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Plans For Next Year

by Hozzie 1 review

Basically me being about excited about next year :D TELL ME YOUR PLANS TOO GUYS :)

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I dunno about you guys but I am SO excited for next year... Here's my official plan for next year so far :)

February - We Are The In Crowd! Not only did I get tickets, I GOT FUCKING VIP TICKETS :D I'm gonna meet them! I'M SO EXCITED :3

March - All Time Low in London :) We just need to get my Mom to book a hotel room :L We're also seeing Fall Out Boy which is gonna be awesome :D

April - OF MICE & MEN. I don't care what anyone says, I'm bunking off college to try and meet them :) Also, I'm going back to London to see You Me At Six because they didn't come to Birmingham :)

May - I HAVE THE SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION WHICH IS GOING TO BE AMAZING. I'm also going to see McBusted because they announced another show in Birmingham because we couldn't get tickets for any of the other ones... This is gonna be awesome :D

So yeah, I am extremely looking forward to next year :) What are your guys plans for next year?:)

Love Hozzie
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