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Ghost of the Past

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After the events of Thor Dark World,Odin is slowly coming to terms with his loss. But, one night he roams the palace, alone, and a person who he thinks is dead pops up. Now he is haunted by the ima...

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Much like the night before, and the night before that, Odin Allfather found himself drifting aimlessly along the halls of the palace. Odin found that he was unable to sleep after his wife, Frigga, had died fighting that cursed dark elf while defending his son’s “girlfriend”. He tried to reason with Thor, tell him that the mere mortal wasn’t, well, good for him. But Thor was stubborn on this subject.

But there was another death that laid heavily on the Allfather’s mind. It wasn’t the death of his beloved wife, although that one still bothered him quite a bit, nor the death of the thousands of soldiers who had given their lives while defending Asgard against the Dark Elves, but the death of his son.

It wasn’t Thor, who Odin had no idea where he was, but he knew that he was still alive and well. It was Loki’s death that bothered him the most at the moment. A guard informed him of it when the search party had returned from Svartalfaheim. The Allfather hadn’t shown any emotion when the guard had informed him, but as soon as he left, Odin felt a tear run down his check from his eye.

Odin leaned against the hallway’s wall and slid down until he was sitting on the floor. Tears began to fill his eye as he thought about his adopted son and everything he said to him the last time he saw the Trickster. They were not nice words. The Allfather had often caught himself wishing several times since he found out that he could go back in time and take back every single thing he did to wrong Loki.

Odin sighed and picked himself up. He silently cursed at himself for acting like this. He was the king of Asgard, and so many looked up to him to be strong. Glad that no guards were around to see this, Odin got to his feet and started to walk back to his own chambers, hoping that he would atleast get some sleep.

As he rounded the corner to another hallway, a flash of gold and green caught his eye. He turned quickly and saw someone before they had disappeared completely. With a silent gasped Odin had realized that is was Loki that he saw. But Loki was dead, and it wasn’t often that ghosts roamed Asgard.

The Allfather continued his journey to his room while his mind sorted through possibilities. When it found none, Odin thought to himself, it must just be my old mind playing tricks on me. This seemed to satisfy his racing thoughts for a minute, but then they all swept back, most of them wandering why? And how? The Allfather sighed and opened his chamber doors. Perhaps he should have a talk with Heimdall tomorrow. He always had answers.

Loki was in slight shock. He was wandering the castle’s halls late at night, trying to think up a proper plan when none other than Odin Allfather walked right past him. Loki turned invisible just as the Allfather turned to look at him.

Loki let out a quiet breath when Odin passed him and continued walking. Has the Allfather finally lost it? He had seen Loki, but just continued walking as if he saw nothing. Loki stared in shock as Odin walked on to his chambers. Perhaps Odin thought he was a ghost?

But why would Odin care if his adopted son, his stolen relic from the frost giants, was a ghost? When Loki disguised himself as a guard and told the Allfather that he was dead, he saw no emotion from the Allfather. But just a second ago could a tear be really crawling down his check? No, that tear must have been for Frigga. Why would the Allfather cry over him.

Loki decided to follow Odin to try to find out just what he was thinking. Usually Loki didn’t have this hard of a time figuring out people and their plans and thoughts. But Odin? Not this time.

Odin had stayed in his chambers for the rest of the night and Loki had watched from afar, at the end of the hall, away from the guards that stood at the Allfather’s door to make sure they don’t somehow catch him.

Loki had stayed in this single spot for all night, invisible. He would soon have to reveal his true form in a safe spot, his magic energy reserves growing low. But, if the Allfather comes out soon, it might just be worth it.

Just when Loki was about to give up, the Allfather’s chamber doors open and Odin steps out. He looked tired and weary, Loki noted. Odin walked down the hall to that led eventually to the stables and Loki followed, silent and invisible.
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