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Oneshot Trade with Hozzie!

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A/N: I’m sorry, I didn’t know your age or what age you wanted so I kind of improvised! And just to make this very clear, I have never once in my life even read Supernatural fanfiction, and it’s been months since I watched an episode, so... Bear with me here. I am full aware I can do so much better but for my first attempt at doing Supernatural, I think I did alright! Well okay, I didn't, but that is so besides the point.
Anyway, I just want to thank you that you wrote a oneshot for me as well and that it was so super duper good! Really, you are an amazing writer, don't stop doing that, because I think you're just the raddest kid on the block.


It was just another motel to Sam and Dean. After you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, and definitely after about the hundredth it gets a little bit tiring. The green neon ‘vacancy’ sign was flashing bright, but most of the neon letters in the word ‘motel’ had gone dark; and by the looks of the motel, they wouldn’t be fixed anytime soon.

The Impala pulled up the parking lot and Dean parked it a few spaces down from an old, beat-up Volvo with a large crack in the back window, and Dean didn’t save his scoffs and huffs as they walked past it.

“It’s just a car,” Sam said, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, but it’s a crime against nature to drive a car like that,” Dean shot back. They rented a room and after freshening up, Sam set up his laptop while Dean laid on his bed with a hand down a bag of chips and his eyes fixed on the ancient TV.

“So what’s this job anyway?” Dean then asked, not even bothering to look up. They heard a laugh and then a bed creaking from the other room through the wall, but both ignored it. Nothing surprising in a motel.

“Well, I found a few articles -” Sam began, but his brother interrupted.

“Wait, let me guess! Some articles about some people being killed in mysterious ways, no one’s found or seen the killer, no evidence, but a strange scent of sulfur was found with the victim in all cases?”

Sam shot a look of annoyance at his brother. “Fine, I get it. You’re not interested.”

“No I am, it’s just that every case lately has been the same. No twists or turns, just some lower-level demon killing whoever they can find just for sport. None of it even makes sense, and it’s so damn boring. I’m serious, if this case doesn’t have something different, I’m marching right down back to hell and I’ll tell them that god damn it, get creative or stay in hell.”

All throughout their conversation, the sounds coming through the wall had gotten louder. The TV was loud in both rooms, but Sam and Dean could still hear the springs of the bed creak. Dean pounded the wall with his fist, but that did nothing to still the culprits.

“If I have to listen to that all night, I’ll quit too,” Sam muttered.

“So tomorrow we’ll visit a couple of the murder sites and go see the town sheriff? Monkey suits?” Dean asked, looking around the room for the suits they wore when they were pretending to be very professional FBI agents.

“I left them in the trunk. There’s still blood on them.”

“Well go get them.”

“Dean, I’m working! Why is it always my responsibility?!”

After a short bicker, Dean begrudgingly left the room with the door slamming behind him. As he was passing the room next to theirs, he shook his head at the people who were residing in it. But when he was returning back to the room with the suits tucked under his arm, he couldn’t take it anymore. If all he could do was jump from job to job and never have any fun while doing them because all demons apparently decided to become boring and predictable, then god damn it, no one else was allowed to have any fun either! With his blood boiling, Dean started to slam his fist against the door.

“What?” asked the boy who opened the door. He was about nineteen or twenty by the looks of him, shirtless, and still zipping up the front of his jeans.

“Okay I get it you’re having fun, but I’m staying next door and I work very hard and if you keep up the volume all night, I will come in here and I’ll -” Just as Dean was about to explain in great detail exactly how he was going to murder this little fucker, he spotted something else in the room. What the hell was she doing here? “Hollie?!”

The girl nervously played with her long, black hair and said: “Hey Dean. What’s up?”

Dean used his fast deduction skills, looking around the room suspiciously. One unmade bed, TV was on the news channel (no way two teenagers would actually watch the news), some shirtless little punk, and Dean’s little sister... Nope, this wasn’t looking good. With all this gathered information, Dean figured that the best course of action would be to do what he did best; go on a murderous rampage.

