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Read this please.

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/*listen up you guys this is really important I want to see if you guys wanted another crossover be wise...uhhhhh...well you know the other one came out to be a complete waste of my time and I am not going to ft rid of it but I am putting it up for adoption so that is something hey I already started on a Naruto x fairytail crossover and it has about 3000 words so far it took me forever by guess what I am going to do another crossover a Naruto bleach crossover(yahhhhh! )so yah if you guys want ill do it and because I want to I am making a poll this poll is going to be about the crossover.

And let me explain it a little more in depth what I am going to do is you guys are going to vote at me in reviews or on my profile (it is still LegionsEnd56 on what type of zanpaktou you want him to have if you want him to be a hollow or a shinigami maybe you guys could even tell me if you want it to be a melee-type, a kido-type, or a sub kido-type its all your guys (and girls) choice.

You guys could tell me how you want him and. .then I will.make him accordingly also you could tell me the pairing even though I am not very good at pairings ill do it anyway it is once again your choice and guess what this poll is only going to be open till 19 days after Thanksgiving so I'd hurry if I were you ( hahahahah I am such an evil bastard/wipes fake tears away/)si if you guys get that all let me tell you.....

That the first five viewers get to get put up on the first chapter for an imortalazation (I am pretty sure that's not how you spell that)(ehhh whatever)so yah oh and also happy Thanksgiving.

P.s I know I said that before but I will do it this time and I am going. Put the people who reviewed up on KY 6th chapter for fate of the forgotten k.*

LegionsEnd56 sighning out
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