me. I might need it for any other witches Neville wants."

"SLOW, S-L-O-W, means not fast, Ginny. Read a book, rent a porno from Daphne. Steal your brothers' pornos or magazines. I'm sure their mattresses rest atop piles of Playwizards."


"Oh, hell, no!"

The wrestling and squealing began immediately. Hermione nearly forgot herself when she had Ginny in a headlock between her thighs. She pulled the younger witch in tight and got nipped on her sex. She released Ginny quickly and Ginny turned sparkling eyes on her. "That, too. I'll need to know how to teach the others Neville needs to take."

Hermione blushed crimson. Ginny laughed and towed her into the surf. The inner circle of the Potter bond shook their heads; why was Hermione a pushover for Ginny? They joined them, followed by the other girls. Hermione floated and sighed. "Ginny, I know this is all exciting and new, but you have to slow down. Harry and I are bonded, as are some of the others. That should have taken years. It may with you. You won't be able to just read girls. You'll have to go slow and talk to them. I really can't teach you those skills, as I never really had girlfriends before I bonded."

Ginny frowned. "Years?"

Hermione nodded. "If at all. Talk to Melba Jones, Ginny."

The girls talked some more while they floated or swam gently.

Harry sat at the high tide mark, building Leyland a sandcastle with wandless magic. Narcissa watched intently. Leyland imitated his father and Narcissa could feel the magic stirring from Leyland, unfocused as yet but it was definitely there. Leyland would be a prodigy like his father. Lily could tell so many stories of Harry and that massively powerful accidental magic of his. Now, looking at it and hearing the stories from Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus, Narcissa wasn't so sure it was accidental. What could have been if only the boy had been encouraged? Her satisfied smile dazzled Harry.

Emma looked down at Lily in her brooch. Lily shrugged. "They seem to be having fun. No question they love learning. The SSWA are making money hand over fist, even for the Weasley twins now. Narcissa has great ambitions for Leyland but they're all legitimate, mother kinds of ambitions, not evil. What are you going to do?"

Emma laughed. "Watch and pick up the pieces if it all comes crashing down. You know what the Harpies are planning, right?"

Lily nodded. "We'll see if Hermione lets them."

Emma snorted. "Like she'd turn down a chance to prove her dominance."


The morning of the twenty-fifth of December Harry awoke to a familiar sensation in an unfamiliar room. He was buried in someone's hmmm, oh my, mouth. Someone with a very talented tongue. Harry lifted his head to find Hermione sitting on his chest with a Time-Turner in her hand. She smiled. "Merry Christmas, Harry!" And released the Time-Turner.

When the world stopped, Hermione got off and Harry found himself looking into Gwenog's face. Gwenog looked Harry right in the eye and slid down him a good six inches where she rolled her head side to side. Harry grunted and Gwenog took the first rope in her mouth and the second in her belly after a very fast maneuver and a shocking little pain as she was completely filled. The room filled with clapping and Daphne looked down at Harry. "Open up, baby."

Harry opened his mouth and Daphne poured three potions in. "Stamina, nutrient, and strength, Harry."

Hermione leant down and kissed him. "Now show her why she really wanted this, Harry."

Gwenog squealed as she was spun under Harry and her ankles were pushed up and placed on his shoulders. She grunted when he hit bottom in her and then groaned as he expanded his girth, filling her completely. Gwenog nearly screamed as what felt like a tree dragged out of her, touching every spot in her with bumps and ridges, and then was pushed slowly, inexorably back into her. She was coming by the time Harry hit bottom again. The other Harpies watched as their captain got destroyed. Marilyn Compton, the chief trainer, slid her hands down her lush, thick, fit nude body and kicked off her four-inch red, black, and white heels. Julia Clark, a Chaser, raised a brow at her. Marilyn shrugged. "Sexy, sure, but I'll need the traction of bare feet, I think."

Julia laughed. "Oh, I don't know. Look, he's holding Gwen off that headboard and pounding the snot out of her."

Marilyn looked. It was true: Harry had one arm braced on the headboard and the other under Gwenog's narrow waist and was now driving into her like a freight train. Gwenog's face was fixed in a rictus of what might have been pain but was obviously pleasure. She had lost her heels, but her pointed, red-fur-trimmed hat with the ball on top was still on her head. These sexy little elf outfits were cute but they wouldn't last. Marilyn nodded. "I have better things for him to do with those hands."

Crack! Harry had some how managed to let go of the headboard and crack Gwenog smartly across the ass on the outstroke before bracing his arm on the headboard on the instroke again. "Oh, like that!" Winifred Marshal, another Chaser, added. Marilyn smiled and nodded.

Nym looked at Hermione. "Three days? He'll have them all knocked up in one at the most."

"And we don't deserve some Christmas cheer, too, Nym?"

"You are a horny bint, Ne."

"Uh-huh." Hermione smiled brightly.

Susan looked at Hermione. "And who's telling Harry the mechanics of this? I mean the part where they Time-Turn out the rest of their pregnancies and get enough time to get back in shape for the season in their two months off?"

Daphne pulled her down. "You just did, fire-crotch. We talked about this and tested the theory, or Hannah and the girls did. Those rabbits and mice did fine and the offspring had no problems. Even the Pygmy Puffs did fine, so we know magical creatures aren't affected, either. Come here."

"Daphne! Daaappphhhnnneee!" Susan howled as Daphne rammed home a moderately large Harry stick-on.

Tracey laughed. "I wondered why she'd been practicing so hard. Not that I mind, mind you, but between her practicing and Harry checking me, I'm exhausted. I'll go last."

The Coven watched as a parade of Harpies lost their micro-skirted red-with-white-fur-trimmed elf outfits with the matching candy-cane-striped panties, which Harry seemed to appreciate very much, and were taken to muscle failure as Susan was taken to muscle failure by Daphne. Hermione shook her head. That had been building a while in the background; good that it was now apparently resolved. Oops, maybe not. Susan recovered and snatched the stick-on and stuck it to herself. Daphne got big-eyed and stuffed full all at the same time. Hermione giggled. She would have to add some dress-up items and role-play routines to the repertoire.


The group reappeared just in time to turn their faces to the door as Emma, wearing Lily in her brooch, walked in. They waved weakly. Emma laughed. "Okay, Mistress of the Harem, get 'em cleaned up and bring 'em back to life. Your Master's son is awake and it's time for breakfast, then presents."

Narcissa sat up and braced herself on Harry's stomach. Harry grunted. Narcissa smiled an apology at him and said, "I'll take him now, Emma."

"Ha! Take yourself to a bath, all of you. Gods, you're all shagged out. Gwenog, was it a merry Christmas, dear?"

Gwenog held up a thumb. She could do little else. Lily laughed. "Hermione, let's move you all to another room, then you can turn back a day and recover."

Harry's fervent "Thank you, Mother!" brought weak laughter.

Lily chuckled. "Fine, then. You all sleep. I'll get the elves to help. And Luna, let go of Harry. Rest, not sex, dear."


Luna collapsed face-down on Harry's bits and was asleep nearly instantly.

Lily and Emma got them moved, then turned and waited patiently. Moments later a grinning Coven and the unattached Harpies with the same goofy grins appeared, showered, dressed, and ready to go. Narcissa took Leyland. Emma looked at her. "That bad really?"

Narcissa smiled wider. "That good. It's unbelievable what he can do."

Emma just nodded. "Not if you've seen the result. That looked like the after-effects of an orgy with a Roman legion or the rape of some ancient city by the Mongol hordes."

Gwenog laughed. "Apt description. That's what it should take to shag all of us to pieces."

Harry grumbled, "It's the potions."

Marilyn shook her head. "No it isn't, Harry, I keep telling you. Even with the potions you should go soft between girls at least a little, not stay hard as an iron rod. You shagged fourteen in a row that once, I counted."

Emma covered her ears. Hermione smirked. "You asked, Mother."

Arriving in the Great Hall of the castle with its fifty-foot-tall tree and absolute mountain of presents cut off the incipient argument. Leyland's first "word" was a delighted "Przzns!" mostly in imitation of the predominant noise he heard from all his "aunts".

Presents got passed out as they ate. Some highlights included charmed non-prescription contacts for Nym that had the thermal imaging charm as well as charms like Moody's little eye. With practice Harry had been able to focus one eye behind him through his own head—well, the magical detection part of the charm anyway. As long as it was a magical person Nym would eventually be able to do the same thing and see them even behind her. It was terribly disorienting, though, and depth perception was right out until you focused both eyes on the object. Harry wanted to see the instructors in Stealth and Tracking sneak up on her now! Nym also got a forensics kit, the beginnings of one anyway, four books, a fingerprint kit, some collection tools and sample storage bags, and the Squib Squad's promise to analyze or genetically test her collected samples for her until they could miniaturize the now desk-sized magical devices they had come up with to do the work. And the inner circle surprised her with a lightened set of Muggle body armor with ceramic plates that the Squibs had developed that would stop a Killing Curse at least once on each plate, front and back. Susan passed this to Nym "In the hope you never need it. If you do, though, we want you home and safe. We love you very much." Nym had to take a few moments.

Frank got his leg. Hannah helped him strap it on and Alice chased him round the castle as he ran around madly for fifteen minutes. You couldn't tell it from the real one. Even Frank had a hard time telling them apart, although the thing did seem to like to run, a lot.

Gwenog and the Harpies got sigils and blushed very prettily. Magda rolled her eyes. "Oh, sure, all shy and demure now! Yesterday you all were talking like fishwives about what you'd do with Harry."

She got pink tongues from her teammates. Sirius shut her up with a monster engagement ring that had to be four carats. Evangeline put her hands behind her back and felt a ring go on her finger. She turned and threw herself on Remus. Her ring was not modest, either. James had seen to that. "That looks to be yes from both," James chortled proudly as Evangeline and Magda had their Marauders pinned in chairs and were kissing them speechless.

Hermione and the Coven got perfect diamond pendants, all matched for color, cut, weight, and brilliance. Hermione smiled. The diamond felt like Harry. How did he do that?

Showers of books, magical and non, drifts of clothes, and warehouses of magical items and ingredients followed from Harry for each of the Coven. Hermione narrowed her eyes when Gwenog and the other Harpies were included. Harry shrugged. "I'm in you every other night at the least, Hermione, I can't help it. If you know it I know it. I can't stop it when we're making love."

Dan sighed. "And now I know too much again." General laughter followed as Hermione blushed as if she would pass out from blood loss. She was grinning like the Cheshire cat at the same time, though.

Ginny got her now magnificently carved vine of climbing roses sigil and forewent all her other presents to stare at it from her position in Neville's lap. The twins opened their mouths and lost them at a casual wave of her hand. They were ecstatic; that was a massive display of power, and all to prank them. They were so proud. Now how to get her to give their mouths back?

Angelina and Alicia laughed at the same time as Marjorie Paling and Katherine Clyde of the Squib Squad. The two sets of girls looked at each other for a moment, then the giggles began.

Neville sat contentedly with Ginny in his lap. They couldn't stay much longer, but her butt was pressing firmly into his rock-hard member, and her little wriggles followed by giggles were very nice. Have to get her to give the twins' mouths back, though. Ginny looked at him, kissed him, and waved.

Fred and George announced, "Brilliant!" simultaneously. Neville arched a brow at Ginny, who shrugged and kissed him again.

They had gotten up this morning and opened presents at Hogwarts. It had been fun. They had escaped when Percy came and looked significantly at Ron. They twins tried to chuck a listening charm at Percy, but it hadn't stuck for some reason.


Ron sat on his bed, contemplating what Percy had said. Tone down your dislike of Longbottom for being a Dark wizard and get close to him. You can use the information you gain from him to your advantage. I'll show you how when you bring it to me. What the Hades was that? He'd never thought Neville was a Dark wizard. Well, okay, but only for a day or so. What was Percy playing at? Wasn't he doing better in school—well, since Lavender gave him the books? Mmmm, Lavender! Ron could see her breasts shifting interestingly under her robes in his mind's eye for a moment. Oh, gods, not again! He was going to get blisters! Percy saying I was an embarrassment to the family and "endangering" my future, too! He should talk to the twins and Ginny. They're the ones Transfiguring me. Parvati showed me it was them—not Harry, Parvati! And she has a twin! Oh, my. Well, I'm alone here. Hey, he was alone. Where were the twins, Ginny, and Neville? Neville was probably doing something unspeakable to Ginny in some broom closet, and Ginny was probably letting him. URRRGH! No, don't think of Ginny naked! She's your sister! Okay, think of the plan. That will distract you.

Neville, Ginny, and the twins were in fact now back in the common room, Neville having come back through the twins' trunk which had apparently been converted to manufacturing and lab space. Ginny was once more in Neville's lap.

Unfortunately Ron chose that moment to come down the stairs. "Hey, Longbraack cluck cluck braack!"

"Ginny! Fred! George! Stop turning your brother into a chicken."


"—take the—"

"—fun out of it—"


The Weasley siblings broke up laughing. That was a first, Ginny talking with and like the twins.

Neville rolled his eyes. "Et tu, Ginny? Stop that, all of you, and change your brother back. We have to go to the feast."

Ginny nodded at him with her Powerpuff Girl eyes. "Yes, my lord."

Neville put his head in his hands. He had created a monster.

The Weasleys laughed and chased Ron from the common room to the portrait hole where George scooped him up, flipped him over, rubbed his back, and chicken Ron went right to sleep. He snored as a chicken, too. Neville chased the laughing Weasleys down all seven flights of stairs and finally stopped them with a well placed Impedimenta. He Finited the Transfiguration on Ron, offered Ginny his arm, and strolled into the Great Hall as if he owned it. The male Weasleys followed.

Dumbledore watched this procession and smiled. Neville had much more confidence now. Obviously shagging the Weasley girl was good for him, or her sucking his cock; probably the latter. The girl did have Molly Weasley for a mother, after all. How the child expected to hide that ring from her mother was another story entirely. She couldn't really, though, could she? You could feel Longbottom on her, more likely in her, from here. A suggestion to Longbottom when it blew up in his face, a word to Arthur and Molly to accept a reasonable stipend for their daughter, and he could maneuver right around Augusta and Frank. Things were looking up again. A merry Christmas indeed.


While the feast proceeded in the Great Hall, Myrtle was trying on Daphne's body in the second-floor loo. Daphne was wondering how Myrtle could get that much cock in her throat when she herself gagged every time; it was the same body, after all. Mind over matter, Daphne. Just don't let yourself gag, or if you do, just go with it. It will feel great for Harry. Comfortable in there?

Yes, thank you, Myrtle. Hermione was right: this is fun. I get to feel it all and I have no idea what you'll do next. Of course, this lack of control is a little off-putting, but I do look great with Harry stuffed in me.

