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Warm Me Up

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Izzy and Duff slash

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Izzy/Duff -Warm me up-
Guns N Roses slash
Izzy was sitting on the couch watching the television and snacking on potato chips. A half drinking beer bottle was on the coffee table next to him resting on a coaster because Izzy didn’t want to ruin the table, although it was already ruined from Axl always knocking stuff over while drunk until Slash carried him off to bed. Which had actually occurred earlier his evening and Izzy didn’t want to know what they were doing now. Steven had already gone to bed and Duff was out doing something so Izzy had no one to hang out with and nothing to do but watch late night TV.

He was slowly starting to fall asleep when he heard the door lick and open. “Hey” Duff called out as he walked through the front door shrugging off his coat and hanging it on the coat rack. “Hey” Izzy smiled as the blonde walked into the living room. “Mind if I join you?” Duff asked. Izzy nodded that it was fine and scooted over a bit giving the taller man room to sit down, “Brrrrr. It’s cold” Duff shivered.

“Oh…um...y-yeah outside.” Izzy was blushing being so close to Duff who he always thought was pretty cute. "you alright Iz?” asked Duff with a crooked smile. Izzy bowed his head to attempt to hide his reddening face. “Don’t be shy” Duff whispered smiling again brushing Izzy’s hair out of his face. Izzy mumbled something that Duff couldn’t understand and Duff raised an eyebrow.

“What?” “Ummmm maybe I-I can help warm you up?” Izzy asked still making no eye contact. Duff tightened his grip on Izzy’s hair and pulled him so he was facing Duff. Izzy only just looked into Duff’s eyes when Duff pressed his lips firmly yet lovingly. Izzy gasped giving Duff a way to slip his tongue into Izzy’s mouth tracing his tongue along the rows of Izzy’s teeth. Izzy wound up in Duff’s lap with the blonde’s hands on his hips grinding against the blonde man.

“Izzy…” Duff groaned as Izzy latched his mouth onto Duff’s neck and sucked hard. Duff gripped Izzy’s hair to hold him in place hips bucking up against Izzy. Izzy smiled against Duff’s skin his lips hot. Duff yanked Izzy away from him holding him at arm’s length and just staring. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Duff asked and Izzy gasped out a yes before Duff pulled him in again for a kiss before unbuttoning Izzy’s jeans. “Stand up…..” gasped Duff voice ragged. Izzy climbed off of Duff on shaky legs. Duff picked up Izzy and carried the boy to the room they shared setting him down on the carpet.

Izzy stripped his clothes off of his skinny body as Duff undressed as well. Izzy walked over to Duff and Duff kissed him one more before letting go of him gently and grabbed some lube from the dresser drawer. He pushed Izzy down onto the bed gently before climbing on top of him and coating his fingers with the lube. He spread the nervous boy’s legs and glanced at him to make sure this was ok. Izzy nodded biting his lip. Duff pressed a finger inside Izzy and the boy groaned, Duff added another finer then another stretching him and then he pressed against the spot that made Izzy body arch off the bed and made the boy practically scream.

Duff pulled his fingers from the panting boy before coating his erection and kissing Izzy on the forehead before sliding in to him. Izzy groaned and tensed up. “Shhhhh relax baby relax.” Duff soothed and slowly pressed further. When he was fully inside Izzy he waited for the boy to adjust before rocking his hips slowly then faster and soon Izzy’s moans turned from pain to pleasure. Duff gripped his hips and slammed into Izzy hitting his prostate making him cry out. “Yeah does that feel good?” Duff cooed, Izzy nodded and Duff aimed for that spot grabbing Izzy’s now leaking erection and pumping him in a rhythm matching his thrusts

Izzy came screaming Duff’s name and Duff came inside Izzy soon after. He collapsed next to Izzy pulling out and lying beside the exhausted boy. “You warm now?” Izzy panted. “Mmmm yeah” Duff chuckled pulling Izzy to him and covering their sweaty bodies with a blanket. “Love you Iz” “Love you to Duff”
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