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Afternoon at Astbury Hall or Happy Birthday, KK Downing

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Two authors of erotica and fans of KK decide to pay him a visit and give him a special birthday present.

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Disclaimer: All the events from the below story are a figment of our dirty imagination. We've never been to Astbury Hall... (yet 3:) )

Eleyne's story:

While I’m lying in bed in a hotel room, listening to Yasmin’s steady breathing, I recall how it all began for me. The fascination with Judas Priest and the twin axes, hooking up with Yasmin on the Rock Forum and then after finding out that our fantasies and desires steer in the same direction, starting to write down about what makes us tick. And what makes us tick is Judas Priest, their music and their persons. They conquered our minds and made us very prolific in the field of erotica, prolific enough that we managed to write and publish 2 books about the band… Without using any real names of course. And now after overcoming a lot of difficulties we’ve finally succeeded in arranging to meet in person for the very first time and to try to make our fantasies a reality – we booked the trip to England. Well, not only that, we also decided it would be fantastic to meet Ken and perhaps eat a meal at his new restaurant… and perhaps try some golfing… If weather permits…

Tomorrow will be an important day for us. If we’re lucky enough, we will meet Ken at his mansion and also give him our birthday gift. We got our books nicely printed out, bound and gift wrapped. We both hope he’ll love it. And I don’t need to say that we both hope to get a piece of his delicious person… I smile blissfully thinking about him, picturing his face in my mind. He’s so sexy…
A terrible sound wakes me up. My mobile phone is making a lot of noise, beeping and vibrating. Last night I set the alarm clock to help us get up on time. It may be the most important day in our lives and we have to get prepared for it. Yasmin is stirring on the other side of the bed, mumbling something under her nose, then she just pulls the covers over her head. I sigh and turn off the alarm then say.

“Yasmin, we have to get up. We have a lot of things to do before we go to Astbury Hall. You know it…”

“Yes, I do, but I still feel a bit jet legged,” she mumbles, “it may just be 4 hours of difference but the flight killed me. I need to sleep a bit more.”

“As you want, but they finish serving breakfast here at 10 am.”

“You know that I won’t eat a full English breakfast. Just bring up some coffee and a croissant for me.” She turns around finishing the conversation. I just sigh. I know her flight was a long one. Yesterday night she just collapsed when we finally got to our hotel. Then I shrug, at least I can have the bathroom for myself.

I do a quick wash, intending to take a full shower later on, and get dressed, then go down to the hotel restaurant. Well, this English breakfast looks huge indeed. And I don’t want to stuff myself too much either… I decide to go for some pastries and coffee.

When I come back to our room with a tray with croissants for Yasmin and a big pot of coffee, she’s still sleeping so I use the opportunity that the bathroom is still free and take a shower. Considering what we wrote in our hot prose, I decide to take more hygienic measures than usual, I really want to feel comfortable later on if we really manage to put our dirty paws on Ken and not be inhibited or unpleasantly surprised. Half an hour later I emerge out of the bathroom completely clean outside and also inside. This anal douche that I’ve just taken makes me feel naughty and ready to face any challenges. Yasmin is sitting on the bed, drinking coffee and munching the croissant with a still very absent minded face.

“You have showered?” She asks, noticing a towel wrapped on my hair.

“Yes, not only that. I suggest that when you have yours, you might want to use this.” I take out a device out of my toiletries bag.

“What’s this?” She’s eyeing the rubber bulb.

“It’s for washing your ass, honey. Or to be more precise – for washing the inside of it…” I wink at her. “If we’re lucky, Ken might want to try out everything we wrote about. It’s better to be really clean in there, don’t you think?”

“I suppose you are right. I’d rather not have any unpleasant surprises,” she chuckles a bit finishing her coffee and adds. “Very tasty croissants. Especially those with chocolate.”

“I know, I ate 3 of those myself,” I nod.

“What happened to your diet?” she laughs again.

“Well, it got temporarily suspended.” I laugh back at her. “Get up, girlfriend. Our table at Lac Artisté is waiting for us. It’s after 10 and we have booked for 1 pm. And we still have a lot of things to do. I want to do something with my hair…”

“Like what?”

“Curl it up. But it will take an hour…” I sigh, “that’s why I do it rarely, only for very special occasions.”

“I see, Ken is such a special occasion.”

“Yeah, a very special occasion. I want to look my best.”

She’s closing the bathroom door now and knowing that she will take at least the same amount of time as I did I get down to beautifying myself and to pampering my skin with a fragrant body lotion. I hope Ken will appreciate the scent later on. When Yasmin goes out of the bathroom a considerable amount of time later she sees me sitting in front of the mirror with a hair curler.

“Oh, I thought you would use the other type of curlers, the ones that you just leave on your hair for a while.”

“I suppose they are more efficient, but I’d have had to sleep in them, which I didn’t want to. This one will have to do.”

“I hope the weather won’t destroy your hairstyle,” she’s looking out the window now. Outside it’s grey and it looks like it’s going to rain.

“I know, I used this. It’s supposed to prolong the curl,” I show her the cosmetic I brought here.

“Can I use it too? I wouldn’t mind curling my hair too, but humidity always ruins whatever I do on my head.”

“Sure, no problem.” Then I remember. “What about your ass?”

“It’s fine. Nice and clean now. Ken will sure appreciate.” She giggles. “That gadget was a good idea.” She hands me back the bulb.

We spend the next hour on various beautifying cosmetic procedures and then finally get dressed. We’re really serious about seducing Ken so we put on our nicest pieces of lingerie as well as stockings. After I put on my top and skirt I start to wonder.

“Should I put on a waspie? It makes a really nice effect.”

“Do. I’ve got one for myself as well.” Yasmin takes out a black satin and lace underbust from her suitcase. “You’ll have to lace it up on me.”

“And vice versa, I’m never able to lace it very tightly just by myself.” I agree, “but you know. Wearing those we won’t be able to eat too much.”

“We shouldn’t eat too much anyway. If we do, we’ll get heavy and all we’ll be able to think is digesting in a horizontal position instead of fucking with Ken.” She laughs.

“I can imagine.” I chuckle. “It would almost be like a blasphemy, wouldn’t it?”

We help each other to lace up our corsets giggling and exchanging more funny remarks about Ken, then we stare into the mirror.

“Shit, you do have a waist in this…” I admire.

