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Overcoming Obstacles

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Sequel to Breaking Ties! Kagome has begun her life in the Feudal Era with Inuyasha...but a mysterious visit from a naga claiming to answer to a higher power threatens she and her new husband's atte...

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Overcoming Obstacles

1. Prologue

By: Katryn Parker


Author's Note: It's the sequel to Breaking Ties! So if you haven't read it, go do that now, because you won't understand some of the themes of this one if you don't! I'll be exploring time travel...try to wrap my mind around it, lol.




Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters. I DO own Nyoka.


Chocolate brown eyes gazed lovingly over at the man who was running his fingers through her raven hair, a smile gracing his features as his other hand dragged across her collar bone and down to her flat stomach. White flower petals covered everything in the house, and the only light was the glow of several candles of the same color placed throughout the small bedroom. The soft blanket rustled softly as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his own, his golden irises disappearing as his eyes closed. She followed suit, smiling at the now familiar feeling of his toned body against hers.

"Inuyasha..." she murmured against his lips as the kiss became more intense.

"What is it Kagome?" His tone was muffled against her skin, and she giggled at the breath tickling my ear.

"I think I sense something..." she put a hand on his chest, weakly resisting the extremely pleasurable assault on her senses that he was causing. His aroused scent suddenly filled her nostrils, causing her to let out a moan as he pressed his mouth against her pulse, grazing his teeth over the soft skin there.

"I think I sense that you're ready to make love to me again..." he murmured, his hot breath hitting her neck again.

"No...a demon..."

Inuyasha growled in frustration and got up loudly, stomping his feet against the wooden floor on the side of their futon. A cloud of white flower petals drifted away from the sudden pressure, settling again around him as he padded across the floor and grabbed a thin white yukata for Kagome. She sighed, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Inuyasha..."

He turned around quickly and took her hand as she got up, his eyes meeting hers and a primal growl coming from his throat. "As soon as we get back...we have to finish the night out. You deserve this, Kagome."

She responded by wrapping her arms around him lovingly and leaning her head against his shoulder. "I'm sorry...I know that we both deserve a real wedding night...but we just have to take care of this first, OK?"

Growling, the silver-haired man let go of her. "Fine...let's go."


Kagome looked over at her new husband with a sorry smile as they trekked through the underbrush in the forest, the moon and stars their only light. She knew that he could see her just as well as she could see him with the demonic traits she'd picked up after their mating.

Although demons mated for life and didn't normally have traditional weddings, Kagome wanted one back in the Feudal Era. It would help to ease the pain of losing her family as well...she'd quickly confirmed that there was no way to get back through the well, and that there was no way to find out why. There were so many questions Kagome wanted had the necklace on Silvana ended up in the Feudal Era in the first place? She knew that she'd seen Hana's Jewelry before, and she'd gone in many times with her friends from school, but she'd never bought that necklace and brought it to the Feudal Era. She was starting to think that it might have just slipped her mind; but even that didn't seem likely. There had been no reason to take it back.

This brought on a whole onslaught of other questions, and the one that bugged her the most was this: was she the first Kagome? Was there more than one jewel in the timeline? Was there even more than one dimension of time!

It made her head spin.

She didn't like to think about it.

Kagome felt a familiar twinge in her mind that told her a demon was close and crouched down to the ground where Inuyasha already sat with a finger to his lips. "Seems like a weak one," he murmured, his golden eyes glowing. That glow made her feel safe was the same glow that she saw every night now, gazing across at her lazily. They'd made love many times since the wedding, but they hadn't had one whole night to themselves.

They'd practically been chased to the outskirts of the village a few months earlier, due to Kaede's suspicion that the increased attacks by demons came from Kagome's merging with the jewel. And, sure enough, attacks on villagers decreased drastically. The young couple now lived in a nice little house a few minutes out of the village, nearer to the well and the Goshinboku. Continuous attacks forced them to wake up and defend themselves at different times of the night; their own wedding night had been scattered with fights. Demons continued to chase after the jewel...they obviously didn't know that it was now a part of a powerful priestess.

That was the reason for Inuyasha's anger. He and his mate hadn't been able to have a true wedding night in their own home yet.

"Do you see it yet?" she asked. Her eyesight had improved greatly, but it still wasn't that good.

"Yeah, it's right there. Just looks like some kind of snake. We can take it out easy."

Kagome nodded. "If that's how it is, just don't take out the Tetsusaiga. I'll just try and scare it away."

He shrugged. Inuyasha didn't like it when his mate fought his fights for him.

A short shriek pierced the night as Kagome let an arrow fly as a warning before emerging from the bushes, her thin yukata billowing out around her. Inuyasha personally thought she looked like some kind of goddess, following her out of the bushes...and he planned on showing her how he felt as soon as they got.

The creature turned, its eyes widening and its tail barely rattling the grass in fear. Its fangs dripped what looked like a nasty poison, but it sucked up the green liquid very awkwardly, ignoring the decaying grass below it.

"If you want the jewel, it's gone," Kagome said fiercely, brandishing her bow at the demon. It shook its head, its neon green eyes blinking with a click, and the young couple suddenly witnessed an amazing transformation take place.

The demon's torso changed into a well-toned, sickly white human stomach and chest, and arms grew out of his shoulders, green body paint decorating the creature. His head changed last, revealing a serpentine face, followed by a fall of thick black hair out of his scaled scalp.

He shook his head again. "Nyoka hasssn't come for the jewel..." it answered in an obviously masculine voice, "But for you...the Lady Tama..."

Inuyasha let out a snarl, coming to stand protectively near Kagome. "Look, worm, you're looking for someone else. There is no 'Lady Tama' here."

