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Merry Christmas Vikki!

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A sequel to 'Happy Birthday Vikki' :D Frank's planning a Christmas party but Vikki's reluctant after the terrible birthday party...

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“Come on, I’m throwing a Christmas party.” Frank moaned down the phone to his best friend Vikki “It’ll be fun, honestly.”

“Frank, you are my best friend and you know I love you but let’s face it. Your birthday party was not a good day for me.”

“I know, I know but I haven’t invited Bert this time-”

“You didn’t invite Bert last time but he still showed up!”

“He moved to a new town! He won’t be coming anywhere near my house on Christmas Eve, I promise. It’ll just be you, me and a few cool people. It’s not a big party, we’ll be playing on the Xbox and-”


“Maybe a little but it wouldn’t kill you to get drunk for once Vik.” Frank grinned “Come on Vikki...”

“You said it’d be a small party last time and heaps of people turned up.” Vikki knew she was battling a losing fight but she didn’t want to give up just yet. Why couldn’t her and Frank just hang out by themselves? “I want to come but you know how I get at these parties and I always feel left out because I don’t drink.”

“Neither do I-”

“Frank, that’s bullshit and you know it is.” She smiled, thinking back to the day they’d both met. He’d asked if she drank and when she said no, he’d pretended he didn’t drink either just to impress her. She’d soon learnt that this was not true. At all. She sighed heavily “I suppose I’ll show up for two minutes.”

“Yes, come! But don’t leave after two minutes. What if I make a drinking pact and don’t drink for the entire night?”

“You and I both know that’s not going to happen.” Vikki giggled “Whatever, you’re not that bad when you’re drunk I suppose. Just, please keep a different promise. I want to come to a small party. You can invite ten other people.”

“Ten? I said party, not-”

“If you want me to come then it’s ten with me or hundreds without me.” Vikki said “Please Frank? I don’t like big crowds...”

“I know, I know, okay. A small party it is. But I can still get drunk?”

“If you really want to be hung over on Christmas Day then fine.” Vikki laughed “My parents will be working anyway. Again.”

“I’m sorry.” Frank said, biting his lip “I wish they didn’t have to work so much.”

“Trust me, so do I.” Vikki sighed “Anyway, I’ll see you on Christmas Eve then, okay? And I’ll bring your present over.”

“Great, come over at five, before everyone else does so we can exchange presents!” Frank squealed excited “Bye Vikki!”

“See you Frank.” Vikki smiled, hanging up the phone and returning to the present she’d been wrapping for Frank.

Frank smiled and put his phone down on his desk then pulled out a piece of paper to start making a list of the things he’d need for the party. And who he’d be inviting from the ten people he’d been allowed to choose. He wanted to make this party so special that Vikki would forget all about the disastrous birthday party that had taken place earlier that year.

Vikki wrapped a ribbon around Frank’s present and then smiled, certain that she’d picked out the perfect gift for him. Despite having hated Frank’s birthday party she couldn’t help but feel excited for his Christmas party. She was also nervous beneath all that though, hoping Frank didn’t get over-excited and invite more than ten other people.

It was soon Christmas Eve and Frank had finished decorating the house for the party that night. His parents were going over to the Way’s house to spend time with Donna and Donald so Frank had an empty house to throw his party. He went into the living room where he’d taped Christmas pictures to the wall, stuck decorations to the ceiling and got a fake mini tree decorated in tinsel and baubles. Then there was his personal favourite bit – the piece of mistletoe stuck to the top of the doorway.

Tonight was the night that he intended to kiss Vikki for the first time then confess his feelings for her. Being friends with her was great and he’d loved every second but it was so hard not to tell her how much he loved her. How much he missed her when they spent a few days apart from each other, how much he wanted to just let her know how much she meant to him. Well tonight was going to change everything.

The door knocked and Frank smiled. He ran to the front door and pulled it open. Vikki stood there wearing a green dress, a green coat, a red scarf, thick white tights and a panda hat. She grinned “Hi, are you gonna let me in? It’s bloody freezing!”

Frank laughed and moved out of the way. Vikki took her coat off and hung it up on the back of Frank’s door then handed him the red bag that contained his present “Bags opening my present first!” Frank yelled as he ran off into the living room with the bag. Vikki giggled and walked in after him.

He pulled out a present from beneath the large Christmas tree his Dad had cut down a couple of weeks ago and handed it to Vikki “Thank you very much.” Vikki smiled “Okay then loser, let’s see you open your present first then.”

“Loser? That’s not very nice.” Frank said but didn’t let Vikki respond because he was too excited about opening his present. He ripped back the wrapping paper carelessly until he was left holding a large black hoodie. He lifted it up to see what was on the front and two pieces of paper fluttered out from the material. He looked at the design on the front of the hoodie first and grinned when he saw it was a ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ hoodie. Then carefully, he picked up the two pieces of paper “Holy shit Vikki, how much did these cost you?”

“None of your business! I just wanted to make sure I got you a decent Christmas present. I figured this is a pretty good present.” Vikki smiled proudly as Frank stared in awe at the two Smashing Pumpkins tickets she brought for him “And I figured you could give the second ticket to someone special... Hint, hint...”