“So do you. And tits are more visible, too.” She answers then grins. “Everything is allowed in war and in love.”

“Oh, yeah. Anything to seduce him.” I make the final touches, spray some perfume and put on some jewelry. Yasmin also chooses some adornments for her ears. In a few minutes we go down and catch a taxi. The package for Ken is in my hands. I wonder if we manage to meet him and make our dreams come true.

Half an hour later we get admitted into Lac Artisté and get ushered to our table. The restaurant is not really full, there are several people but we see that most of the other tables have a ‘reserved’ plaques placed on the tops. I remark to Yasmin.

“I see now why they recommend booking a table. If we just walked in, we probably wouldn’t get a table.”

Yasmin is still holding my hand, nervous and excited, looking around and taking in the surroundings but I see she’s not really listening to me too carefully. She just says.

“He’s not here,” there’s a definite regret in her voice.

“Don’t worry, baby, we’ll take our time eating. We’re not in a real hurry.” I try to cheer her up. “He’s bound to show up sooner or later. We just have to keep our eyes open and not get daydreamy.”

“Not getting daydreamy will be hard. I already have a wet pussy.”

“So do I.”

“What if he doesn’t come today?” She’s still worried.

“We’re not leaving tomorrow. Relax. We can come here every day if it is necessary to catch him,” I’m determined to get our paws on him. I continue looking around, scanning the other tables, perhaps he is sitting there with some other guests and we just haven’t noticed him yet.
Unfortunately this is not the case, Ken is simply not here yet.

Our conversation gets interrupted by a waiter that brings us the menus, and as we have come here to have lunch either our attention turns to more practical subject now, which is what we want to eat. We’ve already familiarized ourselves with Ken’s website – there were some sample menus there, so we know more or less what to expect. Now it’s just a matter of choosing. After reading and a short discussion between us, we’re ready to place our order. The waiter approaches us again and Yasmin tells him.

“I’ll have the soup of the day for a starter and my friend would like the chicken liver pate toast.”

“You wouldn’t prefer our Christmas Fayre menu or the Christmas buffet.”

“We’d like this duck for a main dish, so no, thank you.” I answer him, “Oh, and btw, we’re both on a diet so we’re share the duck. Just one portion please.”

“Will you be ordering any desserts?” he asks.

I glance at my tightly laced waist then exchange looks with Yasmin. She asks.

“Do you think we’ll manage desserts?”

“Perhaps… But we’ll have to burn then…” I chuckle.

“I can imagine how you will want to burn them,” she smiles naughtily.

The waiter is listening to our exchange smiling lightly, then suggests.
“I recommend our Winter Berry rum mess, it’s on Christmas Fayre menu and it’s my personal favourite.”

“Perhaps…” Yasmin is hesitating when I ask.

“I think I saw you had a cheeseboard on the desserts list. I saw it online…”

“Yes, it’s on our dinner menu.”

“Is it still possible to get it now?” I smile very nicely at him.

“No problem,” he answers. “One cheese board then.”

“Make it two. I think I’d rather have cheese instead of sweets. These chocolate croissants for breakfast were just too much…” she sighs.

“What would you like to drink?”

“We’d like a bottle of Cabernet.” I answer.

“Don’t you have Argentinean wine?” Yasmin asks a bit plaintively.

“Come on, Yasmin, other nationality wines are good too,” I chuckle.

“I brought a bottle of Carmenere, you know…” she says, “we can drink it tonight… Or tomorrow.”

“You two ladies, are not English, I suppose,” the waiter remarks casually.

“I’m Argentinean and Eleyne is Polish,” Yasmin tells him.

“Are you here for a special occasion, celebrating something?” he gets curious.

“I suppose you can call it like this…” I chuckle. Yasmin also has a mischievous smile on her face. He decides not to continue the subject, just summarizes our order. Before he walks away Yasmin remembers.

“Oh, and we’d like a bottle of still mineral water, please.”

When he’s out of earshot I ask her.

“Did you notice how he looked at our boobs?”

“Sure, that is why we put these low neck tops and corsets for… Didn’t we?” she winks.

“I hope he will tell the right person about us…” I raise my eyebrows meaningfully.

“So do I.”

As we continue our speculations we keep on glancing around. I think the other guests start to notice us. Certainly we don’t look like a typical woman here. Those who are present are not dressed to kill, they wear much more casual and asexual garments. And they keep on sending us sour looks as obviously their partners much prefer to ogle our curves rather than to pay attention to them.

After a few minutes the waiter brings us water and wine. After I approve it he pours it into our glasses and leaves us alone again. I sip my Cabernet slowly, it’s not bad, not bad at all. If Ken keeps us waiting we may end up ordering another bottle.

Yasmin’s story:

We are barely aware that we’re sitting in the exact place we ´ve dreamed of for such a long time: Ken´s Golf club restaurant. It´s so incredible! After all these seemingly endless months, we have arrived here like triumphant amazons carrying their heads high and their pride higher, we simply can’t and don´t want to maintain a low profile among the other visitors. We want to be seen, just by this one person. However, we cannot deny we are really beyond excited and we can barely sit still on our chairs. I keep on squirming casting surreptitious looks around, hoping he will turn up now, at this very moment. The waiter brings our starters but I’m so nervous and distracted that my appetite decreases instantly after taking a few mouthfuls. Eleyne is trying to act cool but she’s also in the same state as me. Though I see it hasn’t diminished her appetite, she’s munching on her toasts and continues sipping the wine. I think I’ll have some more of it either, to calm down my nerves.

The wine doesn’t help much and I barely manage to eat half of my soup when there’s a commotion at the entrance. My heart starts to beat harder when a man with a casual look enters the room and seems to gain the attention of some of the present and a warm and polite salute from the staff. I cannot believe it! It is him. It is our Mr. Naughty walking calm and cool amidst the tables and when he passes by our side, I cannot resist and just rise up. Eleyne tries to stop me but after a moment she gives up and stands up as well. We both show the most seductive smiles from our arsenal but I just have to say something.

“Mr. Downing!” I blubber with difficulty. This situation is quite confusing for my mind and I feel my cheeks redden and my voice breaks like crystal when he turns to us with inquisitive but still kind expression on his face. We sigh in the rapture and that moves him to smile frankly to us. He may be thinking, “A couple of wacky of visitors again”. Sure women will come now and then to admire those virtues that made Ken famous beyond his guitar skills; but we have struggled for a long, long time to make your dream come true. It may be a very futile, impossible dream for some people but it’s very important for ourselves, so we don´t want to commit errors. Eleyne takes over and salutes him politely.

