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Playing Matchmaker

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What happens when the man that Sakura hates the most in her life asks her a very astonishing question? What will be her answer?!

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"I...I love you with all my heart! If you were to stay with me…there would be no regrets. Because every day, we'd do something fun. We'd be happy, I swear! Please, stay with me. I'll even help you with your revenge. I don't know what I could do but I'll try my best to do something. So please, stay with me, or take me with you if you can't stay here." Her tears continued to stream down her face as she said those words.

He couldn't just leave her like this. She wanted him to stay. No-she needed him to stay. He was her life. Her love. The only one that could fill up the loneliness in her now-breaking heart. The Uchiha turned around, now facing her. He sent her one of his well-known smirks. The moon shone brightly up in the night sky behind him. "You really are annoying." He began walking away. Sakura gazed after him anxiously. She had to find some way to make him stop. To prevent him from leaving Konoha. From leaving her.

"Don't leave! If you do, I'll scream." She didn't realize how true her words were until they escaped her lips. She really would scream, even if it meant getting him into trouble. As long as it allowed her to be with him longer, she didn't care what it took. In a flash, he was right behind her. All was suddenly quiet besides the gentle breeze that was blowing past them. Leaves began to fall from the neighboring trees. It remained like that for a few more moments.

Sakura suddenly heard Sasuke murmur lowly into her ear, "Sakura…thank you." Her eyes slightly widened in surprise at his words. She suddenly felt something strike her at the back of her neck. 'Sasuke…' she thought as she fell onto the cold ground, unconscious. Everything abruptly went black.

Sakura woke up in her bed, the sun shining in her emerald green eyes as she blinked at the bed room window directly a few feet in front of her. She glanced at the alarm clock on the drawer next to her bed. She groaned as she kicked the covers off of her legs. 'I am so going to be killed by Tsunade.' She thought. This was going to be the third time that she arrived late at the hospital. She recalled the last threat she had received from her mentor for not getting to work on time. She shivered and subconsciously made her movements quicker upon replaying the scene in her head.

She turned on her television to the news as she waited for the water to become hot in the shower. "Today will be sunny with a temperature of twenty six degrees Celsius. Light showers will be occurring Monday through Friday. Saturday will be cloudy, winds forty-five to fifty miles per hour. Scattered thunderstorms." She yawned, still exhausted from the night before as she watched the weatherman read aloud the week's forecast. She was forced to stay overtime, filling out papers for the recent patients attending the hospital.

She remembered how she used to stay late and never get back home until four o'clock in the morning, waking up two hours later to head once again back to the hospital. Or all of the countless days that she would stay up, not getting a wink of sleep in a seventy two hour period. Yep, those were the good days. The days when she actually had to help someone that was in dire need. But now since the Fourth Shinobi World War was over, the Ten-Tails defeated and all of the nations joining together in peace, nobody seemed too injured enough to visit the hospital anymore besides the occasional one to two people(one of them normally being Naruto with his troublemaker self) that would come in with minor cuts and bruises.

And even though it may have been wrong, Sakura wished she could have found someone that was sick or who was knocking on death's door. Someone that would let her use her medical ninja skills to heal them back to health. A challenge. That was what she was searching for. A challenge between death, time, and Sakura. "If only." She muttered, knowing her wish was too good to be true. I mean, shouldn't she be happy anyway that everybody was living healthy and enjoying their lives instead of being cooped up in a hospital bed? Less work and stress for her, right?

She exhaled. God, didn't she need something to preoccupy her time with. Something exciting. Fun. Not as dull as filling out hundreds of paperwork. She grabbed the remote to switch off the TV and headed towards the bathroom, seeing the steam from the hot water peer out of the crack of her bathroom door.

She sneezed as she stepped into the hospital. It hadn't been the first time she sneezed since she had left her apartment either. She figured she must have gotten a summer cold, the worst cold of them all. Her hands were stuffed into her pockets and her head was tilted low as she stepped through the small crowds of people that were here and there throughout the hospital. She was barely inside her office when a new nurse seemingly appeared out of nowhere, notifying Sakura that the hokage wanted to meet with her immediately.

Sakura, having a feeling it was another scolding for her being late and her sensei actually fulfilling her word on making Sakura buy Naruto ramen for the next eight months as punishment, reluctantly set her purse on her desk and went to Tsunade's office. She hesitated on opening the door when she reached her destination. Should she lie and say that she had felt sick and decided to not go to work until the last minute? That would've been partially true. She didn't feel all that well as of now. Or maybe she should just run while she still had the chance.

