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Dead Love

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She laid still in her bed. Listening to the moaning coming from outside as the bodies belonging to deteriorating brains swarmed on the feild out back of their house. It was louder tonight, more so than nornal. That sent a rush of fear down her spine, shaking her petite bony frame.

"Kimi, get up" her brother whispered from somewhere in the pitch black of her bedroom. She listened to him shuffling around, guiding himself over various obstacles scattered across her floor until finally, his hand rested on her shoulder. Feeling her body relax beneath it. "Come on." He encouraged,

"Where are we going?" Kimi asked, not moving just yet.

"A few people have found a safe house, we’re leaving tonight."

"Where’s mum and dad?" He hesitated for a second and she tensed up again, sensing that her worst fears were about to be revealed.

"They’re staying here until the next car comes-"

"No." Kimi bluntly interrupted and curled up into a ball as if it intensified her stubborness. Liam sighed,

"I don’t like it either but we have no choice Kimi, stop being difficult. We need to go now. Pack your things." He stood up straight, towering over her. She felt his eyes on her still body for a few more seconds before leaving her. She knew better than to ignore him. He was the only one she’d ever listened to and she wasn’t about to break the chain of obedity now. Slowly, resentfully, she dragged herself from the comfort of her bed and filled a bag with necessities; underwear, a few tops and a couple of pairs of jeans, toothbrush, hair brush and the small amount of make up she owned. After tying her hair in a low ponytail, she pulled on a blue hoodie and a pair of leggings, easy get away clothes. Kimi made her way downstairs where Liam was waiting at the bottom, a bag strap over one shoulder. Her eyes met her mum’s ash blue iris’, similar to her own only Kimi’s were greener. They were misted red and watery, a tell tale sign that she’d been crying. Her dad however, as always, was strictly business. He nodded to her and shook Liam’s hand, Kimi wasn’t having none of that as she threw her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. He paused briefly before holding her tightly in his muscly arms. Making her feel safe for the first time in a long while.

"Be careful," he whispered, "I love you." Her heart jumped and she barely stopped herself choking on the lump in her throat.

"I don’t want to leave you" she said, he sighed and nodded, looking at Liam,

"Guard her with your life, you understand?" Liam nodded without hesitation.

"Yes sir" he complied then looked to Kimi, "time to go."

The front garden was clear and it was a quick break for the blacked out van at the end of the path. They were soon in a relatively safe environment again, sat in a freezing cold van on an arse-numbing metal floor surrounded by, to Kimi, strangers. It was comforting to see that Liam was familiar with more than half of them. One of them, however, whether Liam knew him or not, made Kimi feel very out of place. He had the same build as her dad and brother, muscly, tall, at least six foot something. His jaw was defined, as were his cheek bones and everything was tensed but that wasn’t what caught her attention and made her feel off about him. His eyes were a dark brown and full of anger that was unlike any form Kimi had ever experienced the disfortune of being in the company of. He looked at her and she blushed once she realised she’d been staring directly at him for nearly ten minutes.

"It’s Kimi, right?" He asked, his voice deep and rough, she swallowed the dryness in her mouth and nodded, watching as he propped his knees up and rested his wrists on them, allowing his big hands to dangle. Kimi really wished Liam was with them now but he’d assumed his position in the drivers seat as the original one slept for a while. "I’m Taylor, I’m friends with your brother" the anger in his eyes didn’t soften for even a second, nor did his pissed-off posture.

"He’s never spoke about you" Kimi replied quietly, Taylor looked at the back doors of the van,

"I’m not the kind of person Liam would speak about." He met her eyes again, making her feel unsafe as she tucked her knees into her chest. "Not to you anyway" he finished.

"Why not?" Taylor shook his head,

"Don’t be asking questions kid, it won’t do you any good. The less you know, the better. It’s safer that way." Kimi scowled at him,

"I’m not a child" she bit her tongue as soon as she said it, regretting her fast retaliation when he raised an eyebrow. She couldn’t decide whether it was because he was surprised at her sharp reply or whether he was amused by her whinyness. Either way, it made her flush crimson profusely and she allowed her dark brown fringe to fall In front of her eyes. Avoiding contact.

"How old are you?" He asked, to her surprise, his tone had changed, it was a little lighter. Still edgy, but lighter.

"Fifteen" both eyebrows went up this time, ever so slightly but Kimi never failed to recognise such a simple motion, after all, it was effective and told many things about what the person was thinking. She noticed stuff like that.

"Then in the eyes of the law, you’re still a child. And that’s also why your brother never told you about me" she dismissed the last half of the comment but wouldn’t take his reply as the end of their short lived conversation.

"And are you the law?" She questioned, folding her arms. The left side of Taylor’s thin lips pulled up into a semi smirk.

"The exact opposite kid."
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