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Mansfield Park (Cont...)

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Edmund and Fanny Bertram are married and experience their very first night of true passion

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Sir Thomas Bertram had been quite surprised on learning of his niece and son's affection for one another, but pleased no less. Both Edmund and Fanny had suffered enough with their own separate problems and now here they were, betrothed! Of course, Lady Bertram had known of her niece's love for her son since they had been children and thought of it delightfully. Fanny had, after all become very dear to her and more useful than she herself could have imagined. Lady Bertram's sister, Mrs. Norris had often treated Fanny dreadfully and the child did not deserve it at times. Lady Bertram often held her tongue because if her husband heard of it from her sister she would never hear the end of it from Sir Thomas. Of course, Sir Thomas, in his own way had grown to love Fanny as one of his own. Especially now, reluctantly accepting the fact that his own eldest daughter, Mariah had gone and run off with a Mr. Henry Crawford, abandoning her own recent marriage to her husband, Mr. Rushworth.

To think Fanny could have been married to such a man as Mr. Crawford! Not to say that the scandal had been wrong only on his side; of course Mariah was all the more to blame. But no wonder Fanny hadn't wanted to accept Henry. She had known from the start what kind of man Mr. Crawford was, and after all, had been in love with no other than Edmund.

Ah, Fanny, such a delightful girl! Why couldn't Mariah and Julia have grown to be as smart, gentle and kind as she? Sir Thomas saw that now, and only wished he had opened his eyes more to his children. Wished he had paid more attention to them, talked to them more, asked them what they truly desired. But that was done. Mariah had always been Mrs. Norris's favorite niece and the stuck up aunt had gone to live with her in her shame, for Sir Thomas would certainly not let her come back home, never mind Mr. Rushworth's unacceptance.

Fanny had smiled the day her cruel aunt had left, stating that she did not know who to feel more sorry for; "Mariah or Aunt Norris". Little had she known that being freed from a cruel aunt would not be the only joy to celebrate. Little had she known the man she had loved desperately, her whole life, would attempt a proposal so soon.

Edmund hadn't been fully aware of his true feelings towards Fanny, until after his aunt left. Her new found happiness and radiance caught his eye like never before. Even her looks had seemed to improve. She seemed well rested, and altogether in much better spirits. But it hadn't just been that. The first realization was after the deception of a woman Edmund had thought he loved. He had been so blinded by Mary Crawford, Henry's sister, that he had forgotten to look right in front of him. Of course, Mary had been all about money, society and rank. Sure she had been beautiful, part of Edmund's captivation no less, and she had known what to say to men like Edmund to get them captivated. But it had all been an act. She had tried to change Edmund, force him to be something he was not. He had remained steadfast in his decision however, and not until the scandal with Henry and Mariah did he discover who Mary really was. All her concern was on what society would think of the Bertram's and of course she blamed Fanny for not accepting her brother.

"They could very well have been married by now and none of this would have happened" she had said. His blood had boiled at the accusation towards Fanny. She had done nothing wrong. She had simply refused a man she did not love. What was the crime in that? After Mary's ignorant words, he was done with Miss Crawford. All the days visiting her in London, dining with her and her wealthy friends and hearing all her stuck up criticisms and high hopes of being rich herself. He knew it had been the start of hopelessness then, and her attitude about the scandal confirmed it. But of course he had not mourned long.

Everything, all of his thoughts had turned onto Fanny. The way she looked at him, the way she smiled, laughed, teased him. They had always been this way towards each other, but somehow, this was different now. It wasn't just a sisterly affection anymore. When Edmund stopped to really think about Fanny and how wonderful she really was, how she had always been there when he needed advice, how she had never once judged him even if he had made unwise choices, how well they had always gotten along, and how much she was always willing to do things for him when she needn't have. She had always believed in Edmund, followed him in his dreams and ambitions and had been supportive of him. How could he have possibly overlooked all of that? How could he have fallen for Mary? A woman who's only ambition was to transform him into her pet and drag him out into the fashionable world of society? He was disappointed for letting himself become so blind!

