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Chapter 3- Sleeping Over Part 1

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Naruto sleeps over at Kakashi's for the night out of fear from his nightmares.

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He wasn’t sure why he asked Kakashi first out of the three people he could ask. Of course, he gave Kakashi his supposed reasoning with asking him, but in all honestly, he just made it up. He didn’t even think to ask Sakura or Sasuke…Kakashi was the first person to appear in his mind when he thought about staying the night elsewhere to see if the dreams would pass. He didn’t remember the exact details of his nightmares, but the one that frequented the most had something to do with the monster inside of him he was sure. As he packed his things excitedly, he thought about what the jonin’s home looked like on the inside, wondered if Kakashi took his mask off when home, if he was going to take it off at all during the remainder of the day and if he had any daily routines he stuck to.

After the genin had finished gathering his things, he had left his apartment, locked it and bolted for the man’s home. It wasn’t until he had already run several feet that he realized something. Where did Kakashi live? He hadn’t even asked?!
“Yo.” Turning around, Naruto filled with relief as he stared up at the silver-haired jonin.
“I realized that you hadn’t asked me before where to find me so I came to get you instead.”
“Ah…s-sorry. It completely slipped my mind when I was asking you if I could stay over.” The man lets out a soft chuckle as he closed his eye in what Naruto believed to be a smile. He didn’t know why, but it made him blush slightly.
“Its fine, its fine. Just follow me.” Naruto nods with the same blush as he adjusts his bag and follows.
“Do you live alone?” Naruto watched as the man walked with his hands in his pockets, wondering what his answer may be.
“I do.”
“Do you ever feel lonely?” Kakashi turns to him, which made Naruto blush and look away.
“Every now and then…” Naruto looks back up at the man as he gripped the straps on his shoulders that held up his bag.
“You aren’t married or anything?” Kakashi sighs before rubbing the boy’s head.
“No, now enough with the strange questions Naruto. Would you like to stop at Ichiraku’s for dinner before we head to my home? It’ll be my treat.” Naruto’s face lit up as he drooled a little and gave the man eager nods.

After pretty much emptying his wallet on the blonde who ate many bowls of ramen, Kakashi led him towards his home, his nervousness growing as he got closer. He had slept in the same place as Naruto before on missions but not in the same bed or together alone so his heart was beating more rapidly than normal. He really hoped that the boy could not hear it. When they arrived and Kakashi managed to unlock the door without his hand shaking, they went inside to find a place for Naruto to set down his things. Kakashi realized that Naruto may find it a lot like his own home. It had a kitchen, living area, one room and a bathroom but unlike his, Kakashi kept it rather organized and plain. The only room that had any pictures was in Kakashi’s room and the man noticed that Naruto blushed when he saw that it was a photo of himself, Kakashi and the others along with a similar photo with a young Kakashi, his old members Obito and Rin. When Kakashi turned to Naruto, he noticed that Naruto much have recognized who the man was. Before Naruto could see him staring, Kakashi looked away.
“Kakashi-sensei…I didn’t know the Yondaime was your sensei.” Kakashi glances over at the picture before nodding, his attention returning to Naruto’s bag as he set it in the closet to keep it out of the way.
“A long time ago, yes.” He hears the sound of shuffling before he turned around t find Naruto sitting on his bed.
“You aren’t that old Kakashi-sensei.” Kakashi chuckles as he slipped off his headband, his gloves and flak jacket following.
“Yes, well, I feel that old.” Naruto Suddenly, the boy hops up and walks over to the closet before digging into his bag and pulling out some clothes.
“Hey Kakashi-Sensei, can I change into these?”Kakashi nods before motioning to the bathroom as he sat down to remove his shoes.
"You can change in there." Kakashi watched as the boy gave him a small nod and ran into the bathroom, a heavy exhale of hot breath leaving him after he had heard the door close. This was too much. Why couldn't the child have asked someone else like Sasuke or Iruka instead of troubling Kakashi? He was sure that at least they were safer choices since he didn't even trust himself to behave properly.
"What mess have you gotten yourself into now Kakashi?" Kakashi rubs his neck with a sigh before he stood up and walked over to his closet to pull out some fresh clothing, hoping that Naruto took awhile to change so he would have time to do the same while the boy was occupied in the restroom.
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