Daphne, dear, you'd look great in a coating of dung. Myrtle was correct. Daphne had that supermodel body, even at this young age. She was perfectly proportioned, long and lean. Her chest wasn't the normal model's A-cup bust but a perfectly proportioned B, tending toward C. Her long black hair was naturally wavy and those waves fell perfectly, even now, stuck to her neck with her sweat. Her lavender eyes had not changed but they were slightly unfocused while Myrtle was running the body. I must say this is a very, very well put together body, and so sensitive and responsive. How do you stand him driving you through an orgasm? I nearly lost my mind.

Daphne warmed at the compliment. Thank you, Myrtle. The first one was hard, but the reward of that extra orgasm on top of the first one is well worth it.

Myrtle laughed. Okay, I deep-throat Harry and you ride the orgasm after I can't any more. It drives me wild when you're so sensitive, I can't stay on him. Mmm, here he comes.

Daphne let herself be pushed back a little and relished the feeling of her dose of Harry sliding warmly and apparently nearly directly into her belly. Hermione needed thanking for this. That was the best dessert ever!

Myrtle smiled as he pushed her against the sinks and sank a tremendous length and width into her under the Invisibility Cloak. She came, stuffing her hands in her mouth, not knowing Harry had cast a silencing charm on them when Neville and Ron came into the loo and bent over the potion not five feet from them. The orgasm went on and on and Harry kept driving. Myrtle finally had to give Daphne control again.

Neville looked at Ron. "Okay, it worked, but who would have thought it? A tart right after dinner?"

Ron smiled. His plan of levitating that tart in front of Crabbe and Goyle to distract them until he—well, Neville; who knew what wonky the wand would do—could Stun them both had worked! He had had a tough day with his brothers and sister, but Nev was right with him. "Crabbe's always hungry, Goyle not so much now." He shrugged. "Let's get on with this. Malfoy will be going back to his commons soon."

Myrtle/Daphne watched through squinted eyes as the two took their potions and screamed their way to Crabbe and Goyle. The orgasm never let up, or it was a string of them; who cared? The two left and Harry moved to follow. Myrtle/Daphne swung a leg up and over, turning around without disengaging, and wrapped her legs around Harry's waist and her arms around his neck. "Please! Morgana, Harry, don't pull out. This is the best orgasm ever!"

Harry thought a moment, smiled, lightened Daphne, and ran after the two wizards. Myrtle left Daphne at that point and collapsed in a U-bend. Daphne screamed and got muffled. "Sorry, baby, you're right in my ear."

Daphne could only nod. Harry running was pounding him in and out of her. "Can't take much more, Harry. You'll have to leave me somewhere."

"Phht. Leave you, yeah, right. Let me worry about that."

They arrived by the Slytherin common room door and found the two wizards standing in the hall. Harry pushed Daphne up against the wall as the two boys argued in fierce whispers. He ground her against the wall for a moment, froze, and filled her belly while Ron and Neville were distracted. Daphne passed out. Harry smiled, waved, and Daphne glowed blue for a second, then disappeared from under the Invisibility Cloak. Harry did up his pants and Scourgified himself.

Neville leant against the wall. "So, Greg, how were we going to get in without the password?"

Greg/Ron looked around. "Greg? Where?"

Harry was dying laughing.

"You, you idiot."

Harry was now sliding down the wall. The Neville and Ron show was killing him.

Harry snapped to attention as he felt someone coming through the wards. He looked down the passageway and Draco sauntered up out of the gloom. "Crabbe, Goyle, you idiots forget the password again?"

Neville cracked his Crabbe knuckles. Malfoy smirked. "Ah ah ah, I'll leave you out here in the hall for the rest of the break."

Neville put his hands down and Malfoy nodded. "Better. Pure Blood!" he announced to the wall.

A section of wall opened and the boys, including Harry, went in. Malfoy looked at Crabbe and Goyle. "Remember, you owe me." He walked away thinking to himself how far the mighty had fallen. Having to do favors for cretins who would have worshipped him a few months ago. Would have? Had done! Dumbledore was right, though. He had to build his way back slowly now that Father was dead and Mother had gone insane and was being a fuck-toy for her cousin Sirius. There had to be a way to get the fortune away from the slut.

Neville waited until Malfoy was gone and looked at Ron/Greg. "So now what now there, Greg?"

Ron/Greg shrugged. "I don't know, Nrabbe."

Harry chuckled. Neville would need a duel after this. Nrabbe! Good save, Geasley.

Vincent/Neville sighed. "So this was your plan? Get in here and the Heir would spring out and tell us who he was?"

Ron/Greg mumbled, "Who says it's a he?"

Neville sighed looked around the dark, depressing common room and nodded. "Well, we've seen it. Let's go."

Ron actually looked at his watch. "We've got some time, Vince. Let's look around."

Neville nodded reluctantly and the two poked around the common room for the next twenty minutes. Finally they left. Back in the second floor girls' loo they began their change, Harry observing. Of course something went badly wrong and they ended up stuck halfway. Ginny somehow chose that moment to enter the loo.

She took one look at the half-Neville, half-Vince monster, one vertical half Neville and the other Vincent, and passed right out. Ron started to yell, and Neville went to Ginny.

Harry watched as Neville took charge and levitated Ginny to the Hospital Wing. Now sure they would be safe, Harry faded away to the castle to report what had happened. He missed Ginny waking up and attacking Ron, apparently very successfully. Ron would spend the next month in the Hospital Wing. Neville was out in a couple weeks. Of course, that may have been more related to Augusta being the one helping Poppy reverse the bad Polyjuice. She wasn't fit to be around for the entire two weeks. Dumbledore avoided her like the plague after he tried to award Neville fifty points for completing a Polyjuice potion, at least a fifth year potion, in his second year, and she took the fifty points away again for not completing it correctly and another fifty apiece for filching the ingredients.

Chapter Eighteen

In the poison'd entrails throw

"It's better this way, Hermione, we needed to slow down. I'm having sex nearly continuously, and while I'm not complaining at all—far from it, a blessing really—" Hermione cuffed him gently round the head with a forearm from her position with his head in her lap, and Harry grinned— "it's cutting into my study time." Harry licked the underside of her other breast from his position with his head on her belly on a towel in the grass as she sat propped on her arms. "And while I can and do get knowledge and magics from all of you, I really like having time to study. Neville isn't hurt badly. Ginny is seeing to him. Let's just relax a little until semester starts. Besides, I want some time to just sit with you all, maybe think about things a little."

Hermione giggled. "Harry, you're right on the verge of rolling me over and shagging me doggy right now, I can feel it, love—but fine, we can slow down. It wasn't Ginny influencing us, though, it was the Harpies, Luna, Ginny and Neville, all of that. It was a lot of energy to deal with. Now hush and nap. We have everyone here and the Boxing Day feast is later."

Harry nodded and snuggled his head into Hermione's belly. She smiled and lay back, resting one hand on his head and the other above her head in a purely unintentional, completely sexy pose. The Coven, now including the Harpies, grinned at the two of them.

Aiden looked over at Daphne. "Any chance of discussing some business, Daphne?"

Daphne marked her place in her bodice ripper with a crisp new ten-pound note Aiden didn't want to ask about and looked up. "Sure, Dad, what did you want to know?"

"Well, how are we doing, for one?"

Daphne smiled and summoned her ledgers, passing them to her father. "Well, you can see we're making an average net profit of four thousand Galleons a month. The newness wore off some of the products. How many spiral-bound, micro-perforated parchment notebooks can a witch or wizard use, after all? The same with the fountain and nib pens, especially the nibs. They wear extremely well, so if they're well cared for they could, with our specially formulated inks, last for centuries. We don't take a huge mark-up on them as they're dead simple to make. Machines do thousands an hour. Still, use and loss will see us into steady demand and therefore steady profit on those."

The Coven parents looked surprised and then nodded.

"The new novelty lines from the Weasley twins made up some sales, and they're constantly developing new things. We really need to take them private and stop selling their stuff wholesale to Zonko. Megan is working with them on a catalog and then shop approach. We'll maintain production for them and probably advance them start-up capital."

More nods with a few more surprised, then thoughtful looks as the ledgers were passed from head of house to head of house.

"Hannah and Mandy are working on prosthetic limbs like Frank's. Once we get one more endorsement of them from Alastor Moody, we'll go to production and market with them. Nym gave Alastor his for Christmas. She'll see how he likes it when she goes back to class Monday the fourth."

Anna and Jonathan Abbot beamed at their daughter, as did Donna and David Brocklehurst.

"Lavender, Parvati, and Kirsten think we don't know, but they're working on a line of underwear that's all about look but has Kirsten's support charms built in which, when activated by Harry, supposedly feel like him caressing you and supporting you all day. It's really stunning and gives a girl that pretty feeling—or sexy, or frumpy and comfortable, depending on what set she wears."

Lavender pouted. "So, no secrets at all, then?"

Daphne smiled. "You talk in your sleep, dear, and what a good idea. We'll call the line that: No Secrets." Lavender spluttered while Parvati nodded. Daphne continued, "The publishing side of the business is running at maximum capacity twenty-four hours a day with fourteen texts and who knows how many pleasure-reading books.

"We're selling from catalogs and by sales reps in Britain and on the continent. Harry's Ravenclaw property in the Rue de Magic in Paris hosts our main offices on the continent, in the public portions of the townhouse. Hufflepuff had a manor on the Magical Allee in Frankfurt that we're using, and Gryffindor had properties in Italy, Spain, and Portugal that Harry is allowing us to use. Slytherin kept a house in St Petersburg that we're now using and upgrading, and those markets are opening up fast.

"In the next year or so we expect surge growth in these new markets and then they should fall back to a more sustained pace. So using Britain and France as examples, we expect our sustainable income to be somewhere from ten thousand to twelve thousand Galleons a month, net."

Minerva cleared her throat from her position face-down on her towel. She managed to roll over and pull her one-piece up and hold it to her in a way that stopped the males present cold. She wasn't really into the topless thing yet, but Merlin, what a body! "You will soon be receiving nearly a thousand orders for those fourteen textbooks, as they're all on the Hogwarts book list for next year."

Amelia Bones cleared her throat. "I would like to know the cost of that body armor Nym got. I think the DMLE should begin trying to find the money for that."

Daphne smiled and nodded. "So, as you can see, SSWA Incorporated is still doing fine and can only grow. The lack of facilities are the real hold-up, as there are still Squibs who could be employed and some first-born and half-bloods who are seriously under-employed and thus ripe for headhunting away from their current employers—and that's only in Britain. We haven't tapped the Continental European labor markets yet, but there are some seriously persecuted groups there—Veela, for one."

The Coven parents looked at each other. Aiden finally cleared his throat. "Well, I guess we should all be checking our property holdings to see what we can use."

Daphne nodded. "That would be great, Dad. I mean, we can use some of Harry's other properties, but we're really looking to stay co-located with our manufacturing facilities. It simplifies things. Oh, gods! Harry!"

Aiden blinked as his daughter disappeared. Tracey snickered. "Apparently Harry wants to 'slow down' with Daphne for a while."

Charlotte nodded. "Such a smart boy." Aiden spluttered ineffectually.

George Bell looked up from the books. "Did you all know we were being paid dividends? Dividends, hell—they're larger than my salary! Daphne, I can't take this! Daphne?"

Tracey chuckled. "It's already in the expenses, Mr Bell. It's your money now. After all, you got in on the ground floor. One hundred shares of class A stock."

George frowned. "For a few errands in and around Britain with the lorry? It's too much."

Tracey shrugged. "Buy another lorry and hire a driver. We need more HGV (heavy goods vehicles—tractor/trailers for you Americans) transport anyway."

The rest of the Coven parents were suddenly looking at their dividends in the book, too. They were amazed. They had invested time and effort for permits and licenses where needed, but very little capital. Daphne paid them in "stock" that they had thought was cute but not really going anywhere; as long as the girls were happy and busy, right? Apparently they were not only happy and busy but headed toward being independently wealthy, and making their parents the same. Amazing!

Susan, looking thoughtful, cleared her throat once they'd settled. "Politically, the Coven is still well hidden. Not from its work but from the people in power's own naïveté or ignorance—in some cases, perhaps, willful ignorance.

"Dumbledore is apparently still convinced that Nym is the Potter Matriarch, and while he may be planning moves to isolate Harry from Sirius now that Sirius is apparently voting the Potter Proxy, his main attention is still firmly fixed on Neville. Sorry, Alice."

Augusta nodded. "Nothing you can do, dear—you either, Alice. I can hardly get anywhere with him."

Susan nodded. "The Coven parents continue to form a consensus that Harry and we the Coven agree with. We are well pleased.

"Meanwhile, the first-born, their parents, the Squibs and half-bloods and werewolves flock to Harry's banner. Jobs, the textbooks, and you parents being there for the first-born parents to talk to are apparently great draws. Thank you, Emma Granger."

Emma blushed as the other parents, siblings, and the Coven clapped. Susan waited, then went on. "A separate hub trunk has been set up, and Emma tells me that most first-born parents' first purchase is a family trunk, both for safety and apparently for the additional rooms. We had intended to start just creating portals in homes and will test that on the Squib Squads' homes first. Those portals will connect to the new hub trunk, which has what Harry calls a 'man in the loop airlock with a killing ward set' between it and Camelot and between the trunks and the hub. Somehow Harry is the 'man in the loop'.

"The new vassals are heavily involved with Emma and Lily in working with the first-born parents, and Harry is pleased to see some leaders emerging among the vassals and first-born parents who have what he calls common sense. He means they simply want a chance for their kids to succeed and be left alone by the Ministry, or as alone as possible.

"On another note, Gringotts has approached us to construct a branch, staffed by humans—at least in the publicly viewable areas in Knockturn—that would serve only first-born, half-bloods, and 'magical creatures'. We're discussing pure-bloods who Harry approves of being allowed to use it. Also, Harry's not sure about the staffing. He likes Goblins.

"The old entrance into Knockturn from Muggle London has been unsealed and warded, and reconstruction is planned to bring it up to modern standards. As planned, it will be a lobby of an actual office building Harry intends to use for SSWA Industries. Only first-born, half-bloods, and magical creatures will even know it's open again. Don't ask me how, but that's what Harry plans. A receptionist will meet the newly arrived and answer all their questions if they're not with a guide."

The parents and siblings sat digesting this. Just as Angus McDougal open his mouth, Susan squawked and disappeared. Angus blinked. "More 'slowing down', then," he rumbled in his thick Highland burr through a huge grin. General laughter followed.

