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Blue Stuff

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Whilst on a hunt in New Mexico, Castiel meets Jesse Pinkman. And after an awkward deal, he decides to investigate the "blue stuff". (Supernatural/Breaking Bad).

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“You’re the guy?”
Castiel looked up from where he was sitting on a bench in Albuquerque, New Mexico to see a man standing over him. “The guy?” he frowned.
“Yeah. The guy” The man pressed.
“Uh…” Castiel paused. “I am a guy, yes.”
“So you have the money?”
“For what?” Castiel asked, patting the pockets of his jeans down for any loose change. Much to his surprise, he managed to pull out a fifty dollar bill.
“You’re a good one, you are.” Then man laughed, hitting his arm playfully. “Pretendin’ you don’t know what the hell I’m on about and all that.” He took the fifty dollar bill from Castiel and handed him a small bag filled with what appeared to be crushed blue glass.
“Why are you giving me glass?” Castiel asked, holding it up in front of his face. “And why is it blue? What good am I going to do with crushed blue glass?”
The man pushed Castiel’s hand away out of sight. “It’s meth, asshole. You smoke it. Here, have this. I assume you’re new to this shit.” The man said, grabbing a glass pipe from one of the large pockets of his jacket then thrusting it into Castiel’s. “You smoke it. Got it? Dude, you’re really playing this whole dumb-act well. Now get the hell outta here, and don’t let anyone see that shit. Don’t wanna get you caught.”
Castiel nodded and shoved the small bag into his pocket. Just as he stood up to leave, the man’s phone rang.
“Yo, waddup man, it’s Jesse…Yeah, Jesse Pinkman…” the man answered. Castiel stood there in front of him, head tilted to the side in admiration for this strange man in his strange clothes, selling strange substances in small plastic bags. Jesse looked over at Castiel, frowned, and hissed, “Get outta here, bitch.” Castiel nodded quickly and walked off as fast as he could.

When Castiel got back to the motel room he’d been staying in with Dean and Sam, he found that his friends were yet to have returned from their hunt. He pulled the bag of, what the strange man had called, ‘meth’ from his jacket pocket, and the pipe too. He inspected the glass instrument closely, running his finger over the smoith glass until he came to a bulge with a small hole on the top. Carefully he poured a few of the ‘meth’ crystals into the hole and shook them around a bit, marvelling at the slight clinking sound that came from within.

“Now,” he mumbled to himself, “the man said to smoke it.”
He carefully laid the pipe down on the end of Dean’s bed and got up to search for the lighter Dean always kept in his duffle bag. After a few short minutes of searching, Castiel finally came across what he was looking for. He flicked the flame on and held it under where the blue crystals were sitting in the glass bulb at the end of the pipe. After a few seconds, the blue started to bubble and the colour clouded into a light grey. Slowly he brought the pipe up to his lips and sucked the pale smoke drifting towards the open end.

It took a few seconds to kick in, but suddenly he found his body begin to flood with cool pleasure. His mouth curved up into a crooked smile as he felt the feeling flush though his body, circulating around his veins. It felt good. So good. Fuck, he’d never felt anything like this before. It was like every ounce of happiness he’d ever felt before in his life was condensed into one moment of feeling, multiplied by a million. He let himself slip off the end of the bed until he was sitting on the floor with one leg pulled up to his chest, other with the sole of his shoe bouncing uncontrollably against the hard floor. He chewed his smile but the grin didn’t leave his face, his eyes still wide and his breathing slow.

When he heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning in the door, he jumped to his feet, sprinted over to the door and slammed it shut before either Sam or Dean even think about stepping inside.
“HEY! What’s the deal, Cas?” Dean called from the other side. Castiel just grabbed the pipe and the lighter and sprinted into the bathroom. He lit the end again and took one last drag, a drag that caused his whole body to shudder with absolute euphoria. His head and vision clouded over, and found himself in a euphoric daze before he managed to snap out of it and shove the pipe into his wash bag.

