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s-CRY-ed Deathmatch

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Elian and Urizane face off in an epic battle

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Match One: Elian VS. Urizane

Ref: Now, I want a good clean fight, you hear...and GO!

Urizane: (holding two watermelons) You are going down, Elian! (Urizane glows- chunks of the arena disappear- is using his alter)

Elian: aargh! (Falls to his knees) a sensory block!!

Urizane: (Laughs maniacally)

Elian: (Struggles to his feet and dashes at Urizane, taking a watermelon)

Urizane: GASP You wouldn't!

Elian: (smirks cruelly) I would. (Smashes watermelon on arena floor)

Urizane: (gasps loudly and falls to his knees, tears streaming down his eyes at the loss of his watermelon) are going to pay...for what you did to Bob!

Elian: (Looks confused) Who is "Bob?"

Urizane: (sobbing) My...MY BEST FRIEND! YOU SMASHED HIM!

Elian: (Chuckling) What? The watermelon?

Urizane: grrr...grrr...Bob... X( URIZANEEE DYNAMITE PUNCH!! (Smashes the remaining watermelon on the ground and the green stuff coats Elian then explodes)

Elian: (Holding his side and walking out of the smoke) It'll take more than that to bring me down, Urizane, and you are out of watermelons! (Laughs)

Urizane: (Laughs also) But the sensory block is still in effect. You can't do anything either!

Elian: I can do this! (swings around a leg and kicks Urizane in the head, sadly, the blubber revokes him and the attack is useless)

Urizane: (Laughs) My fat is too powerful for the skinny weakling Elian! Now watch this! My secret attack, Beef Stew! (Leaps in the air and tries to land on Elian's head)

Elian: aah! (Being smaller than Urizane, he leaps out of the way and avoids the hazardous gases) Ha, Urizane, you are mine now! (Runs to Urizane and rips his braid off)

Urizane: Screams in pain

Ref: (walks over to Elian and holds up his arm, which is still clutching Urizane's braid) ELIAN WINS!

Crowd roars

Ref: Match Two. Emergy Maxfell VS. Commander Martin Sigmar. Ready...GO!


Emergy: ahhh! this really is a pinch situation here, definitely a pinch situation! MY SUPER PINCH CRUSHER COME SAVE ME!!!

Sigmar: Alias! (alter runs at Emergy)

Emergy: Danger Hazard! Brrrrp! (Robot starts randomly firing it's gun)

Sigmar: ahhhh Alias! (has lots of wrinkles now-using the alter ages him)

Emergy: good thing im wearing my dumb suit or else i'd be pushing up daisies now!

Sigmar falls over - he's too old to stand up now

Ref: (walks over to Emergy and holds up his hand) This match is OVER!!!

Sigmar turns into dust

to be continued

Another match is coming up, so just wait. Match Three features Kazuma the Shell Bullet VS. his (?) brother Straight Cougar. Please feel free to comment on this:D
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