The next few days passed in a languorous round of PT, sunning, talking a little business and a little politics—oh, and building sandcastles of fantastic dimensions and impossible engineering for Harry and Leyland. Well, for Harry; Leyland was getting very good at knocking them down, though. Harry also did a lot of "slowing down", but normally with just him, Hermione, and one other female for the day. The Coven was not sure whether it was pleased or not; having that laser-like focus on you for a whole day was thrilling, but tiring—exhausting, even.

The evenings and nights? A completely different story. What Harpies weren't pregnant Christmas Day were pregnant by the time Harry and the others went back to school on the third. While it couldn't have been considered "slowed down" by any normal person, in Harry's world it was positively glacial as he and Hermione or one of the inner circle concentrated fully on one Coven member at a time. Gwenog was certain she would never require the physical act again, as remembering those times made her need a seat and a glass of wine, maybe a lie-down and a change of pants. Fortunately the feeling wouldn't last, and she would spend many evenings with Harry over her lifetime. The Harpies got a reputation for being completely frigid, though, except amongst those wizards approved by Harry and the Harpies Coven council. Those wizards found one Harpy apiece to be as much as they could handle.

An interesting conversation took place on the afternoon of the third. "If I wasn't a wizard's wizard, I might have to try on that Hermione. I swear to Merlin I got hard looking at her a few days ago."

Karl Roberts, Eliza's cover wizard, looked at Greg, his partner and Ella's cover. "Ha! Harry would have your guts for garters after she laughed at you and then nutted you. I would be insulted, I mean you looking at witches, but I understand. I have no idea what it is, but something about her just calls to me."

Edward Smyth-Jones, a cover wizard of the Jones Coven, rolled his head and looked over at the younger wizards. "Beauty doesn't know sex in that sense. She is becoming—is well on her way to being, actually— the very image of what he considers beautiful. It will be the same with the other inner circle Coven members, the ones who are in his head all the time. All the Coven members, to some extent—more as they have more contact with him. Oh, not all duplicates of each other, but as beautiful as Harry sees them in his mind's eye; and he is truly smitten and apparently likes his women to be his equals, so they're going to be monstrously hot, as intelligent as their mental capacity allows, and as powerful as their magic allows. Merlin, why couldn't he be gay!"

The Potter Coven cover wizards, Greg, Sheldon, William, Miles, and Karl, nodded mutely. The Potter Coven witches might be hot, but Harry was a walking wet dream. Eliza rolled over and grabbed Karl's chin and turned his eyes to hers. "No. Down, boy! Go play with Greg."

The witches around them giggled madly as Karl blushed furiously.


On the third of January the population of Hogwarts, parents included, watched as Harry swept onto the platform. The pure-blood parents watched as Harry received and returned not a few curtsies and small bows from students and parents. This was a new and interesting development, all these half-bloods and Muggle-borns acknowledging someone as their superior. Wait, it was all half-bloods and Muggle-borns. This would bear watching.


The Express back to school for once didn't turn into a free-for-all in the Coven's hugely expanded compartment. Luna dropped to the floor in front of Harry and Susan spun a light blanket, conjured from thin air and covered in a cooling charm, over Luna and Harry. Pansy waited patiently and when Luna appeared, breathless and smiling, Pansy slipped into Harry's lap and under the blanket. All very orderly. Harry sat bemused for a moment, then shrugged and concentrated on Pansy.

Eliza was talking to Hermione. "They all need cover wizards, Hermione."

"Eliza, there aren't that many wizards. They aren't all gay, either."

Lavender nodded. "Some of us can be witches' witches, or just not interested until we're out of school. Mum told me it was fairly common even in her day. LFS—lesbians for school, she said."

Daphne snorted. "I don't think the Coven's cover will last that long. And really it's a fait accompli. They, the Ministry, can't do anything about it; it's a fact of magic. Harry is enormously powerful and can support and defend us all. The idiots don't need to know how many of us are also very powerful, or that we're independently wealthy."

Susan nodded. "The ancient and noble houses and Covens exist under different rules. Medieval rules of manorial Britain, as a matter of fact. Harry is lord in his own lands, the ultimate power, arbiter of good and evil, dispenser of high, middle, and low justice.

"We technically became his property as soon as he put those sigils on us, and we let him. Sure, we're to be treated as noble daughters, but we're still technically his property. He must approve any marriages and/or could dispose of us as he sees fit, Ne. You know this from the reading, but I don't think you realize what it really means.

"You've all seen how that sigil of Narcissa's caged the Malfoy Matriarch's ring. That wasn't just symbolism. Harry holds the house of Malfoy through her until Leyland is seventeen. Technically Harry should wear the Malfoy ring if Sirius doesn't take it up; that will have to be dealt with soon, one way or the other. Harry could, if he wanted to, marry Narcissa off to whoever he chose—Bilius, Fudge, anyone. Or he could just give her or one of us to them for their use. We understand that. We also understand he won't, but it's possible under the ancient usage.

"Ne, you're the only one of us who's not his property, and then because you're his equal in the House, the rights and obligations will fall to you should Harry die without unencumbered issue. We need to think about what we'll do if one of the Harpies' children is the first male and unencumbered.

"The only other Coven warlock alive, Lester Jones, is automatically elevated to Noble status because of his power, and Melba with him. The Joneses are not an Ancient and Noble house, but they have a seat in the Nobles course of the Wizengamot because of their coven status.

"Aunt Amelia and I have done some reading, and Harry will have to present himself to the Queen on his seventeenth birthday at the latest. She may require him to renew the Potters' oath to the crown. I would be surprised if she didn't. The magical lords never signed the Magna Carta or any of the other Muggle treaties or documents. They exist now as they did a thousand years ago, a "might makes right", "God send the right" kind of thing. There are really two Britains, the manorial magical Britain, much of the lands of which are hidden from mundanes, and the Monarch in Parliament mundane Britain. Elizabeth is the Queen of both separate countries."

Tracey looked around the compartment. "Damn, that's hot!" She dove at Susan, who laughed and wrestled her off and into her lap and gave her a big, wet kiss.

Daphne arched a brow. "You are such a slut, Tracey. Me when I make money, Susan when she makes politics work for us."

"Harry or Ne any time they want me. I know, Daph; can't fight my nature, though." Tracey grinned unrepentantly. The others chuckled and shook their heads.


Harry walked into the Hospital Wing with Hermione on his arm and the witches of the Coven trailing him, and Poppy came steaming out of her office. "I just stopped by to see how Neville and Ron were, Madam Pomfrey."

"Fine, dear, but not too long. The best thing for them is rest."

Harry nodded and made his way over and behind the screens. Ginny, sitting beside Neville's bed, rose and pecked Harry on the cheek. Neville grinned at him horribly. "Right mess, eh, Harry?"

Harry nodded. "Next time at least pick a better looking subject; you too, Ron."

Ginny huffed and Hermione snorted. "Next time? There'll be a next time?"

Neville looked at Ginny. Discretion might be the better part of valor here. "Uh, no, not any time soon, anyway, and not until I practice that Polyjuice potion."

Ron sat up. "Oh, it wasn't that bad."

Harry managed not to laugh as Ginny's face matched her hair. "Maybe not, Ron, but I would recommend practice."

Hermione and the Coven rotating through to briefly speak to Neville almost saved Ron. His opening his mouth and commenting, "Jesus, they're all so hot!" got him Bat-Bogeyed as soon as the Coven had cleared the screens.

Hermione left on Harry's arm, chuckling. Bilius won't survive to graduate.


Not me, Harry. Ginny's going to kill him sooner or later.


Harry, Hermione, and the Coven settled firmly into school and projects, one of them being continuing to mine the diary for information, and faking that they were sleeping where they were supposed to be. The girls checked every trunk in school and removed Snape's locating charm wherever they found it.

No one ever remembered exactly who it was, but someone started randomly casting detection charms, and for the next fortnight the Coven was busy removing tracking charms of everyone except the owner of the object or owl from all manner of things belonging to half-blood, first-born, and witches. The Coven witches were incensed. Harry just shook his head. Someday some older students, adult wizards, and Ministry workers were going to wish they'd kept their charms to themselves. Tracey was compiling a dossier on everyone who had cast a tracking charm on someone else's things or persons. Harry knew it was going to turn ugly at some point.

Megan Jones and Morag McDougal teamed up and began working on the arithmancy equations and rune sets for a version of the Dial-a-Spell that detected and removed tracking, listening, and watching charms.


Saturday, the sixteenth of January, the twins stopped by the Hospital Wing. "Neville, Ginny."


"How are you?"

"We see you're looking normal, Neville."

"Ron, that look may actually be an improvement for you."

Ron still had a unibrow and a very prominent brow ridge, with huge teeth that didn't fit his mouth at all.

Ron scowled at the twins while Ginny beamed at them. "Neville gets out today. Ron is still stuck a little, so he has to wait some more."

The twins nodded and looked serious. "We wanted to—"

"—talk to you two—"

"—about that."

"Can you take us—"

"—through how you—"

"—made the potion?"

Neville frowned. "Why?"

George smiled. "Well, we had this idea for a Wheeze."

Fred picked it up as the twins dropped into their twinspeak again. "People could get animal parts from Polyjuice—"

"—and then we could sell them the reversal—"

"—or both at the same time—"

"—but two separate potions—"

"—for each animal part."

"They could get fur and fins maybe—"

"—or be like a Chimera."

Ginny looked thoughtful, Neville put his head in his hands, and Ron looked horrified. He could see who the test rooster for this madness was going to be.


Harry heard of the twins' plan a week or so later and just shook his head. Hermione and Padma reviewed the Polyjuice potion and its known side effects and shrugged. It was possible but would require master brewing skills and much testing. They would watch and see how this developed. Hermione smiled at Harry and nodded.

Hermione turned back to her project, wondering what was happening with them. Well, not wondering. What was happening was that they were having a blast. Everything was in a nice steady rhythm, with just enough surprise to keep things very entertaining and interesting. The Professors were pushing them hard in class, PT was challenging with them adding to their routines as needed, and the Coven had steadied into a rhythm in their sex life, too. Harry, of course, had been right. He was still operating at near peak, but the witches were just pleasantly satisfied. Whenever someone got—well, really itchy—they talked to Hermione. It seemed to be working fine. Hermione even spent some time with a couple of the Coven by herself. Well, her and her cat.


What, Harry?

Harry rolled his eyes. Hermione gave him an over-the-top innocent look.

Nothing was happening on the Chamber of Secrets front. That was a trifle worrying, as Riddle was patently insane. Maybe the thing had died?

Nym snorted in the bond. Yeah, right. Wishful thinking there, I think, Ne. Harry, he did it again and then I thought he was going to kiss me. We've created a monster here.

The bonded laughed. On Monday the fourth Moody had strode into Nym's Auror class and after a few moments screamed, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" and started Stunning students. Nym had dropped behind one of her Stunned classmates' bodies and returned fire. After a spirited duel she found herself Ennervated and Moody congratulating her for her "quick reflexes". Moody then berated the class for failing to note his lack of a peg-leg before he showed them all the thing, with its prominent SSWA Industries logo.

The SSWA offices were soon under siege from mediwizards and -witches clamoring for the prosthetics. The wizarding world buzzed with how cheap and how good they actually were. No more pegs or claws.

Later Alastor had bought Nym lunch and then held her after class and showed her some new magics. Nym was ecstatically exhausted. Not only was she Alastor Moody's protégé, but every evening he was reaching deep into his grimoires of both spell and fieldcraft for her.

Of course, people talked, but Nym knew that was jealousy; and somehow Moody found out who the rumors came from and singled out the rumormongers to duel Nym. She had even integrated her tendency to stumble into her very physical style of dueling. The rumors dried up amazingly quickly.

Today Alastor had stepped into the second year Auror class and done his "Constant vigilance!" trick again and Stunned them all in seconds. He had been so happy.

Harry smiled. Nym and Moody, sitting in a tree...

Harry! Nym was scandalized or, rather, projected the feeling very well. She was actually very amused. She would have her vengeance on Wednesday evening when Harry had to morph into a girl for the first time.


"Next week, Sirius. They'll be here all right?" It was the end of the first week of February and Sirius's great Valentine's prank on the whole school was the topic of discussion.

"Early, Moony, they have to be here early so we can get them into these outfits."

Remus sighed. "Sirius, you know these are little people, right? Notoriously rough and foul-mouthed? You can't really have them around children."

Sirius smiled. "I'll have a word or two with the little buggers. Plus I'm holding three-quarters of their pay until after, like James suggested."

James nodded on the tie. "Don't worry so much, Moony. It'll be fun."

Remus sighed. The Marauder was fully out in Sirius and James was helping all the time, riding around on that tie of Sirius's or his own that Sirius wore.


On Wednesday the tenth of February Nym was in the master bedroom of Camelot with Myrtle and Harry. Myrtle had started spending more time in Camelot than in her U-bend since Harry had left a shrunken, Disillusioned trunk opened, warded, and stuck to the ceiling above her favorite stall. Myrtle was nude. Nym concentrated on the hours of work she and Myrtle had done—well, once she got past Myrtle trying to slip in corrections or improvements—and suddenly Myrtle was flesh and blood. The real Myrtle dove into the body and it, she, they danced and sang in glee. "Thank you, Nym! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Harry watched, very amused, as the very impressive taut, big-breasted, smooth-bellied young Myrtle/Nym capered about the room for nearly fifteen minutes. Maybe she wasn't as fit as one of the Coven, but she was a very attractive witch. He stopped smiling when Myrtle/Nym turned to him with a look that could only be called predatory.

Four hours later all three of them had to call it quits. Nym looked at Myrtle. "Gods, woman, you nearly got me shagged to death."

Myrtle raised her head out of Harry's lap. "Me? You're the one who can apparently accommodate a bull elephant! Oh my gods, though, that is so good. Stuffed so full he locks in you!" Harry sighed and pushed Myrtle's head back down into his lap. He sighed in pleasure as the cold seeped into his overworked bits. Myrtle apparently didn't consider anything other than penetrative sex to be on the menu for now. Nym chuckled, winced, and then rolled over, pushing her pelvis onto and through Myrtle's torso, and sighed in pleasure too. A ghostly arm came up with a raised thumb.


On the evening of the thirteenth of February—if you counted nearly midnight as evening—Sirius got the last little person costumed and their poems handed to them. Just as that last one left his office, Remus came in. "The decorations are ready."

Sirius smiled. James beamed from the tie. "Thanks, Moony."

"James, hadn't you better go home?"

"Oh, Lils will come get me whennnnnnnnnnnn!"

Remus laughed. A shepherd's crook had appeared from stage left on the tie, hooked James round the neck, and dragged him sharply off to the left. Sirius looked down and then shrugged. "So, Firewhisky, Moony?"

Remus shook his head. "No, thank you, I believe I'll go home. You should be heading that way, too."