No more than a few weeks after Edmund's aunt had left them, he and his older brother Tom, who had been recovering from a terrible fever were sitting in the drawing room with their mother as she sewed. Fanny was there to accompany Lady Bertram and help her choose which colors would go best with her pattern. Tom had been sitting on a sofa, a thick blanket draped about his shoulders, as he occasionally read aloud the racing news in the paper. Edmund was sitting on another sofa, with not much to occupy him but a book he could not seem to read, when he happened to look up. There, sitting but a few feet away was Fanny, colored beautifully in the sunlight that spilled through the window. She looked down at her sewing, her long lashes touching her sun kissed cheek. Her lovely curls shining golden and spilling in a long mess down her back, little wisps scattered about her forehead. Her neck and throat slender and elegant, her face all seriousness and concentration, full lips that suddenly called to Edmund.

It had taken Edmund a few moments to realize what he had been looking at and how his face was set. His mouth had been slightly agape. A flutter ran through his gut. Luckily Tom was too busy fussing over the races. His mother, however, had noticed his admiration, smiling secretly as she put her head down to continue with her sewing before Edmund saw.

"Fanny really is beautiful" he thought, "Inside and out!" All this time she's been right here and I have never even given her a thought. How blind I have been! She must feel the same for me. I know she must. But will she ever forgive me for the fool I have been? How it must have made her feel when I thought I was to marry Miss Crawford! I must speak to her, tell her how wrong I was, but how and when?

The whole rest of the afternoon Edmund pondered on how he would approach Fanny and what he would say. He almost tried three times over, but his nerves got the better of him. Finally, when it was quite late and everyone was getting ready for bed, he decided to try once more. He would confront Fanny in her room. There, they would definitely be alone. So he went upstairs to the attic and softly knocked.

Fanny told him to enter and when he did he was embarrassed to see her in a dressing gown with wet hair. Great timing Edmund! he thought. Of all times to finally declare his feelings, it had to be when she was in a thin nightgown. But how that sight had affected him. He pictured spending every night beside her, holding her in his arms, running his fingers through her thick gold hair...What was wrong with him? He'd seen her in her night clothes many times before and never thought much of it. But I'm about to ask her to be my wife he thought.

"I-only wanted to say...what was it I was going to say?" he had said aloud, more to himself than to Fanny.

"It wasn't about going riding tomorrow was it?" She'd asked. Edmund was too nervous to say otherwise.

"Yes! Yes, that's exactly what it was," he said, "I just...wanted to make sure you hadn't forgotten." Fool! Tell her now. I love you Fanny. Marry me!

There was a silence, and Fanny looked up at him shyly, twisting her damp hair with her hands, and pursing her lips like she always did.

"And now Edmund, I must really go to bed," Fanny giggled.

"Yes, yes of course," Edmund answered, his heart falling.


"Goodnight, Edmund,"

Edmund took a step toward the door and suddenly paused.

"You know, I've always loved...." you! I've always loved you! Say it! "....this room."

Without another word he left. Stupid! So stupid! he'd thought. Why can't I just tell her? We've always been able to talk about anything and everything. Why is this so different? All night long, he thought about Fanny and his realization of just how madly in love with her he was. His stomach churned. He HAD to tell her the next morning.

It was a long sleepless night, but morning did come and Edmund couldn't get up and dressed fast enough. He had heard Fanny bustling about in her room upstairs and knew she was to come out for breakfast soon. Grabbing his cravat, he heard Fanny running down the hall. He opened his door immediately as she whisked by, chasing Lady Bertram's pug down the stairs.

"Uhh Fanny, I really must speak with you," he said, attempting to tie his cravat. She only looked up and smiled at him, pretending not to hear as she continued the chase. Edmund started after her, still trying to tie the cravat.

Pausing in the hall downstairs, Edmund saw Fanny standing outside the breakfast room. With another smile, she disappeared into it. Is she teasing me? He thought. Does she know? Heart racing, he followed. Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram were already seated. His father looked at the paper, and his mother slipped Pug scraps. Fanny, also seated, sipped her tea and raised her eyes to look at Edmund as he sat across from her. Edmund smiled at her. Please say you want to go riding now Edmund thought. Sir Thomas kept snapping the paper so he could get the wrinkles out. Lady Bertram glanced up to see the comical glances between Fanny and her son. Edmund opened his mouth to speak but closed it again. Her niece tried to suppress a giggle. The good lady then knew what was going on. After all that had happened, Edmund must have finally realized what he needed to do. An idea arose in Lady Bertram's head. A promotion.

"Fanny, Dear, I've quite run out of lavender. Pick some won't you before the sun gets too hot..."

"Yes Mamm," Fanny answered, immediately pushing out of her chair, and running from the room.