Yes, I did just say the words ‘little sister’. Technically Hollie was the half sister of the Winchester boys, but when they’d met her the first time, they had been quite taken with her. Eighteen years ago John Winchester had been hunting a nest of vampires in Washington, and while on the job he got injured to the point that he had to go to an emergency room. While lying through his teeth about where exactly he’d gotten that massive bleeding gash on his dislocated shoulder, the attending nurse, who by the way didn’t believe him for a second, definitely caught his eye. The job ended happily, and John and the nurse said their goodbyes. It wasn’t until years later that John found out that the short fling with a nurse in Washington had produced a baby; a girl named Hollie Barenham. It was however a separate job involving a haunted school that led the boys to find their long lost sister.

Sam was still inside the motel room with his face right up the laptop’s business when the door suddenly flew open. He expected to see his brother, but instead, in flew a boy of about nineteen, without a shirt on and obviously no desire to actually be there. Next came Dean, with a look of absolute menace on his face, though that’s normal enough, and third, the biggest surprise of all came when Hollie ran into the room, closing the door behind her.

“Hey Sam,” she greeted him with a wide smile.

“Hollie? What are you doing here?”

“I’m on a road trip! Hey, I’ve tried calling you guys but you never pick up the phone. What’s that about?”

Dean wasn’t having any of this small talk crap and barked his orders: “Shut up! You, boy, whatever your name is, sit down. Hollie, sit!”

“His name is Austin, just so you know,” Hollie muttered when she crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed next to the boy. “And he’s my boyfriend.”

“How can you have a boyfriend, you’re like fifteen!”

Sam snorted a laugh and was about to point out how many girlfriends Dean had had by the time he was fifteen, but couldn’t really get a word in.

“I’m eighteen!” Hollie scoffed. “It’s been three years since we last saw each other, you know. And if all you’re going to do is yell at me, I think I’d rather leave,” she said, standing up with her hand in Austin’s, ready to walk out the door. Dean sighed, and shaking his head, he decided to leave it up to his brother. Sam and Dean didn’t know their sister all that well regrettably, but during the few week that they had spent with her when she was fifteen they did find out some things about her. And one of the few things they did know of her was that she absolutely hated being yelled at. Unfortunately, that’s one of the few things Dean knew how to do perfectly.

“Hollie, don’t go yet,” Sam said, shooting a glare at his brother. “Like you said, it’s been three years. We should catch up.”

Since she really wanted to catch up with her brothers as well, Hollie sent her boyfriend away and stubbornly ignored the death-glare they received from Dean when she kissed Austin at the door.

“Alright,” Hollie said after the door was closed once again. “Now, where the hell have the two of you been and why haven’t you answered any of my phone calls?”


Austin kicked an empty beer can that had happened to be on his path in the parking lot. He fidgeted with his keys as he walked towards the beat up Volvo he drove. The boy shot a jealous glance towards the Impala parked a few spaces down and then unlocked the door to his own car, and that’s when he heard a shout.

“Hey, wait!”

Austin turned to look and saw a man running towards him. He recognized the man; he’d seen him at the motel lobby when they were checking in. “What do you want?”

The man came closer, but slowed his steps. “Did I see you talking to the Winchesters?”

“The Winchesters? Who -” Austin stopped mid-sentence when he suddenly noticed something very strange about the man. He was now so close that Austin could see the whites of his eyes. Well, what should have been the whites of his eyes. His eyes were completely pitch-black.

“I guess you’ll do,” the man said, shrugging. In horror Austin watched as the man began to scream, threw his head back, and a black cloud or fog or something emerged from his mouth.


“... So that’s what we’ve been up to,” Sam finished the latest news on the Winchester-front.

“Wow, that’s all really exciting,” Hollie sighed with a slightly dreamy look on her face. “I wish I was a hunter, it sounds so...”

“Dangerous?” Dean suggested. “Trust me, you wouldn’t last a second face to face with a demon.”

“I did last time! Okay, it was a ghost but that’s basically the same thing, right?” Hollie gasped. The first time she’d met her brothers, well, half-brothers, was in her hometown in Washington, where a vengeful spirit was ransacking the grounds where her old school had been built. Long story short, hunting supernatural monsters is a surprisingly good chance to bond with your new-found siblings.

“Anyway, what about you?”

