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Someone's after Clark and he doesn't even know about it. Will he survive the attack? Sequel to Fly.

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Clark swooped down low above the cornfields then rose up into the sky again. He swiftly turned and glided over the lake and let his fingers drag in the water, watching the water ripple. He rose up high above the clouds and sped off yelling 'Wahoo!' He gradually sank down to the ground to land behind the school where he planned to meet Allison before classes started.

"Nice landing," she said smiling as she gracefully approached him.

"So how was your flight today?" Clark asked as he softly pecked her cheek.

"Actually I didn't fly. My mom drove me. She doesn't trust that I won't be seen."

"Well that's a bummer, its fun."

Clark and Allison walked into the school holding hands. Chloe and Lois walked by them. Chloe was in a bad mood today.

"Well they seem to be hitting off pretty good," Lois commented.

"Yeah," Chloe grumbled.

"Do I detect a bit of jealousy little cousin?" Lois rhetorically asked, hiding a bit of a chuckle.

"Who, me? Nah. I have totally gotten over Clark. We're just friends."

Lois looked at her accusingly with a smirk on her face. "You just keep telling yourself that. But you better perk up or the love bug might start to detect something."

Chloe playfully punched Lois in the arm.

Meanwhile inside the school Clark and Allison were talking about their weekend.

"I swear birds look at me differently now!" Clark was trying to convince Allison.

"Your crazy Clark birds don't give looks. Anyways where have you flown lately?" Allison questioned.

"Umm, well I went into space. It was amazing!" Clark excitedly answered.

"How did you do that? There's no air up there you wouldn't be able to breathe!" Allison wondered in amazement.

"I held my breath. I couldn't stay up there long though."

"So how was it?"

"It was amazing. It was almost as beautiful as you. I could hear everything, which was kind of depressing because I could hear everyone's screams and cries. I wanted to save them all."

"But you can't. You may be powerful but you can't do everything."

"But I can try. I've got to go to class. I'll miss you."

"See you!" she gracefully kissed him then went walking to class.

Meanwhile Chloe and Lois were waiting for Clark in the Torch.

"Where is he? He said he'd meet us here today. Apparently he wanted to talk to us," a frustrated Chloe mumbled.

"Well he must have forgotten. His head is way up in the clouds lately."

Just then the bell rang and both girls had to leave the Torch to go off to class. After school Clark was leaving when Lois and Chloe ran up.

"Yo! Pea brain! Did you forget something?" Lois asked him.

"No, I don't think so," Clark said with a confused look on his face.

"Torch, before school, wanted to tell us something. Anything catching on?" Chloe reminded him.

"Oh! I'm sorry I got caught up in things."

"With Allison I presume. God Clark that's all you ever think about. Maybe you should get your head out of the clouds and think about something else for a change! Any ways what were you going to tell us?" Chloe said practically yelling.

"Well me and Allison are going to the fair tonight and were wondering if you'd like to come."

"Actually Lois and I have to study for a big test tomorrow."

"What test?" Lois started to say but Chloe stepped on her foot.

"Well that's too bad. I'll see you tomorrow then," Clark replied, clueless

"What was that all about?" Lois snapped at Chloe.

"He's being a selfish jerk."

"Or is it that you just can't stand seeing Clark and Allison together?" Lois suggested.

At the fair that knight Clark and Allison were walking around the booths wondering which ride to go on next.

"We should go on the comet!" exclaimed Allison.

"That ride always makes me sick. Why don't we play some games for a while? I could win you a big stuffed rabbit," Clark suggested.

"I know you can but is that really fair?" wondered Allison accusingly.

"Hey nobody has to know I have special advantages."

"I'll race you to the games! No super speed though." Allison laughed as she started running.

"I'll still beat you!"

Allison started running but suddenly tripped about to fall on a metal stake protruding from one of the fair stands. Clark saw her starting to trip and sped off to catch her. He grabbed her and set her up right again.

"Whew. That was a close one," Clark said as he straightened her clothes.

"Thanks. Did anyone see you?" Allison asked looking very worried.

"No I don't think so. Did you hear that?"

Allison shook her head. "I don't have super hearing Clark." Clark shrugged and they moved on.

In the corner a shadow sunk into the darkness.

Clark and Allison walked home carrying an armful of stuffed animals. They went up to the loft and sat down on the couch.

"I had a great time tonight Clark," Allison whispered.

"Me too," Clark said as he smiled down at the love of his life.

Allison lightly laid her head on Clark's shoulder and instantly fell into a deep sleep. Clark looked at her and saw how peaceful she looked. He laid his head back and fell asleep.

The next morning Clark woke up and noticed Allison was gone. He blinked at the sun coming in through the loft. He sped off towards his house to eat some breakfast. Clark walked in and both his parents gave him stern looks.

"Can you tell me why we came home to find you sleeping with some girl we don't even know in the loft?" Jonathan sternly demanded.