"...and Edmund? Find the scissors and...go with her." Lady Bertram had never seen her son shoot out of a chair so fast. He was starting across the room when Sir Thomas suddenly spoke up.

"Edmund, remember we have some business in town to-"

"Umm, not today Sir Thomas," Lady Bertram interrupted. "I'm sure it can wait."

It was comical to see the look on her husbands face just then, for he looked very confused. But he shrugged and continued reading his paper. Edmund, nodded and dashed out of the room to find Fanny.

Edmund ran down the hall, out the back door, and into the yard. His cravat was still untied, flying in the wind as he ran but he didn't care. Jumping down a small set of stairs, he spotted Fanny.

"Fanny!" he called. She stopped to look at him.

"Your father..." she questioned.

"It was nothing" he answered. For a few nerve racking seconds that seemed like many minutes they just stood there, staring at one another. Then Fanny spoke.


She took a step toward the garden, but Edmund suddenly grabbed her arm to stop her. Nerves were evident on his face, his deep desperate eyes searching hers, his heart pounding, his breath heavy. Then it happened. Without warning, he pulled her almost roughly against him and pressed his lips passionately on her mouth. It was instant fire, as Fanny melted against him, and he was relieved to feel no resistance. Her lips were full and warm and she kissed him back with such tenderness and joy. This must be a dream! she thought. The kiss lasted some long seconds until Edmund pulled away and stared into her beautiful tear filled eyes as he held her face.

"I love you," he said. "I was blind...forgive me" then he kissed her yet again, sending her into a place she never wished to return from.

That day had been one of the most wonderful days of either of their lives. Lady Bertram had been staring out the breakfast room window, watching as her son and niece approached walking arm and arm.

"Look Sir Thomas," she said. Her husband rose from the table to see what his wife was observing. He looked upon Edmund and Fanny. "Now surely Edmund will have the sense to ask Fanny to marry him," his wife said.

"Marry him?" Sir Thomas said in surprise, "but...surely?"

"Oh my dear," Lady Bertram said, "Fanny has been in love with Edmund ever since she was a little girl." At this, her husband smiled. "What is it a poet says about a wife?" she asked.

"She is heaven's last best gift my dear," Sir Thomas answered, continuing to smile and kissing his wife.

Edmund had explained everything to Fanny and apologized for his being oblivious and ignorant to her feelings. He never meant to neglect her so and he hoped she would forgive him. He also told her about Miss Crawford and how she had turned out not to be the kind of woman he thought. In fact, she was a whole different person altogether and she had betrayed him from the start. Fanny, being the gentle being she was said she would forgive him with out a doubt, and that she knew he never meant her any pain.

"It's not your fault for thinking you loved her you know" she had said. "It was wrong of her to mask her real self as she did. So...unfair."

"Perhaps," said Edmund, "But I cannot help but to feel guilty for my behavior. I acted like a fool when I think on it. I was too distracted by her vanity and should have known better."

"Well, we all learn from our mistakes Edmund. It is forgotten, and you are forgiven."

"Yes, and now we can be happy Fanny. You and I...that is..." Edmund knelt at Fanny's side where she sat on a stone bench in the park garden. "...if you will do me the honor of accepting my hand."

And so that is how their engagement began. It was not to be long however. Sir Thomas insisted on a wedding within a few months. He figured Fanny had kept her affections hidden and had waited long enough for happiness. He and Lady Bertram were ecstatic and had invitations sent out right away. Julia was sent a letter, as well as Mariah and Mrs. Norris informing them all of the unexpected but happy event. Mariah, although excited and glad for her cousin would not attend of course, as many people she knew would be there and she could not bare the shame. Aunt Norris simply never cared much for Fanny and thought it ridiculous that she should deserve some one higher ranked than herself, even if Edmund was only a clergyman. Julia would be glad to make an appearance and stated how much she missed Mansfield Park and Fanny. She had been staying with an aunt and uncle in London and needed a break from society.

