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Chapter 1-Details

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Kakashi begins to pay special attention the details of his student Naruto.

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Chapter 1:
Annoying. That was the only word the silver-haired jonin could use to describe the blue-eyed blonde before him. It wasn’t because he was loud and always fought with one who was supposed to be a part of his team while swooning over the other, no; it was because he found the Genin rather intriguing with his adorable whiskers etched into his cheeks and his spirit that never seemed to pass. Kakashi Hatake never found anyone interesting in the least before, only his book could keep his eye until he had first seen the Yondaime’s child. It was the familiar blonde and spiky hair that caught his attention first, the piercing blue eyes following shortly after. At first he had wondered what the boy may be like. Would he be clever, calm and wise like his father? Or would he have the temper, kindness and loud personality that his mother had?
Unfortunately, the adorable brat hadn’t kept his attention for long and he soon forgot about him until now. Standing at thirteen years old, Naruto Uzumaki looked up at his sensei, eyes expectant and questioning as he waited for the jonin to finish explaining the mission after having stopped for several moments, distracted with his thoughts.
“Kakashi-sensei?” The ninja turns to the right, hesitantly tearing his eye away from the boy as he moved his attention to the pink-haired genin that was on his team. Concern fills Sakura Haruno’s emerald orbs as she stared at him, the silence dragging out as the jonin still tried to register what he was originally saying.
“Uh…right…what was I saying again?” An arrogant sigh sounds to his farther left, his gaze turning to a raven haired teen who had his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed as he made a face and mumbled something unintelligent. Sasuke Uchiha could sometimes be known not only for his skills and looks, but his arrogant and impatient behavior among the other ninja in the leaf. The older male wondered what it was that was so appealing to the kunoichi of the village when it came to the survivor of the Uchiha clan.
“You okay Kakashi sensei?” A small and apologetic laugh escaped from the man as he rubbed the back of his neck and gave the boy a small nod.
“Y-Yes, just lost my train of thought is all.”Kakashi blushed slightly under his mask, his eye opening again as he caught Naruto’s unconvinced look which of course, he also found adorable. What was wrong with him today?! Was he always such a weirdo?
“You were explaining the mission…” Kakashi dropped his arm as he gave another small nod; remembering what he was saying before the cute whiskers and face expression of Naruto’s distracted him.
“Right. The mission is simple; we will retrieve the item requested for transport and safely deliver it to the owner. If we are lucky, we will avoid any thieves along the way.” Sakura raises her hand a moment, Kakashi nodding in her direction before she set it down.
“What if we do run into thieves along the way Kakashi-sensei?” The jonin sighs softly as he rubbed the back of his neck and gave a small shrug that won him raised eyebrows and judgmental stares from his team.
“I don’t know, it will have to be a situation where we act on instinct. Since I am unsure of who we may encounter, I just want to say to be watchful and careful along the way. Keep up your guard and make sure to protect your team. The scroll can be replaced…they cannot. That is something you will need to trust me on.” A pang of guilt hit Kakashi before he suddenly dismissed it and stood up with a sigh.
“Let’s get this over with shall we? I would like to return to my books as soon as I am able.” Naruto jumps up with a loud “yeah!” before adjusting his headband, Sasuke and Sakura just quietly got up after glaring at the loud genin. With a small chuckle, Kakashi motions for them to follow and begins to walk in the correct direction of their destination, trying to ignore the fact that he saw Naruto glance at the Konoha gate and clench his fist with an adorably determined smile.
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