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Folie a Deux

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how the "H" word happened. If it's crap, well, I'm sorry. If you like it, well, at least one person out there likes this sad little one-shot.

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This is what boredom and putting Folie a Deux on repeat does.

Again, I apologize if I'm a poor writer. Tell me what you dont and do like about it tho. You can tell me anything, are the facts off [cause I think some are], is my grammar/spelling bad, is the spacing too muc. I want to be a better writer. :)) I take comments/criticism well. [but, please dont be SO harsh. I am a human being WITH FEELINGS. :D]

It's one-shot that's not so short, so I apologize for that too. XD idk, I was thinking of the hiatus lately, then this thing appeared. And, I wrote this at like 4am, so my brain was probably not functioning the way its supposed to.

Anyway, I ramble, a lot unfortunately.

Enjoy, I guess.


Patrick's POV.

I tried singing it one more, but there was just something off. I wasnt sure what it really was, but the lyrics, the rhythm, the music, it just didnt.... feel the same. I kept erasing and rewriting everything everywhere. I just crumpled the stupid paper and threw it in the trash along with all the other ideas that had been rejected.

"Guys," Pete said, putting his bass away, rubbing the back of his neck. "There;s obviously something wrong here. Not a lot of this is coming together. I need- I think we need a breather."

"Yeah, totally dude." Andy said, spinning in his chair behind his drumkit. "My brain feels like a sponge, and now its all soggy. I think we all need some sleep-"

"No," he interrupted Andy. "I think we, I think we need to stop this." he gestured to all of us.

My head snapped up, Joe stopped strumming the guitar and Andy stopped moving in his chair.

It was dead silent.

"What do you mean?" Joe said, softly, almost as if he was afraid to ask.

"Come on you guys," Pete sighed. "Does any of this feel right to you?" He glanced at everyone in the room, but I knew he was asking me.

I knew exactly what he was talking about.

We'd done a good amount of arguing these days. Sure, we fought a lot when we would write, but lately, our arguing was worse than what we had in Take This To Your Grave. It kinda started when we were recording Folie. But it sort of progressed from that a little. I had no idea how, but suddenly, everyone had a problem with everyone in the band. We were starting to see each others flaws more often.

At that moment, I wanted to convince Pete it was nothing that we could still do this, even though I know we couldnt, but I couldnt say anything. I was speechless. Was this really happening?

"What are you talking about, man?" Andy said,

"I feel like we need to, put Fall Out Boy on pause, on hold," he said trying to fint the right words "like a break, a-"

"A hiatus." I choked out.

"Yeah, that." he said sadly.

This is really happening. I could feel my heart slowly sinking.

“Woah, woah, Pete are you sure?” Joe asked. “I mean, its not easy making a record, we just need to take our time that’s all. You guys are just tired from the last tour. You guys’ll bounce back soon enough. You and Patrick, above all people should know that, besides, no ones-“

“Joe that’s what we said yesterday,” he argued. “and the day before that, and the day before that….” He trailed on. “Let’s face it, were stuck.”

“Wait a minute, Pete,” Andy interjected. “If this is about what happened with Folie on tour-“

“Andy, I really don’t think that this about Folie…” I said, not really wanting to talk about it. It was still a tender subject to everyone. Well, mostly me.

Folie a Deux meant so much to me, and it broke me how the fans thought of it. I put more of myself on that record, more than any of the others that we had written together. And well, they hated it. So, for a lack of a better explanation, they hated what I did. I felt like, they hated me. I don’t think it was Pete. It wasn’t the lyrics they didn’t appreciate, it was the new sound that they disliked so much. And they had no problem what so ever letting us know about it. That’s why it still hurts so much talking about it.

“No, Andy’s right.” Pete raised his voice, which surprised me. “This is EXACTLY about Folie.”

“Exactly, how is this about that?” Joe asked.

“We have to admit, none of us were really the same after the Friends or Enemies tour….” He said.[I don’t know what it was really called so, I just called it that, please correct me if I’m wrong]

Suddenly, I had flashbacks of us performing on stage. How we got booed whenever we’d play a new song. If my heart were still sinking right now, it was at the pit of my stomach. If any of us changed because of that tour, it was probably me.

