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Santa, baby

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Frerard smut! After a stressful Christmas eve at work, Gerard comes home to one hell of a surprise! Please R&R if you enjoy it

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Hello guys!

So yes, I am fully aware that this is late and stuff but I figured that I wanted to write y'all a Christmas oneshot! Now this is smutty and a little fluffy but I hope you enjoy it and that it doesn't suck to much.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

Vikki xoxo

Gerard pulled his car into the drive and rubbed his hands over his face. Christmas was always the most stressful time of the year at work and he was just glad to get home, it was Christmas eve after all, and glad to get home to his boyfriend Frankie.

He stepped from the vehicle and locked it before making his way inside, calling out to the man he loved as he walked through to the kitchen. Gerard crumpled his eyebrows together in confusion when he received no reply and shrugged.

Grabbing a soda he looked down at himself, shaking his head at his outfit and slamming the fridge shut. Due to the fact it was Christmas eve, everyone at work had to wear a festive outfit. Gerard had chosen a simple santa suit from the local mini mart and teamed it with his docs. He decided to change so made his way to the bedroom.

Frank had been preparing all day for this. He’d gotten into his outfit and prepared the bedroom, he figured that Gerard would probably want to get changed when he got back and so he waited. The excitement was almost more than he could handle.

Gerard stomped up the stairs and sloped along to the bedroom, the smell of cinammon and apple filling his nostrils as he neared the door. He swung open the door and gasped as his eyes scanned the room, stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

The subtle glow of Christmas candles filled the bedroom, rose petals covered the bed sheets and a bottle of lube stood on the bedside table. Gerard spotted a card on the bed next to the remote for the stereo and slowly wandered over, grinning to himself in surprise. He sat down and picked up the items, opening the card and reading Frank’s writing carefully

'Hit the play button baby xo'

Gerard dropped the card and did as he was asked, his smile growing as the intro to the song 'Santa Baby' filled the room. Suddenly the door to their bathroom opened and Gerard’s eyes widened.

Frank stood in the door way with his back to Gerard. He wore a long red robe and a pair of glittery red stilleto heels, the older could feel himself growing hard already. Frank began swaying his hips to the music and untying the gold rope that held his robe closed. Slowly he turned, smirking at Gerard as he held his robe closed with his hand and letting the rope fall to the floor.

Frank knew Gerard had always loved to watch him dance, it wasn't like he tried or anything, he just moved to the music; but it drove Gerard wild. His hips swayed seductively as he dropped the robe from his shoulders and revealed his outfit, forcing Gerard to release a gutteral moan.

He wore a tight Mrs Santa dress with white fur trimming the hem and collar, barely reaching below his ass. White fishnet stockings covered his legs and a santa hat sat on top of his dark brown hair, just knowing what the outfit was doing to Gerard had his cock straining behind his red silk panties.

Slowly Frank walked forward, biting his lip innocently and curling his finger to make Gerard come toward him. The older stood immediately and Frank dropped to his knees, pulling his boyfriend's pants and underwear down, before standing again and pushing him back onto the bed.

Gerard propped himself up on his elbows and watched with hungry eyes as Frank slowly dropped his silk panties and kicked them off to the side. The younger dropped to his knees again and crawled slowly over to his lover, slipping his hands over Gerard’s thighs and opening his legs.

Gerard almost lost it as Frank remained silent and took hold of his hardened member, looking up at him with huge puppy eyes as he took Gerard’s whole length in his hot mouth. He lay back, moaning obscenely and grasping at the bed sheets, Frank just had a mouth made for fucking.

Frank expertly grazed his teeth along the shaft and over the head, stopping to dig his tongue in the tiny slit at the top and then without warning swallowing Gerard back down

"Fuck baby, I'm so damn close...shit, I..." Frank pulled off woth a loud slurp and used Gerard’s legs to pull himself up and crawl up his lover's body. He quickly unfastened the belt holding Gerard’s jacket shut and tossed it to the side before gripping his boyfriend's shirt and pulling him up.

Their lips connected in a fiery haze of passion, their tongues sliding together as Frank removed Gerard’s jacket and tugged at his shirt. They parted to remove the offending item of clothing before smashing their mouths together once more. Frank couldn’t stop himself and let his character slip, running his hands over Gerard’s chest and up his neck before grasping his hair. He moaned out "Fuck me Gerard" as his lover began licking and sucking at his collar bone "Fuck me now"

Gerard flipped them over roughly and slipped off Frank's dress, reaching out for the lube and popping the cap. He pulled away from his boyfriend's mouth and moved down his body, spreading his thighs open as far as possible and dripping lube down onto his entrance. A sweet smell filled his nostrils and he looked at the label on the bottle

Candy Cane Flavour

He smirked to himself as he put down the bottle and began spreading the slick substance around Frank’s asshole, taking care to make sure it was fully relaxed before slipping the first digit inside. Frank arched his back as Gerard twisted and hooked his finger, coating his inner walls and seeking his prostate; suddenly gripping Gerard’s hair as a second digit slipped inside to join the first.

