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Secret Santa Oneshot 2013

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Frank is worried about meeting Gerard's family for their first Christmas

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Gerard peeked his head around the doorframe to look into the dining room that was elegantly littered in Christmas decorations. "Wow Frank, this looks really nice."

The small, black headed man didn't even look up to meet the green eyes of the one he loved that had just spoken to him. He wiped his hands on his apron in frustration before he started rearranging the silverware on the table yet again.

"No it absolutely does not, Gerard," his tone snippy. "Not yet at least."

Gerard laughed and walked over to the distressed man who kept having to stop to wipe the sweat from his hands to his apron every few seconds.

Gerard wrapped his hands around Frank's and guided the silverware pile to the table. He held the tattooed hands of the man he loved more than anything to his chest. He noted the bitten down nails as he ran his thumbs over Frank's fingers.

"Listen Frankie baby, they are gonna love you as much as I do. Please don't stress so much. It'll make you go into labor early or some shit," This got a small laugh from Frank.

"What color the tablecloth is or how the ham tastes is not going to affect how they perceive you. They are good people and you are a good person. You are going to love them. And They. Are going. To love. You. Now stop worrying. It's Christmas." Gerard pressed a kiss to his boyfriend's forehead, bringing a smile to the smaller man's lips.

The smile only lasted for a couple of moments more before Frank remembered why he was so incredibly stressed in the first place. He brought his worried gaze to meet the calm eyes of his boyfriend.

"I jus-" Frank froze and then started speaking his worries at lighting speed. "This is our first Christmas together and the first time I'm meeting your family and they only just found out that you maybe kind of weren't actually dating Linds and that you actually had no desire to even though yes she is very pretty but you'd much rather have the dic-" Gerard laughed softly and put a finger up to Frank's perfect lips that were torn up from his very own worry ridden teeth.

Frank laid his head on Gerard's chest and mumbled quietly, "I just want them to like me, Gee."

"And they will. They will. How could they not when you're so cute and the silverware looks so nice?"

This caused a Frank smile that lasted all night.

this is for snowwhiiteqween.
it is short it is bad and it is late but
I hope your Christmas was lovely.
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