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Thank You Note 2013

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So I wrote one of these last year, I'm writing another one - Sorry for spamming this category but a couple of people from here are in the note :)

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Hey so it's New Years Eve! I wrote a thank you note last year so here's my 2013 edition :)

Penina - I'm gonna send you a link to this so you'd best read this... You've done a lot for me this year and last year. You've listened to me endlessly moan about how my best friend was ditching me and now I have real friends, better friends. That includes you. Whenever I said I needed to talk to someone, you went straight onto Facebook and popped up. We were hours apart and there was nothing you could truly do but just listening was enough for me. I'm so glad I got to meet you in May. You were so lovely to me, letting me come into your photo op's which I still feel bad about but at the same time a photo exists of you, me and Misha Collins. What's not great about that? You need to get a picture of just you and Misha this year, I feel so bad but I couldn't really so no to such a great opportunity, could I? ;) We stopped talking as much for a while but we never stopped being friends. You need to write back to me by the way, it's your turn to send a letter ;D I'm gonna send you your Christmas present soon and I'll give you your birthday present at Asylum 12 so it doesn't get lost in the mail :) But thanks so much for everything Penina, you have no idea how good of a friend you are :D

Misha Collins - You're never gonna read this but thanks for being so nice to me at Asylum 10 even though I must've looked like a complete weirdo :) All you had to do was smile at me, shake my hand and then wink at me and it made my ENTIRE YEAR. I can't wait to meet you again next year :3

Becca, Jess J + Jess H - I don't know what to say. You guys aren't gonna read this but I just wanted to say that you're the best friends I've ever had. I came into the massive corridor group later than everyone else but it never felt like that. It took a while for Kiran, Sarah and all that to get comfortable around me and Olivia but soon it was like we'd been best friends forever. You don't know how many weekends I spent by myself last year. I played over 1000 games of Solitaire, watched endless movies, read endless amounts of books... And quite frequently cried myself to sleep a lot because I thought the only friends I truly had were internet friends. I hated my entire life. Then I made friends with you guys and you're such REAL friends. We accept each other no matter what and nearly every happy memory in my jar has at least one of your names on it. Thanks for making 2013 such a good year.

Jess J (again) - I don't know if you'd say I'm your best friend but I'd say your mine. Like I tweeted before, I used to go to concerts with heaps of different people and now whenever a new concert is announced, you're the only person I get in touch with. I don't normally like hanging around with just 1 person at a time, I'd rather be in a group but with you it's different. I can just say shit and I know you'll understand. So, thanks.

Betsy, Lauren + Amber - I'm massively shy but when I joined English Language this year, I knew I wanted to be friends with you all. Betsy was wearing a Sherlock t-shirt, Amber just wasn't afraid to say what she thought and Lauren looked like a good person to be friends with! I made friends with Lauren first because we were sat next to each other. Then when Lauren moved to sit on the other side of the room, she invited me to go and sit next to her. That was when Betsy and Amber told me they loved my jacket, my bag, my t-shirt... I realised I had a chance at making friends with you guys. And I did. And now, I look forward to English Language because I know I can talk to you guys :D So thank you!

Jade - I can't believe you realised it was me! For those of you who don't know, I started college this year and I told Jade my name and she asked "... You're not Hozzie from Ficwad by any chance are you?" Obviously I am and she told me she was on Ficwad too! We became friends and she's been amazing so thanks Jade :') - I still hope you don't read this :L

Vikki/FightingForever - Thanks for all the one-shot trades! For someone who hasn't seen Supernatural you write amazing SPN fics! We need to do another one soon :) I dunno if you're getting sick of them or not but I love reading them so much!! You've definitely made my year a whole lot better so thank you so much :D

Anyone who participated in the Secret Santa - If you actually posted your story then thanks so much for taking part! :D If you didn't then please post it. I'm begging you. But if you did then TEN POINTS TO YOU, you will be allowed to take part next year :D

Janie - Thanks for being such a good friend in Film Studies :) Also thanks for not getting mad when I accidentally stabbed you a little ;L You're always posting tweets saying you hate yourself but I don't see how you can, you're an amazing, friendly, GENUINE person - Please don't hate yourself :)

Zara - I hated joining Philosophy a week after everyone else. I didn't understand what was going on but it was okay because I sat by you and you had no clue either :L You make the philosophy lessons a lot more interesting so thank you very much :D

Mom - You've put up with a lot this year. You've kept us all together. Your son got arrested, you've had to study for exams, work hard to earn a new job, your youngest daughter finished school... I wouldn't be who I am without you. Thank you for giving me enough freedom that I can still have fun but not so much that I end up getting into trouble. You're the best Mum I could ever wish for, thank you so much!

The one thing I will say about 2013 - I kept a happy memories jar. Every time something good happened to me this year I put it on a small piece of paper, folded it up and put it into the jar. The jar is full. It's been full since October, I've been having to shove the paper's in. Next year, I have a bigger jar. Tonight at midnight I'm going to open up the jar and read it all :) You don't know how excited I am, it's everything good that happened to me this year in one small jar :D

What I'm looking forward to in 2014 - The 6 concerts I'm going to obviously :D - Of Mice & Men, We Are The In Crowd (VIP style ;D), You Me At Six, All Time Low, McBusted, Fall Out Boy :) The Supernatural convention :D Hopefully Summer in the City if me and Jess can get tickets :')

New Years Resolutions - Save more money, fill the happy memories jar again, meet a celebrity AND BE HAPPY :D

Love Hozzie
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