Just then a Rottweiler Patronus hit Sirius and he nodded vigorously. Remus laughed. Magda had exactly the correct Patronus: a Rottweiler bitch, vicious and tenacious. She was perfect for Sirius.


Harry and the Coven entered the Great Hall for breakfast and something tripped Harry's innate sense of danger. Maybe it was the apparent Pepto-Bismol paint job, or perhaps the stylized paper hearts fluttering around everywhere. He led the Coven to the Ravenclaw table where they took up the end furthest from the staff table, leaving their backs covered by the wall. Harry watched warily as the Great Hall filled. His first thought was echoed by Megan Jones. "What the hell are all these doing in here so early on a Sunday, and what the hell happened to this place?"

Luna looked up from her pillaging of the fruit and passed over a flyer from her robe pocket. "Found that on the common room notice board."

Megan read, "Your Valentine delivered by Cupid. Write your Valentine a note and send it to room three twenty-two by owl not later than ten p.m. on the thirteenth."

Harry frowned. "Three twenty-two? Isn't that the room next to DADA?"

Hermione nodded just as a cupid, complete with bow, pink diaper, cigar butt, and five o'clock shadow to match his dragon breath, popped up in front of her. "Hair of wire, teeeeeeeeee!"

The other cupids in the hall watched their leader fly across the Great Hall and stick to the wall upside down above the teachers' table. Harry looked around with burning green eyes and saw Draco smirking. Suddenly Draco wasn't smiling; he was in a pink diaper and had a smouldering cigar clamped in his teeth. His eyes watered from the stench of the Knut cigar, nearly blinding him as he fled. The other cupids looked through the missives in their hands and a few fluttered to the ground. Harry nodded tightly.

Hermione looked at Harry and arched a brow. "I can take care of myself, Harry."


Hermione smiled and patted his cheek. "Yes, dear. I love you, too."

Dumbledore enjoyed the cupids immensely, especially when they were delivering their embarrassingly bad poetry to fleeing wizards. They were persistent little buggers.

Sirius spent a hard afternoon trying to get Butch, the chief little person, unstuck from the wall and placate him. Finally he had to apologize to Harry for the whole thing and swear never to prank him again before Harry waved and Butch screamed as he fell. Sirius only just caught him with a Levicorpus before he smashed his brains out on the teachers' dais.

Not even Dumbledore could reverse the charms on Draco, and Harry wasn't about to. It would take three days. Draco was completely humiliated. Dumbledore had to spend several hours talking to him to get him pumped back up enough to stick around and seek his revenge.


That night, diary Riddle told Tracey's Ginny all about the Chamber of Secrets being opened the first time. Somehow he pulled her in and showed her the whole thing, right up to him ratting Hagrid out. The Coven got almost no sleep while they digested all this. The lies and omissions were obvious to them, of course, but Riddle was a master of the half- or seven-tenths truth. Riddle's view of Dumbledore was enlightening, too—not that far off Harry's view, actually. Even all those years ago, Dumbledore was a manipulator first and foremost. He might have started out with high ideals, but even those were suspect and easily proved wrong. There was no way a few wizards could rule the world for the benefit of all. First, they were lazy. Second, they had been isolated so long they had no idea they could be wiped off the face of the planet in an acinitic glare and a wash of plasma tht no shield could stand up under.

So they weren't actually that much further along. Hagrid couldn't have done it with an Acromantula. It had to have been Riddle, but they knew that already. The whole thing was frustrating.


Wednesday, February fourteenth, found Ginny Weasley getting shagged hard by Harry in the master bedroom of Camelot. Hermione walked in and did a double-take before her glowing hands snapped up and Ginny rolled Harry out of the line of fire and off the bed, which exploded. Hermione stalked around the ruined bed to find Harry and Nym lying on the floor holding their hands over their hearts. Hermione sat down on the floor with tears streaming down her face. Harry and Nym took her in their arms and Padma, Daphne, and Susan, who had rushed in, repaired the bed and levitated everyone onto it. Hermione finally settled. Harry looked into her eyes. "I would never, you know."

Hermione nodded fiercely. "I do, and I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened; instinct took over. I'm so sorry for insulting you like that."

Nym broke up laughing. "Don't worry, Ne. We were actually fairly confused ourselves and trying to concentrate on holding the changes. It was taking all we had."

The witches looked at Harry, who blushed crimson. Daphne sat back on her heels. "This may be the best thing ever—a man who knows exactly what getting shagged feels like from our point of view."

Harry shrugged. "I already knew that. I mean, I am in your heads. It actually made the change to female easier for me, I think."

Nym nodded. "I know it made the change to you easier for me the first time, Harry."

Hermione blushed, remembering. Nym and Harry liked to double her occasionally. Daphne nodded. "No doubt, but now you really know. Why Ginny, though?"

Harry smiled. "An exercise in holding the change. It's hard to hold something you really don't want. I can't change to any of you to practice holding it."

Susan perked up. "Do me, Harry!"

Harry smiled and concentrated and found himself pushed to the bed and examined minutely. Susan looked up at him. "How accurate is this?"

Nym answered, "Exact. If Harry has touched you he can duplicate you. He still struggles with generic changes."

Susan nodded and went back to her near-microscopic exam. She wasn't at all satisfied with her pubic hair; it just didn't do anything at all for her this way. Sure, it was luxurious and a beautiful red, but it needed trimming and shaping more.

The others sat around chortling as Harry tried to morph it to her desire in accordance with her finger poking and instructions and she kept adjusting it.


Monday, March first, found Ron out of the Hospital Wing for his second week and at a party in the Gryffindor tower that Neville had put together for his birthday. Ron was apparently more thoughtful now—not much more, but at least a little. He checked his food and drinks for potions as well as he was able. He checked his presents, too—books from the Coven, chocolate from Ginny. How she got it he didn't know, and that made him suspicious. The twins also gave him some candies, which he knew not to eat. Percy gave him a new nib pen, very nice. Mum and Dad sent him another set of robes. What the hell was wrong with them? He needed a wand! Well, he hadn't officially told them he'd broken his, but they must know!

Hermione was completely unforgiving, though. Her running commentary about Bilius in the bond had Harry in stitches. It turned out to be a fun party, though; even Hermione seemed to have fun venting her spleen about Bilius.

Harry finally couldn't take it any more when she was coming up with stuff he thought he should probably look up. Could you actually be a homophobic megalomaniac gay misogynist with the emotional range of a nanometric caliper and the social skills of a warthog? Wouldn't one of those preclude the other?

Hermione crossed to him and flung herself into his lap in the cutest angry pout ever. Harry changed the subject. "So what courses next year, Ne?"

Hermione never hesitated. "Arithmancy, Runes, and Care, at least for us, Harry. We have some of the Coven taking everything, and will get it all in study group, so we can take all the OWLs in fifth year and the NEWTs in seventh year."

Harry moved her around in his lap and Hermione giggled as his interest in her became very pointed. "All of them, Ne?"

"Yes, Harry."

Harry pulled her to his chest. "Okay."

Hermione smiled. Harry loved to learn as much as she did; he was perfect.

Thank you.

You are.

Hermione, don't swell his head up.

Too late for that, Susan. He'll have her done there in the common room in a minute.

Padma! The other head.

Nym smiled in Alastor's favorite dueling room. That one, either. Harry, see if you can do her in the common room with no obscuring charms.

Nym! Hermione was horrified, especially when her panties vanished. She was also suddenly very wet. She leapt up and led Harry away. The bonded chuckled as she darted through the portrait hole towing Harry and dove into the first room that presented itself, a disused classroom.


On Saturday, March thirteenth, Marietta smelled Cho when she went to wake her; she pushed her over on her back and buried her face in Cho's sex. The whole time a part of her mind was screaming in revulsion, but most of her was screaming with need. She needed this. Whoever this wizard was that Cho was being pumped full of every three or four days was truly addictive, and therefore massively powerful. Gods, this was humiliating. She would follow Cho, find this wizard, and then help Cho subdue him. She was—bah! they all were pure-blood witches, and the prettiest in the school. This wizard would write a nice contract for them, giving them everything they could dream of, and they would sign. Then he could put his claim directly on them and they wouldn't have to get it from Cho.

Cho woke and curled around Marietta's head. "Marietta! Oh, gods! Nnnngh."

Jacqueline and Meredith came in and Cho was pushed back out flat. While Jacqueline dove on Marietta and locked her in a fiery kiss, Meredith dove into Cho and pushed her over the edge again almost immediately. The four of them of them very nearly missed breakfast, and when they got there Cho led them to a spot close to Harry Potter nearly on autopilot and then stared at him the whole time. She was in a bit of a daze. Bit, hell—all she did was school work, Quidditch, and anticipate where she could "bump" into Harry next and what her witches would do to her afterward. The social and political maneuvering of her first two years was a thing of the past. She was well and truly decisively engaged. What was she getting out of this deal? Cho blushed. Well, besides satisfying her inner nymphomaniac?

Marietta did the math in her head while Cho was daydreaming. "Cho!" she whispered fiercely.

Cho looked at her. "What?"

"Harry Potter, Cho? You scored one of the Boys Who Lived, and the hottest one! Good job! His family is the, or one of the Ancient and Noble houses. The only way this could be better would be if you'd bagged Professor Black, too."

Cho threw up a cone of silence. "You all were right there when he tied me to that cross in the common room and whipped me for bothering Lovegood. He humiliated me, Marietta. Since then he uses me every time he sees me. Well, not every time, but a lot. Who do you think you've been tasting on me? No one will get close to me after that pain-slut demonstration in the common room. Admittedly I seem to be addicted to him fucking me in public now. I mean, I could avoid him, but I don't. Everyone in the school has to have seen him fucking me by now. I've been wondering when he would give me to some wizard."

Marietta looked at Cho and put her hand on Cho's forehead. "Not hot. After breakfast we're going to the Hospital Wing, though, Cho. You're delusional. Harry never whipped you in the common room. And you haven't been 'fucking' in public. Jacqueline, Meredith, or I are always with you. How could he?"

Cho sighed and looked over into a smiling Harry Potter's face. She knew she should be furious. He had to have Obliviated her friends and housemates and let her think she had been made to perform like the slut she was in front of them. Well, she had, but then he had removed it from their memories or something. What about all those other times? In the entry hall, for Merlin's sake! A hundred witches and wizards had walked by while she was servicing him. Morgana, Meredith had all but held his cock for him last time. Cho shuddered. How powerful could Harry Potter be? She would have to start paying more attention. Phht, who was she kidding? When he was using her all she could pay attention to was whatever spot he had in his hands, between his teeth, or on his cock—or all three. The little beast was horribly good at sex.

Hermione eyed Cho. "You know, for a Ravenclaw she just isn't what I expected."

Susan turned and looked where Hermione was looking. "Yes but thank the gods she is in fact the true leader of that little clique and is loyal to Harry. Those girls will never question the whole thing too much. Well, as long as no serious external pressure is applied. By serious I mean more powerful than their attraction to Cho and Harry."

The Coven looked thoughtful.


At ten a.m. on the morning of Tuesday the sixteenth of March, Judith Allan Cranston stood near the receptionist desk in the lobby of the building that housed the entrance to Knockturn Alley. She was nervously waiting for her tour group to arrive. The bus should have started his run an hour ago so they should, barring something unforeseen, be arriving in a few moments. Judith checked her reflection in the mirror-polished black Kilkenny marble. She smiled at the trim, pretty, youngish-looking witch in her classic business suit with knee-length black skirt, white silk blouse, and black jacket over the cutest little black low-heeled patent leather wingtip type pumps. Very professional. Thank God they would never know she normally knocked around in jeans and baggy sweatshirts under a cloak if she was in the magical world. Well, surely they wouldn't expect someone to be dressed up all the time—and here they were.

Judith smiled as the first group, a mother and father and two children, a boy and girl, appeared in the reflection with her. She turned. "Good morning! Welcome to SSWA Industries headquarters. In a few moments, as soon as the Jamesons show up, we'll go through to Knockturn Alley. While we wait, can I answer any questions for you, Mr and Mrs Turner?"

Charles Turner smiled. Maybe this would be all right, then. Sure, they'd been to the support group and the kids were reading the books and practicing control, but it was still all very different—well, except for this extremely high-rent office block. Beautiful work, this. "The books say electricity doesn't work around magic. Well, not Harry's books but the others. How is it that it works here? I mean, these are those new daylight spectrum fluorescents. We just installed them on a job in Whitechapel." Charles was a commercial electrician.

Judith smiled. "No doubt the girls will drag you away to talk shop soon. SSWA Industries is a magical technology concern. They're trying to integrate the best things about the mundane world into the magical world, as well as developing and marketing strictly magical items. Most of the boffins are Squibs, first-born, or half-bloods, and Harry and the Coven help out all they can."

Clive Jameson, the middle child and only boy of the three Jameson children, who had just arrived with their parents, turned to Margaret, his older full-witch sister. "See? Told you us Squibs could be important!"

Judith moved immediately to nip this in the bud. "Squibs are highly valued members of the SSWA team. Harry takes a personal interest in many of them."

Margaret blushed. "I never said Squibs weren't important, ma'am. What I said was that we were different."

Judith nodded. "We are that. Mundane, Squib, witch or wizard, and magical being, all different. No shame in that, and lots of 'opportunity', as Harry says. Now, if you would all follow me, I'd like to show you Knockturn and Diagon alleys." The Jamesons and Turners nodded and followed her gingerly through what appeared to be a solid marble wall.

They came out the other side in a clean, quaint, cobbled street lined on both sides with what appeared to be shops or showrooms at street level and manufacturing facilities on the first floor above that. On many floors above those two or up to three were what appeared to be apartments. The street offered a cornucopia of magical items. The children stood awed, looking in shops as the parents listened to Judith.

"This is Knockturn Alley. The facilities at this end are mostly owned by Harry Potter, Sirius Black, or one of the other Coven parents, and have been recently renovated. Previously, this was an extremely run-down area. As we pass some of the buildings you will find 'before and after' style pictures. Now, as we get closer to the intersection of Diagon and Knockturn, you'll see a short area that remains to be renovated. The SSWA is currently looking into the titles of these buildings and may buy them out if the landlords refuse to renovate.

"Most witches and wizards avoid Knockturn because of this last hundred yards or so. The old denizens of Knockturn have concentrated here." The Jamesons and Turners looked around nervously, but the four werewolves trailing them in plain sight kept even the boldest hags, hookers, and suspect characters well back in the shadows.

"Now, here we are at the corner of Knockturn and Diagon. To orient you to the map included in your welcome packets, directly across the street is the main branch of Gringotts. As for landmarks, the Leaky Cauldron and the entrance from Charing Cross Road are at the end of the road to your right, and Ollivanders is to your left. Stay together, everyone, and look around. I'll be here to answer any questions." Judith looked down at the children between the ages of six and eight and smiled. "You, too. Feel free to ask any questions you might have."

