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Happy Birthday FightingForever

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I re-wrote it because the first one was so bad :D

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[A/N] – The first one was embarrassingly bad so I wrote you another one Vikki :) Hope you like it!

Vikki walked through the gates of her new school. Typical. She had to start at a brand new school on her Birthday. No one would know her and she’d have to celebrate her birthday alone tonight as well since her parents would be out working. She ran her fingers through her hair and walked through the building to the front desk “Hi...” She said shyly “My name’s Vikki Armstrong, I’m a new student here.”

“Oh yes, I was told you’d be joining us today.” The woman behind the counter smiled. She was wearing deep red lipstick and a small witch’s hat in an attempt to ‘dress-up’ for Halloween “Bit of a creepy day to join a new school, huh?” Vikki shrugged and didn’t make a noise “Anyway, here’s your timetable. Looks like you have Maths first in Room 108. Enjoy your first day!”

“Thank you.” Vikki finally managed to smile, took her timetable and walked off to find Room 108.

She made it and saw the teacher was halfway through the lesson. She swallowed nervously and knocked on the door two times “Come in!” The teacher yelled and Vikki opened the door and stepped inside “How can I help you?”

“Um, I’m Vikki, I’m new here today.”

“Ah yes, I remember now.” He smiled “I’m Mr Johnson. Now then, where shall you sit?” He looked around the class “I suppose I should sit you next to Frank in the corner. Do you see him? Wave Frank!”

A boy with black hair and a lip-ring sitting in the right corner of the room at the back waved unenthusiastically. Vikki smiled at Mr Johnson and walked to the back of the room. She sat down next to Frank. He smiled at her and she smiled back shyly “Hi. As you’ve probably already figured out, I’m Frank. And you’re... Vikki?” Vikki nodded “Guess what Vikki? You’ve met me on a great day. It’s my birthday!”

Vikki grinned “Happy Birthday. It’s my birthday too.”

“Really? No way! Happy Birthday. So what are you doing to celebrate it?”

“Oh, nothing really. I’m not that bothered.” Vikki lied “What about you?”

“I’m throwing a party tonight. Not many people are coming. Just my close friends and a few people from school.” Frank’s smile suddenly increased “Hey, you should come too. You could get to know everyone. And besides, you can’t just do nothing on your birthday.”

“Well, I suppose so...” Vikki thought about it. She’d only just met this guy, she didn’t know anything about him “Where is the party?”

“It’s at my house. Here, I’ll write down my address.”

Vikki blushed bright red. Could she even go tonight? What if Frank turned out to be lying and his ‘party’ was full of creepy weirdos? Anything could go wrong... But she didn’t want to spend her birthday by herself. She took the piece of paper Frank had scribbled his address on and shoved it in her pocket “Not that I’m sure I’ll be able to find it.” She told him “I’m still new to the area so I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it.”

“Hey, how’s about I ask my friend Gerard to pick you up?” He saw the look on her face “Don’t worry about it, his little brother Mikey and our friend Ray will be in the car too. If you don’t like the idea that’s fine too. I could always give you money to get a taxi...”

“No, don’t worry about it; I’ll get a taxi myself. It sounds like fun.” Vikki smiled “What kind of things do you do at these parties?”

“Play truth or dare, seven minutes in heaven, talk, play music, play video games... Depends how we feel. Do you drink?” Vikki shook her head “Ah, then you can watch everyone else get drunk. I don’t drink either but I get alcohol anyway for those who do. Gerard will definitely want to drink.”

“Fair enough.” Vikki shrugged and suddenly jumped when the teacher tapped her on the shoulder.

“You’re not making a brilliant first impression Miss Armstrong.” He said sarcastically.

“She is on me Sir.” Frank said cheekily.

He rolled his eyes and went back to the front of the class. Frank winked at Vikki who laughed and blushed red.

Vikki hadn’t spoken to Frank for the rest of the day and she was wondering whether he meant it about his party or not. He said that she should come over at seven and it would probably finish late. She went straight home and watched TV for a couple of hours before deciding that maybe she should get ready and check out the party. If she didn’t like it, she could always leave.

She put on the new Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt her parents had brought for her, grey skinny jeans and some high-heeled ankle boots. She straightened her hair and found her new leather jacket before phoning for a taxi. It arrived ten minutes later and she ran out the house. It was eight o’clock so it was an hour after Frank had told her to arrive.

The taxi driver pulled up outside his house and Vikki paid him quickly “Jeez...” She said, looking up at the house. It was massive. Frank’s parents must be so rich. And if this was what Frank defined as a small party then Vikki definitely didn’t want to see his idea of a big one.

She walked down the drive nervously and rang the buzzer on the house. She waited for a few minutes and then realised no one in the house would’ve been able to hear her pressing the doorbell so she just decided to walk straight inside.

The hallway was crammed with people holding red plastic cups. The music was loud and it was by a band she’d never heard of. She was really nervous so she decided to find Frank. Seeing a familiar face would help calm her down.

As she pushed through the crowd to try and find Frank, someone grabbed her arm. It was a guy with long, dark greasy hair “Hi.” He smiled at her “My name’s Bert. What’s yours?”

“Oh uh Vikki.”

“It’s good to meet you Vikki.” He put his hand on her waist and she squeaked “Aw, you’re so cute.” He was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

“Do you know where Frank is?” She asked quickly.

He nodded “Yeah, I’ll show you. Follow me.”

“Great, thanks.” Bert pushed through the crowd holding onto Vikki’s arm.

They went upstairs and Bert took her into one of the bedrooms. She looked around. There was no one in there. Bert shut the door behind him “What are you doing?” She asked nervously.

“Oh come on, relax.” He said, walking towards her.

“No, leave me alone!” Vikki yelled, elbowing him in the face.

Bert held his nose that had now started to bleed “Jeez, what’s your problem?”

Tears filled Vikki’s eyes “Just leave me alone, you creep!” She stormed around him and went to the door. She threw it open and bumped into Frank.

“Hey, what happened?” He asked, taking Vikki by the shoulders. He looked over her shoulder at Bert and figured it out pretty quickly “Bert, get out of here. Go back downstairs. Now.”

Bert glared at them both but stomped past them and down the stairs. Frank took Vikki into the bedroom and shut the door behind them “I’m so sorry about him. I didn’t invite him; he just kind of turned up. I don’t like him anymore than you do.”

“He’s a jerk.” Vikki sobbed, running her fingers through her hair “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be crying so hard, he didn’t actually do anything...”

“He still shouldn’t have tried to do anything though. It’s no wonder you’re all freaked out.” He wrapped his arms around her “This is like the worst thing that could happen on your birthday, I’m so sorry for inviting you.”

“It’s not your fault.” She mumbled “It was nice for someone to put the effort in.” She started telling him things, things that she hadn’t told anyone. About her parents, her friends back in her old town, her ex-boyfriend “I’m sorry, it’s our birthday, I shouldn’t be dragging us both down like this.”

“Don’t worry about it Vikki.” He smiled at her “You know what? We should be best friends from now on.”

Vikki smiled back “Yeah, I’d like that.”

[A/N] – This was pretty bad too but it was better than the other one... Hope you liked it :L
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