The wedding itself was a joyful event, and though all who attended had thought it an unusual match, nothing negative was said. Many a compliment was bestowed upon the new couple. Edmund looked handsome as ever in his grooms attire. His matching black boots shined, and his cravat was crisp white and tied to perfection. Fanny was radiant, her golden curls pulled up half way, tiny braids running through. She wore a simple but beautiful and elegant sparkling white gown, which when the sun's rays poured over her, it shimmered like gems and couldn't help but to catch all guest's special attention. Julia and one of Fanny's younger sisters were her bridesmaids, and of course Tom, along with a good friend of Edmund's from school were his groomsmen. Regrettably, the rest of Fanny's family were unable to make it. Their income was poor and they could not afford to pay for all of their children's traveling expenses. Fanny's sister ,next to her in age was to stay on at the park and take her older sister's place as Lady Bertram's new source of company and assistance. She was a smart obedient girl and Sir Thomas was glad his house wouldn't be void of children after all. Edmund and Fanny were to live in a small parsonage, called Thornton Lacey, not far from the park. It had much work to be done to it so for the time being, they would remain at the park.

The day had been long for Edmund and Fanny. They had danced many dances, conversed and mingled with their guests, ate and drank plenty, and laughed and were merry a great deal. It was early June and the warmest and loveliest of weather. The party had continued into the night and everyone had migrated indoors. There, games of cards were taken up, Julia was obliged to play the pianoforte for all, and more wine and champagne was served. It was nearing midnight when the last of the guests chose to depart. The new couple made known their appreciations for their attendance and saw them out the front door, watching as they stepped into their carriages.

"Goodness..." sighed Fanny. "What a tiresome thing a wedding is!" she giggled, looking at her husband.

"I couldn't agree more," Edmund replied returning a handsome smile. "Shall we sit out back and look at the stars?" Fanny gave him her hand, and together they walked through the house towards the back door. They had enjoyed stargazing since they were children. Edmund had shown Fanny certain formations. It was something special they always shared, and romantic, Fanny thought. The perfect end to a perfect day.

The couple picked a spot on the grass and sat.

"I couldn't be more happy that we were able to have the wedding here," Fanny said, "And what's more, we get to live here a while longer."

"Yes, sometimes I think we forget how beautiful the property truly is," Edmund answered. "We've lived here so long we take it for granted. However, I should be happy once the parsonage is ready for us to move in. Then we can focus on ourselves and have much privacy, although company of course would be pleasant at times. Be assured, my dear that you may have as much company as you please."

"Oh I shant have much," said Fanny, "You know I don't have many close friends."

"But Julia will visit, and your sister, and Mama and Father. They will all be happy to come see us."

"Perhaps! And I suppose the good people of the church will seek meetings with their clergyman."

"Indeed, they shall. See now, you will be a popular clergyman's wife!"

Fanny laughed, and rested her head on Edmund's shoulder. He lifted an arm to put around her. A slight warm breeze blew around them, making the trees and plants rustle softly. Crickets chirped in their hiding places close by, and the moon and stars were shining brightly. Although the grounds were shrouded in night's darkness, Fanny could still feel and sense the land's beauty and had memorized every inch of it in all her years living there. She had grown to love Mansfield Park and would miss it when it was time to move to the parsonage. The park was filled with so many happy memories, especially with Edmund.

"I don't want the night to end," Fanny sighed and yawned. "You will come to my room tomorrow morning and wake me, won't you Edmund?"

Edmund's brows shot up in surprise. "Your room?"

"Yes, why would you rather me come to yours?"

"Uhh...Fanny, you do know that we are to well...share a room do you not?" Fanny colored. She had forgotten all about that part. Of course they would share a room! They were married now. Is that what the maid had been implying this morning, as Fanny had run by her, looking for her shoes? Fanny had been so distracted and rushed on getting ready that she hardly heard what the maid had said. Something about moving her things to a different room.

"Not to say that it would be a problem if you wanted to remain in your own room," Edmund quickly added.

"No, no," Fanny said, "I'm sorry I was in a rush to get ready for the wedding this morning and I only heard the maid mention something about my things being moved. I guess I just forgot and am so used to the same old habbits"

Edmund looked at his wife with a soft expression. "Are you sure you are comfortable Fanny? I wouldn't force you to do something you don't want to..."

"You are my husband," Fanny said. "We are married, and I love you Edmund." At this, Edmund smiled warmly.

"If you are sure, my love, then I must admit I look forward to spending the night with you."

Fanny's stomach fluttered with both nerves and excitement. She felt her face grow hot as she blushed in the dark. She almost hadn't wanted to admit it to herself, but she had been thinking about the consummation of their marriage ever since they were engaged. Wondering whether it would be painful or enjoyable or passionate. She was not very educated on passion and love making. And what about Edmund? How much did he know? What if she didn't know how to please him?