“Mr. Downing, we are Eleyne Kot and Yasmine Lazaro, the writers who sent you their erotic fiction… “

“Perhaps you remember? For your birthday last year, and two years ago as well…” I add when my command of the English is partially regained.

Eleyne and I are making a strong effort not to exceed in our explanations, even so, it is hard to keep the limits because being close so to him blows our minds and our pussies. I feel the wetness affluent between my legs and I’m sure that the brilliant eyes of Eleyne are a hint of her total excitation.

“Oh, I do remember. Yes, I do.” He smiles in the most charming way though he seems really surprised at the news. He then shakes our hands..We feel his warm fingers, those magic hands that wove so many splendid riffs… and made us dream about much naughtier things. We exchange soft kisses as well and when I put my lips slightly over his cheek my heart jumps and I feel my skin gets a redder tone. Not to mention that Eleyne tries to prolong the kiss for a while longer and then looks at him as if she wanted to eat him here and now. And he notices it. After a moment we get flooded with some questions.

“So, how are you, ladies? Are you having a good time here? I hope you like the food. Where are you from? Are all these details you wrote about in your fiction true? And don’t be so formal, I’m not Mr. for you… You had no problems using my first name in all the hot circumstances you described… ” He winks naughtily.

“Oh, Ken…” Eleyne sighs.

“Much better,” he winks again, he’s now working us as if we were putty. Soft and pliable in his hands.

His voice is so familiar, the voice we heard many times in the video interviews or in his YouTube channel, but this time the voice (and the man) is speaking directly to us. His eyes gleam with gentleness and we can see that certain impish sparkle arise when he looks at our generous forms. I think he notices what we have for him and he seems highly appreciative of what is in front of his eyes. His intentions to start a small talk are really convenient for us, we want to show our charms as effectively as we can. We grow enthusiastic and in few words describe our origins, travel experience (mine close to 0) and our patent fight against the time to achieve our goals. While we chat lively, he takes a good long look of our feminine attributes and then comments.

“It’s always good to have such beautiful visitors at Astbury Hall.”

His compliment makes us melt away but at that precise moment, an employee comes with an urgent request, someone very important is calling and he needs to attend the call. This obviously makes us afraid of losing him forever but he puts us at ease.

“Please, make yourselves at home. I´ll return to you within the next 15 minutes. I would like to ask you some questions about the book.”

“Oh, sure. We will be very glad to answer your questions”.

“Just a couple of minutes and a couple of questions,” he purrs in a very seductive way. He grins at us and wink again. Then he leaves and disappears into the restaurant´s door. We sigh then look at each other at the verge of an anxiety attack. Will he return? But after a moment we relax.

“Yasmin, Yasmin,” Eleyne is holding my hands now. “We did it, we did it. We must use all our ‘magic’ now to keep him.”

Eleyne’s story:

Yasmin’s still looking more than a bit shaken after meeting our hero, but I try to overcome my emotions and stay cool. We shouldn’t really behave like small excitable girls, we’re not teenagers anymore. And I have my reasons to keep calm, other people already are starting to stare so jumping for joy around the table is not the most recommendable even if we both would love to do it. I manage to talk Yasmin into sitting down and eating some more of her soup. Ken might get offended if we don’t like what the kitchen serves. This is the argument that actually convinces her to finish it. Well, almost.

“This soup is very good but it’s really hard for me to eat now. I really have butterflies in my stomach.” She puts away the spoon. Well, I can understand it, and I’m only happy that we didn’t take two portions of the main meal. My anxiety and excitation certainly hasn’t diminished my appetite, and anyway I wouldn’t like to get tipsy with this Cabernet. I want to remember every second of my and Yasmin’s encounter with Ken and drinking on empty stomach is not the best idea. My toast and pate was very tasty and I finished it even before Ken showed up.

Now the waiter picks the empty plates and while we keep on talking silently, discussing the best tactics and what and how we should do, clean plates are brought to our table. A moment later we get another surprise when Ken shows up with our main dish. The duck smells very appetizing when he puts it between us two.

“Oh, thank you, Ken.” Yasmin smiles charmingly at him and I echo her.

“Don’t get me wrong, girls. I don’t normally do the waiters’ or bartenders’ jobs here,” he chuckles.

“We appreciate it even more then,” I send him a warm look.

“I think I’ll have my lunch with you. This duck was a very good choice but why did you take only one portion?” He asks sitting at our table and signaling the waiter that brings him his food. It’s not a big surprise to see that he has chosen a duck for himself as well.

“We’re on a diet, Ken.” Yasmin explains.

“Bullshit, girls,” he laughs, “say the truth.”

“Well, she doesn’t have too big appetite, and the other thing is, that in these,” I point to our waspies, “it’s not really advisable to eat too much.”

“I can imagine. Can you breathe in those at all?” He raises his eyebrows in a funny way.

“Sure, we can.” Yasmin smiles.

“Are you sure? Won’t you faint?” He teases us.

“I don’t think so, not here and not now… Perhaps later. And hopefully not because of the corset,” I tease back. He laughs.

“Well, and how do you remove these contraptions off you?” He raises his eyebrows. “Is it necessary to unfasten hundreds of hooks and eyes or something?”

“No, not really, there’s a long lace on the back, you just untie it…” Yasmin tells him.

During this exchange our dishes are slowly disappearing. I think Ken managed to put Yasmin at ease as I see she’s munching on her half and sipping her wine. I already thought I would have to feed her.

“Good to know,” he winks. “Am I worth all these efforts?” His smile is really naughty.

“Oh, yes, you are. And we have some more surprises for you.” I purr to him seductively.

“I’m touched, will you tell me what all these surprises are?”

I exchange glances with Yasmin and we take a decision, he’ll see all that we have for him later on, for now we can just reveal the physical present that we brought for him.

“Well, we won’t tell you everything, you’ll see… For now, we have this.” I produce the gift wrapped parcel from out of my bag.

“What’s this?” He’s curious. He’s hasn’t finished his portion yet, so he has to put away the fork and the knife and wipe his hands before opening the package.

“These are our books. The versions that we released for the public, not the ones that you got 2 years ago.” I answer.

“We printed them out for you.” Yasmin adds.

