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Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

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SORRY AUDITIONS CLOSED. Click for results.

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Here are the results of the auditions

Suicide Room

If you auditioned and you did not make the final cut, fear not as it may just mean your charecter hasn't been put into the story as of yet, or I'm saving them for another story.

On a nother note, the story is going to be school life set in the Revenge era(sp?).

All ideas are welcome throughout the writing proces, so ideas and reviews please. If you have any conserns or problems you all know what to do.

I'd also like to point out that because you wounderful people auditioned to make this story posible, it is your creation and not mine. This is why all ideas are nesacery(sp?).

Oh, and Suicide Room and MrWayxNotGay I need to now ASAP if you really do wanna help write this story as I've already started the first chapter.

Thanks a million
CupcakeFairy (Dayna)
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