“Just graduated from high school. I wanted to go on a road trip before college, so Austin and I just picked up our stuff and left. Mom wasn’t happy. And before you start screaming again, Dean, I’ll tell you that Austin and I aren’t drinking alcohol, we aren’t hopped up on drugs or anything, and no, we definitely aren’t having sex, so you can get your mind out of the gutter now.”

Dean scowled from his spot on the couch.

“I assume you’re here on a job? Tell me about it?” Hollie begged. Ever since she had met her brothers and found out about what her father had done for a living, Hollie had been obsessed with studying up everything supernatural she could find on the Internet and gobbled down every horror movie about any supernatural being. Last time they had parted their ways, Hollie had begged them to take her with them to hunt things, but they hadn’t accepted. In hindsight she did understand why they had declined, but still...

“It’s just some low-level demon probably. There’s been a few killings around here, we’re starting to look into it tomorrow.”

Hollie opened her mouth to speak and her eyes sparkled from excitement, but she was cut off by Sam: “And no, you can’t help us,” he told her. “You shouldn’t be here anyway, you should be applying for colleges!”

“School is for wimps,” Hollie whined. “I wanna hunt with you guys! Seriously, there’s nothing for me back at home! Mom’s all remarried and stuff, and Austin’s going away to college in fall, so I’m free to hunt! Please?”

Dean and Sam exchanged a look. Sam raised an eyebrow and shrugged, Dean grunted, threw his hands up in frustration, and shouted: “Fine! You can help with this one job! But after that you’re done, alright! Now go to sleep, and keep your hands off that creep! If I hear one bed spring squeak, I swear I will kill him.”

Fearing that Dean wasn’t actually just talking, but actually meant it, Hollie left to go into her own motel room. She could hear the shower running, so she just jumped on the bed, wincing when her butt crashing on it made the springs creak, and turned on the TV. An old black and white movie came on, and she was so into it that she didn’t hear the shower turn off and Austin enter the room until he grabbed a pair of pants from the floor and put them on.

“Oh I didn’t hear you!” Hollie said. “Just a warning, no funny business tonight, big brother is watching. Well, listening.”

He didn’t say anything for a while, just looked at her while getting dressed. “You know, I really like this body. I’m young, aren’t I?” Austin thought out loud, glancing at himself in the mirror on the wall. Then he looked at her again and smiled. “Don’t you think?”

“Yeah I guess,” Hollie shrugged. “You wanna watch The Exorcist tonight?”

“I like yours, too,” he continued, eyeing her up and down. Hollie suddenly became very self-conscious and she brushed some of her smooth black hair from her face.

“What are you saying?” she asked, feeling very bashful. Austin didn’t reply, but he climbed on the bed and kissed her. She went with it, feeling more relaxed as the kiss deepened. Then, it became more rough. His hands grabbed her hips tightly, shoving himself on top of her, and Hollie began to get uncomfortable.

“Wait, I told you, I want to wait,” she said, but he connected their lips again. It was starting to get more hungry and needy, and definitely nothing like what she wanted. Angrily, she pushed him off and scrambled off the bed, too. “What is wrong with you?! You’re acting all -” she began, but stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed something weird. She’d known him for years, and she knew everything about him. This was definitely not her boyfriend, and that strange look in his eyes only confirmed it. Something was very off. Hollie’s eyes widened in horror when the realization hit her. “You’re not Austin, are you?”

A menacing grin spread on his face, and Hollie couldn’t even recognize him anymore. His eyes turned pitch black and she felt her heart sink. “Took you long enough,” he chuckled.

Panic arose in her, and her first reaction was to escape the situation. Hollie made a dash for the door, but just when she was about to reach the doorknob with her hand, his arms wrapped around her torso, pulling her back. Hollie could feel Austin’s hot breath on her neck when he held her tightly with his hand covering her mouth to stop her from screaming.

“It’s a shame the Winchesters showed up,” he chuckled. “I saw you when you arrived. I was going to kill your pathetic boyfriend anyway and then have you, but I guess I can use you for bait, too. Pity. I haven’t had a virgin in a while.”

Hollie attempted to pull away from him, and her tears rolled down her cheeks and onto his hand, but he didn’t seem to even care. She was absolutely horrified and disgusted, but he didn’t let go.