“Thank you, very much, girls, but you didn’t have to,” he’s unpacking the books now, “I can as well read them on my computer.”

“We didn’t want to come here empty handed,” I smile.

He glances and my boobs then looks back at the book covers and exclaims.

“These are very nice! Did you draw them yourselves?”

“No, we are not that talented. We had an artist do it for us, but the ideas were ours.” I answer.

“And we were lucky to find a person who did things exactly as we wanted.” Yasmin adds again.

“These ideas of yours are sure very nice,” he keeps on looking at the two book covers when the waiter comes to pick up the empty plates again. “I’d say they are symbolic…” He casts us a naughty look. “You wanted to send a message with these images.”

“Yes,” I nod, “but it’s not that everybody gets them.”

“Yes, some people just look and read and don’t notice. They just want to get to the hot parts.” Yasmin chuckles.

“Really? Tell me about it. And tell me how it all began for you. I’m just curious.” Ken laughs.

While we’re satisfying his curiosity our desserts arrive – the 2 cheese boards appear on our table and Ken helps himself to some of them. During the conversation I start to have some naughty ideas. I see that he likes us, he feels attracted to what he sees and obviously if we add our whole erotic fiction to the deal he has more than enough reasons to want to shag us. However, here things can be a bit difficult. His house is a public place now… I wonder. Has he bought another house for himself where he can be more private and or will he simply go with us to our hotel…

Having this in mind I want to put him a bit more in the mood for what we have in mind for him. Administering our Facebook page certainly provided me with a lot of naughty ideas of what can be done even if a place is public… I discreetly remove one of my shoes, then I just begin to caress his shin with my foot. He starts up feeling the touch, casts a long glance first at Yasmin then at me. At this particular moment my foot is already much higher, and it’s continuing its motion sliding up north.

“Eleyne,” he says with a definitely wicked smile, “you’re a very naughty girl.”

“Am I?” I flutter my eyelashes innocently while my foot keeps on burrowing my way up his thighs.
Yasmin notices something’s going on and as she doesn’t see anything ‘suspicious’ over the table top she purposefully drops her fork on the floor and bends down to look what’s going under… And also to pick up the fork.

When she straightens up she has a mischievous smile on her face. She raises her glass at him and asks.

“Haven’t you noticed yet that we have a big potential of naughty ideas?”

Ken starts again, he casts us this long mischievous glance of his at us and when we keep the eye contact he suddenly grabs my foot. I almost exclaim loud but to my surprise Yasmin almost gives out a yelp as well. Has she just been doing the same as me? My suspicions get confirmed when he says.

“Naughty girls. Yasmin, I’ll get you yet for this.”

Oh, it seems she managed to escape. Yes, she did, in a moment I feel both his hands on my foot when he conversationally announces.

“Naughty girls need to be punished.” His eyes are sparkling.

“Oh, yes. We want our spankings.” She can’t contain her emotions. I’m horny as well. It will be fantastic if he spanks us. But he just says.

“You’ve just given me a good idea for something else,” he’s still holding my foot but when I feel his fingers touching the sole I understand and start to protest in panic.

“Ken, this is not a good idea at all,” I shake my head.

“Why?” He wants to know while he starts to tease the bottom of my foot lightly.

I giggle and try to pull back.

“Ken, stop, please. I’m ticklish.”

“Are you?” He doesn’t stop.

“Ken, I suppose you wouldn’t want to see this table fly. It’s not a good idea, I tell you,” I try to convince him to stop. His touch is now decidedly on the ticklish side and I’m squirming in my chair trying to get my foot back between outbursts of giggles and whimpers.

“Ooops,” Yasmin chuckles, then after a moment she adds. “Well, people are already starting to look our way. Do you really want Eleyne to kick up the table here and now or do you prefer to play with us in more cosy surroundings?”

She’s been thinking what I’ve been thinking.

“Shall we stay here and will you fuck us upstairs or shall we go someplace else?”

Her direct approach makes Ken stop his torture of my foot and explode into laughter.

Yasmin’s story:

We’re falling into the abyss of horniness we always mentioned in our stories but this time it is for real and so veridical that I can hardly breathe. My pulse is accelerating its rhythm and my pussy is getting warmer and wetter, leading me to an exasperating anxiety for Ken. Imagining what his naughty person could do with us makes me feel on fire in a matter of seconds. However, there are some social rules to follow. We cannot leave together under an attack of lust, we have to deal with this the best we can and Ken solves the problem rapidly.

“Well, girls, we can’t make a porn show here so the best way to solve this… is to visit your hotel. Are you comfortable with that?”

“Yeah!” I nod enthusiastically as Ken throws his bright and sassy smile at me. I love his smile and the touch of tenderness he always exudes. Eleyne is licking her lips like a female predator smelling the seductive acrid smell of masculine pray. We look at each other understanding that our wildest fantasies are minutes away of being fulfilled as splendid moments of sex with Ken.
He continues, “I can have somebody call for a cab for you, girls and after you leave, I´ll leave, too. Just tell me what your hotel is.” His purring voice seals the deal. With a wink, he gets the address scrabbled on one of our cards (our Eleyne & Yasmin´s ones) and he slides it discreetly in his jeans back pockets. Then he he sends a few signals to a waiter. Apparently he gets understood cause the guy doesn’t approach us, Ken only tells us. “They will say when your cab is here.”

Now our conversation turns to more intense matters. Ken is curious about our plans and intentions.

“What are you going to do me, girls? Are you going to surprise me with some nice trick, like the one with cuffs?” He laughs and we are mesmerized by his impish humor. Our minds are clouded with the haze of a deep and at the same time naïve sexual slumber. Would he be as wonderful as we described in our tales?

“Did you like that part of the story?” Eleyne is murmuring in low, sensual voice as I get closer to them, as if we were sharing some unspeakable secret.

“We thought it was a funny and very bold scene, that of you cuffed,” I add.

“Girls, what are you going to do with me? Please, be gentle, ladies. I’m not used to kinky games.” He says a pleading tone that unleashes our empathy, but then he continues with a mischievous smile which makes us think that he wasn’t really serious when he said he wasn’t used to kinky games. “Aren´t you imagining what I might have in store for you? Maybe your dreams will come true in a very literal way…”

He makes us sigh and squirm in our seats with this comment. I feel my pussy is turning even hotter and wetter for him when he asks.

“You wrote all those lesbian sex scenes between both of you? Have you ever had sex with each other or with another woman in reality?”