The werewolves spread out and the group moved down Diagon, nodding and smiling. Little Samantha Jameson looked at the filthy cobbles and frowned. "Ms Judith, why is it so dirty here? Knockturn was very clean."

Florean Fortescue overheard this and frowned. It was dirty here. He had told the other shopkeepers so! This was the third time he'd heard about Knockturn, though. He was going to go all the way down that alley this afternoon!

As the sun set, Judith waved goodbye to her group and collapsed into one of the black leather and chrome couches in the SSWA lobby. The receptionist smiled and pushed a button. A serving tray bearing a steaming cup of orange pekoe appeared on the side table by the couch, and Judith nodded gratefully to the receptionist and dove on it. It had been a fun day, horrifying at first, then slightly nerve-wracking, and then just great fun watching the parents nonchalantly herd their kids through this new world. Both couples were fabulous parents. Judith smiled. She had some winners for her group. Take that, Marilyn Hodges, you hyper-competitive witch, you—always bragging about your group!

The receptionist watched the play of facial expressions and nearly laughed out loud. The vassal witches were very competitive with their groups, like new mothers really. Alice Daniels leant back in her seat, still watchful but fairly relaxed. This was a good gig for an off-duty hit-witch. It wouldn't do at all to let her guard down and have something happen on her watch. She eyed the rune-etched crystals in front of her again. Wards all up and functioning, no trips. Monitors clear. Yes, way too good a gig to lose for lack of attention. Hmmm, any reason really. It paid as much as her Ministry contract did, and they had better equipment here. Hell, I'd hate to try this place and I'm pretty good. Those werewolves taking shifts in the ready room were a caution; she had sparred with them a couple of times and they were deadly.


Over in Crawley Emma sighed and leant back in her chair. Dan looked up from his paper. "Problem, dear?"

"No, Dan—well, not really. Not a new problem, anyway. The same again: the first-born parents get letters from the kids at school and then write to me. Some of them hate Dumbledore."

"Yes, well, they aren't alone."

"Dan! We're dealing with him."


"Been around Harry too long again?"

Dan smirked and hoisted a brow. "You know, Hermione looks just like you."

Emma was confused. "And?" She looked up from the letter again into a full-on snog.

"Harry has the same taste I do. Impressive boy, that."

"Dan, that's just creepy. Dan! Oh, Dan!" The mail was abandoned for the evening.


Narcissa Black Malfoy looked at Rosalind Yaxley and smiled. The spectacular brunette, light-blue-eyed, trophy-wife witch was a puddle of goo, and Narcissa hadn't used anything but her fingers on her—well, that and Hermione's favorite cat. Morgana, Rosalind could eat pussy, though. Too bad Sirius and Remus were all in love and Magda and Evangeline weren't in a mood to share. Rosalind needed a belly full of cock in the worst way. Too bad Harry wasn't an option. Hmmm, wait a minute—she had a stick-on! No, well, not today, anyway. Of course, if push came to shove, she could get one of the Jones wizards to shag the bitch. Still and all, she had been easy to distract from her little information gathering mission. Sad, really; all those years in Slytherin and about as subtle as a Centaur with a woody. The Death Eaters with the ruined scions were desperate to find the truth of who had ruined them and were glad to try to pump her for information. Narcissa was glad for them to keep trying. Trophy wives were seriously hot, after all.

Narcissa sat back and thought; there was actually an opportunity here: Harry could take most of the Dark houses this way. But he'd never go for it. Oh, he'd shag the matrons or first daughters—he was male, and they were very definitely fine specimens of ordinary witches. Well, except for Carrow, but she didn't have a son and her brother was shagging her anyway; who else would, really? Anyway, Hermione would cheerfully let him shag anything that signed a contract and help him turn them into slaves, at least mentally. How the little witch could manage it was beyond her, but there could be no question. Once that pair worked you over, you were theirs.

Killing the family heads and keeping the subordinate wizards in line was a problem, though. Not all of them were nutted. Sirius killing Lucius—or Lucius committing suicide, rather—had been a stroke of fortune that would probably not repeat itself. Narcissa huffed. This required more planning, but she was sure it could be done.


Sunday the twenty-eighth of March found Harry ignoring the elephant in the bedroom at Camelot, Cissy's plan for taking over the world, and studying Katie Bell with an intensity that was nearly making her come just being on the end of that laser-like focus. Nearly? Oh, gods, here she went again! "Harry!"

Harry smiled. He loved watching the girls come. And this minimal movement while stimulating all their other erogenous zones with himself pushed all the way into their bellies was great. Of course, being able to read them while he was in them was a great help toward this goal. Merlin, Katie was beautiful with that come-flush all the way to her nipples. Hah! She was gorgeous any time; perfect high, tight double handfuls of breast surmounted by those dark aureoles and nipples; wide, muscular shoulders and muscular arms leading down to a thick-muscled abdomen; and wide hips that cupped him perfectly. A tight, round ass and those stocky but oh so well-shaped legs. All under the smiling, happy face of an angel that was now scrunched up like she was looking into the sun.

Harry, oh, Morgana, baby, please just come in me. I love this, really, but I want you to come.

Harry blinked and smiled, then took up a rhythm in Katie's flexing, clasping, hot, tight, wet sex. She moaned happily.

Hermione looked at Nym, who shrugged. "Melba said some of them would, Ne."

Hermione nodded. "I know, Nym, but she doesn't even realize."

"Ha! You wouldn't either if you'd been coming for two hours. The Death Eaters have it all wrong. They could do so much better at information gathering if they were like Harry. I can't keep anything from him when he's making me come continuously."

Daphne made a retching noise. "Those poufters don't have a prayer of ever being like him."

Cissy nodded. "I saw him and knew he was going to be better than Lucius had ever been. It's amazing really, you can just tell. He doesn't disappoint, and you and that whip are just the end, Ne; well, for me, anyway. Somehow the pair of you converted all that psychosexual trauma from my whole life into one big—well, I don't know, but it's all good now."

Nym goggled. "You have to stay out of Harry's library, Cissy." She got a pillow in the face for her trouble.

Susan looked over at Harry. "While he's busy, Cissy, how is your plan coming?"

Cissy huffed. "I keep getting stuck at killing the other sons. Harry won't just kill them out of hand."

Eliza nodded. "I should hope not! Half of them are our covers. I kind of like mine."

Hermione arched a brow, and Eliza blushed. "He can shop like a demon and he has the best eye for fashion and how clothes will look on me."

Marie Caldwell nodded. "A stereotype, for sure, but the poufters do know how to dress themselves and a girl. Sometimes I wish I had one. Hmm, maybe I can find one. I mean, it isn't so taboo in the mundane world, but there's bound to be one out there who's still closeted and needs some cover."

Katie's undulating wail from the muscle-pulling orgasm launched in her when Harry splashed against her walls echoed in the silently thoughtful bedroom before everyone chuckled at the blushing Eliza and clapped for Katie and Harry.

Nym smiled and then blanched as Harry kissed Katie, and then his head turned to her like a gun turret. She loved the weekends really, but Harry was very single-minded about making up for lost time with her. She smirked and morphed to Lily. Harry leapt off of Katie, grabbed Nym and held her down, burying his face in her. Nym squealed and wriggled, then gave in. Harry crawled up her body after her first orgasm and sheathed himself in her. "I know it's you, Nym, I feel you in there."

"Beaaaaassst. Uhnnngh!"

Padma grinned. "Translated, that means, 'I was sure that would distract the little beggar'."

The others laughed and laughed.


Lily came back into the portrait in the library of Potter Castle with a huge blush. James eyed her. "Finally saw something you didn't want to see, huh? I told you about that frame Hermione put in there for you, didn't I? I said you'd see things you didn't want to."

"Hush, James. Padfoot, stop laughing before I have Otto throw you out!"

Sirius tried a straight face, then fell out of his chair. Lily stamped her foot. She never did say what she had seen, though. The Marauders, sensing some sensitivity about it, left it well alone.


Roger Davies read the letter from his father again. "Harry Potter could be a key player in our lives. Do your best to not antagonize him." What the hell did Dad know about this little boy? Well, not little, actually. The kid was massive for his age and bulked up to the point where it was one of the first things you noticed about him. Reason enough not to get involved with him, and then there were all those rumors about Longbottom and Potter being his henchman, although that seemed patently crap even on the surface. Longbottom followed Potter around, not the other way around, a blind man could see it. Anyway, what had generated this concern over Potter?

"He has many allies among the half-bloods and Muggle-born."

Roger chuckled. Many allies, indeed, especially the females. Little blighter. Sure, he was good looking and his family was supposedly one of the richest and, well, they were the Potters; but Harry never rubbed anyone's nose in it. He went about his business and the business of that Granger girl and bothered no one, unless you bothered a girl. That was odd, but who knew what had happened to the kid out with those Muggles? The witches flocked to him like bees to honey, at least all the brightest and prettiest of them.

"His business interests are a growing concern and we could use his wholesale and retail distribution links. Also, there are some interesting products coming from those interests, very advanced."

Business interests? Potter had business interests? More likely Greengrass had business interests and he lent her his name and assets.

Advanced products? That had Patil, Li, and Granger all over it. It was hard to tell which of those two, Granger or Patil, was actually more intelligent. Frightening, really. Walking encyclopedias, both of them. Potter would start getting smarter by osmosis when he started shagging either one of them. Not like he needed it, as they were first through third in every class they took—and two of them were bloody Gryffindors! How had the Hat got that so wrong?

"The old families are moving again and we will want to be on the right side of this."

Okay, dad code for Potter and Black being active in the Wizengamot and pulling the strings on their vassals. That was most likely Susan Bones being indulged by Potter. She didn't even bother to sit at the Hufflepuff table any more, at least on the weekends. Her aunt was the DMLE and Susan was very politically astute. Roger had listened to a couple of her—well, morning briefs—to Harry. She made the right call nearly every time, and if she was wrong it was only a little, nothing substantive that Potter and his witches couldn't recover from.

Roger sat shocked a moment as the light dawned on him. Potter and his witches. He protects witches, an Ancient and Noble House Coven, and he's the scion and sole survivor of his house. He's the warlock! He crushed all those nuts and broke all those bones. The Black was his godfather! Narcissa Malfoy had a new son and was now living with the Black after her first son had had his nuts crushed at Hogwarts. Oh, Merlin!

Roger turned his father's parchment over and outlined his suspicions and evidence in a hasty reply. He walked to the Owlery and tied the parchment to a school owl's leg and sent it on its way.

Before he made it back to the Great Hall a white blur descended on the unsuspecting school owl and after a puff of feathers the now-disoriented school owl flew back to its perch in a huff.

Roger sat in the Great Hall watching what he now knew was an Ancient and Noble house Coven come in and take seats at the Gryffindor table. Harry's distinctive snowy owl landed in front of Harry and extended a familiar-looking parchment. Harry took it and looked at it. Roger blinked in surprise when the burning gaze looked up after several moments and focused immediately on him. He stood and eased out of the Great Hall and ran into Luna Lovegood in the entry hall. "Harry isn't happy with you, Roger."

Roger was no Gryffindor, but he wasn't a coward, either. "I only told my father the truth, Luna."

"Yes, Roger, I know. We aren't ready for the world to know yet, however. You need to wait here."

Roger looked at her and narrowed his eyes. "Why?"

"You know, Roger. Harry wants to talk to you. If you make him come find you, he'll be angry."

"And why do I care if he's angry, Luna?"

"Because you don't want to be singing castrato, Roger."

Roger backed against the wall and drew his wand. Luna laughed. "If it makes you feel better, Roger."

Harry appeared, took in the scene, and waved at Roger. Roger felt the charm wash over him and was powerless to prevent it. "Sorry, Roger, really. We can't afford to be exposed yet. I would have to breed nine or ten pure-blood matrons or first daughters and then kill their husbands, sons, and/or brothers. We would also have to start taking some actions we really don't want to in order to secure the wizarding world for my girls and my children. So you're going to write your father and tell him you agree and are moving to get closer to me."

Roger nodded at the logic of all of this. "Yes, Harry."

Harry grinned at him. "Come by study group tonight at six, Roger. One of the Ravenclaw Coven members will show you where. I think you'll like it."

Roger nodded and went back into the Great Hall. Luna looked at Harry. "Will he go back to normal? I mean, he always questioned authority before, at least a little."

Harry grimaced. "I was a little excited. When I saw that wand out, I might have gone a little overboard with the loyalty charm. He should be fine, though."

Luna giggled and leaned up and pecked Harry on the cheek. "Now, come on, and the damsel in distress will give you the traditional reward of a kiss."

"Didn't you just, Luna?"

"Little Harry needs one, too," Luna replied as she very determinedly towed him to the nearest broom closet.

At the Gryffindor table Hermione sighed and then chuckled. "All fixed. Luna is distracting Harry. Hedwig! Who's the best owl in the world?"

Hedwig puffed up proudly and got a piece of salmon that would have fed an eagle for a week. She was fawned over for the rest of the day as she rode around on Hermione's shoulder. Not like she could fly after eating that fish. As it turned out, all that protein was handy when she got back to the Owlery and had to establish dominance later that night. It was a ragged bunch of owls that delivered the post for the next few days. Hagrid was convinced a weasel had gotten into the Owlery.

Chapter Nineteen

Toad, that under cold stone

Harry opened his eyes on the first of April and leapt from Hermione's bed and into her shower. Parvati screamed and slapped him on the chest. "Prat! Scare me to death. All you had to do was say!" Parvati turned round and bent over. Harry, eyes firmly fixed on the magnificent muscled back and pert arse in front of him, grabbed the soap and stepped into her. Lying across her back, nestled firmly into her bottom, he reached around and soaped her breasts. Parvati giggled and slowly stood up as Harry soaped her whole front, ending on his knees with his face snuggled into her right buttock as he finished her legs and feet. Parvati could only lean against him, dizzy from whatever he was doing with his hands and his heart; she turned in his arms and leant back against the wall to catch her breath as Harry somehow directed the stream of warm water over her. Parvati slowly collected her wits, pushed Harry's face back from her taut belly, and pulled him to his feet, pressing a lingering kiss on his lips. She then returned the favor, taking up the soap and washing Harry and then turning him under the stream of water. She barely resisted taking him in her mouth but instead pressed him to her cheek as the soap sheeted off of him. Harry reached to turn the water off and they stepped from the shower into a red-faced and panting audience in the bathroom.

Hermione smiled. "That is the most sensual thing I believe I've ever seen."

The Gryffindor Coven and Kristen Thomas nodded. "I fully expected him to jam her full; when he didn't, well, it just got better."

Parvati smiled. "I'll fix that later."

