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Axl and Izzy slash
(Guns N Roses)
Axl stared up at the sky from the roof of their apartment. The stars looked bright yet slightly faded from the smog. He sat up slightly and took a swig from the bottle of beer that was next to him then lay back down head resting on the leather jacket he had taken off earlier. Axl lit a cigarette and inhaled then exhaled watching the smoke rise up into the city sky.

“Hey” a voice said as Axl heard footsteps behind him. He smiled a bit when he saw it was Izzy. Izzy sat down next to Axl crossing his black denim clad legs. His boots scuffed on the concrete as he shifted around a bit so that his thigh was touching Axl’s ribcage. Axl glanced at him but stayed where he was, offering Izzy a cigarette and the other boy took it placing it between his lips and then leaned down so Axl could light it with his lighter.

“Whatcha doing up here?” Izzy asked curiously staring down at the redhead who shrugged taking his cigarette from his lips and answering “Just lookin at the stars ya know?” he smiled at his best friend. “Like what you see?” Izzy leaned back slightly giving Axl a suggestive look so that he knew he wasn’t talking about the sky.

Axl smiled and rolled onto his side looking at Izzy. “I do” Izzy lay down next to Axl who curled up next to him resting his head in the crook of Izzy’s neck. Izzy wrapped an arm around Axl’s waist pulling him flush against his body. They lay there together and Izzy could hear his lover’s heart beating, could feel the warmth radiating from his skin. Izzy moved so he was atop of Axl’s hands on either side of his head and leaned down to capture Axl’s lips in a slow soft kiss caressing the boy’s body. They made love and then fell asleep under the night sky under the stars.
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