I gasp. Eleyne is breathing fast as she licks her lips. He keeps the eye contact, switching from one of us to the other. I think the answer is written on our faces but Eleyne pulls out her courage and answers him.

“We just met for the first time yesterday. We haven’t had sex with each other…”

“That’s what I thought...” Ken nods, then adds in a whisper so that we have to lean closer to him to hear him. “Will you do all those things you described in your stories? I really enjoyed reading them…”

I swallow. I’ve never had sex with another woman, I know that Eleyne hasn’t either. However after having written about it for such a long time, for more than 2 years, the idea of doing it with Eleyne doesn’t repulse me. I’m even eager to try. And even more eager to please Ken. I exchange a long look with Eleyne and while she gazes into my eyes she says clearly.

“Yes, I will.” She’s sure about her intentions and so I am. I nod to her.

“I will do everything, too. Then I share another eye exchange with Ken. “Yes, Ken, we will do everything you ask.”

He just smiles in a very satisfied and at the same time naughty manner. This smile makes me melt, I think I could even begin a Sapphic show for him here and now if he just expressed a wish to watch it when Eleyne tells him with a sassy smile.

“You know, after all these years of writing we have a pretty good knowledge of what each of us likes and what makes one another horny…” She winks at him. “Men sometimes complain that women don’t come with instructions. You, on the other hand, got a very good manual of how to deal with us.” She’s keeping the eye contact with Ken now as I start to giggle.

Indeed, he knows exactly how to proceed, and what to do to make us come. And if we add his personality and our devotion into the mix, the results can be steamy. He finally breaks the eye contact with her and murmurs.

“You are very naughty, Eleyne. Is Yasmin as naughty as you? I think your butts will get a good long spanking which I will enjoy very much. I always wanted to do it whenever I read your stories.”

Eleyne is purring excited now, while I’m squirming in my seat again, I can almost feel his hands on my butt cheeks. Before we can continue this hot conversation someone of the staff enters and announces that a taxi cab is waiting for us outside. This makes us move. We kiss KK so long, then try to deal with the payment for our meal. After a brief commotion connected with it we get into the car in a state of erotic frenzy. Feeling desperate to arrive, get out and go upstairs to our room. During the short time of our rid, we hold hands together and exchange impish looks and sighs. The driver seems to be stunned, he may think we are a couple of Lesbians but we don´t care too much about his moral consideration. We are ready to break all barriers for our hero. Finally, we arrive and go to our room. We don´t know very well what to do first but we assume that it is better to wait for Ken. We go to the bathroom to make ourselves free of any unpleasant surprises, apply more perfume, and then we hear the phone ringing. We know that Ken is the hall now, waiting for our signal.

We discuss briefly the tactics we’re going to use as a welcome and we get ready for Ken´s entrance into our love nestle. Our door is slightly open, so he can enter without delays. We hear the elevator and then the metallic sound of the elevator´s door. Some quiet footsteps are heard in the corridor, we hear him say.

“Are you there, girls? Are you preparing your weapons?” Those last words are echoed by his soft chuckles. Then we see his hand moving the door…and his endeared presence steps into room. We welcome him crawling on our fours, meowing and purring like true cats. “Oh, my goodness!” he exclaims delighted and surprised while we fawn against his legs. He promptly scratches our heads and coyly pats and tickles our necks and back. “My little kittens… What are you expecting from me?”

Eleyne’s story:

I know what we expect from him and I let him know it. I rub my face over his groin then just grab the zipper with my teeth with the clear intention of undoing it. Then I pull it down. Meanwhile I notice out of the corner of my eye that Yasmin is sucking his fingers. Mrrr… I want them too, but I’m already so close to getting his dick that I don’t want to get distracted. We can swap later on. One of his hands is free so he helps me with the button and in a moment I just pull down his pants and get my hands onto his pack. I can feel it through the fabric and I want it. The underpants go down swiftly as well and I can gluttonously devour his dick now. I purr and moan indistinctly with my mouth full of his growing cock. I have always stared at his crotch at those pics where his Flying V wasn’t obscuring this nice view. Those leather pants that he used to wear at gigs were really on the tight side and they made me wonder. Now I don’t need to wonder anymore, I can only enjoy how his gorgeous cock is getting hard in my mouth. I lick and suck it as if it was the last time I could do it, getting the physical pleasure from the movement of his shaft in my mouth, getting more and more horny as I keep the eye contact with him. His hand in my hair, pulling it slightly back makes it even more pleasurable for me. I feel Yasmin is stirring at my side, I have an impression that she’s helping him get rid of his shoes and the clothes that I pulled down. Yes, she is. I have to stop my blow job for a moment when his shoes, socks, jeans and undies just get thrown on the floor, however I’m not given a chance to resume it. Yasmin wants his cock too and she engulfs it rapaciously before I can take it into my mouth.

I decide to suck his fingers instead. It’s very satisfying either. After a longer while I switch to his chest. He’s still wearing his shirt and that’s a big oversight, we want him naked. I lick his belly button, then slowly slide up with my tongue as I unbutton the shirt. Finally I get to his neck, I lick all my way up his throat and chin then get to kiss him. Oh my… He’s delicious, I love his what his tongue is doing in my mouth. I respond in kind, trying to return all the pleasure that I receive from him. His hands are investigating my body now, he’s kneading my boobs trying to get them out of the top and while he succeeds in uncovering them, as the top I’m wearing has a very low scoop neck, he can’t really get it off me because of the waspie. He sighs.

“Baby, you told me how to get this off you,” he’s trying now to get his hands under my skirt and he succeeds. “Oh my. Baby… You’re wearing stockings,” he purrs with a sense of gusto.

“Yasmin, are you wearing stockings, too?”

Yasmin is moaning indistinctly with her mouth full of his dick now so I answer.

“Yes, Ken, we both are. And also some nice lingerie that we think you will like.”

“I sure appreciate it, babies. I will want to see it. Remove those corsets, kittens, and get on your fours again.”

I unwillingly unglue off him and reach back to untie the waspie. It takes me half a minute to loosen it up and then to unhook the front busk, taking off my skirt and top is even less time consuming. I see the gleam in Ken’s eyes when he sees my almost naked skin. Then I kneel down again and help Yasmin as she doesn’t really want to let go of his cock. As I undress her I whisper into her ear.

