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The Deed of the Two Assassins FINAL (PART 6)

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Justin is out of the question now, it's up to Raven and Blade, but will Raven escape?

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He has driven me insane. We're all insane for all I know. All of the hallucinations and tricks of the eye. Is it bad that I don't know what I've walked into? Blade is very strong, very strong indeed. For the past 16 years I've had to live with him in my thoughts, him crawling around in my mind. No matter how hard you try to escape it all, there's a way back in. It's like he almost controls me, feeds on me, and drains my existence from here. I've almost gone completely into another world. A world far far away from here, where nobody would ever dream of going. Nobody exists there. It's a world of pure imagination and hallucinations. The monsters, creatures, demons, the unknown. Once you've been there too much there's no way of going back, it's grabbed you into it. Someone insane never knows they're insane, no one mad knows that they've gone mad. They trick you, fool you. Blade is the unknown, the unknown that nobody can escape. You never know when he's there, you never know where he is or anything. There's a special place for him He takes control and puts you under his path until you can't take anymore. Until you can't survive anymore, until you've lost yourself and you're someone else. He uses you completely for his own entertainment. No I don't know why I never even knew he was there. None of the questions you have can be answered. It's all in your head, it's all pure imagination...He's all pure imagination. I've been under his control for a while now, I've realized that. I can't get out. This is where I lye for the last time. This is where I lye for eternity.
My dead. I'm..dead. He's killed me. I can never wake up now. This has all been a dream.

I'm dead...

He continues to visit his sister at the old cemetery every year, bringing her fresh new flowers to her grave. Wishing her good luck out there. Yes it brings a tear to his eyes every single time. She didn't have to do this. He didn't want this, But he was in her nightmares with her.It dragged him in too, he's been living with the same insanity for a long time you see. He's next...

It was all just a dream that went too far and it never stopped...
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