When he got out of the bathroom he found Dean and Sam unpacking what appeared to be McDonalds onto the table.
“What was that about, Cas? We thought you had a girl in here or somethin’.” Dean smirked with his back to his friend. When he turned around to look at Castiel fully, his expression turned from what had once been contentious hilarity, to utter horror. “Buddy, are you okay?”
“Yeah. I’m fiiiiiiine. Why? Why’d you ask? I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m fine.” Castiel grinned, sitting down at the table lazily, before he body forced him to stand…and then sit again, left leg still bouncing. He looked up at the brothers and began to laugh to himself softly. “You really are a pair of pretty boys.”
Sam ignored him and frowned, “No, dude, come on. You’re not fine.”
“Honestly? Sam? I’ve never felt this good before. I’m finally seeing the real beauty in the world.” Castiel sighed. “Do you guys wanna take a drive? I wanna take a drive.” He made for an exit and Dean attempted to lunge after him, but he was too late. Castiel was already out the door.

Dean marched after him and, seconds later, emerged back at the motel room door with Castiel’s collar in his grip. He pushed his friend down onto the bed but Castiel grabbed his arm and brought him down on top.
“Deeeeean.” Castiel grinned. Before Dean could get away, Castiel was tracing his cheekbones carefully with a slow finger. “Do you wanna take a drive with meeeee? Pleaaase?” he whispered slowly. Dean looked over at where Sam was sniggering at the dinner table and attempted to climb off the bed. Only he found Castiel now had hands in places he’d rather not think about.
“What are you doing, Cas? Are you…are you high?”
“You tell me, Dean.” Castiel giggled. “Am I?”
“Look at your eyes. You’re fucking out of it, dude. Now, let go of me, okay?”
Castiel just pulled Dean hard against his chest, causing Dean to fall flat on top of him. Sam let out an audible choke of laughter and Dean shot him a glare from where his head was being held against Castiel’s chest. Castiel stroked his friend’s hair gently.
“So soft. Dean, your hair is so soft.”
“Yeah. Thanks dude. Now would you mind letting me go?” Dean mumbled impatiently, still drying to gently pry himself from Castiel’s arms. Castiel ignored him and held him tighter.
“You have such pretty eyes. So green. Such pretty green eyes.” Castiel sighed happily, the warmth setting softly in the bottom of his stomach over and over again, every time he ran his fingers through Dean’s hair. “Dean?”
“I feel really happy right now.”

He looked up past Dean's face at the ceiling and smiled softly to himself as he let the feeling lift him higher, higher and higher. Suddenly he did't care about anything he'd suffered before; this feeling was all that mattered. He reached out at the air in front of him and felt the beautiful draght run between his fingers. He giggled to himself again and bit his lip gently. "Woah." he whispered to himself as his vision pulsated.

Without warning, he began to unbutton his own white shirt and Sam began to choke again.
"No, Cas, you're not taking your shirt of, hear me?"
"But I wanna be free, Dean! I wanna be free!"
"I'm not staying here if you're gonna undress yourself, okay?"
Castiel ignored him and deciced to work on ubuttoning his jeans instead.
"Nope. Okay. I'm going." Dean said quickly. He struggled to get away but Castiel kept him down. "Sam, a little help would be appreciated here." Dean mumbled.

Castiel now looked over at Sam and reached out towards him. “Sam?”
Sam looked up.
“Come here.”
Dean shook his head violently at his brother mouthing "NO", only to be ignored. Castiel then grabbed Sam by the arm and pulled him onto the bed too, comfortably sandwiched between both brothers.
“I love you guys,” Castiel sighed happily as he now held Sam tightly too, “my brothers.”
“Yeah, and we love you too, Cas.” Dean said awkwardly.
“Maybe tomorrow I can find Jesse again and the three of us can smoke the blue glass together.
Sam suddenly sat up. “Blue glass?”
Dean half-sat up too. “Dammit, Cas.”
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