“I know you’re eager, but don’t make him come. We want some more from him, not only his cream as fast as possible.” Then I make sure Ken sees that what I’m doing, I bite and lick her ear and neck as I pull down her skirt. She mumbles something incomprehensible, then lets go of his cock and purrs.

“Sure, I keep it in mind,” then she licks my lips and after a moment we kiss earnestly. Mrrr… It’s really nice to kiss a girl. Even though Ken is quite freshly shaven his skin is not as smooth and soft as a woman’s skin, so I definitely enjoy the fact that she has no trace of facial rough hair. Mrrr… We share a few more kisses while Ken enjoys the view, I can feel his hand sliding into our hair as he guides our heads gently. After a few more moments he pulls us apart. His eyes are sparkling with mischief.

“I see you’re enjoying it, what else will you do for me?”

“Whatever you want us to,” I purr back. I’m so excited, I feel my pussy is so hot and wet that I just can’t resist, I slide my finger into my panties. Oh… Yes… I want to feel some touch there, be it my own fingers, his or Yasmin’s. Or their tongues… Or his cock… Yasmin wants to get up to kiss him but he stops her.

“Stay down here, Yasmin. Now babies, crawl to bed. I want to watch these nice arses of yours.” He commands. She obediently turns back and shows her butt to him, I do the same. We both start crawling to the bed, making sure he can observe our bottoms. I know he likes them – we both chose really nice lingerie, black lacy transparent panties with slits, matching suspender belts, the already mentioned fishnet stockings and obviously also black bras. He both wiggle our butts at him as we crawl and as he follows us he slaps our buttocks playfully once in a while. But the ‘trip’ to the bed is not that long and we don’t get as many as we would want to.

We climb to the top and position ourselves with our butts up and faces down and really soon I feel Ken’s hand and fingers on my butt. He’s investigating the slit in my panties eagerly and after a moment he sighs.

“Eleyne, baby, your pussy is so wet. Yasmin you are drenched, too.”

We both moan excited feeling his touch. I can’t resist I want more stimulation, I just turn to her and poke her.

“Let’s kiss again.”

She eagerly gives me her tongue.

Ken continues his dirty talk to us while we kiss, his fingers don’t stop his exploration. He slides them into my pussy and arsehole, I can see from Yasmin’s moans that he’s doing it to her as well. In short while I feel he pulls me up.

“Taste your girlfriend, Eleyne. Show me how naughty you can be,” he gives me his fingers to suck. I gasp excited, I know how my own pussy tastes but I have never tried another woman. I smell first and I like it, it’s quite similar to mine, I lick his index finger then suck it all purring. I like it. “You dirty girl, Eleyne, you know how dirty you are…” Ken purrs into my ear. After a moment I get a reward – a very thrilling French kiss. When he finishes, he pushes me back onto my fours. “Stay like this, baby.”

His fingers slide into my pussy and arse again and he teases me for a longer moment. Then he withdraws and after I moment I hear his croons. I look back, he’s doing the same trick to Yasmin and she seems really horny and excited to do it. I’m for sure excited watching her do it, I reach to my pussy and start to masturbate. Then spread my butt cheeks wide, to let Ken see everything really well. He doesn’t spend too much time teasing and rewarding Yasmin. After several moments I hear him say.

“Let’s change, babies. A nice 69 for you now. You, Eleyne, you stay on your back, you, Yasmin climb on her.”

Oh… It’s really wise and naughty of him. First he got us to have a small taste of one another and he got us horny to the extreme, and now he’s reaping all the benefits of it. Yasmin doesn’t really hesitate, she crawls on me eagerly and I get her pussy directly over my face. I can smell her really well now, her pussy is glistening with her creamy white liquids, she’s very wet. Has she come with his stimulation? Or perhaps when she was blowing him? I haven’t yet, but he got me really close. I taste her pussy juice directly from the source… She shudders and I like it, I like her reaction and also her taste. In a moment I mewl between one lick and another when I feel her tongue twirling on my pussy. She’s lapping on my wet clit, doing exactly what I’m doing to her. The she slides her fingers into my slit, I mewl and moan unintelligibly and respond in the same way getting her to shudder and gasp loud.

We’re playing this way with one another for a good while, licking, sucking, fingering our pussies in passion. After a few moments I’m starting to wonder what Ken is doing. Is he jerking off just watching us? I can’t see it as Yasmin’s thighs and pussy obscure the view, I can only suspect it. What is he doing?

After another short while during which our moans and groans only get louder I feel a hot breath next to my face and see another set of hands on Yasmin’s butt. It’s Ken, he’s opening her butt cheeks and in a moment he gets closer and starts licking her arsehole. Both of us get her wild. She moans and whimpers his name loud as she rocks her hips. It’s hard to keep her still. Ken glances at me between the licks then just slides in his fingers in her butt hole as he reaches with his tongue to me. I respond the same way, for a short while our tongues play together and at the same time we both are investigating her holes.

“You’re really a dirty, naughty girl, Eleyne,” he purrs after he breaks the kiss. Then he gives me his fingers to suck again. Now I can taste her butt. It’s a strange taste but I’m so excited that I don’t really care. I just want to please Ken and to have more pleasure myself. And to share pleasure with Yasmin.

Several more moments of this kind of play brings Yasmin to climax, I can feel her pussy tightening on my fingers, I can also feel her shudder as Ken’s fingers are still inside her arsehole. We feel each other moving and it’s a very exciting experience.

Ken slaps her butt, and asks.
“No faint, Yasmin? You’re disappointing me, girl.” He slaps her again. “You constantly write about fainting while I fuck you…”

She’s breathing fast and after a moment I hear her mumbled reply.
“You’ve just made me see stars, Ken.”

“Good to hear that, honey. Are you ready for a good fuck now? Or do you want a time off?

“Fuck me, Ken, please. I want you.” She’s rocking her hips over my face.

“Pussy or ass, baby?” He slaps her again while he re-positions.

“Both, Ken. Just fuck me,” she moans.

“You know what to do, Eleyne…” he addresses me, “Just keep on licking her, and don’t forget you might get a surprise from time to time,” he reaches down to touch my face.

I lick his fingers again, I’m ready for anything. Then I lap and suck on Yasmin’s clit as he plunges into her pussy.

