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Fluffy Pikey for LaurentheHuman! Everyone else, feel free to read :)

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OK, this might not be perfect. I didn't know that much about The Warped Tour 2005, so I had to Google and I couldn't find a lot of decent info. I don't know if they performed separately or if they did their performance together as one band. I'm just gonna make them perform separately. I'm just making this up, but that's why is called a fanFICTION... anyways, enjoy! If you can bear it. Eh, maybe I'm just being hard on myself... we'll soon find out. Also, I'm not used to writing fluff, so forgive me.

Fans cheered wildly. Fall Out Boy had just performed, and the adoring crowd who were screaming their heads off in anticipation and excitement could only wonder what they were going to see next. Right as they all thought that their lives couldn't possibly improve, My Chemical Romance graced the main stage, walking triumphantly yet nervously onto it. The fans were screaming and shouting like banshees.
"I can't hear you!" yelled Gerard into the microphone, raising his open, flat hand up to his ear.
"AAAAAAAHHH!" screamed the crowd, and some of them took big gulps of water from bottles in their hands and flasks on their hips as their throats began to hurt and sting.
"Long ago, just like the hearse you die to get in again, we are... so far... from... you..." sung Gerard quietly, and the crowd screamed so loud that it was as if they all had huge megaphones in their hands.
"Buuurrning on, just like the match you strike to incinerate! The lives of everyone you know..."

"That was AWESOME!" shouted a very proud Patrick, who was backstage with the rest of Fall Out Boy.
"Yeah, we've never done such a great show!" added Andy, giving Joe a high-five.
"You said it! Right, Pete?"
Pete ignored Joe, as he was busy watching MCR perform to the ecstatic fans, who were screaming, shouting, cheering, clapping and jumping.

"Pete?" asked Joe, walking towards him and grabbing his shoulders.
"Yeah... yeah, hang on a sec, be with you in a minute..." he mumbled, and his gaze was fixed to Mikey, who was lost in playing his bass guitar.
"PETE!" yelled Joe at the top of his voice.
"Ah, yeah, yeah, what?" gasped Pete, spinning around to face Joe.
"Never mind..." he sighed, walking back to Patrick and Andy.

The fans went even more wild as My Chemical Romance began to walk off the stage.
"Thank you all!" yelled Gerard to the crowd, before walking off with Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob.
"Wow, that was AWESOME!" congratulated Pete as soon as MCR walked backstage with them.
"Hey, thanks, Pete!" thanked Mikey.
"I-I-I, erm, I mean, you're welcome, hehehe!" replied Pete nervously, scratching the back of his neck.
"A-are you... are you OK, Pete?" asked Mikey in concern, observing sweat beginning to drip down Pete's forehead.
"I'm not OK, I promise! Hehe, just kiddin', 'cause of the song, you know...?" joked Pete anxiously, his voice getting quieter and higher in pitch as he spoke.
"Aww, Petey, you're so cute when you try to be funny!" giggled Mikey in a cutesy-wutesy voice, pinching Pete's cheeks.
"Hey, stop iiiit!" laughed Pete, slapping Mikey's hands away lightly and giggling with him.

"Aww, ish my ickle-wickle Petey-Pie stressed? Dush my ickle-wickle Petey-Pie need a hug?"

"Hey, quit talkin' to me like I'm a baby! But... yeah... a hug would be nice."

Without hesitation, Mikey pulled Pete into a big, tight hug and they giggled cutely in each other's ears that were covered slightly by their hair.

"Mmm, you're cute, Mikey..." whispered Pete quietly and sweetly.
"Aww, you're cuter, Petey!" squealed Mikey, who sounded like a teenage girl who'd just been called pretty by her crush. Pete pulled back and held Mikey's hands against his chest, and they smiled at each other in sickly-sweet adoration. Pete slowly leaned his face closer to Mikey's, and their eyelids dropped down as they got closer. Their noses brushed, and Mikey puckered up, and Pete then did the same. but before their lips could touch, Gerard interrupted their moment...

"Um, ew!"

The two lovebirds shot Gerard a surprised look, and they then walked away from each other in embarassment. They stared at the black floor beneath their feet and played nervously with their fingers, but as Gerard walked away, they ran to each other and instantly enveloped each other in huge hugs.

"You're cute, Pete!"

"No, you're cute!"

Sorry this sucked so much XD
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