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She led him into a room that was only lit from the outside, yellow light glittering in from the broken windows. There was a makeshift bed in the corner, white blankets neatly folded next to a flattened pillow. Books were stacked beside the bed and a small portable CD player was on top of a nearly broken table. The wood floorboards were creaky, loose, rain damaged it looked like. He could only imagine what it would be like staying under this roof in the middle of a rainstorm. What exactly came through those holes above that he could see rather clearly even in the dark? A candle sat on its own silver plate, wick nearly burned all the way down, wax disappearing beneath its outer surrounding.

There was a certain atmosphere about the place. There usually was when it was a rundown area with nothing but someone's bare insides showing about. It wasn't difficult to understand her while looking around this place. books, darkness, broken windows and leaking ceilings. Things were making sense with what she had said earlier about having wanted to jump from the building's roof. It all painted a rather sorrowed and sad portrait of who she was. Just the thought of her hurting the way she must have been to have let such a thought as suicide enter that head of hers, it pained him to the point of letting go of his own turmoil working its way viciously inside of him. There was someone else that needed thinking of and she didn't look like she had anyone else that was exactly doing that.

She didn't make a noise, didn't even say a single word. She just stood there looking about the area as if she were silently observing something that she had never experienced. Or perhaps she was nervous. Perhaps she had never let anyone in here. That's what it looked like. It looked like she had never before let anyone in like she was doing for him now. And he couldn't understand it either. He had never been one to allow someone into his mind, his inner self so why was she doing i for him now? He had listened so intently to people's stories his entire life. The very thought of knowing what made certain people do the things they did was fascinating, always had been. So why did this feel different?

"It's not much." She softly said, finally breaking through the silence that had filled the atmosphere. She seemed smaller then, her hands tugging at the hem of her dress, her eyes downcast and her entire demeanor full of nerves. She didn't meet his eyes this time- almost like she couldn't. She seemed to be self conscious and that alone threw him into something of a dizzying tailspin. When he had met her only a short while earlier he hadn't expected to ever see a side of her that was like this. But here she was as multi-layered and perhaps even as complicated as he was.

"I love it." He replied, his hand lifting and pushing back the strands of his hair over his shoulders. Allowing a slight smile to shape on his lips he made sure it wasn't one that emanated with a patronizing look or even a pitiful one. That wasn't at all what he was feeling. He saw her as someone who had made sense of her life even if she had met all the burdens that were thrown in her way. She'd survived it. That was her testament. Or perhaps he was reading it all wrong. He was always good at deciphering people, their stories, their meanings. But there was always going to be one he was wrong about. She was throwing herself out here like an easy page to read and yet somehow he knew that wasn't so. She was someone who had pressed through. But what else was there that she hadn't shown him?

Essie returned his smile and walked over to him. Her head tilted slightly as she studied him, her brows lightly tensing. She didn't believe him but her smile said that she was grateful for him saying that even if it wasn't truth. "You're sweeter than I thought you would be." She said with a small laugh. Her eyes lowered and she tucked her hair behind her ear. "That sounded worse than I thought it would while thinking it." Her eyes lifted to his again, so delicately green in the golden light. He wondered how her gaze would soften if he were to take her in his arms then. What she would whisper in that voice if they were to lie down on that makeshift bed over there.

He shook his head at the thought and smiled down at her. "You already had an opinion of me then?" He questioned with a small chuckle. "That doesn't sound like too good of a thing." He said, taking his bottom lip between his teeth to suppress a laugh from coming from him. "As long as it wasn't so bad. I've dealt with plenty. Dictator, jerk off, asshole..." He shrugged with nonchalance, obviously immune to that sort of thing now. He'd been called practically everything and although before it used to faze him now he as pretty much hardened to it.

"Asshole!" She nearly shouted with another small laugh, the former dreariness that had filled her features disappeared. "That was the one that I had you pegged for." She declared another laugh slipping from her lips. "I'm only kidding, Jared." She said as she gently touched her hand to his chest. "I'm kidding, please don't be mad at me."

He only laughed and watched as she walked away. Her boots echoed off the boards and she leaned against the broken window. He simply watched her, watched the solemnity return to her eyes and he wondered how he could make it disappear. What exactly could help her? Did she even need his help? It didn't matter if she wanted it or not there had to be a reason why he was here, why she had brought him here.

He crossed the room to where she was standing, the boards creaked beneath his shoes and he let out a small sigh. Would she move from him? Would she dislike the feeling of him feeling a touch of concern for her? He would risk it, he had to, something was telling him that he should. He stopped behind her and she didn't make a move to indicate she knew he was standing there. He could smell the musk of the city coming from her hair, could feel the warmth of being near her. He hesitated for a moment, the cold whispering along his skin in absence of his coat.

Quite suddenly she reached out behind her and wrapped her hand around his wrist. With a gentle tug she brought him closer against her, a small breath whispering from between her parted lips. Her hold on him became tighter, almost desperate as her eyes closed. Her body became somewhat limp as she brought his arm around her waist. There were tears that were blinked from her lashes onto the skin of her cheeks and there was a slight tremor to her body.

His eyes closed and his arm tightened gently around her. Her body was soft and delicate against his own, her scent was nearly mesmerizing. The feel of her fingers tight on his arm cleared his mind and made him solely focus on his worry of her. He leaned down, lips brought to her ear. "Are you alright?" He asked softly in a whisper. Of course he knew that she wasn't. Of course he knew that those were tears falling from her eyes and when she gave him a nod he couldn't believe he silently accepted it even though he knew the answer she gave him would be questioned later on anyhow.
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