“Now. Let’s see about those brothers of yours, shall we?”


“It’s not like we have the right to tell her what to do,” Sam pointed out.

“She’s our sister!” Dean argued.

“Half sister! And we’ve spent maybe three weeks with her! It’s not that I don’t care, but you really can’t tell her what to do just because she has the same dad we do.”

Dean groaned. “Fine, I’ll tone it down. But we’re not actually going to let her get killed by a demon, are we?”

“Of course not. We’ll just make her wait in the car while we do the dirty work. Come on Dean, she just wants to see what we do. And it couldn’t hurt to spend a little bit more time with her, could it? I mean yeah, she is family, after all.”

Just as Sam finished his sentence, they heard a loud crash from beyond the wall, and then silence once more. Neither of the brothers stopped to think, though. Acting purely on instinct, Dean grabbed the colt and the holy water, and when he got out, Sam was already breaking the door down. Some other occupants of the motel were poking their heads out of their own rooms, wondering what all the ruckus was, but Sam had already gotten the door open. When he saw the scene in front of him, he froze. Hollie was on the floor by the bed, crawling away from her boyfriend and getting her hands and knees scratched by the shards of the broken lamp she’d most likely knocked down. But the biggest shock of all was Austin. He took one glance at Sam, and then threw his head back with his mouth wide open, and the spirit of the demon in him made for an escape. Dean tried to get a shot in with the colt, but he was too late. The demon had already gotten away, off to find another meatsuit to occupy.

“Hollie, are you okay?” Sam asked and rushed to her. She looked shocked and worried, and she’d clearly been crying, and apart from the scratches on her knees and hands she looked to be otherwise alright. Hollie wasn’t the least bit concerned with her own health anyway, and instead her eyes were fixed on her boyfriend.

“Is he...?” she began, but wasn’t able to finish the question. Dean crossed the room and crouched down next to the boy. He placed two fingers on his neck, and after a moment lifted his eyes to meet Sam’s. He hadn’t made it, and knowing that was too much for Hollie, and she couldn’t do anything else but stand there and cry, with her arms wrapped tightly around Sam. Sam held their sister, but his eyes found Dean’s once more, and they both nodded. They had work to do.


Originally they hadn’t planned to allow Hollie to participate in fear of her getting hurt, but hunting that demon down seemed to be the only way she could still stay sane. After the demon killed her boyfriend by possessing him, she had been obsessed with killing it until it’s dead, dead, dead.

It took the Winchesters a few days, with Hollie rushing them on, urging them to work faster to find the demon, and eventually they did track it down after it managed to kill one more person. It was unfortunate, and it was kind of frightening how finding out about another victim shook Hollie, but it did lead them to the right track.

“Hollie, just so you know...” Sam whispered as they were sitting on a table in a dark room. “I know what it’s like. I went through what you did.”

Hollie looked up at her older brother curiously. “You did?”

The man nodded. “Her name was Jess. Killed by the same demon that killed Dean and my mom.”

“I’m sorry, I had no idea...”

They sat in silence once again, waiting for Dean. The trap had been set. Hollie had been hanging onto their every word as they’d worked to first find the demon, then set the trap, then lure it into the trap. She found the devil’s traps extremely fascinating, but that wasn’t the only reason she couldn’t stop obsessing about it. It was like she couldn’t stop thinking about anything else until this demon was sent back to hell. She owed at least that much to Austin.

They didn’t have to wait long after that. Dean hurried into the room and hid behind a closet with the colt readied in his hand. They could hear footsteps coming closer, and soon a woman stepped into the room. Hollie didn’t recognize her, and for a moment she wondered if she was really being possessed by a demon. She seemed to act so nonchalant. The room they were in was a lavish apartment right outside of the town, and it seemed that the demon was using it to live in when he wasn’t out randomly murdering innocent people.

Hollie couldn’t help but crack a smile when the woman stepped right into the devil’s trap. While she was still figuring out what exactly had happened, Dean and Sam stepped out with Hollie right behind them. The woman surprisingly laughed.

“Oh come on now, this isn’t the Winchesters I’ve heard so much about? Hiding like mice? Really?” the woman giggled, and when she did, Hollie felt chills down her spine and she had to take a step back. There was something so evil about that woman. “Oh, it’s you,” the woman said, finally noticing Hollie. “Did you come here to finish what we started?”