"Her name's Allison. We met a week ago when she taught me how to fly. We went to the fair and when we went up to the loft we accidentally fell asleep. Don't worry, nothing happened," Clark replied.

"You can fly? Why didn't you tell us this?" demanded Jonathan.

"I didn't want to worry you with another one of my powers. Besides I didn't think you would approve of a girlfriend who could fly. You didn't exactly approve of my other super powered girlfriend," he explained.

"She can fly too?" Martha exclaimed.

"How else would she be able to teach me to fly? She knows about my secret and she's fine with it."

"Clark, you know how dangerous that is. Last time someone found out about your secret they tried to kill you with meteor rocks!" said Martha.

"She's not Alicia! Why can't you guys just be happy for me?" Clark yelled as he sped off towards Allison's house.

"Clark!" they yelled after him but he was gone.

Just then there was a movement in the dark as a shadow slinked off heading in the same direction as Clark.

Clark rang the doorbell of Allison's house and waited patiently looking very upset. Allison answered the door with a smile until she noticed his bad temper.

"Clark, what's wrong?" Allison asked worried.

"I just had a big blow out with my parents."

"What happened? You never fight with your parents."

"They just don't trust my judgement," Clark explained in a matter of fact way.

"About what?" Allison curiously asked.

"They don't want me dating you. I guess because the last time I told someone my secret they tried to kill me," he explained, uneasy.

"Clark, I don't want our relationship to come between you and your parents. I love you but it's not worth it. Family is more important," she softly said, running her hand down his arm.

"No, no You're not coming between us. You just have to prove to them that you can be trusted."

"And how am I supposed to do that?" she wondered.

"Come to my house for supper some time. You can meet my parents. By the way, can I stay here for a while? I really don't want to go home just to be yelled at again."

"Yeah I guess. We have a couch you can sleep on but you're going to have to face your parents some time. You know that right?"

"Yeah I know, just not right now. So, can I come in?"

"Oh, right. Sorry, come ins" Allison said embarrassed.

Allison moved aside to let him in then closed the door behind him. They sat down on the couch, awkwardly.

Finally Allison spoke. "Want some popcorn?" she asked.

"Sure I'll get it. I can make it ten times faster than the microwave."

Clark walked to the cupboard, pulled out a bag of popcorn and held it at arms length. A beam of heat came out of his eyes and hit the bag making the corn inside pop. A few seconds later it stopped popping and Clark poured it into a bowl. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He put his arm around Allison and offered her some popcorn. They sat watching the fire and enjoying each other's company until Allison said she was tired and went off to bed.

As Clark fell asleep an unnoticed shadow slunk away.

The next morning Allison sneaked past Clark and started making pancakes, eggs and bacon. The aroma of bacon wafted towards Clark, waking him up. He sat up with his eyes still closed taking in the moment.

"What smells so good?" he asked sleepily.

"Hey sleepy head. Hungry? I made pancakes!" she said excitedly.

"Mmm, smells good. I didn't know you cook," Clark said, mouth watering.

"Just another thing you can love about me," she said smiling.

Clark got up and ate a delicious breakfast. After they finished they decided to go for a horseback ride. Clark mounted the horse with a bit of trouble then sat up right.

"How do I look?" he asked puffing out his chest.

"A little out of place, but still handsome," Allison replied.

Meanwhile back at the Kent farm Martha and Jonathan were worrying about their son.

"What if she turns on him Jonathan? He could be hurt, or worse, killed," Martha said in a panicked tone.

"Clark's right though Martha. We have to trust that he's made the right decision. He can look after himself, he's a big boy."

"It just doesn't feel right. I remember the days when we were worried about him running into the next county by accident. Now we're worried about him running away and letting people know about his powers," Martha nostalgically said.

"I know but we have to loosen our grip. He isn't a kid anymore. We have to trust that he'll make the right decisions."

"I know. I just wish he'd come home."

"Me too."

At Allison's house Clark and Allison were racing their horses. Allison was way ahead of Clark. She laughed and looked back to see how far Clark was behind her. She gasped as she saw Clark fall off his horse. She quickly turned around her horse and galloped towards him at full speed. Allison stopped the horse and jumped down. Clark was unconscious on the ground with a big cut on his forehead and a gash in his arm, a man was standing over him. The man kicked him in the side with a throaty laugh. Allison ran toward the shadowy figure.

"Stop that! Get away from him! Why are you doing that?" she yelled at the man.

"He's put every one of my friends in Bell Reeve and it needs to stop! Besides what are you going to do? You're only a girl," he replied almost mockingly.

That last remark was too much for her. She flipped out and jumped at the man, knocking him down. The man hit his head hard on the ground and was knocked out. She got up and ran to Clark's side.

"O my gosh, Clark! Please don't be dead, please don't be dead," she said as tears ran down her face.

She looked over at the unconscious man and noticed him holding a spray bottle full of a green liquid.

"He poisoned him! I have to get him out of here. What am I going to do with this man? I can't just leave him here," Allison muttered to herself.