Gerard licked his lips hungrily as he began scissoring his fingers and saw the lube shining wet around Frank’s entrance, the obscene squelch as his fingers moved in and out and the sweet scent of the lube making his mouth water with want.

He couldn't take it any longer and pulled away his fingers, silencing his boyfriend's whines of disapproval as he pressed his hot tongue against his lover's entrance. Frank gasped and choked out little moans as Gerard dug his tongue deeper and deeper inside, licking and sucking at his hole. His legs quaked with pleasure at the sensation and his hands grasped recklessly at his own hair

"Fuck...ah! Gerard fuck me now!"

Gerard began moving up Frank’s body, dragging his tongue over his cock and over his nipples before pressing their mouths together in a heated, messy kiss. Slowly he hooked his lovers legs around his hips and lined himself up, gently pushing inside and groaning loudly at the tight heat engulfing his erection "Fuck, Frankie you're so tight"

For a moment Gerard gripped onto his boyfriend's hips, burying his face in his neck and thrusting slow and deep. He groaned as he began to run his hands over the pale skin of Frank’s torso and up to grasp at his hands, gripping them tightly over their heads and pressing their lips together in a soft, loving kiss. The older man had no idea why Frank had gone to all this effort but he did know one thing for sure.

He'd never loved Frank more than he did in that moment.

He pulled away from his lover's mouth and gazed lovingly into his eyes, whispering "I love you" before burying his face in his neck again and rolling them over, still fully seated inside of Frank. He used a hand to push himself up into a sitting position and the other to hold Frank close, smiling softly as he looked into his eyes.

Frank moved his legs to wrap around Gerard’s hips and began using his thighs to raise and lower himself on Gerard. He hadn’t expected to be making love like this, he'd expected some hardcore holiday fun, but somehow this just felt...right? He wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck and rested their foreheads together, moaning into each other's mouths and breathing deeply. Gerard held Frank by the hips to help him in his movements and moaned out sweet nothings into the air "You're perfect Frankie...uh, so beautiful..."

Frank began angling his hips and threw his head back as he found that spot he was looking for, Gerard nibbling at his throat as he did so. Every nudge of Frank’s prostate made him clench, the tightness sending Gerard hurtling toward the edge which he vocalised to his lover in a sharp gasp

"Just let go baby, cum for me" Frank moved himself faster, moaning louder as he felt Gerard wrap his fingers around his swollen erection; precum making the movements slicker. His hands grasped Gerard’s hair tight and he groaned out his lover's name huskily, this and Frank’s clenching pushed Gerard over the edge he'd been teetering on and he came hard against his boyfriend's prostate.

Frank followed seconds later, the sensation of Gerard’s hot cum filling him up was all it took and he rocked his hips to milk their orgasms for all their worth. Gerard fell back, pulling Frank down with him, and for a few moments they just lay there. Eventually Frank whined uncomfortably and Gerard slowly pulled out, hissing at his over sensitivity. He leaned over, kissing his boyfriend tenderly and stroking his thumb across his cheek

"I love you more than anything else, you know that right?"

"To the moon and back baby"

Gerard smiled at Frank’s response, he'd always said that. It was true though, he loved him more than words could ever say. Frank pecked Gerard’s lips once more and stood from the bed, removing the shoes and stockings he still wore. This was all part of his plan, he still had one more suprise up his sleeve.

"Hey baby? Pass me a cigarette from the drawer?"

Gerard smiled and walked over to the cabinet at the top of the bed, opening the drawer and picking up the only thing in there; a note in Frankie's writing

My darling Gerard

When you became mine I felt like all my Christmas' had come at once, you were the greatest gift I could ever have asked for. Even now, after three whole years, you’re the best gift I've ever been given. This Christmas I feel like I should show you how much you mean to me, so baby

Will you marry me? Xo

Gerard felt tears escape his eyes as he scanned the note over again, covering his mouth and smiling wide. He turned to find Frank behind him on one knee, biting his lip and holding up a plain silver ring. Gerard laughed and dropped to his knees, allowing Frank to slide the band on his finger and peppering the man he loves face in kisses

"Yes, fuck yes! I love you baby, I love you so much I..." Tears fell from his eyes as he kissed Frank deeply. Frank pulled away and rested their foreheads together, grinning as tears ran down his own face. He ran his fingers through Gerard’s hair and sniffed, he'd never been so happy in his life.

"Gee baby, all I ever wanted for Christmas was you..."


Sorry if it sucked ass

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