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Chapter 8: People are unique

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People are often like dreams.

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[WUAH finally sorry hope you guys had a lovely holiday sorry for the wait. Btw I recited Romeo and Juliet, I really fucking hate shakespeare no offense, and the movie frank and ray were watching is called RE-ANIMATOR[*]

People are often like dreams. Pictures randomnly strung together in the subconcious mind, creating a whole image and perspective. They are not entirely undesirable, but also not completely invited. People, like dreams, just come and go, and there is nothing one can do to stop them, they shift and fit themselves in exsistence of the world like dreams would to a mind. Some people are pleasant like satisfying dreams that one would wish to view repeatedly. Other people are like nightmares, barging in, intruding and intimidating. Most of these people are pariahs. People, much like dreams, are so predictably unpredicatable. Dreams are made up of images, many people often dream the same thing, like flying or driving, yet these dreams are distinct because for one the sky might have been purple or their car might have been yellow. Small little details such as those are what make dreams unpredictable. Same with people, everyone shares same characteristics, yet some are more prominent than others, the pattern of these qualaties are what make people different, details make everything unique.

Sometimes I am lying between the barriers of my concious and subconcious, dreaming and aware. I can often predict what will happen in my dreams, but I can never control or change them, I just have to wait there, lying for the inevitable to happen. All though I wish I could change the course of my dreams, I know all the want is futile, dreams can never be chained. Much is the same when I watch people, I can often discern what they're about to say or do by watching their countenance and reading their body language. And I know when people are about to do something, bad like hurting someone or saying something hurtful, and I know it's about to happen but I can't do anything to change what I know is going to happen. I cannot chain people. And it often fustrates me so, that I know, quite a lot, what one will do, and never be able to stop them.

People, much like dreams, are predictably unpredictable.

So I just lie there, on my bed, in my shaded room thinking about people. I think I might have taken a nap, but I'm not sure wether or not I was just spacing out. I hear knocking on my door and I turn to look at it, motionless. I watch as the doorknob slowly rotates and the door opens.

"Your parents aren't home, so I just let myself in." Claims my best friend. I look at him then turn my gaze towards the ceiling.
"Thank god," I groan out, " I was so bored," I was so lost in my thoughts, I just want to stop thinking, is what I truly meant, he already knows what I meant.
"Then good for you, cause I wrote some new guitar tabs and I wanna know what you think." Ray says excitedly, smiling and jumping on my bed. I look at the side of my room and notice his guitar is on the floor. I smile.
"Yeah okay. Sounds great show me man." I reply enthusiastically.
"Uhg, now that I'm lying down, I really don't wanna get up, go get if for me will ya?" He mumbles face down my bed. I chuckle
"No you lazy ass, get it yourself,"
"I walked here you've been laying, most likely, for hours." He lifts his face up, arching his eyebrow. I smirk.
"Okay fine, asshole, you owe me." I groan, I get up, my bed creaking in protest, and sluggishly make my way to his guitar.
"I'm gracing you with my presence, I think that is enough." Ray states, I chuckle. Placing the guitar on my bed, I make it towards my closet and take out my own guitar, then I, gratefully, sit back down on my bed. Pulling out the music sheets in Ray's guitar case I start reading the tabs.
"Woah these are a lot of sheets, do they make a full song?" I ask, astounded.
"Yeah, I don't know what tab combination I should put for the end though." He states.

I nod in acknowledgement and start playing the tabs. They sound remarkable, the high chords emitting an angry sound while the lower ones give the impression of serenity. The sounds vibrate through my ears and I can almost hear the thoughts that Ray was spilling through his music. I look towards at him as he reads my countenance expectantly, with hopeful eyes. I smile at him and finish off the song. There are no other words to describe how amazed I am. The ending was a bit hesitant and I can see why, he needed a little bit more tabs to finish it off, not knowing wether to finish it in rage or in peace. I play around with some tabs, and find a combination that ends with an air of question as I vibrate the last chord.
"Sounds amazing man," I grin at him as he smiles back pridefully.
"Hey I like the end tab that you made, it finishes of the song perfectly."
"You think so?" I ask, and start messing with my guitar a bit.
"Yeah, like the person doesn't know how to feel at the end because they are uncertain if their emotions are supposed to be 'right' in result of whatever happened."
"Yeah I suppose so, thanks." I say.

The entire day we mess about with our guitars and listen to music. By the time it's evening we have come up with two songs, in result of the draining of creativity, we lazed about in my room watching movies and eating pizza. I watch the t.v screen dazedly as the zombie cat comes back to life and starts attacking the men. I giggle, that looks terrible. Ray looks at me and laughs along, "That's ridiculous, they could've tried a little harder to make the cat look real, and not like a fucking Sesame Street puppet." Ray states, I start laughing even more.
"Ah I know," I say betweeen giggles.

We go back to watching the movie, nearing the end, I see Ray through my peripheral vision turn to look at me. A little dazed at the movie I ask in a far, drawling voice, "What?"
"You still talking to that Gerard guy?" He asks, curiousity leaking through his voice. I continue staring at the t.v a little less focused than I was before.
"Uh yeah, he came over yesterday." I state.
"Oh." He says, obviously bewildered, most likely about the fact that I actually made an effort to socialize.
"Yeah." I drawl, then I turn to look at him, "Why do you ask?" I frown
"I was just curious. Is he an all right guy? I mean, I've heard he is kinda creepy." I continue frowning.
"He's allright, sorta creepy, but he seems like a good guy." I state in all sincerity.
"Oh ok. Good." Ray replies, then dropping the subject he turns back towards the movie. Never one to doubt my judge in character he gives me a small smile of reassurance, which I gratefully return.

By the time it's nearing nine, Ray gets up takes his guitar and leaves. My room feels a little emptier. I get up, moving towards my stereo and play The Residents. I lay on my bed, awaiting the jumbled mountain of my pebbled thoughts crumble over me. I lay there for about two hours, envisioning my little mountain, underestatment, when I hear a pebble from the highest side drop. I frown, it sounded quite real, I fold the image from my mind and listen. Over the sound of my music I hear another pebble hit a surface, the surface all though in my thoughts was the ground, was actually my window. I continue frowning, and I make it towards my widow, looking out. Another pebble hits the glass. I open my window and poke my head out.

"'See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand. That I might touch that cheek.'" A voice recites Shakespeare, I frown.
"Oh dear Frankenstein, might thy hear me speak these words of sincerity, and touch thy heart of dead." I know exactly who that voice belongs to. I laugh in amusement. This is very weird, but I cannot stop laughing at the sheer ludicoursy of it.

I look towards the sound of the voice and see Gerard, all in glory with his raven hair and black jacket.

"Shut it. You are going to wake my parents." I say between my fit of supressed giggles.
"Will thou let me in thy palace, will thou let me in the heart?" He asks, this guy is really fucking weird.
"Yes and no." I reply to both questions. "Wait here."
I creep down my stairs and towards the door.

I open the door to Gerard.
"Hi." He smirks.

So I hope you guys liked it. please R&R or not..tell me if there are any mistakes.
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