"Fanny, is everything alright?" Edmund asked.

"Yes," she answered, "Just...thinking. Wondering what it will be like."

"What's that?"

"Well...when we...

Now it was time for Edmund to blush as he realized what she meant. "Ahh...yes, I think we've both been wondering."

There was a shy silence for a time, as they continued to look up at the starlit sky, then Fanny spoke again.

"Edmund? Do you...know anything about...that sort of intimacy?"

"...Only from my brother. You know Tom. He likes to live in society. Gambling, racing, constantly dining out, and....women of course. I know it sounds terrible, and his actions are no better than Mariah's, but yes he has told me stories no one else knows. Especially Mama and Father..."

"Yes, it is terrible but I am sorry to say I am not surprised."

"Indeed. I'm sure not one who knows Tom would be either."

"Well..." Fanny continued, "What has he...told you? ...What's it like?" She sat up a little straighter to listen as Edmund cleared his throat nervously and swallowed, pondering what to start with.

"It comes naturally..from what I've heard. There's not exactly a correct way...Tom said it's generally never planned and once you find yourself in the moment, things just happen."

"It does make an awful lot of sense," Fanny decided, "I am...a little frightened."

"As am I," Edmund agreed, "But in my thoughts, I think it must be the most sacred part of a marriage and the deepest most intimate way of showing affection for one another.'s true Fanny, I love you so much that I wish I could express it in more than just words..."

"I feel the same Edmund," Fanny smiled.

"I'm sure it'll all fall into place when the times comes, which doesn't have to be tonight. I'd be satisfied just holding you in my arms."

Fanny's heart warmed at her husband's comment. She appreciated that he had the patience and respect and loved him all the more for it. Edmund understood Fanny better than anyone else in the world, and to her that was precious. She had also never been more relieved to have refused Henry Crawford. What would have happened if she accepted him? She couldn't be sure but he might have forced himself on her for all she knew.

"I'm sure I shall sleep so well with you by my side," she remarked. Edmund grinned, and brushed a stray curl from her forehead, looking into her beautiful eyes.

"You are so beautiful."

Fanny's full lips raised into a shy smile as she stared back, equally captivated. Edmund loved those lips, loved feeling them against his own. God, I could love her right now, here under the stars he thought. Oh how his desire grew. He felt his manhood stiffen in his breeches. But no, he had to wait. Wait until Fanny was ready. He had a feeling she might be too afraid. How would he know? He was too shy to ask. For now, he would settle for a kiss. He gently tipped her chin up, brushing his thumb across her bottom lip. She closed her eyes. Slowly, he drew his head closer, tilting it slightly to position his mouth with hers. Finally, their lips joined.

When Edmund started kissing Fanny, her stomach fluttered. She felt her body getting hot. Something strange was happening that she had never experienced before. Her nipples hardened and strained against the cloth of her gown, and as the kiss deepened, she felt the place between her legs ache. Gradual waves of what she perceived as excitement and pleasure flowed through her. Did this mean she was ready? Then her husband lowered her to the grass, placing himself over her and kissing her still with such passion as could be felt between them. Her breath quickened.

Edmund was aware of this and was encouraged by her response. He could feel her body tense, hear her rapid breath, was able to match the pounding of her heart with his own. He was perfectly intoxicated, lost in his ardor.

"Oh, Fanny" he panted, "Look what you do to me... if you don't want this, we can stop, but..." he trailed off then because Fanny had gently placed a finger to his lips to silence him.

"I...want you to...make love to me Edmund," she whispered. Edmund's heart stirred with satisfaction. As much as he did want to take her right then and there, he wanted to see Fanny's lovely body, explore, caress and kiss every inch of her. It was getting too cool to remove all their clothing outdoors.

"I will," he whispered back, "but not here. The wind is chilly and I want us to be comfortable. Come, my love." He stood and held out his hand. Fanny took it without hesitation and rose. Playfully Edmund tugged at her hand and together they ran back inside.

When they got to the bottom of the stairwell, they were quite out of breath from running and Fanny giggled as Edmund grabbed her and kissed her playfully. She was so filled with joy at this wonderful day of their marriage, so happy she could explode. Her hands reached up to feel her husband's dark hair as they kissed and she couldn't stop the smile that played on her lips. Edmund continued kissing her so much, that she was backed right into the railing! They both started laughing, but stopped when they suddenly noticed some one leaning on the railing above them. It happened to be none other than Tom. The couple immediately separated, each of their faces burning with embarrassment.