Dean had lowered his weapon and nodded at Sam. “Let’s just do this.”

“You think exorcising me will do any good? You’re not going to run out of work, you know. Haven’t you noticed?” Without waiting for a reply, the woman continued: “Sam, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.”

“What’s she talking about?” Hollie asked.

“The pattern,” Sam answered, giving her a piece of paper with the words to the exorcism. “I’ve been thinking about it. Low-level demons, seemingly random murders with no attempts to hide anything at all. It’s a trail left on purpose.”

“Oh I guess you’re not as dumb as you look after all,” the demon grinned. “Hey, Hollie. If we ever meet again, I’ll be more than happy to continue where we left off.”

That was all the demon could say, because Sam and Dean wasted no time to begin the exorcism, and Hollie rushed to keep up with them. As they were chanting, Hollie felt odd. This was clearly not the end, and she wouldn’t rest until it was all over. Not until she had put down every single demon that had anything to do with her boyfriend’s death.


Two weeks later Sam and Dean stood next to a fresh open grave while a group of men lowered a casket into the ground. They saw the boy’s parents cry on the other side of the grave. Usually a job wasn’t this personal. They would go to a town, find whatever was killing people and send it right back into hell, and then move on to the next town. They very rarely stayed long enough to see the victims put to rest, and for a reason. When hunting becomes too personal, it makes doing the job difficult.

This time, however, they had no choice. Sam looked down at the girl who was standing between himself and Dean, and saw that she had tears rolling out of her eyes at a steady pace, but her facial expression hadn’t changed. He watched Dean wrap an arm around Hollie’s shoulder, but she didn’t even budge. The whole ride back to Washington to attend the funeral she’d been like this; sat in the backseat, didn’t utter a word, stared lifelessly out of the window. After the exorcism, she’d began mourning, and from experience Sam knew that it wouldn’t end for a very long time.

After the ceremony ended, the three of them walked back to the Impala in silence. Neither of the men knew how to comfort her or what to even say, but when they reached the car, Hollie was the one to break the silence.

“I want to go with you guys,” she said, and before they could protest, she continued: “I know what you’ll say, you don’t want me getting hurt, I get that. But I can learn how to defend myself, you can teach me. I just can’t stand the idea that there are things out there, hurting people like Austin who have done nothing to deserve it. I want to get into the family business. I want to hunt.”

“Hollie, it’s extremely dangerous -”

“I don’t care,” the girl snapped. “I want to hunt. And I’ll do it with or without you guys.”

They really hadn’t expected this tiny, skinny girl to be so persistent, but it wasn’t so surprising. Stubbornness ran in the family.

“If you’re going to hunt, you’re going to need to change a lot of things,” Dean pointed out. “That means no more skirts or daily showers, and you can forget about those long nails. Keep in mind that there’s not much privacy in the Impala. It’s a tough life.”

Hollie glanced at the grave where she’d just said her final goodbyes to her first boyfriend. “It’s worth it, though.”

Dean sighed, and after exchanging a look with his brother, he shrugged. “We’re not promising anything. You can try it out. But if it doesn’t work out, you need to back off, alright? We don’t want you getting hurt.”

Hollie nodded, although she had no intention of quitting, but for now she was taking what she could get. “That’s fine by me. Thanks.”

Dean suddenly got a smile on his face and to lighten the mood, he said: “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not the first in the clan to hook up with a demon,” Dean laughed, nudging an elbow to his brother’s side. “Isn’t that right, Sammie?”

Sam rolled his eyes, but Hollie was curious. “What’s he talking about?”

“I’ll tell you about it later,” Sam replied, obviously avoiding the question.

“But hey, Hollie,seriously,” Dean said as he opened the back door for her, “no more demon boyfriends.”

Hollie climbed into the back of the Impala, and wondered if it was wrong to feel this excited. Looking at the graveyard she was reminded that it wasn’t at all the life she’d imagined for herself, but now hunting was the only thing she wanted to do. Oh, yeah. And the fact that she’d get to finally spend time with her brothers was definitely a huge plus.
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