Yasmin’s story:

When I first taste and smell Ken´s skin, I realize that I can hardly breathe. My own skin is covered by tiny perspiration beads while my heart beats thundering in my chest. The intense and yet incredible experience of having sex with my beloved Metal God and Sex God for the very first time in my life is overcoming both my body and mind with extreme sensations and emotions. I discover the glory of his lips, hands and sex. I savour every inch of his body with an extraordinary appetite, letting him guide me with his strokes and groans to pleasure him the best way. Here I am, on all fours, feeling his fingers and tongue investigating my sensitivity, stretching and stirring my pussy and arsehole with the mischievous approval of my girlfriend. Together, we are discovering the power and delights of loving another woman´s body: the tastes and smells of each other invade our senses, adding with the general feeling of ecstasy and liberation we are experiencing. The overwhelming feeling given by his kisses, touch and manipulation are enhanced by the wild sensation of tasting and licking my girlfriend´s body for first time. Like a true initiates in the Art of Sex we find that we can carry on with many of our fantasies. His slaps over my butt are promising more bittersweet pleasure for a session that has just started, although we wish had begun two years ago.

I cannot rely too much on my own mind to describe all the burning sensations and feelings that follow the hot 69 with Eleyne. I’m so aroused that I cannot wait for more: I’m just there wagging my ass and asking for his attention desperately. Then I receive it when he shoves his dick into my pussy. I scream aloud and moan with content and excitation. Eleyne is giving me pleasure with her tongue and occasionally with her hands, pinching my nipples and reaching for my arse crack. I try to reach to her wet pussy but Ken is pounding me harder and deeper, making me forget that the world even exist while I’m orbiting a secret planet of joy. In a short while, thanks to the wonderful combination of my girlfriend´s mouth and tongue and Ken´s relentless bumping I come with an incredible intensity.

I feel Ken´s hand holding my hair at the back of my neck, pulling me back, and grunting excited. His body is coming closer to mine and one of his hands caresses and presses my clit, competing with Eleyne’s skills to stir my deepest, most extreme sensations. She licks his fingers as well, and keeps on trying to suck my clit and labia. I move my hips crazily while Ken goes harder into my love channel, and taking my face with one hand, he kisses me deeply, bringing me to the verge of a true faint. Meanwhile Eleyne keeps on licking my vagina lips and all that she can take from Ken, who is groaning in pleasure, too. Now I think she has abandoned my pussy to concentrate on Ken´s crotch, He frees me, too, getting out of my pussy and giving his dick to Eleyne. With a glimpse I get he wants us to lick together and then I lie close to Eleyne, and we begin sharing his delicious sinful thing. Our tongues play together. I can feel my own taste on her lips and tongue as we circle Ken´s dick with eager devotion.

But it doesn’t go for a long time. Soon he wants to see me eat Eleyne’s pussy. She lies before me and I obediently open hers legs wide and dive between them to open her swollen labia wide with my fingers. I catch her love pearl with my lips and start to suck and lick avidly, feeling her flesh tremble while she squeals and writhes sensually. I finger her with delicacy, searching for the most pleasurable point and when her pussy closes tight around my fingers, throbbing, I slurp over her wet, hard clit. She moves her hips up and down, enjoying every second and suddenly, Ken´s finger slides softly inside my butthole, using my own wetness as lube. I’m so horny that my hole gives up easily and I feel that Ken his shoving his dick inside my arse. I hear his groans when he buries almost most of it inside me and begins to move in circular ways, making me wail and moan. Instantly, his hands take care of my pussy and I can keep on pleasuring Eleyne. Ken´s movements are slow, rhythmical and his fingers dart in and out of my arse alternating from slow to fast, making me long for more. I’m close to another orgasm when he finally inserts himself up to the nuts. I can feel the soft flesh pressing my own pussy and pound back to get the most of this situation.

Eleyne’s story:

Yasmin’s butt is high in the air as she’s bending down over my own pussy. I’ve already come due to her oral ministrations, I can feel my thighs and slit are slippery and wet. Ken’s still doing her arse, pounding her rhythmically and as I watch them from my half closed eyes when I feel she simply collapses trembling on my groin. He makes a few more thrusts and withdraws out of her butt. Now his attention turns to me, he hasn’t fucked me yet, I’ve just had the pleasure of his tongue and fingers. I could also taste his cock in my mouth.

He removes Yasmin off my hips, she seems a bit dazed and confused, and as she’s lying on the side on the bed he beckons at me.

“Come here, Eleyne.”

I scramble up and crawl on my fours to him. When I get close I get rewarded with his dick, I can taste my girlfriend off his shaft again. After a long languid session during which I eat off all her flavor off his cock, we re-position again. This time he gets me to lie down on my side and he lies behind me, spoon style. I lift my leg eagerly to allow him easy access and soon I just moan in pleasure when he slides inside my pussy. I’m so wet and willing that it goes in smoothly and then when he starts fucking only loud squelching sounds can be heard. Apart from my moans and whimpers, of course. He grabs my hair and pulls them back, then he bites my neck and purrs some dirty words to me as he starts to pound even harder. I can hardly take it, the pleasure is starting to overwhelm me real fast. I just turn my head to him and see the expression on his face. His in heaven, just like I am. I start to lick his lips and he responds eagerly. Soon our tongues dance together in a lustful dance, rubbing against one another, darting in and out of one another’s lips. This prolonged kiss together with the pounding I’m receiving makes me soar. I can’t flail my head, he’s still holding my hair tight but my ecstasy is growing to the levels I’ve never experienced. And then I feel another set of fingers on my pussy, it seems that Yasmin has come round and joined our game again.

She already has the knowledge of what pleasures me the most, we have written about it together so many times that she doesn’t have problems finding the spots that are the most sensitive and petting them is always the most efficient. Few strokes over my clit as well as fingers shoved into my pussy where Ken is already pounding really intensely bring me to the top. I shake and tremble when all that pent up force gets released. I can feel my pussy squirt, together they have managed a feat that so far I could succeed in only when I used a vibrator on the highest level of vibrations. My pussy grinds Ken’s cock, almost tries to swallow it as he pushes even deeper responding to my desire.