Harry smiled hugely. "Come on, ladies, big day. It's the other twins' birthday. See you in the entry hall in ten minutes." He was literally hopping from foot to foot before he scampered away, showering the room with kisses.

The witches looked at each other and grinned. The Weasley twins were in so much trouble. Harry was all the way on and apparently intended to torture them into submission with every prank he and they, the Coven, could think of.


The Weasley twins arrived in the entry hall, smiling. Harry waved at them and the crowd turned and smiled. Suddenly they burst into song and "For they are jolly good fellows" roared around the entry hall. Neville had never been so glad. By the time the song ended he had his laughter under control. The twins were neon pink and green until they looked at each other, then they were normal. They looked around at the smiling faces and blushed pink when they looked at each other and chartreuse when they weren't looking at each other.

Harry led the group outside and into their stretches with the crowd chuckling and the twins confused.

Harry began partner-resisted exercises with Neville; the twins looked more and more confused as their pranks during their first four years of school—and the targets of them—scrolled down each of their backs, but only when the other twin couldn't see them.

Fully expecting one of Harry's special tarantellas, the twins, like true Gryffindors, stepped up and led the run, not knowing that their list of misdeeds against their schoolmates was constantly scrolling down their backs.

They wondered about the silence behind them and finally spun around to see a forest of wands aimed at them. They tried to turn and run but the curses hit them first. Harry fell over laughing as the pair of neon colored duck-billed platypuses slipped into the lake, to appear next being juggled by the giant squid. PT was over for the day.


Ron awoke while everyone was at PT and made his way to the shower. Thankfully the wand and he had become expertly efficient at the Scourgify. Ron stood in the shower with visions of Alicia Spinnet dancing in his head and his hand bobbing on his cock. He had managed a peek into the witches' shower at practice the other day, and she was awesome. There had to be a way to get into that. He was a wizard, after all. He wondered, since Alicia was a natural blond but her pubic hair was a little darker; would Ginny be auburn down there rather than new copper? Aaack, not Ginny again! Chess—yes, that was it, chess. Oppenheimer's gambit. Pawn to queen three. Oh, my. Let go of your cock, idiot, you're still thinking of Ginny. Aaargh! No, no! No coming, noooooo! Oh, gods! Mum will kill me! Only if Ginny doesn't.


While Ron was perving, Parvati was getting her due from this morning in the second floor girls' loo and then giving Myrtle a shot at the body and Harry. The girls were right, this was great fun—and oh, gods, what a visual! There had to be a way to get pictures of herself getting shagged by Harry. "Myrtle!"

"What, Parv?" Myrtle whined. She had been concentrating.

"Not in the ass with him that big!" Parvati was terrified—Harry was huge!

"You'll love it. Now just stay there and feel. First you have to completely relax."

Harry's head popped in past her ring of muscle and Parvati grunted. Myrtle smiled with Parvati's face. "See, he's so gentle. Oh, gods, you can feel every vein. Parvati?"

Off trapped in a corner of her mind, Parvati was nearly in shock. She could feel every vein and every one of them brought her to a new orgasm bigger than the last. This wasn't possible. Oh, Kali, she was an ass queen!

Myrtle's gentle laughter encouraged Harry but he still went very, very slowly.


The Coven tittered at Parvati's small steps and grateful sigh for her medium heels the rest of the day. She hardly noticed as her thoughts were that while she was possibly an ass queen, it required more practice.


Fred and George thanked Hagrid and Professor Flitwick—Hagrid for getting them away from the giant squid, and Professor Flitwick for reversing the combined charms on them. They managed to get around a corner before the two staff members fell down laughing.

"It may be a tough day, Fred."

"You think, George? Did you notice the little blighter just stood there laughing? He hasn't even pranked us yet."

Fred nodded. "We'll have to be very careful. He's powerful, but subtle sometimes."

George nodded.

Alicia and Angelina watched them and giggled. Alicia put the Minox camera away again. They were running a log of the pranks and results—"they" being the witches, Marjorie, and Katherine. They had joined forces and were just waiting for the twins to reach a certain point. Alicia and Angelina found that they really, really liked Katherine and Marjorie. The twins' only hope was to like all four of them. Well, maybe not their only hope with females—they were fairly good-looking—but their only hope with one of this group.


Albus sat smiling magnanimously out over the Great Hall, his eyes twinkling madly as he surface-scanned student after student as they entered. Ron walked in and made eye contact and Albus recoiled slightly. Great—after he dealt with the Chamber he had an incestuous pervert to deal with on top of somehow getting Longbottom ready. Although Potter seemed to be what Longbottom needed. Potter gave him confidence, and that study group was pouring knowledge down the boy like they'd unscrewed the top of his head. Maybe his hanging out with an incestuous pervert was just youthful high spirits.

Speaking of which, here were the very definitions, looking like they were ready for combat. Albus chuckled. April Fool's Day looked to be a little different this year. How did those two get to be those wonderful bright glowing colors?

The twins did manage to collect a horde of gifts along with the pranks that came their way; a lot of books from the Coven, gags from their friends and clothes from their parents, all in all the best birthday yet for them. They could take it as well as dish it out and enjoyed both. Except when their mother showed up in a very full corset, garter belt, red satin thong, fishnets and heels in the packed Gryffindor common room and came on to them like gangbusters. Ron fled screaming about "his eyes, his eyes" and Percy followed shortly, hand over mouth; but the twins, being made of sterner stuff, endured until a breast popped out of the way-too-full corset. After they fled, Nym fell over laughing and morphed back to herself as she scampered up the stairs, releasing the Transfiguration on her robes.


"Why don't you just rub one out now, Weasley? You are watching, after all."

"No, I'm not, Neville."

"Sure, Ron." Neville sighed. It was Saturday the tenth and Oliver had just let them go from a monstrous practice.

Ron blushed lightly. Neville grinned at him. "You're going to have to make yourself into something if you want one of them, Ron. They're smart and powerful. They aren't going to tolerate a wizard less than themselves."

"Bloody Potter," Ron grumbled.

Neville sighed. "You can't blame him for your own laziness, Ron. You don't see your brothers skiving off all the time."

"Bloody twins."

"You're impossible, do you know that?" Neville stood and left. Ron quickly finished changing and followed him.

On the other side of the curtain Alicia continued to rise slowly up and down on Harry. She really couldn't care less whether or not Weasley watched her take one of the best shags of her life. Harry was in a mood and she wasn't going to break it.


Later, at Potter Castle, Perenelle narrowed her eyes at Narcissa. "They have to start using contraceptive charms and the potion, and even that may not be enough. He's in love with Leyland,, and his magic will move to provide him with more and more children. Someone will be pregnant soon."

Narcissa shrugged. "And if they are? My master wants children; we should give them to him."

"Sacre bleu! They're children, Narcissa! Children having children? This will not go down well at all. If he wants children now, you need to give them to him."

"Well, if Harry and Hermione were married—"

"Emma! Morgana, he's warping your minds too. Narcissa I can understand, but you, Emma? You being driven by his need to formalize his relationship with your daughter and keep all other claimants away, this I do not understand. You aren't magical."

Emma's thought processes stopped abruptly, as if she had been dashed with ice water. Perenelle smiled. "Yes, now you see. He is very, very powerful. He unconsciously bends like thoughts to his; no, not even him really—his magic. Thank Circe his thoughts are all about making his women happy. If he should go evil he would make Riddle seem an Auguste."

Lily looked out from her brooch that Emma was wearing. "Nicholas?"

Nicholas nodded. "It's not just him. The six of them, the inner circle—Harry, Hermione, Susan, Padma, Daphne, and Nym—their magics are linked. Narcissa's may be soon, but Luna's will probably be sooner. He, or they, will grow more powerful. This is probably what Riddle tried to do with his Mark. I'll start working with them so they understand and can begin to control their unconscious influence on those around them."

Narcissa looked thoughtful. Andromeda took one look at her. "No, Cissy."

"She's our sister, Andromeda. Plus she could carry the Lestrange line through."

"She's mad as a hatter and a marked Death Eater, Cissy. She's a Dark magic user. We have no idea whether she's even fertile."

"Harry could enslave her, and the line-securing potions will force her to bear to term as long as she still has the correct organs."

Lily finally caught her breath from her gasp but then she thought a moment. "She never did hurt anyone that night; and thinking back, she never killed anyone that I know of. Tortured a few, but nothing as bad—"

Alice Longbottom exploded, "Other than carving on my Neville like he was a tree!"

Lily grimaced. "—as it could have been. Yes, other than that, Alice. If what Nicholas said is true, then Riddle is using the marked Death Eaters' power. We're better off with them dead."

Narcissa bristled. "I said he could enslave her, not that we could kill her, Lily."

Nicholas shrugged. "Right now he can't draw on them. If he's reincorporated he'll be able to. We'd be better off killing them now, at least arranging some accidents. That way Dumbledore and Riddle would be more evenly matched. They would draw in the more radical elements of both the light and Dark and more effectively destroy each other, leaving Harry less of both sides to have to clean up.

"As for Bellatrix, Harry enslaving her would put him in direct confrontation with Riddle. I think we would be best served by Sirius beginning to visit Bellatrix with Narcissa and slipping her some nutrient potions. Run a few scans on her and let's see if she has some kind of condition that causes this supposed madness, and what her possible breeding status is, before we even broach this with Harry.

"If so, we can cure it if possible. Harry's girls are truly amazing at medicine and potions, some of them; all are competent. Then, if she's in good enough shape when Riddle returns, we can take her and her husband and hide them. Harry can take whatever action with her he needs to then. That will take her and her husband's power away from Riddle. Or Harry can kill Lestrange and take his wife, securing the line for us." Nicholas shrugged again and the Ladies shuddered; that had been delivered with the completely cold demeanor only possible in one who had witnessed and participated in years of warfare and survived. A plan designed to win a war.

The discussion raged and moved on to the other Death Eater wives and what to do about them, until the golden afternoon was interrupted by Harry, with Hermione in hot pursuit, flying out of the French doors and across the lawn, where the parents of the extended Coven sat having their discussion.

Daphne, Susan, and Padma led the coven out and Lily arched a brow. Daphne sighed. "We were in the reading room with the study group. Harry left early to go by his room and see Neville. When we all left following Hermione, a fifth year—"

Padma interrupted. "—that we didn't even know was a poufter—"

Daphne continued, "—had Harry hemmed up in the hallway. Harry was doing fine fending off his advances, but when the fifth year reached over and grabbed Harry's forearm, Hermione went all territorial and hit him in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick."

Susan took over. "The idiot drew his wand on her."

Daphne finished. "Harry broke every bone in his body, we think." All three of them looked helpless and shrugged.

The first laugh came from Sirius, of course.

Lily finally got enough quiet to ask, "This boy is in the Hospital Wing?"

Susan nodded. "Obliviated."

James, on Sirius's tie, rubbed his hand through his hair. "So why is Hermione trying to kill Harry?"

Padma sighed. "She's convinced she had it under control. Harry reacted on instinct. She thinks he thinks she's weak. They're fine."

Daphne smiled dreamily. "Oh, yes, they are now."

Dan put his fingers in his ears. "I really don't want the play-by-play of the make-up sex."


"Not possible."

Nicholas rolled his eyes. "Yes, it is, Harry, and you and your inner circle are doing it. Narcissa planning how you'll get children on every woman she sees—I think she even has a Perenelle contingency should I die—and Emma having this marriage urge are indicators of it. No normal mother, when confronted with the fact of her just-teenaged daughter being sexually active, would immediately start planning the wedding; her father, perhaps, but not her mother.

"You must recognize it to be able to control it. We only fully realized it a week ago, so we have some time."

Harry grunted. "So this plan for the Death Eaters could be part of that, then."

"Yes, but it's not, Harry. That's just sound strategic planning. The Coven parents will execute it with or without your influence, the arranging accidents part. You need to get in front of that on the line preservation part. They lived through the first rise of Riddle; they have no intention of doing so again. They were damaged and hardened by it, as you were by your childhood. The Americans have a nice phrase: 'combat-accelerated Darwinism'. It very succinctly describes the phenomenon whereby people are inured to the horrors of war and the smartest survive. They apply it to their troops and enemies."

Hermione reached over and slapped Harry lightly on the chest. He was mocking Nicholas. "Stop that, Harry."

Harry pouted. "Fine for you, Ne. You don't have to knock them up and have them around like Narcissa. Uh, that came out totally wrong."

Narcissa looked over with frosty blue eyes. Harry tried to save himself. "I love you, Cissy. I don't want any more, though."

The frosty blue eyes calculated for a moment, then she reached over and touched his bare arm. "You'd better be glad that works better now, Harry, or I'd be a crying mess right now, and you would be hexed soprano. You really don't want any more women around—what kind of teenager are you? You don't even think of sex every other thought any more. I just found a whole treatise with nothing sexual in it."

Harry grinned. "A well satisfied one, thank you all very much."

Susan grinned at him. "Be that as it may, Harry, the plan is politically sound and leaves our covers not only alive but in better positions. They can be happily gay their whole lives, escort us to a few public events, and never worry about heirs if you build them all heirs on their mothers, sisters, or us. We've even captured eight of the nine you nutted as covers. And the rumors about them have died right down. Amazing what a little inappropriate décolletage and a giggle will do."

Narcissa nodded. "And it's not like the wives will mind. You, Hermione, and I can triple-team them and they'll be yours forever."

Harry arched a brow at Nicholas and he nodded. "Apparently you really, really like children."

Perenelle cleared her throat. "Which brings us to the next point. You Coven witches and Squibs have to start taking the potion and using contraceptive charms. Especially you, Nym. Unless, of course, you want to go to class pregnant."

They all blinked. Gwenog smiled and rubbed her belly; she was just beginning to show. Nym nodded vigorously along with the Hogwarts Coven and the younger Squibs. Some of the older Squibs looked thoughtful before nodding too; Uni would be difficult pregnant, nanny elves or no.

Gwenog barked a laugh. "You'll just have to be satisfied with breeding us, Narcissa, and the trophy wives for now, Harry."

Harry pouted outrageously before he broke and smiled, then shook his head. "No trophy wives yet. That plan needs refining. They need partners to be linked with after my—erm, their heirs are born."

Narcissa nodded. Harry continued, "So, anything else influenced by our magic, Nicholas?"

Nicholas and Perenelle shook their heads. Nicholas answered, "We don't think so, Harry. Well, no other people. You are amazingly focused on your women and children. The Coven's other activities—physical training, studying, research, manufacturing, business—seem to be focused on providing the required wealth to support them and the power and skill to protect them. That's—well, not normal, perhaps, but acceptable, as you provide for the people involved along the way with decent wages, interesting work, and chances for advancement."