“Of course you’re having the other ticket Stupid!” Frank laughed “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had!” He threw his arms around her “Thank you so much.”

“It was no problem.” Vikki said, hugging him back “Anyway, get off you big softie. It’s time to open my present!”

“Well it’s crap compared to yours.” Frank sulked “Wish I’d let you go first, then I wouldn’t look so bad now.”

“Nonsense. Your present was half mine anyway.” Vikki told him as she unwrapped her present a lot more carefully than Frank had unwrapped his. She was left holding a small black box. When she took off the lid, she found a necklace inside with a small silver heart “Wow, it’s beautiful. Here, put it on me.” She took the necklace out, handed it to Frank and then moved her hair out of the way.

Frank put the necklace and round her neck then did it up. He smiled as he did so, loving the feeling of being close to Vikki “There, it looks great with your dress.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Vikki replied, standing up and walking over to the mirror above the fire place “I love it Frank. Thank you.”

A couple of hours later, the ten people that Frank had been allowed to invite were over and a couple of them were already drunk. Especially Gerard “Don’t you think you should tell him to take it easy now?” Vikki asked “Aren’t his parents going to get mad at him?”

“Probably not.” Frank shrugged “They know he drinks and so long as he’s at my house or their house they don’t seem to care. Mikey keeps an eye on him.”

Vikki smiled at Mikey who was sat next to his older brother drinking a glass of water. He hadn’t had a sip of alcohol all night because he knew he had to look out for Gerard “Hey, where’d Jen and Bob go?”

“Probably upstairs... To make out. At least, I hope they’re just making out.” Frank laughed and Vikki pulled a face which only made Frank laugh harder “Come on, it’s Christmas. The most romantic time of the year.”

“Wouldn’t Valentine’s Day be the most romantic time of the year?”

“No, that’s just what the media have tricked you into believing. I don’t think Valentine’s Day is a time of the year anyway. It’s just one day. One stupid day that people make way too much of a big deal out of.”

“But you feel differently about Christmas?”

“Christmas is a time of year. You spend weeks preparing everything and it’s more than just romance. It’s family, it’s friends, it’s feeling good about yourself when you know you’ve picked out the perfect present for someone. It’s more than a tacky card and a box of chocolates.”

Vikki shrugged her shoulders “I suppose so. I’m going to get a coke. Do you want anything?”

“No thanks.” Frank watched as Vikki left the room then got up to stand by the door. He’d wait for her to come back in and that’s when he’d do it. He’d finally kiss her.

Vikki took her coke out of the fridge and took a sip. She put the can down on the kitchen counter and ran her fingers through her hair. It was pretty crowded in the living room and it was good to just stand in the kitchen and get some air for a moment. And Gerard was starting to get on her nerves, singing the same Christmas song over and over again at the top of his lungs. Why did he know all the words to ‘Fairytale of New York’ anyway?

She went to pick up her coke can but managed to drop it and spill coke all over herself. She swore under her breath and ran off towards the stairs to search for a towel or something. Once she made it to the top of the stairs, she could hear noises coming from behind one of the doors. She made up her mind to leave that door alone and continued her search for a towel.

Frank had been standing by the door for a while now and was beginning to wonder where Vikki was. Had she known what he was going to and decided to avoid him? Frank’s cheeks burned bright red and he felt his insides swirl. Was he doing the right thing here?

Vikki left the bathroom having managed to clean herself up the best she could with a towel but there was now a big stain on her favourite dress. She just wanted to go home and shove it in the washing machine so she decided to go downstairs and tell Frank.

Just as he was about to give up and go sit back down, Vikki came into the room “Oh hi Frank.” She said “Look, I’m just gonna go home now. I’ve had enough.”

“Had enough? Why? Have I done something?” Vikki opened her mouth to say something but Frank carried on “Look, I dunno how you found out but I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I still want us to be best friends. We can still be best friends right? I’m really sorry-”

“Frank, what the fuck are you talking about?” Vikki asked. She wasn’t following a word he was saying.

“Oh don’t! You know the only reason I put up this tacky bit of mistletoe was so that I could be all ‘oh we have to kiss under the mistletoe’ and then we’d kiss and I’d be all ‘oh Vikki I’d love it if you were my girlfriend’ and you were hopefully going to say yes but there’s clearly no chance of that happening now so oof-”

He was interrupted by Vikki putting her hands on his shoulders and kissing him softly on the lips. She pulled back after a moment, smiled and whispered “Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend you big idiot.”

Frank blinked at her for a moment before grinning and saying “Yeah, well, I knew that. I was just... Yeah. Okay. Great.”

“Oh shut up and kiss me again, would you?” Vikki laughed. Frank laughed too before wrapping his arms around her and kissing her again.

[A/N] - Here you go Vikki! :D I hope you liked it - In the end I got too excited and decided to post it now :) I know that I loved the one from you :') We should do another fic exchange soon - you're probably getting sick of them but I love your one-shots! :D
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