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Sake Footprints

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'The cops bust open the door at 12:17.'

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The cops bust open the door at 12:17.

It was a little late by then, of course. I'd called them up at half eleven, but those fine men on the London beat had far more important things to worry about than a little domestic violence. All that was left of Kawayoshi-san by the time they arrived was a set of sake footprints, tracked from the puddle by the door.

Well. All that was left -outside- the apartment, at least.

Inside, it was dark. They'd had to force the door - no one inside was responding. In the pool of light from the corridor, you could just make out the edge of an overturned low table, a single origami flower crushed beneath the wood.

"Mana-san?" She didn't answer. One of the officers flicked on a light-switch in silence, and it was obvious why. She lay face-down near the wall, four thin bruises just starting to blossom on an arm.
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