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Ficwad Secret Santa

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Written by lolhai for someone! :)

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Romano and Spain Celebrate Christmas
For Obsessive-Fangirl :) Merry Christmas hon! I hope you like it. If not, feel free to yell at me! Sorry for how out of character this is, but hey, Spamano fluff!

Spain once again lifted the small Italian up, being careful to not drop him. Romano was in an unusually good mood today, probably because it was Christmas. The smaller brunette had insisted upon helping Spain decorate, in a typical show of his stubbornness. They had spent all day making food and decorating, singing Christmas songs and making sure the place was nice and clean. The house smelled like evergreen, with red, white, green, and gold decorations everywhere, including the garland they were currently wrapping around the railing of the stairs and spiraling around the dangling light fixtures. Outside, the snow was falling, creating a comforting, seasonal spread of white over the ground. It reminded Spain of the frosting Romano had used earlier to decorate some of the cookies.

Ah, Romano. Spain thought the little, quick-tempered Italian had looked adorable with frosting and flour dotted on his face from him scratching his nose or rubbing his cheeks. Of course, Spain knew that if he said his thoughts out loud, he would get a firm smack and receive a lot of yelling, some in Italian and some in English. He had lived with Romano for many years and knew to never anger him, even though he usually did on accident anyways. Like most people, he never understood how the temperamental Romano and the very laid-back Italy were brothers. They did look almost identical, but their personalities were completely opposite. Still, Spain had a soft spot for Romano, which is why he accepted the harsh words from Romano. Who knew that little, defenseless Romano would grow into the country he was now?

“Spain, put me down now,” Romano said, his thick accent drifting down to Spain. Spain gently set the Italian down, making sure his booted feet were safely on the ground before he let him go. “There, it is done,” Romano said.

“It is almost done,” Spain corrected, his voice reflecting his usual cheery attitude. “We still need to hang the paper snowflakes.” They had spent much of the previous day making paper snowflakes out of all the white paper in the house, so they had plenty to hang.

Romano grabbed a handful of paper snowflakes and walked to the kitchen area. Spain began to hang the snowflakes in the living room, making sure they were all easy to see. Suddenly, there was a loud crash in the kitchen. Spain ran into the kitchen to see Romano sitting on the ground holding his ankle. The table was flipped onto its side nearby.

“Romano, what happened?” Spain asked, worried.

“Stupid table fell over! I was trying to hang a snowflake from the light!” Romano growled, trying to stand. Spain caught him as he nearly fell. “My ankle… I twisted it when I fell,” Romano added, pain showing on his face. Spain helped him stand, allowing Romano to use him as sort of a crutch. “Help me to my room.”

Spain helped Romano hobble upstairs to the Italian’s spacious bedroom. This room was also decorated for the holiday, including an angel decal on the wall. The shorter brunette flopped down on his bed.

“Spain, help me with my boots,” Romano said, ordering instead of asking. Spain complied, gently easing off the black boots and being especially careful to not disturb the swelling ankle.

“Romano, what can I get you?” Spain asked, putting the boots neatly at the foot of the bed, next to the trunk that held some of Romano’s childhood things.

Romano was silent for a moment, long enough for Spain to think he hadn’t heard him. He spoke before Spain asked him again.

“A movie and hot chocolate.” His voice was muffled, his face buried in a pillow. Spain smiled.

“I’ll be right back,” the taller brunette answered, walking to the kitchen. He made Romano’s favorite hot chocolate and picked out a movie that was seasonal but entertaining and carried it upstairs to the short Italian. He set the drink down on the bedside dresser and popped the movie in, plopping down on the floor in front of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Romano asked, sitting up and sipping at the steaming mug of chocolate and marshmallows. “Come on, sit next to me. You know I’m used to Feliciano sitting next to me and bugging me all day. It feels wrong to not have someone leaning against me.”

Spain stood up slowly and took the requested spot next to the Italian. However, instead of Romano insisting Spain lean against him, Romano slowly leaned against Spain, his head resting against his shoulder. Spain smiled. Romano sometimes dropped his toughness and showed a bit of vulnerability, like now. He knew Romano didn’t let that happen intentionally, but it did happen anyways. Spain adored Romano when he was like this. Sure, the short-tempered, stubborn Romano also had his charms, but the vulnerable, defenseless Romano was the side Spain preferred.

Romano was starting to doze off, his head nodding as he feebly tried to fight off sleep. Spain smiled once again, kissing the top of the smaller country’s head. Romano turned slightly and nuzzled into Spain’s side, his eyes closed and his hair standing up a little from the movement. Spain gently ran his hand through Romano’s hair, enjoying how soft it was. Romano stirred slightly.

“Spain?” Romano mumbled, his eyes still closed.

“Yes?” Spain responded, gently running a thumb along the smaller man’s ear. Romano opened his eyes and looked up at Spain before doing something Spain would have never, ever expected.

He kissed him. Not on the cheek like Italy does, but a full-on, lips to lips, cheesy rom-com kiss. Spain’s eyes went almost comically wide from the shock and Romano pulled away, a small blush creeping up his face.

“Sorry, Spain,” Romano mumbled, not looking the taller brunette in the eyes. Spain chuckled a tiny bit.

“Don’t apologize. I actually enjoyed that. It was just unexpected is all,’ Spain explained, gently tipping Romano’s chin up so he would meet his eyes before planting a soft kiss on his lips. They kissed for a couple of minutes until they broke apart, both blushing a small amount.

“Feliz Navidad Romano.”

“Buon Natale Spain.”
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