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I may hurt, but I am capable of healing.

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Without you
My heart aches another day
And as children run,
I ache for a younger time.

A blissful time.

But, without you,
My heart is something it hasn't been:

I am free in myself
Not as the lonely widow cries,
Longing for her beloved,
But as the beautiful bird that perches on the branch,
Free to fly wherever it pleases,
With little fear.

You broke me
And petty fears,
like the dark,
Have become comedies to me
For no possible hurt compares to that of heartbreak.

I am one,
Repaired, but never the same as the original copy.

This wound upon my heart will heal
And my hurt will disappear,
As will thoughts of you
Because I wouldn't want to spend a second alone with you,
Much less "every waking moment" with you.
Your words, not mine.

I may hurt,
But I am capable of healing.
I may fear,
But I can be the noblest of all.
My thoughts of you can linger,
But they can fade away.

And I may die one day,
But right now,
I feel the most alive and awake,
I've ever been.

Right now,
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