Nyoka cocked his head to the side, his black hair falling over one shoulder. "But it's clear that the sacred jewel is a part of this are the Lady Tama, miko."

Kagome frowned. "So tell me who your master is."

"Nyoka is simply a servant," he replied, bowing his head, "Nyoka does not know his master's name, he simply does what his master orders."

Inuyasha growled again. "Then get the fuck out of here. Nobody's going with you tonight, especially Kagome."

" be it," the snake responded, "But I'll be back."

Inuyasha left her side as quickly as that sentence came out, flinging out his claws. "Iron reaver, soul stealer!"

But the demon was gone.


Kagome curled her head into Inuyasha's chest as he carried her back to the village. Sealing Silvana had taken much more work than she had originally thought, and she'd collapsed just a few seconds after she'd gotten back to Inuyasha. Miroku was he first to see them as they returned, and his eyes widened in concern. " she alright?" he said quickly, rushing out. Sango followed, and Kaede stood at the door, waiting to let them in.

"I'm fine," she murmured sleepily, "Just really tired out."

"And the demon?"

"She's gone," Inuyasha said, taking over for his mate, "Kagome sealed her in this." He pulled a hand away from Kagome, putting her down lightly and keeping her steady, as he shifted around in his haori, finally pulling out the glowing beads. Kaede took them from him, examining them.

"We'll put them in the shrine..." she reached out a nurturing hand to the tired miko, "Well done, child."

Kagome smiled weakly. She knew that it was in that very shrine that Gramps would find the beads five hundred years later, giving them to her to take to college with her as a going away present. The thought crossed her mind that maybe she should prevent the beads from being taken to the shrine, so that Silvana wouldn't kill all those people in the future...but it was best not to mess with that. Kagome herself knew that the past/future Kagome would pull through.

"Well, no use standing outside like this," Kaede told the group of young people, "Inuyasha, take Kagome inside and I shall tend to both of your wounds. I have some questions to ask of ye."


Tiva Pride yawned as she picked up her books after another class ended, pulling her bag over her shoulder. It had been a long day...and she never wanted to go back to her dorm anymore. Her new roommate sucked.

Kagome had disappeared, and Tiva hated not knowing what had happened. She'd called Kagome's family a couple times, but there was still no sign of her; it appeared that she had just gone down the well and never come back. Her mother was distraught; Tiva didn't want to call and remind her of the daughter she'd lost.

Things had settled down quickly back at the university after Silvana was gone. Steve Kaye's disappearance didn't even put Yori Nagano, the demon slayer, under any suspicion; a lot of people had been killed in the strange epidemic. However, a small group of people now met at the university for a séance every week. It brought a little joy to Tiva's life, because she knew that Silvana had been a demon and that all these people were doing were making asses of themselves.

It got colder. Winter break was coming up, and Tiva hoped to go back to Japan for a while and visit Yori in her village up in the mountains. The two had gotten closer since Kagome and Inuyasha had been gone, and Yori was still out hunting down things that go bump in the night and eradicating them. Tiva kept on with her studies. And apparently Kagome's friends and relatives back home were moving on as well. Maybe she would get up the nerve to go and visit them too.

She eventually made up her mind that she would need to go back to the dorms. Tiva wearily climbed the stairs and, thankful that she her roommate wasn't back yet, threw her bag on the bed and pushed the button on the answering machine.

Loud static came over the machine, and Tiva covered her ears, wincing and going to turn it off, when it suddenly stopped.

"Tama...where are you..."

The words were neither English nor Japanese, but Tiva understood them all the same. She didn't know what to do; follow her instincts and delete the message now, or sate her curiosity and find out what this was all about.

She chose the latter.

"Your time of reckoning is coming..." This guy's voice made Tiva squirm. He sure was good at scaring the crap out of someone, and she was glad he wasn't saying her name. "Tama, you have somehow escaped the limits my master set for you, and it is time for you to make another deal or die. And we will find you if you don't come to us."

More loud static. And then a click. Silence.

So apparently someone named Tama was being threatened by someone calling from a number that didn't show up on the caller I.D.

Maybe a friend of Sarah's... Tiva thought, referring to her roommate.

But it seemed so supernatural...just screamed Kagome.

Tama. Where had she heard that before?

Tiva sat down at the computer to look it up. What an interesting way to threaten someone.


"Well...that was unnerving," Kagome told Inuyasha as they headed back toward the house. Inuyasha shrugged.

"Just some crazy demon. Probably went insane when he saw how powerful you were. They've done that before."

"Yeah, I just doesn't seem right. Doesn't it seem strange that he was looking for Lady Tama? Do you think it has anything to do with the jewel?"

"Eh, I don't know anything about it. Never heard of a Lady Tama before."

She went into the house ahead of him, taking off her sandals and leaving them at the door before stepping onto the soft flower petals on the floor. She let out a tired sigh when she felt his hands on her shoulders, ready to remove her yukata and get back to where they'd left off.

"I'm sorry, Inuyasha, but...that really scared me..."


"We'll have to do this another time."

He drew back, frowning. "Kagome, you have nothing to worry're the strongest miko there is..." He leaned forward again and planted a kiss on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine. "...nothing to worry about..."

Kagome let her hands drift back to his hips as he pulled her closer, lightly scraping his teeth against her skin. She moaned, gripping his hips, and he worked lower onto her shoulder, his lips like a burning reminder of the real wedding night that they still hadn't really had.

She turned. "Not tonight. Tomorrow...I'll ask Kaede to set up a barrier..." She had to pause between phrases as he kissed lower. "Right now...please...I'd love to, but...not tonight..." He stood abruptly and she looked down at the floor. "Sorry..."

The hanyou shook his head. "It's OK...uh...let's just go to sleep..." He flashed her a wicked smile. "But tomorrow night is all ours."


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