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And she smiles, because no one belongs alone.

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The sky grows dark; a blanket of clouds cover the town.
The wind quickens, defenseless shutters banging
whick whack, whick whack
against the sides of the houses.
The fury of the storm unfolds.
Park swings sway violently, back and forth the chains
creak crack, creak crack
together trying to voice a warning.
And so it begins.
The sky rips in half, the heavy drops splattering on the roof tops.
plit plat, plit plat
One survivor out alone, a pair of feet sprinting
splish splat, splish splat
through the puddled streets.
He had to get away into the woods–
his plan of escape.
The thunder crashes, but not loud enough
to drown out the question lingering in the back of his mind,
“Am I running from you, or am I running from me?”
Destined the monster he’ll forever be.

She’s crying, but not tired of trying.
The drops roll off her face
tip tap, tip tap
onto the pavement below.
She’s chasing him and her tears mix with the rain,
but he’s too quick; he fades into the haze.
A wave of uncertainty crashes through her mind.
crr thrash, crr thrash
What if she can’t catch him?
She’ll be forever left behind.
But there in the back of her mind, a voice.
“Remember who you are.”
With renewed strength, she pushes on,
determined to heal his scars.

The lightning flashes, followed by
boom throom, boom throom
the heavens rumbling above.
Watching from the wet, smeared, window,
left behind and out of mind,
the eventual result from living in three.
Rain falling in a hypnotic rhythm,
plit tap, plit tap
against the glass.
As they run, he sits in silence.
Longing to follow, he instead remains,
held fast by his own inner trials.
"I wish it would be me," he thought,
as he struggled against bitter tears.
Feeling, for once, all alone
"It could have been me..."
But he knew he had to let her go.
He smiled when she'd turned to leave.
Was the smile a lie?
Perhaps he'll never know.
The window offers no comfort
for too many thoughts plague his mind.

The rain fell hard on them.
He tries to push her away, but she continues to pull.
The wind intensifies
howl wowl, howl wowl
her hair in a mess of tangles.
She will not give up.
She holds onto him through the storm.
He couldn’t get away, he couldn’t hide.
He couldn’t run any longer.
He looks at her, battered pride within his dull eyes
thump thump, thump thump
finally opening up his heart.
She smiles - no one belongs alone.
Together, let’s go home.
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