Perenelle looked at Luna and then Harry. "So what about the Chamber of Secrets?" Perenelle had recognized Luna as a true seer and had been working with her to sort her visions from reality in her mind. The only other person who could spend any significant time in Luna's mind was Harry, not because her defenses were so good but because it was a sickening riot of images. Harry just overwhelmed that when he was in there. Luna could achieve amazing levels of concentration about some things. Harry wearing her out mentally was one of them.

Luna shook her head. "No new, erm, lines, if you will. Still the same three. We find it and kill it—the creature, I mean. Neville and Ron find it and get killed by it. Or the school closes. Lately there is an odd kind of combination of the three that's becoming more...perhaps urgent is the word."

Harry shook his head. "Those last two are out. Although we're no closer to finding it."

Luna nodded. "Ginny told me she, Ron, and Neville had been to see Hagrid. He admitted to the spider but said it never hurt anyone. Ron is spending all his time looking for spiders. Oddly enough, he's scared nearly witless of them."

The inner circle cracked up suddenly at Harry's Good, maybe Ron'll quit wanking all the time! The boy was becoming legendary. It was a boarding school, after all.


On Wednesday the fifteenth of April Ginny caught Ron in the hallway and forced him at wandpoint into the nearest empty classroom. She used a series of spells that no first year should know to secure the room. Ginny was very diligent in study group.

Ron looked at her burning red face. "What?"

Ginny exploded in a preternaturally bad imitation of Ron's voice. "'Ginny! Oh, Ginny!' What the hell is wrong with you, you pervert? You talk in your sleep while you're wanking, calling my name! I can hardly show my face."

"It's a lie! Goddamn Potter!"

"He had nothing to do with this! I traced the rumor back to your slacker alcoholic buddy Finnegan. You'd better fix this before Neville hears about it, Ron, or I'll kill you!"

Ron opened his mouth and then clapped it shut. Ginny's eyes were burning red and her hair was floating around her head. She spun on her heel and left. Ron ran to the common room, up the stairs to his dorm room, and leapt on Seamus. Dean Thomas watched, prepared to laugh, and then ran for help instead. Weasley was trying to kill Finnegan.

The first person Dean ran into was Neville. "Neville, where's Harry? Weasley is trying to kill Finnegan with his bare hands."

Neville blinked. "Not here. In his study group or on the way there, probably. Come on."

Neville charged up the stairs, took one look at Weasley bashing Finnegan's head on the floor, and Stunned them both. He and Dean levitated them and took them to the Hospital Wing.

Ginny, nearly in tears, ran into something in the hall on the way to study group and bounced off, landing on her ass. "Beg pardon, Ms Weasley." Draco offered her a hand up. Ginny smiled reluctantly and let him help her to her feet. Draco pulled her up and to his chest and his eyes changed somehow. "Ginny, oh, Ginny."

Before he could laugh he found himself on fire. Weasley had never drawn her wand but her eyes were glowing red. Draco ran screaming down the hall. Sirius and Remus knocked him down with simultaneous Stunners, put him out, and levitated him to the Hospital Wing at a run. The students in the hall looked at Ginny, with her glowing eyes and floating hair, and every thought of the rumor they had heard, or of telling a teacher about this, fled their minds on winged feet.


Pomfrey was just getting the pugilists settled after cleaning them up and healing them—she had left them Stunned; the Longbottom lad had shown great presence of mind there—when Sirius and Remus ran in levitating the still-smoldering Malfoy. She looked at the boy and flinched; he was completely covered in burns. "Put him in this tub." When she flicked her wand, a tub of blue gel appeared and Malfoy's clothes vanished. His whole body was burned.

Sirius and Remus lowered Malfoy in, supporting his head. Poppy brushed them back. "No, no, all the way in." She installed a miniature Bubble-Head Charm around his nose and mouth and pushed him firmly down in the gel after she Stunned him. Remus and Sirius backed away.

Dumbledore bumped them forward when he abruptly pushed the doors of the Hospital Wing open. He went to the beds of Ron first, then Seamus, and after putting a hand on each of their heads he grunted and stepped back. "Not Petrified. A fight, typically wizard—apparently over some witch." He seemed to be talking to himself.

Neville and Dean looked at each other. Neville thought, Over a witch? They must have been wanking over the same one. They could never get one to pay attention to them. Dean caught his eye and grinned. Neville and Dean suppressed their laughter at the circle-wank gone wrong.

Dumbledore strode to the blue-gel-filled tub. "Much more serious, potentially fatal. What happened, Professors?"

Sirius shrugged. "It looked like Malfoy knocked a young witch down, then pulled her up by her wrist and burst into flame."

Remus nodded and went along as Sirius reinforced his Occlumency. "I suspect he assaulted a claimed witch and the other wizard's magic overpowered his."

Dumbledore looked around. Sirius's and Remus's eyes followed his and just as they all lit on Longbottom, he had to sit down. He was very pale. Dumbledore smiled and thought, Well, the Boy Who Lived is a man now. He turned back to Draco. "I have tried to be forgiving but this, I believe, will require your attention, Lord Black."

Sirius blinked. Dumbledore sighed. "You hold House Malfoy's Heir and Regent, do you not?"

Sirius blinked again. Dumbledore nodded. "I leave this matter in the hands of his Head of House, then." He left the Hospital Wing, inordinately pleased. Neville was coming right along, and now Sirius had the hot potato, not him.

Poppy looked at Sirius. "He'll be fine in the morning; you can deal with him then."

Sirius blinked again and Remus steered him away. As soon as they cleared the doors they looked at each other. "Study group."


In the reading room Harry was looking at Ginny with his mouth open. She stamped her foot. "Only a little, Harry, and I was already mad!"

Harry snapped his mouth closed. "How do you light someone on fire 'a little', Ginny?"


"Oh, hell no, Ginny! The puppy-dog eyes won't save you this time. You're going to anger management classes, young lady. Even I don't just light people on fire in a fit of pique! I do it on purpose. What if Remus and Sirius hadn't been there?"

Ginny mumbled something. Harry frowned. "What?"

"We would have had one less pure-blood ponce to deal with."

Harry put his head in his hands. Hermione took over the conversation with Ginny. Septima looked at Bathsheba and Aurora. "On fire? That little slip of a witch lit a wizard older than her on fire? Without a wand?"

"But with her lord's magic, apparently."

"Aiiie! Morgana's saggy teats, Sirius, stop sneaking up on me!" Septima had her hand over her heart.

Sirius grinned unrepentantly. "Young Draco is in a burn potion bath up in the Hospital Wing, apparently courtesy of you, Ms Weasley. Well, you and your lord. Been doing that bonding thing a lot, have you? Dumbledore has turned Draco over to his Head of House so you'll have to do something about him, Harry." Sirius paused. "Oh, that reminds me." He dug in a pocket and flipped Harry a small golden object. "Neville Longbottom is occupying a bed, apparently magically exhausted. Ron Weasley is in a bed recovering from injuries sustained in what appears to have been a vicious fistfight with Seamus Finnegan, who is occupying another bed. Do you know anything about this, Harry?"

Harry snatched the object out of the air with no effort. He peered at it and sighed. Hermione took it and stuck it on Harry's finger. The Malfoy Family ring joined the others and Harry felt it submit immediately. He smiled thinly; at least one thing about the house was smart. Well, two: Leyland was brilliant.

Harry raised his hand. "Draco Malfoy, I cast you from the family, never to darken the door or the name of Malfoy ever again."

A corona of blue-white light burst from Harry and passed through the school and then wizarding Britain. In the Hospital Wing, Draco felt it and moved restlessly even in his Stunned state.

Dumbledore felt it and smiled. Yes, nicely played, Sirius. Now he could gain control of Draco no-name. If the boy wanted to survive he would need a powerful patron and, well, there could be none more powerful, could there? With Severus in Azkaban, an appropriate spy could be very useful; and the boy was good looking. Better than Severus, even. A few years from now….

In the Ministry, records updated themselves and Draco changed from "Draco Malfoy" to "Draco ?".

In Potter Castle Narcissa felt it and surprised herself by shedding a lone tear. Andromeda, Tonks, and Bellatrix felt it too, all with varying degrees of concern.

Near Brest, Jacques Malfoi felt it and growled in frustration. This new head was already casting members out? This could not stand!

Sirius looked at Harry with a raised brow. "Well, that's fairly final, Harry."

Harry shrugged. "I could kill him instead."

Sirius smiled grimly. "We might wish we had."


On Sunday the eighteenth Harry was lying on the lawn, head on Hermione's flat belly, when Marie Caldwell, still self-appointed mistress of the post, snorted and dropped a letter on his chest. "Jacques Malfoi wishes an audience with the Malfoy."

Narcissa's head snapped around. "He's a snake in the grass, Harry. Where, Marie?"

"He's waiting at Malfoy Manor."


"Narcissa! Leyland!"

"Oh, hush, Harry. He'll hear worse. What are we going to do? Harry?"

Hermione lifted her head and sighed. "At least he has trunks on."

Jacques Malfoy sat in the chair behind the Patriarch's desk. He watched the door open and smiled sardonically at the apparent fifteen-year-old boy. "You are the new head's plaything? Where is he? I am glad that he is so generous with his toys, but I prefer to conduct business first."

Harry grinned. "Well, good to know I'm not causing a problem for the family, then."

Jacques screamed in surprise as he burned to ash.

"Harry! You just made Ginny go to anger management classes for that very thing."

"When did you get here, Ne? It wasn't the same thing. I wasn't mad at all. Let's go talk to these others."

Hermione threw up her hands. "The ones you left all over the estate are alive?"

"Ne, don't be this way."

"What way, Harry? You just run off and do whatever you feel like and I can't?"

"Ne! You're in my head; you knew where I'd gone and what I was doing. I would have come back if it was too crazy."

Hermione stepped up and beat on Harry's chest with her fist. "Beast, scared me." She kissed the surprised Harry passionately. The Coven arrived through the trunk she had dropped on the ground, smiled at them, and moved around collecting Malfois and laying them out on the lawn. It was quite the collection, from grandfather to youngest children.

Narcissa was fuming. "Intended to move right in, no doubt." She kicked Beatrice's unconscious but very attractive pale blond form. "Veela bitch."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Narcissa!"

"You should shag her and all her daughters right now and kill all the wizards, Harry. We'll take care of this problem. I wonder if Augusta could knock us up some line-securing potions?"

Harry looked at Hermione. "See? That's angry."

Hermione huffed. "I know what angry is, Harry. I am married to you, after all."

Harry pouted, then grinned like an idiot. She'd said she was married to him. No one else said a word. Finally, when the Malfois were all gathered—including the Disillusioned ones, thanks to Nym's contacts—Sirius whistled. "Damn, Harry. How did you Stun all these?"

Harry shrugged. "I wanted them unconscious, except for Jacques."

Susan shuddered. "Who was a serious perv. You should have heard him proposition Harry."

Daphne grinned. "What is it with you and poufs, Harry?"

Harry cleared his throat. "Anyway, like I said, I wanted them unconscious. The magic then did something to them. I walked into Lucius's study and Jacques was sitting behind the desk. He propositioned me for later and I burned him up. Problem solved."

Nym shook her head. "Not really, Harry. Every male here over, say, thirty has a Dark Mark. None of the women do, though."

Su ran over to look. "Oh, I want some of these. We can take the Marks off the rest and put them in stasis. Just the Marks, not the whole Death Eaters."

Harry put his head in his hands. Hermione gave him a hug. "Not to say anything, Harry, but this is what happens when we don't plan and you go all over savage. It affects the rest of us. Now sweet little Su is all bloodthirsty again."

Harry gave her a hug and a smirk. "Yes, dear."


Remus rubbed his face. "While this is all very entertaining, what are we going to do now?"

Harry smiled at Hermione. "Put them all in the Potter Castle dungeon and plan. Otto!"

Hermione grinned back. "Good boy. Take me home, Harry."

Otto blinked at his master and then nodded. He popped away and gathered the elves; soon enough, the still-unconscious Malfois were naked in cells.


On Thursday the twenty-second Beatrice Malfoi looked up when she heard heels clicking on the flagstones outside her cell. She snorted when Narcissa came into view. "So Jacques was unsuccessful against your lord—our lord, I suppose."

Narcissa smiled. "Very good, Beatrice. I was afraid you were going to be difficult."

Beatrice chuckled. "I'm being held naked in an unknown dungeon that hums with power. How difficult could I really be? So what is our lord's plan?"

Narcissa waved her door open and came in. Beatrice moved and found herself frozen. Narcissa smiled. "Dobby, I'm afraid. Harry gave him some rather broad instructions and he interprets them rather broadly. Please, no sudden moves or he might do something rash. Now, Harry, our lord Harry James Potter, the Duke Potter, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and several others, has decided the house is to go in a different direction. He's working on freeing the wizards from their Marks. If he can't, they will live out their days here in these dungeons. The younger wizards and the witches will be freed after he's satisfied with them and their loyalty. There has been talk of binding the witches to him in the traditional manner, but he doesn't really want to do that."

Beatrice chuckled. "I am not sure I am not insulted. A teenager and he doesn't want this?"

She waved at her body, finding she was unfrozen. Narcissa smiled. "Don't be insulted, Beatrice. He is the Warlock of a Coven."

Beatrice blinked. "At, what, twelve? All those scions nutted at Hogwarts...your new son. Oh, my. Poor Jacques never had a chance. I warned him. So our lord will get an heir on me and perhaps on Josephine and Melissa, and the rest of us will swear loyalty? Too bad about the wizards; hopefully he will be able to do something about that. He will, of course, help the rest of us find husbands?"

Narcissa blinked. "Uh, Harry intends to take your oaths, use this loyalty charm of his on you, and send you home. He's already planning your ward updates."

Beatrice frowned. "That will never work. We will need guarantees; his blood is the best one."

Narcissa frowned. "Don't be stubborn, Beatrice! You won't like him angry."

"Phhht! Send him to see me—oh, and send me Josephine and Melissa. We will convince him."

Narcissa shook her head. "It's a really bad idea to consider him a boy, Beatrice. I doubt even you as a full Veela will be able to turn him if he balks. If you insist on this course I will, as the Malfoy Matriarch, take your request to him. Meanwhile, if I can have your oaths, the witches and unmarked wizards can be moved to more suitable quarters."

"Of course, Narcissa. Swear me and let's get the others."


The twenty-fourth found the Malfois meeting the Coven. Beatrice stepped into the master bedroom of Camelot and her heart clenched for a moment. The room was packed full of naked witches of every possible age and description, at least those of breeding age. So plan number one was out, then. She blinked but her pure-blood trophy training kept her still when the sixteen-year-old with the magnificent body and the wild, curly brown hair waved at her and her clothes disappeared. Waved, mind—no wand. "This is it, Narcissa?"