"Oh, don't let me stop you from expressing your passions!" Tom exclaimed with a laugh.

"Shhh!" Edmund said, "Mama and Father will hear."

"How long have you been standing there?" Fanny asked.

"I watched you two come running in," Tom said, smirking, "The whole thing was quite entertaining..."

"Not another word," Edmund said pointing a finger at him. Tom put his hands up trying to look innocent.

"I wasn't going to say anything more," he said, starting down the hall, "By all means, continue..."

"Undoubtedly still drunk from the day's festivities...." Edmund muttered.

The moment Tom was out of sight, Edmund lead Fanny up the stairs and into his bed chamber. As soon as he shut the door behind him, he and Fanny both burst into laughter.

"I guess we really let our passion get the better of us," said Edmund.

"I'm just glad it was only Tom and not Sir or Lady Bertram!" Fanny remarked, holding her stomach that was hurting from the laughter. That comment set them both off again.

Once they had laughed to their content, Edmund pulled his wife into his arms. They stood in front of the hearth where a fire had already been lit by the servants. Little candles cozily lit the room and the sheets were turned down on Edmund's large four poster bed. To Fanny, it was a luxury. Since she had been considered only a poor relation before, she had never had a fire lit in her smaller bedroom in the attic. The size of Edmund's room, which she would now share with him would take a bit of getting used to. Although she was glad she wouldn't be spending any more nights in her small lonely room, which was away from the rest of the family.

Fanny looked up into Edmund's handsome face, his eyes shining with tenderness and anticipation in the firelight, the chiseled features of his jaw and chin, the way the shadows played on his skin from the flicker of the flames. It wasn't long before the two were consumed in each other's kiss again. Edmund pulled her closer to him, his hands resting on the small of her back. Her fingers splayed on his shoulder blades. The ache between her legs started up again and she surprised herself by letting out a small sound when Edmund kissed her neck. This further aroused him and he couldn't help but to move his hands down to grasp her derriere, pushing his hard manhood against her body. Fanny gasped at the feel of the bulge at her groin, a wave of panic shooting through her stomach.

"Edmund," she interrupted, his mouth still buried in her neck, "...wait."

Edmund immediately stopped and stepped back. "What's wrong my love? Is everything alright?"

"Edmund...I...I'm frightened."

Understanding washed over his face and he tried a reassuring smile. "Fanny, I know you are afraid, and as much as I want to make love to you right now I'm not going to make you do something you are not ready to do. Please forgive me if I seemed to have forced myself upon you. I would never do anything to hurt you."

"It's alright Edmund, I know you wouldn't. You don't have to feel sorry. I guess I'm just...afraid I won't...please you."

"Oh, Fanny! You need not worry about such things. The power of our love will take over, you'll see."

"I know, you're right...but your...when you...pushed up against me..."

Edmund took a hold of Fanny's hand and kissed it. "Do you want me it to you? Just so you can see what it's like? I won't do anything, I promise."

Fanny nodded slowly, stepping back and crossing her arms. Her stomach was still a ball of nerves, but she was curious as to what a male's parts looked like. Edmund reached down to undo his breeches, his hands trembling. It made Fanny feel relieved, knowing that he must've been just as nervous as she was. His breeches undone, Edmund reached in and shyly pulled out his erect member. Fanny's hand went to her mouth.

It's so large! she thought. Edmund stifled an embarrassed smile.

"Do you want to..touch it?" he offered.

"Alright," Fanny said after hesitating. She was a little unsure, but if she never learned these things, she might disappoint her husband. Slowly, she stepped nearer to Edmund.

"Don't be afraid," he said. He took one of her hands, and slowly brought it to close around his manhood. Her eyes were closed.

"Oh!" she gasped, when she felt it contract under her hand.

"It's alright, you can open your eyes. Like I said, I won't try anything. Explore me, feel me all you like."

Fanny took a deep breath and allowed her lids to open. The appendage almost filled her whole hand. Still unsure of herself, she decided to do what her husband said and explore. She brushed her fingertips down the length of the shaft to the dark mass of hair at his groin. Edmund moaned and his manhood moved, almost making Fanny want to giggle. It must have been about eight inches! She moved her hand further down to touch his testicles. Such odd but wondrous parts that belong to a male, she thought. And how different from a female's. Edmund grabbed her hand just then and placed it back on his erection, closing his fingers around hers and squeezing as he guided it slowly up and down the shaft. He groaned again.