I breathe fast when my body stops reacting so violently to the orgasm I’ve just experienced, but it’s not over yet. Ken slides out of my pussy and now starts pressing with his cock on my arsehole. It got already loosened up and lubricated with Yasmin’s and his fingers, so it doesn’t resist much to the pressure. Anyway, I gasp when he slides in, his dick is bigger than their fingers. I breathe fast again feeling him all in and trying to get used to the length and the girth inside me. The initial feeling is not really comfortable, but I know I won’t say ‘no’, I’m too horny to do it, and I know I won’t ever refuse him. But the discomfort soon passes and after a few moments I moan in ecstasy again as he fucks my arse earnestly. He still holds my hair, bites my neck and ears as his other hand runs all over my boobs, pinching and kneading the flesh. Oh my… This is a never ending roller coaster of pleasure and I want to return some of it so I just turn again and start kissing him again. His tongue is absolutely fantastic in my lips. I just know that I want him, I want to feel it like this definitely more often than just this once.

Yasmin isn’t idle either. Her tongue and fingers incessantly investigate my slit and clit. She must be feeling the movement of Ken’s cock inside me when her fingers are in my pussy. Together they are leading me again to another earth shaking climax and it doesn’t take them much time to get me there. I feel this time it’s really violent, my butt squeezes Ken’s dick while my pussy convulses around Yasmin’s fingers. The sensations are strong enough for me to literally see stars. I shake and tremble as moan load barely able to take it. But Ken is also getting close to his release, his breath gets rugged as he thrusts really hard now as if he wanted to tear me apart then he just withdraws from my arsehole and lies on his back signaling to us.

“Take it, take it all, babies,” and shudders as he jerks himself off. He’s really close and we really hurry wanting to taste him. I manage to engulf his whole cock while Yasmin licks his nuts. Then we swap. It takes us only a few seconds to make him shoot out everything he has for us. It’s Yasmin who has been sucking him at this particular moment so I just get closer to her and French kiss her really deep. Fortunately for me she hasn’t swallowed everything yet so I get my share of Ken’s taste. Mrrr… He’s really yummy. We exchange a few more licks between each other, then slowly lick Ken’s skin, all the way up as we slide to lie down and cuddle on his sides. He’s still breathing fast as he hugs us closer to him and looks at us tenderly.

Yasmin’s story:

I close my eyes and snuggle my head to his right shoulder while Eleyne chooses to prop her head over his chest. I’m still feeling dizzy and weak but at the same time I’m full of joy and deep emotions: all naughty dreams have become a mischievous reality. Our hero is here, at our side, surrounded by our unconditional devotion, smelling of our pussy juices and semen, with bright eyes and slightly sweaty skin. We kiss him softly over his shoulders and belly and share his brilliant smile. After a couple of slaps on our asses, that stir some more languid pleasure he comments.

“Well, this has been a wonderful introduction! You, girls, make me think that there are a lot of naughty things we could do in the future. I understand that it would be perfect for you if I suggested we had dinner together tonight?”

“It sounds fantastic,” I purr while I lick his ear, Eleyne echoes me.

“Of course, it’s a wonderful suggestion, Ken.” She’s fawning to his chest now. “Just tell me one thing, is breakfast included in it?”

He chuckles while he pets her chin.
“Sure, you dirty girl, Eleyne. Ninety percent of the times when I suggest dinner I also mean breakfast.”

“Naughty boy,” I bite his ear now, “but we love you anyway.”

“Tell us, Ken,” Eleyne still can’t take her hands off his skin, “how close did we hit when we described you as polyamorous in our book?”

I’m also curious about his reply, I think we both resemble very curious cats that get mesmerized by a laser beam, just gazing into his eyes intensely. He chuckles again while he combs out our hair with his fingers.
“Babies, I’ve never been married. Will it do as an answer?”

We exchange glances, yes… I think we got this part right. However, he slightly changes the subject and says.

“So, we’re having dinner tonight together and then breakfast. But tell me, what are your plans for the rest of the afternoon? Are you doing anything in particular?”

“Nothing really.” Eleyne shakes her head. “We didn’t plan anything.”

“Yes, we are completely free and at your disposal.” I confirm.

“At my disposal? This sounds interesting, babies. You’re sure of it? You overlooked quite some details in your sexy prose.” He pulls my hair back slightly and kisses my lips. When he’s done I’m breathless again. I’m trying to regain my composure a bit while he’s subjecting Eleyne to the same treatment.

“I thought we got all the details covered. What do you mean exactly?”

He finishes kissing Eleyne leaving her in exactly the same state as I was a minute ago and answers.

“Kitties, if you were to get that kind of fucking on a regular basis in reality, you’d be barely able to walk afterwards for 2 days.”

“Oh…” this is the only thing I can say… He got me a bit stunned. Eleyne mumbles her reply.

“I thought that our disclaimer took care of this… We clearly stated it was our fantasy, and because it was a fantasy we had our right to get carried away as much as we wanted.”

He’s laughing earnestly now while I try to gather my thoughts.

“But we did write something about having weak legs and being barely able to walk, didn’t we, Eleyne?”

“Yes… I think we did…” she has a pensive expression. Ken is still chuckling. It takes a few good moments for his mirth to subside and he tells us.

“Well, if it was a reality, you would need a time out every other day… Some cold compresses on your pussies would probably be also necessary… Especially if there were really so many of us,” he winks. “Anyway, I suggest you get your holes ready for me.”

“Of course, we will.” I kiss his hand.

“And if you really fuck us so hard we can’t walk that we can’t make you a sandwich afterwards, we can still call the room service to bring you some food.” Eleyne teases his on the other side. She has her lips and teeth on his ear again and is busy sucking and biting.

She makes Ken burst into wild laughter again. Then he slaps Eleyne’s ass, then he remarks.

“Vaginas were made to survive heavy pounding,” I purr, following Eleyne’s lead and getting into teasing mood.

“Your asses, too?” He smiles mischievously.

Eleyne squirms.
“We’ll use a lot of lube.”
“Or bring in some olive oil,” I wink at him. Does he remember that hot scene from our book when we used it? I think he does, I see his eyes sparkling mischievously. However, he just says now.
“Ok, babies, as you probably don’t know the area, I could be a good host and show you around before we go to this dinner. Get dressed, put on something comfortable and also some shoes that you won’t suffer in after walking for an hour or two.”

I glance at Eleyne, it rules out my stilettos, good that I have some normal comfortable boots. We stir and untangle off his arms. We have to take a quick shower before getting dressed. We got quite sweaty during this sex session. Few minutes later we vacate the bathroom so Ken can wash either. Half an hour later we sit in his car with a dream-like expressions on our faces. We’re going to spend the rest of the day with him… And also the night. It’s just so incredible that I still can’t believe this.
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