She was agreeing more with the latter when the door suddenly opened up, picking her choice for her. The words came fumbling out instantly. "I'm sorry Tsunade sensei. I was feeling rather ill this morning and almost didn't come but then thought about all of the dear, sweet patients and-"

"Save it." Tsunade said, not looking up from her desk as she signed a piece of paper. Sakura stood there silently. "Aren't you going to come in Sakura-Chan?" A voice Sakura knew all too well asked her. She finally acknowledged the blonde's presence. He was the one to have opened the door for her. 'He must have sensed me.' She guessed, a little exasperated. If it wasn't for him, she could be on her way back to her apartment right now. She walked into the room, not even bothering to look and see if anyone else was accompanying them as she went to the coffee machine and got a cup of coffee, planning on drinking it to help her swallow the pill she had brought from her office. She hoped that the medicine would cease her sneezes and coughs.

"Now Sakura," she heard her mentor say behind her, "I made the option to excuse the tardiness." Sakura smiled as the cup reached her lips, the pill already inside of her mouth. "Thank you sensei. I am very grateful-" She was suddenly cut off by Tsunade. "Let me finish. I made the option to excuse your tardiness on one condition." Sakura arched her eyebrow, halting herself from pouring the cup's contents into her mouth. "A condition?" Sakura repeated. What exactly was this condition?

Sakura couldn't help but to notice the faint wicked smirk that graced her hokage's lips. "Well now," Tsunade began. "Do you remember your old teammate Sasuke Uchiha?" Sakura's eyes were now full of suspicion. Of course she remembered Sasuke. Heck, she used to be in love with the boy. Or rather man. He certainly wasn't a boy when she last saw him. Not the good, nice boy that she grew up with. He was a cold blooded killer that even tried to murder her and the whole entire village at one point. Yet, he chose to fight alongside his Konoha generation against Madara and Obito during the war.

He had claimed that he wanted to be hokage in honor of his brother. So why is it that he chose to up and leave Konoha the day after the war was officially over? Sakura had pondered this for weeks until she had finally realized something. Why did it matter? She didn't love him anymore. After all of the shit that he had put her through, he didn't deserve her love. She deserved better.

So therefore, she never questioned anybody to where his location was or why he had decided to leave in the first place. It was none of her concern nor business. And Tsunade, of course, knew of Sakura's new change of heart towards the Uchiha.

Sakura paused before answering. "…Yes. Might I ask why you asked?" Tsunade's grin only grew wider. Sakura suddenly heard a giggle emit from Naruto, who stood next to her. Ok, that was enough to clear it up. Something fishy was going on there… Everything was quiet in the office except for the constant oh-so-evil-chuckles that were being created by Naruto and Tsunade. They kept on for a few minutes. The suspense was killing Sakura. She slammed her cup near the coffee machine on the table, an angry vein on her left temple pulsing. "WHAT IS IT?!"

Tsunade grimaced at Sakura for yelling at her but decided that it couldn't be helped. She was pretty sure that she herself would've been agitated if her best friend and sensei was laughing at her for some unknown hilarious, interesting reason. "I must add that I don't see what's so funny about my request at all." A deep voice said from a chair in front of Tsunade's desk. The voice sounded so familiar to Sakura but she couldn't lay a finger on it as much as she tried to recognize who the owner of the voice was. The back of the chair kept her from seeing the person's face.

Tsunade's grimace only deepened into a glare. "Why don't you tell her what it is then? I'd probably only get half of the request out of my mouth before laughing my ass off to oblivion. It's just too amusing for me since her opinion of you has changed." She laughed after finishing her sentence. The unknown person in the chair exhaled before slowly turning around the chair, finally giving away their identity to Sakura.

Sakura's breath hitched in her throat. I-it was him! Sasuke Uchiha. She was suddenly reminded of her dream. The memory of when he had left her and Konoha behind for a dark and powerful future. She clenched her fists. The bastard. She watched him as he looked her up and down, from head to toe. "I have a request." He stated, scrutinizing her. 'Naw dip Sherlock. Hasn't that been the whole point of this conversation since Tsunade sensei told me?' Sakura couldn't help but to think. She mentally rolled her eyes before tuning back on him. He momentarily glanced down at the floor.

She was suddenly peeked with interest. He almost looked like he was embarrassed to say the next sentence, something that was hardly shown on any Uchiha's face. "I need a wife." Sakura stared blankly at him for several seconds before calmly picking up her cup of coffee again. She glanced down at the cup as she lifted it up near her jaw. She showed no emotion as she said her next words. "I refuse."

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