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The Deed of the Two Assassins PART 5

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Raven fails to catch Justin's hand in hers. She has fallen into a dark hole. Will she find her way out? Or is there even a way out?

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"...Justin!!" as it grows faint.
"...Raven!" I hear yelling down at me, but is faint to my ears.
I pant from the shock that I've gone into. Was this all part of Blade's plan? Does he even have a plan?
As I'm falling, I see the light grow smaller and smaller, dimmer and dimmer. It disappears. Where have I gone?
I finally hit rock bottom.
All around me I can't see a single thing. Not a light, not a spark, not a glare nor flare. Until...Torches light a path. Now I know that this was a trap. The torch lights keep going and going until I can't see them anymore. I begin to help myself to my feet and slowly look around a little. Skulls, bones, ash. This is Blade's doing. This is what we came for. This is it.
"Okay...time to get ready" I say as I adjust my clothing a little and pop my knuckles.
Along the path there is nothing but a silent wind. An eerie feeling grows upon me from the silence that fills the air.
"Welcome..." A low, raspy voice whispers in my ear.
I gasp and clench my fists just in case as I halt to a stop and bury my feet in the ground. I have never felt fear more intense than I have now. I have no idea what's coming, will I make it out alive? I spin around with my eyes wide awake and aware. Nothing. I spin the other way and feel all around me. My hand touches clothing, but it isn't mine. No not mine. I look down at my hand and back up to what I expect to see a face. Glowing red eyes appear slowly right in front of me, they become more clear as I adjust to the surprise.
I gulp and my eyes grow fury as I slowly take my shaking hand away from his chest.
"I are Blade?" I whisper with a shuddering tone.
He chuckles and a white, bright grin spreads across his face, "Well is that who you were expecting huh?"
I nod not taking my eyes off his.
"Surprise, surprise" He whispers as he takes his claws across my cheeks and taps my nose softly.
My eyes widen open a little more as I hold my breath. One ounce of blood and I'm dead. Blade is no human, no he is not a human. He is a creature who for some reason thirsts for my very blood. Don't ask me why, I never have known why...but we all know he does. He has a reason for everything, even if it's nothing at all.
The air grows silent and chill. My heart beat grows louder and louder, more slow and soft, it slows down to a chill stop. He...he killed me. No not literally, but on the inside. My brain and Constance is dead. I begin to become less aware and awake. My eyes slowly begin to close...

Dead. Silence.
(To be continued)
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