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Watching Dawn Break

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Written just as the first lights of dawn were coming through my window this morning. Kyo has killed one of his best friends, though not mentioned who it is in the fic, and he is now contemplating t...

Category: Dir en grey - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Horror - Characters: Kyo - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-08-08 - Updated: 2006-08-08 - 288 words - Complete

I could sit and watch the dawn break; now this bloody massacre is over. I could sit at my window; watching blood red rays stain the sky, just like your scarlet blood stained my hands. Indeed, I could, but i would much rather watch my masterpiece again, seeing how I killed you. First in the heart, then through the soul and finally, by all means physical.

You deserve it though. All the things you put me through, the least I can do to repay you is return the favour as best I can. Now there's a thing...

My massacre, Kyo's massacre; was a most successful one. Who better to say so than the perpetrator of this marvel?

The light grows a slight brighter now. I could still sit and watch the dawn break; now that my bloody massacre is done. I could sit at my window, your body still pouring with blood. I could still watch blood red rays stain the sky and my hands.

I might spend many a morning watching at that window, waiting for the dawn to break and civilisation to spring to life. But no, my massacre is over and I am satisfied that you will rot in the same hell which I have condemned myself to. I could sit and watch the dawn break, but instead, I broke you.

Together in hell, we will be, I am sure, so now I prepare to depart on my journey to meet you again.

Lay down next to you; in your pool of blood. My clothes soak up some of the liquid but there is still plenty for us to drown in.

One wrist goes, and then the other.

Now, we can watch the dawn break...
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