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Its time to see how powerful the characters are

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Omega Chronicles
July 18th 2025
07:00 Omega Island
Omega Island. Once the headquarters to the greatest superhero of all time. Now it serves as a training school to the next generation of superheroes, particularly those who were affected by the radiation from the ‘Meteor Event’ of 2012. Deshawn was peacefully walking towards the training room for his session with the team, whilst enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate. He couldn’t help but reminisce of the times that he and Omega could barely scrape enough money to get hot chocolate. Now he is casually sipping from one whilst strolling down a hallway dedicated to his friend’s honour. “I only wish you could see this crazy world”, he thought to himself. His peace was shattered as four, speeding teenagers barrelled past him in an attempt to reach the training room before him. He let out a sigh as he observed the remains of his hot chocolate on the floor. “On second thought Omega....maybe you’re better off where you are....with any luck I’ll be joining you there someday”
“Alright ya lazy, dim witted, rat bag, toad scum!! FORM UP!”
The Omega Team formed up in a line, knowing they would be fools to wait to be asked a second time.
“We’re gonna be trying something a little bit different in today’s session. Normally we focus on team effort and joint attacks but for today, we will specifically work on the skills of.....The Captain!”
The entire team was puzzled by this statement and turned towards their fearless leader, who himself was scratching his head in surprise.
“Me?” The Captain asked.
“Yes you. As I mentioned yesterday there is still a lot of hidden power within you which you’ve yet to unlock. Power which can be very useful to the rest of the team. Now....Beast..Captain...come out in front and stand opposite each other”
The two teammates complied with the order, although rather reluctantly.
“Now Captain”, Deshawn continued, “Hit Beast as hard as you can! Full force.”
The Captain gave Deshawn a look befitting someone who just ran into a lunatic escaped from a mental asylum. Beast couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. “Yo Deshawn? You don’t actually expect The Captain to hit me right?? C’mon...we all know that’s suicide”
“What’s the matter Beast?? You aint afraid that The Captain’s gonna knock you on your ass, are you hermano?” snorted The Knight, who couldn’t resist taking a jab at the big guy’s ego.
“That’s enough”, barked Deshawn, “Go on Captain. Take your best shot at him!”
The Captain nodded. He drew in a deep breath, pulled his fist back and exerted it with full force at The Beast’s chest....and then immediately regretted it. The Beast barely moved an inch but The Captain on the other hand, knelt to the ground whilst clutching his hand in agonising pain.
“.......Owwwww....”, he winced.
The Vixen attempted to cover up her laughter by putting her hand on her mouth. The Knight however, made no such attempt. “HAHAHAHA....HAHA...hahahahaha...haha.....ohh man you gringos crack me up!”
“Well that was.....educational...”, Deshawn interjected, “Let’s try that again, but this time, I want you to charge up your know, in the same way you do when you teleport...but instead of teleporting, try focusing that energy into your fist and then strike The Beast!”
“Hey Captain. Don’t push yourself too hard. We don’t wanna break that hand of yours”, The Beast jeered.
The Captain ignored the insult and began to charge up his aura, a process which he was more than used to by now. He pulled back his fist and made the conscious effort to move the aura into it instead of allowing the energy to teleport him. “Just a little bit more....”, he thought, “....NOW!!!” What happened next came to the shock of everyone in the room. The Captain released his aura infused punch onto The Beast’s chest like he did before...only this time the resultant force sent The Beast flying several metres back into the floor, creating a shockwave which rocked the entire room. Deshawn, The Vixen and The Knight all dropped their jaws to the ground out of awe. The Beast stood up from the crater he left in the ground and repeatedly blinked his eyes in disbelief. There was no visible injury, minus a few grazes on his face, but it was clear that he was in a state of shock. No one had ever hit him this hard ever since the day his powers were awakened. The Captain remained in the same position he was when he threw the punch, fist outstretched and heart pounding inside his chest.
“Da-Daanngg!!!” Deshawn exclaimed.
“Guess I was right.....YOU DID GET KNOCKED ON YOUR ASS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAH......!”, The Knight shouted, whilst uncontrollably exploding into laughter.
The Beast attempted to form a sentence but words failed to come to his aid, “How.....wha-....this aint....what kinda....I don’t....”
“ neither..” added The Captain.
Deshawn cleared his throat and decided to take charge of the situation. “Well done Captain....but don’t think that that’s the end of today’s training. Next up: You and The Knight!”
The Knight’s raucous laughter came to a sudden, abrupt end. “Uhh..come again?”
“You heard me. Stand beside The Captain!”
“Listen boss...I don’t mean no disrespect.....but I think you’ve gone loco!! There aint no way I’m going up against a guy who made The Beast look like a chump”
The Beast scowled at this last remark. “ was just a lucky punch...I’m still DA BEAST!!! The strongest guy around!”
“Second strongest apparently”, interrupted The Vixen, cheekily grinning to herself.
“Relax Knight. You’re not gonna fight The Captain....You’re gonna race him!!” Deshawn said, with a cruel smile on his face.
“OHHH....Well I aint gotta problem with that. See, unlike my amigo The Beast over here, I don’t go around making false claims. I know that I am the fastest thing on two legs on the planet!!!” said The Knight, with pure arrogance rolling off of him.
