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Happy Halloween

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Short MCR one-shot about something that scared the crap out of me on Halloween :')

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2013-11-01 - 626 words

Gerard laughed at a joke Frank told him as him and his three best friends ate their dinner in Frank’s kitchen. It was Halloween and the four of them were at Frank’s house to watch horror movies all night. Frank’s parents had taken Frank’s little brother to a Halloween party and wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours.

Someone knocked on the door and Frank sighed “I don’t wanna answer it, I hate trick or treaters. Let’s just ignore it.”

“No, let them have some fun.” Ray said, jumping up “I’ll answer it. Where’s the candy?”

“On top of the DVD case.” Frank told him.

Ray picked up the candy and walked to the front door. He undid the latch and pulled open the door “There’s no one there.” He said loudly to his friends.

All of them jumped up and went into the corridor. There was no one standing at the door. For a moment they thought maybe they’d left the trick or treaters waiting too long so they’d decided to walk off but there was no one walking down the street “Oh My God, get back in the kitchen, get back in the kitchen!” Mikey yelled, shoving Frank back into his kitchen.

“It was probably just someone playing a stupid prank.” Ray said, shutting the front door and putting the candy down.

The four of them began eating dinner again, laughing about what had just happened “This is when the lights flicker and we see the outline of a person behind the kitchen blinds.” Frank laughed.

They were silent for a second when suddenly the phone started ringing “No...” Mikey said, his eyes widening “No, that has got to be a coincidence.”

“I can’t answer the phone anyway, it’s broken.” Frank jumped up and pulled back the kitchen blind a little “Well, it can’t be my parents, the car isn’t there.”

The phone stopped ringing and the four of them were beginning to get a little worried. Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the front door again “Right, I’m not in the fucking mood for this.” Ray said, jumping up and going to the front door. Mikey and Gerard looked at each other before grabbing sauce pans and following Ray into the corridor. Frank came last holding the sharpest knife he could find.

“There’s no one here again.” Frank said as Ray opened the front door to reveal there was no there. That was when they heard knocking again.

Ray shut the door and turned around “There’s someone in your back garden.”

Mikey squealed. Their first thoughts were that it was a teenager or group of teenagers trying to prank them but it was still pretty scary. Frank lived on the end of the street so he’d be the easiest person to prank like this. Ray rolled his eyes and marched down into the living room then went to the back door “Come on out you pussy!” He yelled loudly, knocking on the door.

Frank followed him and stood behind him trying to see out the stained glass windows. Gerard left Mikey standing in the corridor clutching his saucepan while he went to the windows. He pulled back the curtain with a swift movement and screamed, jumping back the length of the room and landing with a thump on the sofa. He’d seen a face staring in through the window.

Frank looked out the window “Dad, I swear to God I am going to kill you! How could you do that to us?”

[A/N] – Yeah, I hate my friends Dad... Also, I was Mikey in this situation :L Not fun!
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