“I think it’s getting to us. That’s why we need to stop this, you know just for a while. Because when we first started we didn’t give a crap what people thought about us. Now we do. In fact we care too much. That’s why ‘this’ is happening. We let it get to us.”

“That’s because its all different now.” I reasoned, but he just shook his head. He was about to speak, but I stopped him. “No, Pete listen. When we started, we didn’t give a damn because we weren’t living up to anyones expectations yet. We didn’t have anyone to let down. But, now we do. And I feel like we did. I feel like I did. And, well, I know that now. They think that we made a crap record, then we did, so move on.”

“I agree and disagree with Patrick.” Joe said “Yes,” he looked at Pete. “Move on, not everything we make the people are gonna fall in love with, but” he turned to me “No, it was never your fault. Folie is a masterpiece, I’m proud of it. You should be to.”

I smiled on the outside, but the emotion wasn’t really reflecting on the inside, so it was probably the reason why it wasn’t that convincing. “Thanks, I was just doing my job….” I said quietly.

“See, that’s another thing.” Pete said. “This, its starting to become the last thing I ever intended Fall Out Boy to be.

A Job.

And, I think if we go on like that, feeling like its something that we have to do, rather than something we want to do, this whole thing will end anyway. Maybe even sooner than we want it to.”

I don’t think anyone in the room wanted that. And, well, everything was starting to be clear now.

Pete was right.

If we didn’t put the band on hold, we were gonna burn bright, but terribly fast. And right now, the ‘burning’ question was, where do we all go from here?

“So,” Andy cleared his throat, breaking the silence. “What now?”

“I don’t know, man.” Pete slung his bass over his shoulder, holding his coat in his other hand. “All I know is, we all need some space. He said, trying to lighten up the mood.

“That’s for sure.” Joe smiled, doing the same.

“But, what about us?” I asked. I was worried that if we went separate way now, we wouldn’t be talking to each other anymore, because there wasn’t any reason to with Fall Out Boy stopped.

“Don’t worry about,” Pete said. “We’re putting the band on hold, not our friendship.” He playfully punched my shoulder.

“Yeah, I feel like if we don’t do this, we just might end up killing each other.” Andy chuckled, which made us all laugh. But, the feeling wasn’t exactly happy.

It was sad.

Sad, how the whole thing changed us and altered our friendship. It was almost like we all became co-workers instead of best friends. We definitely were not the same kids who started in Pete’s garage 8 years ago.

“That’s another reason why I want to do this. We’re friends for crying out loud, and I don’t want to lose the band, or you guys for that matter.” Pete said. “So, I think a little time apart and a little growing up will do us some good”

“Yeah, I think the part about ‘growing up’ will do you A LOT of good, Pete.” Joe said, patting him on the back.Pete narrowed his eyes at him.

“Whatever” he mumbled, as Joe left the studio laughing. “GO WASH THAT MOP OF YOURS TROHMAN.” He yelled after him.

Andy laughed. “I’ll see you around guys,” he hugged Pete and then me. “I gotta say, I’m gonna miss you the most” we laughed.

“Ouch! What about me?” Pete said, with a mock pout.

“Oh, I’m sure at least one of us will miss you,” Andy said, with a smirk, following Joe out the door, leaving us alone.

This was the hard part.

Saying goodbye to someone who’s always been there for you through absolutely everything, even if it was just for a little while.

“Lighten up, bro. This isn’t really ‘goodbye’ you know. Its more of a ‘see you later’ kinda thing.” He reassured me.

“I know, I’m just gonna miss you guys…” I said.

“Awww, I’ll miss you too lunchbox.”

I made a face. He gave the worst pet names to everyone, and always saved the worst for me. There was Pat, Patty-cakes, Panda-monioum, and lunchbox was by far my least favourite. “Kidding!” Pete laughed, as he hugged me.

“Hey, I’m heading out, you need a ride?”

“Yeah, just give me a sec,” I said. “You can go ahead, I’ll just be a minute.” He nodded and left.

I got all my stuff and headed for the door myself. As I was about to shut the lights, I looked around one last time. I was definitely going to miss this place. It made me sad to know that none of us knew when we were coming back. Right now, the studio looked more empty than usual. But, in it, Andy’s question hung in the air.

What now?


That's it. For now. I think.

Just tell me what you feel, then what you what to happen with this.

This story's future is in your hands.

-Maia \m/
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