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Preslash. There's one person that always trips Zell up. Seifer/Zell

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And Quistis had to hold him over again after class so he was gonna be late for HOTDOGS for the third day in a row if he didn't -dang get outta my way get OUTTA my WAY- hurry it up and over the bench skid around the corner then it's just-- THWACK

Zell fell on his ass, legs splayed long out in front, arms catching him in back, arching so he looked up to Seifer's face.

"Chicken wuss. No running in the halls."

Seifer messed with his rhythm bad, slowed him down so he couldn't think right. He glanced side to side and crossed his legs, indian-style on the tiled floor, face twisted in thought. Okay, jump the bench, round the corner, then Seifer...

Seifer prodded him with a toe. "Don't sprain anything."

Zell shot up, nodding to himself. "Hot dogs, it was hot dogs!" He bounced in place once, prepping himself for the run, lurching forward only to be caught back by the throat. Seifer had grabbed his shirt collar, and once again /messed up his groove/.

"Idiot. No one says stuff like 'groove' or 'booyaka' anymore." Well he hadn't meant to say it out loud, and it was Seifer's fault for being a jerk and messing him up and what was his business pulling on him like that anyway!

"Because they ran out of hot dogs, like they always run out of hot dogs, dumbass. How many more times do I gotta say it before you start listening to me?" The last was punctuated by a shake and Seifer got right in his face all pissed-off like (hey, better to be pissed off than pissed on) and Zell blinked at him, but it was only a second before Seifer looked kinda funny, like he was blushing or something and turned his head away from Zell, and then Zell noticed that hey, his feet were touching the floor, which meant that they weren't touching before, which meant that Seifer totally had the balls to lift him up to yell at him like he, the premier martial artist of Balamb Garden, was some kinda kid, just because there weren't any hot dogs.

Aw man. No hot dogs.

"Aw man. No hot dogs." Zell slumped forward in defeat for a second, but straightened up again to see Seifer turning away without even giving him a warning for speeding.

"Hey," Seifer half twisted back at him, and Zell thought he looked kinda weird, like he'd just seen a bunch of slimy Geezers at a tea party with all the tea pots and crumpets and whatever the hell else you had at a proper tea party, and you knew the problem was either with the Geezers or /in your head/, and Zell didn't want to make Seifer sick if he was thinking about slimy Geezers with crumpets, but he asked anyway, "I'm goin' into Balamb for lunch, Ma'll cook somethin' up, and you can come, but'cha can't be all mean like, because she's my Ma, ya know?"

Seifer was an orphan, so he'd gone to see Zell's Ma before, because Ma was a great believer in home-cooked meals and liked /everybody/, even jerks like Seifer. She even liked Squall, who was definitely awesomely cool, but kinda hard to like.

Anyway, Seifer had opened and shut his mouth a few times, and Zell put his hands on his hips and stuck his right foot under his left on it's toe and waited because Seifer liked everything at his own pace which always screwed Zell up.

Seifer had wide green eyes that were pretty and totally wasted on a guy, and he shook his head. "Nah, I mean, thanks, but I already ate. Yeah." Those eyes kept looking at Zell funny, and it wasn't the best thing for his psyche.

"Okay man. Your loss." Seifer had turned to leave, but glanced back over his shoulder at Zell, a second look. Zell's face squinted into his thinking face, head tilted, but nothing resembling an explanation came to mind, and Zell shrugged it away.

"Pish. Squally-boy's right about that guy. 'What-ev-er'."
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