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Christmas One-Shot For Alexandra_Day

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One-Shot for Alexandra_Day for Hozzie's Secret Santa. Merry Christmas!

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I know this is a little early but I didn’t know how much time I’d have tomorrow morning! This story is for Alexandra_Day and it’s from Chemical_30 (A.K.A Dani).
I hope you like it; and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

The snow fell from the sky; I held out my tongue and tried to catch them, I smiled as I felt the water melt, sending a shiver down my spine. I heard him chuckle behind me, grabbing my waist and pulling me close to him. I could hear the faint sounds of the carolers in the distance, singing songs about Christmas cheer. I could smell the strong smell of pine trees in the air, lights were strung around the branches creating what most people would call a winter wonderland.

“You finally caught one huh?” He asked playfully, I could smell the coffee and cigarettes on his breath, a smell I had grown to love over the last couple years. I nodded and turned to face him, his hazel eyes stared down at me, his black hair contrasted greatly with the white flakes of snow that had fallen on it.

“Yep, I just love the snow. I love this time of year. It feels like everyone is happy, and wants to be with one another.” I say thoughtfully, he grins and kisses the top of my head.


“Yes sweetie?” He questions looking down at me. I can see the love in his eyes, I know he cares for me, and I know this is where I belong. Right here, right here in his arms.

“Do you ever miss how things use to be? Before we moved away? Before Mikes died?” I felt his whole body tense up, I heard him clear his throat. I know he doesn’t like to talk about Mikey, none of us do. It’s still too soon; the wounds are still too fresh.

“Yes and…and no.” Gerard states, “Of course I miss him…but I don’t miss them. I love being here with you.”

I knew exactly who them were. They are Mikey and Gerard’s parents. Gerard blamed them for Mikey’s death, rightly so of course. I highly doubted that he would ever forgive them. Gerard had moved out and attended art school, where him and I met, but that left Mikey by himself at the house with them. When I first met Mikey, I knew he was a sad boy, but I didn’t see the signs. None of us did, he always wore long sleeved shirts and pants to hide the bruises. One night their dad had drank too much, and Mikey happened to be walking down the stairs as he was walking up, he shoved Mikey too hard. Mikey lost his balance and fell down the remaining steps, breaking his neck on the way down.

Gerard had been devastated; he didn’t come out of our room for days. Just a few weeks ago I had persuaded him to go to a movie with me. We were celebrating the holidays by ourselves this year, just the way Gerard wanted it.

“I’m sorry Gee…If I could I would trade-” Gerard cuts me off sharply.

“Don’t ever say that,” He snaps, “Don’t you ever say that, what happened to Mikey was awful, I don’t know what I’d do if that were to happen to you.” Gerard shakes his head roughly,

“Let’s not talk about this tonight…tonight is supposed to be special.”

I nod; Gerard laces his fingers with mine, our feet making crunching noises beneath our feet. I tighten the scarf around my neck, trying to shield myself from the bitter wind whipping around us. We reach the center of the park where a gazebo stands, in front of the frozen pond, covered in snow. Gerard leads me into the center of the gazebo and stands to face me. He scratches the back of his neck, a nervous tick, which I have become very familiar with. He clears his throat, another nervous tick.

“Frank, you know I love you right?” He asked.

My heart stops, he can’t be breaking up with me…on Christmas? Who does that? I simply nod, words failing me at the moment.

“And that I care for you very much…which is why-” This time I cut him off.

“Are you serious right now?” I ask harshly.

His eyes widen “W-what?”

“You’re breaking up with me…on Christmas? Seriously?” I shout.

Gerard shakes his head and groans into his hands, I turn on my heel and start to walk away from him, my cheeks red with anger. Gerard grabs my arm and pulls me back, “Frank…wait you don’t understand!”

“Understand what Gerard?” I growl.

“Ugh…I messed everything up…Mikey told me that I wasn’t good at this sort of thing. He was supposed to help me with this.” Gerard moans, “Frank I’m not breaking up with you! I’m doing exactly the opposite!”

I pull my brows down in confusion, Gerard mutters something incoherently under his breath, and gets down on one knee. I gasp, now understanding what he is doing. He pulls out a small black velvet box and opens it to reveal a simple silver ring; a small green emerald jewel sparkling in the center, surrounded by even smaller bright red rubies sparkles up at me. I pull my hand up to my mouth.

“Frank Iero, my everything, my life. You are the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. You mean the world to me and I can’t imagine my life without you.” Gerard smiles, “Will you do me the honor of being mine forever?”

I stare down at Gerard, his eyes sparking, his nose turning a shade of pink from the cold, his black hair falling down into face. After everything we’ve been through together, after all the nights we’ve spent talking, laughing, crying. I know he is my soul mate, my world. I know that together we can fight the challenges that come our way. I know that I’ll never make him forget about Mikey but hopefully I can make the pain he is feeling more bearable.

“This is where you say something.” Gerard laughs nervously.

I nod furiously, tears running down my cheeks, “Of course Gee.”

Gerard slides the ring onto my finger and hugs me tightly kissing me again and again.

“Merry Christmas Frank.” He breaths into my ear.
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