She thought for a minute then quickly tied the man to her horse. She pointed the horse in the direction of the house and slapped the horse, making it snort and run off. She picked up Clark and slowly started rising into the sky. She sped off towards Clark's house, tears rolling down her face as she flew.

She set down outside of the Kent house. She knocked on the door still holding onto Clark. Martha answered and saw Clark in his state.

"Oh no! What happened? This is exactly what I was worried about."

"He's been poisoned with refined kryptonite. He's dieing!" she said sobbing.

"Get him inside, get him inside," Jonathan quickly said to Allison.

She walked inside and laid him on the couch.

"I'll call the hospital," Jonathan announced running to the phone.

"No Martha. They'll find out about his abilities and try to take him away," Martha objected.

"We have to do something! I'm not going to just stand around and watch him die!" Jonathan practically screamed. "They can help Martha. We'll just tell them he's been poisoned and they can treat it,"

"Fine I’ll phone them. Let's hope it helps," Martha said admitting defeat.

Martha phoned the hospital and explained the situation. Fifteen minutes later a doctor arrived at the door. "Right this way. He's in here," Martha said leading the doctor to the living room couch.

The doctor pulled out his brief case and took a good look at Clark.

"He's in a bad way. I'll have to take a blood sample."

"You have to promise me something doc," Jonathan said in a stern voice. "You have to do the tests yourself and keep what ever you find confidential."

"Everything is confidential but I'm not the best person to be doing the test," the doctor replied.

"Please just promise you'll do them yourself."

"Ok I will," he promised.

The doctor took the blood sample and looked up to Martha and Jonathan.

"Clark should really be put in the hospital. We need to get this poison out of his system."

Jonathan nodded. "Allison, can you grab his feet and I'll grab his arms. We'll take the truck."

Allison and Jonathan carried Clark to the truck and put him in the back seat. Allison sat in the back with Clark's head on her lap. They drove to the hospital speeding on the way. When they got there they put him on the hospital bed and a nurse ran over to help. The nurse put a breathing tube on him and put an IV in.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," she told the three of them.

Allison sat by Clark's side crying with Martha and Jonathan watching at the window.

"You know Jonathan. I think Clark was right. Allison is a good person. I think he found someone he can be with," Martha said to Jonathan.

"You know, I think you're right," Jonathan replied.

Just then Sheriff Adam walked up to Jonathan and Martha. "The man that did this to him has been arrested," she told the two parents.

"Thank goodness. I hope Clark will get out of this soon," Martha said with a worried look on her face.

Three days later in the hospital room Allison sat by Clark's side crying.

"Clark, I don't know if you can hear me but you're the first person I've truly loved. Please get better," she whispered into Clark's ear.

She started to leave when Clark stirred. She stared at him as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Clark!" she said running over to Clark and hugging him tightly."

"Owe," he said wincing.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot about your arm," she said stroking his head. "I'm so glad you're finally awake.”

"What happened? How long have I been out?" he asked sleepily.

"You've been out three days now. This guy who could turn into a shadow found out about your secret. He filled a spray bottle with refined kryptonite then sprayed it in your face, poisoning you. We've all been so worried Clark."

"Well I think I'm doing better although I have a pounding headache."

"That would be the poison leaving your system."

"Hmm," he replied then fell back to sleep knowing Allison was by his side.

A few days later Clark was well enough to go home. He sat on the couch with his arm in a sling. Allison sat beside him.

"We'll let you two be," Martha said walking away from the living room toward the kitchen.

"I really think they're starting to like you Allison," Clark said with a smile.

"I know, they told me. They also apologized for not trusting me," she answered back. "You should get some rest. You'll need it to heal up that arm of yours."

"Yeah, good night," Clark said as he lightly kissed her.

Clark went up to bed and fell into a deep sleep as soon his head hit the pillow. He woke up the next morning and noticed that his arm didn't hurt. He looked down and it was completely healed. He went down stairs to his parents.

"Hey Clark. You’re looking a lot better," Martha said when she saw her son enter the kitchen.

"Yeah I am. I guess all the kryptonite left my body. I'm healed right up," Clark replied. "I'm going to go see Allison OK?"

"Go ahead, Clark," Jonathan said.

"Oh and Clark. We're sorry we didn't trust you," Martha yelled after him.

"Yeah, I know," Clark yelled back.

Clark leapt into the sky and soared off towards Allison's house. He landed smoothly on her doorstep and rang the doorbell.

"Hey, Clark! Glad to see you're looking a lot better. It's amazing how you can just heal up like that," she said as she answered the door.

"Yeah I know. I still don't quite understand what happened but thanks for looking after me. My parents said you stayed by my bed the whole time I was unconscious," Clark said as he turned his head away.

"Clark, you don't need to thank me. I did it because I love you," she said turning his head back to look at her.

Clark stared into her beautiful blue eyes. Their lips grew closer to each other until they touched. They engaged into a passionate kiss. He grabbed her hand and they flew off together into the sunset.
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