"That feels...good?" Fanny asked in her curiosity.

"Yes," Edmund rasped out.

She wasn't sure if it was because her husband was experiencing pleasure, but Fanny suddenly noticed that the spot between her legs had begun aching madly yet again and it felt very wet. Maybe it was not just seeing firsthand the true proof of a male but feeling it in her hand. After a while, Edmund stopped her.

"What's wrong? Was I...doing it incorrectly?" she asked.

"No, certainly not! I'm just afraid that if you continue, I will lose my seed and I don't want that to happen unless...I'm inside you Fanny."

Fanny's womanhood throbbed at Edmund's words. There was a longing she never felt before, a pressure that needed releasing and she didn't know how to get rid of it. Was this supposed to happen? Were there other ways besides intercourse that she could feel pleasure as well? There was only one way to find out.

"Do you could try...touching me?" she asked shyly. Edmund seemed to brighten at this suggestion.

"Of course, my love."

"Help me undress?"

Mr. Bertram assisted his wife by unbuttoning her gown in the back, sliding it over her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor around her ankles. A petticoat, corset and chemise were all that remained. Fanny had taken her shoes and stockings off after the wedding guests had left earlier that evening. The couple moved closer to the bed and Edmund helped Fanny remove the rest of her clothing.

Well, here she was gloriously naked standing in front of him. She was bashful with her legs pressed together, arms over her breasts, as she looked down. Thinking it might help to ease her shame, Edmund quickly removed the rest of his own clothes.

"It's alright," he soothed, tipping her chin up with his hand. "You don't have to feel ashamed. You are stunning. I love you." He carefully removed her arms from her breasts. "Relax,"

Edmund's eyes fell to her breasts which were wonderfully full and round. Her nipples were pink and taught with arousal. Gently, he cupped them in his warm hands, feeling their firmness. Fanny let out a small sigh of pleasure at this gesture, allowing Edmund to burn a trail of kisses down her neck. The feeling of his hot breath was lovely and she didn't want him to stop. Together they lay down on the bed, Fanny lying on her back and Edmund on his side. He stroked Fanny's soft cheek with the back of his hand, looking into her beautiful eyes with such admiration and ardor. How truly lucky he was to have her as his wife!

Without another word, he trailed his hand down her smooth throat, between the crest of her breasts and down her tummy until he reached the curls at her groin. When his fingers brushed her swollen bud, Fanny cried out as a shock of pleasure shot through her.

"Oh Fanny, you're so wet," Edmund moaned against her cheek as he kissed her. Again, he flicked his fingers over her bud and she writhed with pleasure, at the wonderful new sensation.

"Please..." she cried. Edmund moved further down until he discovered her opening. Slowly, he slipped his fingers inside. "Mmmmmm!" she groaned loudly. She felt so warm, so slick. Oh how he wanted her. But he wouldn't make a move unless she allowed him to. He removed his fingers then pushed them back in. She clenched around them.

"Oh Edmund! Please...I...I want please," Fanny pleaded.

Edmund didn't need to be told twice. His own manhood had been painfully erect as he witnessed his wife's pleasure. Heart racing, he positioned himself between Fanny's legs. He looked into her eyes, passion burning within them just as it did in his own. Then, clenching his member, he guided it to her entrance. Fanny, impatient with arousal placed her hands on his buttocks, pulling at him.

"This might be painful, love. I want to make it as painless as possible so I'm going to go slow," he explained. Fanny could only nod.

Edmund kissed her reassuringly one last time, and slowly slid into her. They moaned in unison. It was painful for Fanny, but even still it felt good. Inch by inch he pushed further in and her cries hightened.

"Are you alright?" Edmund asked.

"I think so...," Fanny answered.

Edmund drew back, and pushed in again. He repeated the movement again and again, getting a little deeper with each thrust. She felt so good! So tight around him. Fanny didn't think she could possibly feel so much love for one man. This really isn't so bad at all, she thought. It was quite painful the first several thrusts, but the pain was starting to dull down and pleasure was taking over.

"It's alright Edmund," she said, "It...doesn't hurt anymore. Please..."

With that, Edmund covered her mouth passionately with his own and pushed himself all the way into the hilt, sharing with her a groan of pleasure.
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