Hermione circled Beatrice. "Not in very good shape. Harry can shag it if he wants to but it will need to be in much better shape before he gets a child on it."

Beatrice turned an interesting shade of red and opened her mouth. The cat fell across her breast, not gently. "No talking."

Hermione moved on to Josephine: nineteen, half Veela, Beatrice's daughter, and absolutely stunning; and Melissa, her first cousin, twenty-two, half Veela, and perhaps even more ethereally beautiful than Josephine. "Harry will like these. Leave them here and take the other away, Narcissa. We'll send them back to their cells once Harry has a chance to shag them."

Beatrice moved and ran into a backhand that knocked her down. The lithe apparent sixteen-year-old stood over her. "I am the Matriarch here, Beatrice. He chose me. I will not disappoint him, and if necessary I'll kill you to prove it to him. You will do exactly as I say or you will die. He has women by the score if he wants them, some better looking and more talented than you or your half-Veela daughters and nieces. All more devoted. The only thing that matters to us is him."

Beatrice wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and looked up into the oddly glowing golden brown eyes and shuddered. The witch spoke no lie. They were fanatically devoted to Harry Potter. Not to the Potters, not to magic, nothing but him.

Hermione waved and Beatrice was healed. "You actually took that much better than I would have. Now, since you see the way of it, we can talk. Harry is out playing with Leyland at the Castle, but you should know he can hear and see through us. Oh, and I'm sorry for hitting you, but you had to be made to see."

Beatrice blinked. These people were insane! She looked at Narcissa, who shrugged and put out a hand to raise Beatrice to her feet. "I would go with Hermione. Harry would have just cut you all loose in the world. He really doesn't like bullies, and that's what he considers Death Eaters. Politics, especially sexual politics, are not something he does. If you can convince us and her you might get your wish, though."

Josephine nodded. "Listen to her, Mother."

Beatrice eyed her daughter. "Why, dear? I can still take my chances with our lord."

Josephine snorted. "Leaving alone this room full of beautiful, powerful witches? See that odd pink hair over there? That's Nymphadora Tonks over there in his bed, a full Metamorphmagus. I have heard of her and fought wizards' fantasies of her. He can literally have any woman he wants, from any era and anywhere, with just her."


Harry sat on the lawn—well, in the sandbox off the patio—with Leyland and a stormy look. Sirius walked over and sat in a rattan chair with James' tie on. James looked at Harry. "So?"

Harry sighed. "They aren't going to go for just vassal—erm, hood 'tude? Anyway, Beatrice and the other Veela are trying to influence Hermione."

Emma walked over and sat down, chuckling. "Bet that's not going well for them, is it, Harry?"

"More like not for me, Emma. Beatrice accepted Hermione's dominance almost immediately."

Sirius grinned. Harry sighed "Not that way, Sirius."

Lily looked from her brooch on Emma's shirt with narrowed eyes and Magda smacked Sirius lightly in the back of the head. Sirius frowned. "Are you all right, dear?" Lily asked solicitously. "That had hardly any pep in it at all."

Magda squirmed a little. "Upset stomach."

Sirius promptly forgot the other conversation and oriented on Magda. They all did. She rolled her eyes. "I'll be fine. Now, Harry, what about the Malfois?"

Harry grimaced at her. He had held some small hope that this would distract them all. "They actually have made some valid arguments both ways. Well, both ways that help them. I'll be leaving them without men over thirty—in other words, no wizards in their prime—at least for the foreseeable future, and blood is better to tie some wards to. Also, unfortunately for me, I can find Narcissa anywhere on the planet or in near space anytime, and I know if she has—well, I know her physical condition at all times."

James suddenly laughed. "Lils, I'm all grown up. First I come up with the vassal thing for the contract witches, and now I feel Harry's pain over this. A few years ago I would have been dancing and cheering for Harry to shag them all. Sorry, Harry, no tricks I know on this one. They do make sense."

Hermione led the Coven and the Malfoi witches and young wizards onto the patio. The Coven parents blinked. Even suppressed, there was a lot of Veela allure in this group. The Coven fell in around Harry, who had stood, brushed the sand off himself, and turned to the approaching crowd after picking up Leyland. The Malfois sailed up and bowed or curtsied. Harry sighed and waved. The Malfois felt the loyalty charm wash over them.

Beatrice smiled. "Thank you, my lord. Now, about the claiming of the women?" She released her allure and Harry frowned.

"Don't do that, Beatrice. It actually makes me mad. I don't like being controlled."

Beatrice goggled and slammed her controls on. "Beg pardon, my lord."


"Owww, that had some pep. Better, love?"

"I'll 'better love' you, drooling dog!"

Sirius ducked the next swing.

Harry could only laugh, a deep belly laugh. Beatrice frowned in confusion. Harry stepped into her and kissed her on the cheek, leaving her blushing like a schoolgirl. "Welcome to the family, Beatrice. It's never dull for long."


Sunday, May second, Harry found Beatrice and Narcissa in the study of Potter Castle with Hermione. He had had a lie-down, with Joan Sterns, after the completely out of control practice Woods had just put them through. Harry sat in a wingback after greeting the ladies. Beatrice looked at Hermione again. "So Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel tutor you all? Harry already had a run-in with the Dark Lord and you think some monster is loose in your school, but you aren't too worried because you're talking to the teenaged Dark Lord who started all this through some enchanted diary. The Coven has Squib members and you are all in business together, and Harry plans to let the pure-bloods fight it out and then step in and pick up the pieces after killing Riddle and perhaps Dumbledore? Merde, I told Jacques to leave you alone, Harry."

Harry grinned at her. "Second thoughts, Bea? We don't have to..." He made a vague motion over his lap. "It's not too late for you to just go on your way."

Beatrice narrowed her eyes and her accent became very pronounced. "There is perhaps something wrong with me, Harry? I smell, perhaps? I know it is not that I am unattractive. Your godfather may be brain damaged by now."

Harry backpedaled. "Uh, no, you smell very nice. Erm, uh, I hear Mother calling!" He fled. Hermione looked at Beatrice with a smile and gave her an opera clap. Narcissa shook her head. "Bea, you're going to regret winding him up so much when he gets you in bed."

Beatrice flipped her long platinum-blond braid over her shoulder from its position on her breast. "I'd better. All this work! Insulting, really—and these exercises! I am a full Veela, you know, Hermione."

Hermione just looked at her. "And very, very beautiful, as are the others of your house. Even the wizards are beautiful. He took on all of us last Christmas, and the Harpies, too. We had to stop; he didn't. Trust me, the exercises will come in handy. Besides, if you keep getting sexier, it will just help you in France."

"Bah! Like here, the Dark wizards are asexual or poufters because they went too far. Herve killed two the other day. The other boys are just like him. Perhaps Harry went too far on that loyalty charm. They are positively Gryffindor, subtle as a cannon and all about honor and family now. If someone threatens one of the girls they are completely merciless and—how do you say it? Short fused.

"Anyway, I will probably not find a husband; a few lovers, male or female, no doubt. Probably female with the Harpies and Narcissa and the other trophy wives, wizards are not appealing to me other than Harry; but no husband. The family reputation precedes us and is too fresh. The girls will do all right, I hope, with the neutral and light families, but not I; too many faults, a Malfoi, the Malfoi Matriarch, a widow, and a Veela. Yes, yes, Narcissa, Malfoi with an I. That is too many strings for a wizard of the station I would be willing to accept. He could just contract a younger, never-married witch.

"I will take what Harry offers. Soon, I hope."

Hermione nodded. "Yes, well, maybe. Harry will be ready for you soon. He likes you, when you aren't laying it on too thick. Well, he likes that, too, but he isn't sure what to do about it."

Beatrice threw her hands up. "Men! Me, he can do me!"

Hermione and Narcissa giggled. When Beatrice was trying to seduce Harry you could cut the sexual tension with a knife, and if she was within ten yards of him she was trying to seduce him. Neville normally fled now whenever she appeared. Sirius put a cushioning charm on the back of his head.


The eighth of May found Harry, Hermione, Lavender, Parvati, Alicia, Angelina, Katie, and the others in the Gryffindor locker room listening to a rambling but rousing pre-game speech.

The Quidditch stands were jammed with students and parents. The extended Coven, now including the Malfois, and the Harpies were in the stands. Beatrice had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams yesterday, and Harry had taken her to unconsciousness three times last night and scared her witless with a grin and a "to be continued" after a very vigorous morning session. Hermione was right, Narcissa too: Beatrice had wound him too tightly. Josephine smirked at her mother. "I'll be happy to help with our lord, Mother."

"After all this work, Josephine? No! Well, maybe."

Josephine laughed and the crowd roared as Lee introduced the teams.

On the edge of the tunnel from the locker room, the Lions looked out over the pitch. The twins looked at Harry.

"Diggory is good, Harry."

"No fooling around."

"Catch the Snitch and—"

"—get us out of here."

The teams lined up and Oliver went down and shook hands.

Harry grinned. "If I Stun one of you, can the other talk?"

Fred glared. "Yes, smart-arse. Now go catch the bloody Snitch."

Harry smiled and orbited the twins. "Tense, aren't we?"

As George opened his mouth to reply the Snitch blasted by his head followed by Harry, and the game was on.

The twins took off after the Bludgers and Angelina led the Chasers into an attack.

Gwenog and the Harpies watched, nodding. Some of these witches would need contract offers in a few years. Not just the Lions, either. That one Beater of the Badgers' was no joke. "HARRY, JINK LEFT!"

Harry jinked and the Bludger off Louisa's bat sailed past his head. Gwenog looked relieved. Lee commented, "And Harry dodges Louisa's love tap."

"Jordan!" Minerva's correction was a little half-hearted. That Bludger had been headed right for Harry's head.

"And appears to be still on the Snitch, with Diggory closing now. The Lionesses are running riot over the meager Badger defense, and there's another goal for Spinnet, making it thirty-ten Gryffindor." Lee never missed a beat.

Harry followed the Snitch over the top and into a screaming power dive as Cedric pursued him closely. They turned around the base of the Slytherin stands and Harry's blazing reaction time saved Draco from being impaled on a broomstick, either Harry's or Cedric's. Harry looked at the smirking Draco and thought, What the hell is wrong with him? We nearly killed him!

Daphne turned and grabbed Tracey and Eliza. They stood and Pansy and Millicent followed them. As they quickly made their way down the stands, Harry cursed luridly and pulled for altitude. He had lost the Snitch.

Draco laughed and then felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. He turned and looked down the wands of Daphne, Tracey, and Millicent. Eliza stood slightly off to one side and Pansy off to the other. Draco took them in and smirked. "Well, well, what can I do for you ladies?"

Eliza snorted. "Not embarrass the House by interfering in the game again, Draco."

"Gladly. Some of these deserve their paltry amusements. Soon they will be gone."

Daphne rolled her eyes. "Are you still on that kick, Draco? Whoever the Heir actually is, he's doing more harm than good."

"He's ensuring the supremacy of pure blood, you slmmmph! MMMPH MRRRMPH MMPH GRRRWWWW!"

Millicent twirled her wand and sheathed it. "You should watch your mouth there, no-name. You're less than a house-elf as far as those of blood are concerned, ejected from your house. Did you think we wouldn't know? Now, run along, elf, before I decide to ensure that the wizards of the house know and recognize your status, fully. Of course I might just beat you senseless and leave you nude in the seventh year dorm."

Draco looked at the muscular, attractive, dark-haired and ice-blue-eyed, nearly six-foot witch and her eager grin, paled, and fled. Daphne leaned into Millie and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you, Millie."

Millie blushed, then chuckled. "I've been waiting since first year to get back at him for his snide little comments about me. That was almost enough. I nearly had him wetting his pants for a second. I may still chuck him nude into the seventh year dorm, though."

Pansy nodded. "I'll help."

Oliver took advantage of a break in the action to look around and wondered why Ron was looking like he'd been smacked with a Beater's bat. That boy was a puzzle, brilliant at strategy and pants at life.

Next to Ron on the bench, Lavender was poking at him with a conjured hatpin. Hermione and Parvati were watching him not react at all but just stare, drooling, into the stands where the Coven was sitting. Hermione snapped her fingers. "The Veela. Beatrice and the other Malfoi Veela!"

Parvati nodded. "I wonder if there's a correlation between IQ and susceptibility to the charm. I mean, they have it damped all the way down, but look at Ron here, and some of those others in the stands. None of them are the sharpest knives in the drawer and they're all hypnotized."

Lavender looked thoughtful and stopped poking Ron. He wasn't noticing anyway, and he was bleeding on the bench.


Harry and the Gryffindors came out on top of the game and thus won the Cup. The locker room was a loud, crowded, bawdy party. Neville and Ron left when it got completely out of control, Neville because Ginny was smiling at him and Ron because the Lionesses weren't smiling at him.

They wandered into the castle from a trip around the grounds and were nearly run down by Harry and the Coven running in the door and up the stairs. Neville, with Ginny, took off after Harry while Ron was still spluttering. Neville caught Harry fairly easily, which surprised him. Harry was apparently listening to something.

Harry was. He was listening to the creature's mad ranting and trying to follow it. It was leading them down the hall when it suddenly disappeared. "Bloody hell! I've lost it." Harry spun on his heel and ran up the corridor the other way.

"Lost what, Harry?" Neville panted. They were running flat-out.

"The creature, Neville. I heard it, but then I lost it."

Harry and Neville skidded around the corner, leading the girls, and found Dumbledore bent over the apparently Petrified Cederic Diggory and Penelope Clearwater. Hermione snorted. Diggory was Petrified with a handful of Clearwater breast, and Penelope had her hands full of Diggory wand—fortunately outside the clothes in both cases. Percy, the prick, was going to go insane; this would be fun.

Dumbledore knew he was in trouble and would probably be suspended until there was another, worse attack. Someone was going to have to die, and he would have to find the creature and kill it. "Ah, Neville, Mr Potter. On the spot, as usual. You must continue your hunt. Talk to Hagrid." He made shooing motions with his hands and Neville backed away. Harry went with him perforce, as Neville had ended up in front of him due to stopping late after they rounded the corner.

Harry turned and led the group to the reading room. Once inside, he turned to Hermione. "A snake that Petrifies people? It has to be a snake, because it was talking in Parseltongue just now, about the pipes being so small."

Hermione nodded. "A Basilisk. How is it getting out, though? Phht—where is it getting out from?"

Harry tapped the Map and began to mark on the map the locations where he had heard the voice. Megan leaned in and added the locations of the attacks. Soon enough they had marked a roughly spherical area which was centered on Myrtle's bathroom.

They all looked at each other for a moment before Tracey said, "We need to beat on diary Riddle some more."

Hermione nodded. "And talk to Myrtle."
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