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As the tittle implies. ...

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I could be your princess...

For Mirazal. Have a very happy Christmas and I hope you enjoy this one-shot.

"So what are you doing sitting here all alone?" Said a voice that made me look up from my cup. I couldn't see his face since he was wearing a mask, but I would recognize his voice anywhere. It was Ryan. Ryan Ross. The guy I've had a crush on for forever now. "I don't exactly dance" I said looking back down, my short black and blue fringe falling making a curtain around my face.
And to my surprise, my voice didn't come out as shaky as I thought and for that I was grateful.
"Mind if I join?" Said Ryan as he took the sit next to me.
The silence went on for a bit. It wasn't awkward, just comfortable. He was dressed as Prince Charming and I was dressed as Juliet. Cliche I know, but since I love that story. You know the part before they kill themselves. Yeah, that one.
Then he suddenly stood up and I thought he was going to leave and look for his girlfriend. That was, until he took my hand and asked me to dance.

I wrapped my hands around his neck as we swayed to the music. And of course Fall To Pieces by Avril Lavigne was playing. The song fitted perfectly with our situation, it spoke all the words I couldn't really say to his face.
"So, who are you?" He asks. "I don't think I have ever seen you around. I'm sure I would have remeber a beautiful girl like you"

I only smiled, for if he did not know my name then what would happen if I told him who I was. I at least wanted a night with him, wven if it means to pretend to be someone else.

"So your not gonna tell me?"
I shook my head slightly. "Come with me" he said as he took my hand in his and led me out into the garden. The dance was being held in a hotel, just a few blocks from the school and it had an amazing garden filled with all kinds of roses and fountains.
"What are we doing out here? " I asked.

"I want to get to know you, maybe then you'll tell me your name" he said.
"Maybe. What do you want to know?"

The rest of the night went just like that. Playful banter and getting to know each other. During our conversation he took off his mask, that's when I knew that it was really him. "How come I have never seen you around?" He asked. "Maybe you were looking, but you weren't really seeing" was my response. He only smiles.
I look up at the bright moon at the sky as I remembered that I had to get home.

" I have to go." I said and before he could speak I was already on my way to the door.
I had to get home before my mother did, I was grounded because of a little mishap.
My sister got in some trouble and had blamed it all on me. Mom believed her, but only because she was the perfect child.
Great in school and outgoing, while I would rather write poetry and read literature.

"Wait where are you going?" I heard Ryan yell behind me. I felt my ipod fall out of the strap of my heels. I did plan on picking it up, but I was already late and I never really use it just for music really.
I didn't want Ryan to know that it was me. I rather just have this memory of tonight and not let anything else destroy that.

I didn't really expect much when I walked into school the next day. What I really didn't expect was posters all set up on the lockers and bulletin boards.

I look around and quickly locate a friend; not really a friend more like person I talk to on almost a daily bases.
" What's going on?" I asked her as I saw the line forming around no other than Ryan Ross. "Last night at the dance Ross found a girl, apparently he doesn't know her name. And as the flyers say, he found something... if you can guess then your the girl." Laine said with the same bored tone as someone in a drama movie.
"This is just ridiculous"
Ryan's P.O.V.
I look at all the girls that were forming a line in front of the table I had set up in the food court. This could take some time.
I don't exactly know what I'm doing, but I do know that I made a connection with this girl last night. She made have seem shy and what not, but that made her even more beautiful.

Her eyes glistening in the moonlight.

Her dark hair blowing in the breeze.

The way her smile could light up the darkest abyss.

She was different from any other girl I have ever met and I want to be next to her again. She said she went to this school, but I never saw anyone who looked like that. She may be hidden in any group of girls and I might never find her.
I gotta try don't I.

A month later...

"Ryan you have been looking for this babe for a century now!!" Brendon said as he drop on the fluffy seat of the diner.
"It hasn't been that long, maybe she lied about going to our school" Spencer said.
"No, she's gotta be there. Maybe we haven't looked at every girl yet. I'm not gonna give up hope just yet."

Isa's P.O.V.
I thought that by now Ryan would be over this, but this has gone for a month now. I was still missing my ipod and yet I was still too chicken to go up to him and ask him for it. Too afraid that if he finds out it's me, he will just laugh in my face.

I walked out of the kitchen of the diner I worked at. He has been coming here almost every single day in hopes of finding the girl he has been searching for.
"Can I get you boys anything?" I asked once I was standing in front of them. Never looking up, but down at the notepad in my hand.
" of water" Brendon said. At the same time that Ryan asked his question.
"Do you go to our school?"

I look up meeting his eyes, nodding in the process. "How come I've never seen you there?" He asked. You see, this is exactly what I was afraid of. He won't care if its me. It can be any girl pretending and he wouldn't even notice. "Maybe you were busy looking, but you weren't really seeing." I said as I walked away to get their drinks.
I was putting them on a tray when I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder. I turn around to find Ryan standing there.
"What's your name?" He asked.
"I'm Ryan"
"I know"
"Did you happen to be at the dance we had last month?" He asked. I knew what was coming.
I nod. "So did you hear about my quest?"
I nod again. "Can you please tell me what was the item?" Ryan asked with hope in his eyes.
"An ipod"
He smiled reaching into his pocket, he pulled out my ipod. " Isa, I think this belongs to you... and so does this." And with that he leaned in to kiss me. His lips were warm, soft amd everything I would expect from him. Sure it was my first kiss, but I was glad that it was him.
"I've been looking for you everywhere." He saiid as he pulled away from the kiss. "I'm glad I found you."

"I'm glad you did."
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