He lined up next to The Captain, who had already assumed a starting position. He scoffed, and bent down beside him. “Don’t get your hopes up Captain. I aint gonna go easy on you simply because you’re the leader”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way”, The Captain replied. Deep down, he was still confused as to what had just happened and was even more puzzled as to what he could possibly do next. “Hitting Beast was lucky. How is Deshawn expecting me to now beat Knight in a race? As far as I now lightning doesn’t strike twice!” The two competitors looked up at Deshawn, awaiting the order to go.
“Ok guys. I’m gonna count to 3 and then I want you guys to let loose. The first one to reach the end of the room and back, will be crowned the winner.....and Captain..I believe you know what to do!”
The Captain froze for a second...but then the meaning became clear to him and he began to cover his body in a dark blue aura, unbeknownst to The Knight.
The two competitors burst out of their starting positions, barrelling down the room. Predictably, the Knight was in the lead, due to the fact that he was used to operating at such high velocity. But then as they reached the end of the room, The Captain became more comfortable with his aura manipulation and allowed himself to truly cut loose. On the return trip, he slowly closed the gap between himself and The Knight, before eventually overtaking him. In the split second that this occurred he turned his head to face The Knight and gave him a sly, cocky smile, which was slightly out of character for him. The Knight noticed this look....and was absolutely flabbergasted. They crossed the line in a flash which nearly blew everyone else away. For the first time in a long time, The Knight was speechless. He was the butt of the joke this time. “Ay dios mio!” he managed to squeeze out.
“Well, first Beast...and now The Knight. I wonder what other tricks you’ve got in store for us!” The Vixen said.
The Captain laughed nervously. “Well, you know me Vixen. I’m just full” The Captain didn’t finish his sentence as he promptly lost consciousness and dropped to the floor. The other three members of Team Omega immediately rushed to their Captain’s aid but were stopped by an outstretched hand from Deshawn.
“Don’t worry about it guys. I’ve seen this before. He simply used more energy than his body was able to sustain at that particular time. That was the whole point of this training see what he had hidden within him and to establish the limits of that power. He’ll be out for a few hours, so this training session is finished. Hit the showers guys!”
The three teenagers left the room and slowly walked through the hallway. Vixen couldn’t help but notice that the boys were being uncharacteristically quiet. She was about to make a comment but thought better of it and simply said “See ya at lunch guys” before entering her room, which was answered by a brief “Hmmnh” from her teammates. The two boys entered their room and climbed into their respective beds, both of them too wrapped up in their own thoughts to start a conversation, unaware that they were thinking similar things.
“How could this be?....I’m supposed to be the best.....This isn’t fair.....What’s next for me now?......How much higher does he have to climb?.....”
They remained thinking these thoughts in silence whilst staring up into the ceiling, expecting to find answers to their all consuming questions...

July 18th 2025
12:45 Omega Island
The cafeteria room was abuzz with the sound of hungry teenagers devouring their lunchtime meal. All of them came from different walks of life, with different degrees of powers, but one thing they all had in common was the joyous sensation they experienced from eating Madame Rouge’s homemade beef burgers. The smiles on their faces always made up for the fact that she spent most of her time slaving over the recipe. All was going well, up until the moment the doors opened up and The Knight and The Beast stepped in. Suddenly, all the students stopped midway through their conversations and stared at them. News travels quickly on the island and everyone was surprised to hear that the supposed “best of the best” were put in their place at their own game. The pair kept their heads down and proceeded to walk towards the queue. Whilst making their way there they couldn’t help but overhear the various whispers being hissed from the other students. “Hey didja hear the news....I don’t believe it.....I guess they were all talk and no game....Maybe the spotlight will fall on one of us for a change...” The boys approached the counter and received the beef burgers without their normal sense of gusto. Having sensed this, Madame Rouge made sure to give them an extra large smile before saying, “Cheer up boys. In life you win some, you lose some. What matters is how you get up and carry on!”
The boys forced a smile and reluctantly turned around, scanning the silent room for a place to sit. Just as they were about to give up, they saw a hand wave in the air and were delighted to see that it belonged to The Vixen, who was sitting with two of her girl friends. Graciously and speedily, they walked over to the table and sat down beside their comrade.
“Hey guys. Don’t worry about everyone else. The fact that they even make a big deal about this means they’ve got nothing better to do anyway”, Vixen said, with her trademark smile. The boys immediately lit up after hearing her say this.
“Gee..Thanks Vixen. We really needed to hear that!” replied The Beast.
“Yeah. It’s much appreciated!” added The Knight.
This happiness was about to be short lived however, as the other two girls at the table let their curiosity get the better of them. “If you don’t mind me asking...what was it like to be knocked down to second place?”, said one, before the other piped in asking “Yeah....It must be hard to know that there’s someone out there who is better at the one thing you thought you were perfect know?”
Upon hearing this, The Knight slammed his head into the table, gently sobbing, whilst The Beast threw his chair clear across the room, causing various students to duck their heads, before getting up and storming out the cafeteria.
“.....Was it something we said?” the two girls asked in unison.
The Vixen buried her face in her palm and shook it from side to side. “This may take a while to fix”, she thought......
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